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This is a Behind the Scenes of Operation: RDT… But this is not a real one, I'm going to find out what are they doing on the… personal life behind the story… So here it is…

Chapter 8: BTS: Surprise

"Hi and welcome to the behind the scene of Operation: RDT. I'm heartbreaker19, a.k.a. heart or nineteen. You see that I'm holding a video-cam, so… I'm shooting this one… ha-ha… I want this one a memorable one. And also, the gang doesn't know this behind the scene. So it's a surprise for them… Ok… enough of the chitchat, let's get started shall we???"

And now here we are… our first destination… Kouji's dressing room. Let's see what he's doing…

I open the door and came Kouji with a… GIRL!!! On the sofa… MAKING OUT!!!

"Ehem." I fake cough so that Kouji will notice me, but it don't. "Ehheemm." Still doesn't notice. I need to think of an idea for Kouji to notice. I found a vase w/ artificial flowers at my left side; I threw the… flower at him, still not notice. I don't want to speak nor scream, because I don't want to ruin their session. But I want to be notice (note: I'm shooting the making session so no worries. ^-^). So I found a book on the table, where I found the vase and threw it to them… And finally…

"What the!!!" Kouji rise from his lying position that cause the girl to roll down the floor, face first (HAHA!!!). "What are you doing here?!" Kouji said in an angry tone. "Sorry to disturb you two but I'm shooting a behind the scene…" I said, still shooting.

"And why didn't you say something about this?"

"Well sorry Kouji but it's a surprise."

"A surprise?"

"Yeah. But now, it's not a surprise for you so, see ya…"

I run out to the room. "Hey! Come back here!" Kouji demanded, but I'm outside now. I found a chair and stuck it to the doorknob so Kouji will not attack me. He tried to open the door, but he can't get out. "LET US OUTTA HERE!!!" He shouted but the only one outside is me, bad luck for him.

"Ok… that's a nice moment to remember. Jowk. So after that scene, let's make our way to Kouichi's dressing room. Hope not a making session will be seen. Please…" I open the door and see Kouichi, in a relief, no girl is inside but a surprise one… he was surrounded by… STUFFED TOYS!!! They are making… TEA PARTY!!! "Yes Mr. Cuddlez, you want cupcakes… ok here you go." Kouichi said to a big teddy bear besides him. He was sitting in a small pink chair with a small pink table, and there are things that are use in tea parties… "………" I was too surprise to speak so I knock the door (Why does it come to my mind if I've been almost attack by a crazy lunatic, kissing a girl. "I heard that." Kouji on the other hand, still in the room, heard what I thought. How does he know if I'm saying it to my mind?).

Kouichi turn around, and saw me holding the video-cam at him. "Um… Why are you doing here-" He then realize what he's doing. "It's not what you think. I'm just trying to have… fun." Kouichi take the stuffed toys and throw it at the side. "Uhuh. Sorry to interrupt your 'fun' but I'm shooting a behind the scene for Operation: RDT." I said when I focus the camera to the stuffed toys he threw on the side, but he blocks it. He pulls me down and made me sit to the small chair he was sitting on. I cannot move a muscle because when I move, I will fall down from the chair.

"So, what are you shooting again?" Kouichi asked when he sit to the other chair. "Well, I'm shooting a behind the scene."

"Cool. What will I do?"

"It's simple. You are going to answer all my questions from the story."

"Ok, that's a pretty simple, but then, what's the 1st question?"

"The first question is, why you are tea partying with… some bunch of stuffed toys." I focus the camera at the toys again.

"Hey, I thought it will come from the story."

"I know but I want to ask this one first."

"Umm… well… let see… ummm… ahh…"

"Come on, say something."

"I'm doing this just for my… ahhh… cousin, yeah. My cousin, Kate."

"But you don't have a cousin named Kate."

"Yes I do."

"Since when?"

"Since the part when Kouji ask me that one."

"Ha-ha, well, I'm not falling for that."

Suddenly, someone is knocking the door, I answer it and appear a blue haired pigtailed girl, and she's just like the twins, only cuter than them. "Hey Kate." Kouichi said when girl 'Kate' running to him and he carry her at his arms. "Ok, am I in a dream or in my imagination?" I said to them. "Nope. You're in the real world." He suffocated me. "I didn't say to answer that question."


"Well, since I've forgot the questions I will ask you, you two can have fun with your tea party."

"Thanks." Kouichi said when I walk out the room.

"Thank you." I heard a cute voice spoke and when I glance back, I saw Kate, smiling at me. It was adorable, I couldn't stand adorable smiles. I wave at them and they waved back (Aww, such a sweet cousin. But I hate Kouichi).

"Ok, the next cast is Takuya. Let see what he is doing know." I turn the doorknob of his dressing room but its lock. "Dammit."

While I'm thinking of a plan to unlock the door, I heard someone whistling, when I look at my left, I saw a janitor coming at my way. I step at the side, when he passed at my front; I saw the keys dangling at his belt. In luck, the keys fell at his belt and came to my foot. I pick it up and try the keys to the door. And the last key I didn't use, snap the knob to unlock. "Finally." I said in a relief. I open the door; it was dark so I turn the lights on.

In my eyes, I saw Takuya right on top of Zoe, no clothes, in the sofa, doing… ahhh… thing that is not… accepted for the eyes of the children… "OMG!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I scream and made Takuya fall. "It's not what you think; it's not what you think!" Zoe said repeatedly, covering herself with her clothes. "Well, it's not what I think but it's recorded on my camera." I focus the camera on them and Takuya rise from his fall. "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! CENSORED!!!!!!!!" I scream again covering my eyes in one hand while I'm still focusing the camera on them. Takuya look at himself and seeing him… naked! "It's not what you saw; it's not what you saw." Takuya said repeatedly, also covering himself. "It's not, it's not, it's not! Puro na lang kayo it's not, sawa na ako sa it's not. Ano pa ba ang alam ninyong sabihin maliban lang sa it's not." (It's a hard one to translate it in English; it's a sentence you know). "What did you say?" Zoe asked. "I didn't understand a thing than 'it's not'." Also, Takuya didn't know what I said. "You can't know because is a Filipino sentence, so bear with it." I manage to run out the room and lock them through the key I use to unlock the door.

"Hey, why did you lock us here?" Takuya said at the other side. "Sorry guys but it's for your own good."

I run away to the alley.

"Ok guys, that's enough for today. See you next time for the behind the scene of… whatever story. Byez." When I say goodbye to you, I heard someone is on my back. It was Kouji! "You are going down heartbreaker19!!!" He threatened. "Well guys, I hope this goodbye is not too long, and hope I'm still alive." I run away to him, away, away from him. "Hey come back here." He chases me.

The real the end…

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