Author's Note: I confess. This has been sitting on my computer since right after starting this endeavor. But now it's time, and I present it to you finished.

Again, if there's anything wrong with it, likely due to time away from the whole project, it's my fault.

Weapon X

Wade does in fact dream in color. He also dreams in letters.

She'd known he'd had another nightmare from the way she stirred awake. It was almost always in the middle of the night. His arms were around her tightly; as tight as possible without actually causing her harm. His breathing wasn't even, indicative of sleep. It was shallow, just one step before panting.

Face buried in the crook of her neck, he was covered in sweat. And something warm, but liquid touched her throat that she knew was not sweat or drool.

He'd bitten his tongue again. Maybe even through completely.

Weapon X.

There was nothing to be said that would help. At least, not with words.

I'm here. One of her hands found his shoulder as she shifted just enough to bring her lips in contact with a mouth covered by the mask he had not worn to bed.

That bit of contact spurred him to life. The arms that were holding her so tightly initially released, but only to push her over onto her back. He did not settle between her unresisting legs so much as push himself between them.

Her eyes fell shut when he thumbed his mask up just enough to free his mouth. Likely one of the fastest mouths in the world, and he said nothing. Instead he sunk his teeth into her shoulder, the same one he bled on, and yanked her hips against his. She could feel him hardening while his teeth found first her collarbone, then both breasts.

Her soft, appreciative sounds filled the room while he remained silent. Silent, but certainly not idle. A couple more bites joined the first between her neck and shoulder. One of his hands had moved from beside her body to working a single digit first, then two in and out; not too fast and not too slow.

Despite her presence of mind fading out under lust, Ororo still found it in her to smile. Even when he thought he was taking advantage of her, he was being considerate. She'd felt his hardness prominently. And patience was a virtue that came and went with the mercenary named Deadpool. Yet, he buried his face in her neck again, keeping up his busy hand but nothing else.

She knew why, and she would not let him, could not let him fight alone. Teeth biting into her lower lip to keep focus, her body shifted under him. Both legs bent up at the knee, her heels pressing into his lower back; capturing him with her body.

Wade grunted, removed his hand and reoriented himself. That was it, just quiet participation. No witty remarks, or lewd comments to make her want to scold him and kiss him at the same time. Just a slow nudging at first, one or two shallow thrusts, and then...

" A-aah! Wade...!"

His pace was not gentle. That was okay though, the harder he threw himself into her, the harder he was hanging on. As evident by the ten little bruises she would have, always had around her hips in the morning. He would be sorry, and swear never again. She would call him ridiculous and tell him to go back to sleep.

If not for that healing factor, he would bear scars from the night as well. Her side of the battle in holding onto him. Her legs remained locked around his waist. Her nails scored his back in the way she knew he liked, occasionally throwing off his rhythm when he arched.

" Wade..." Don't go. Stay with me. His name was a breathless prayer. For him to never stop moving, never stop loving, never give up, never stop trying to move forward without looking back and staring at what he could not fix.

Faster and harder, he fucked through his memories to get to her. His father, the military, Weapon X, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Typhoid Mary, T-Ray, LL&L, Killbrew, Black Tom Cassidy, Siryn and Copyca–No. They didn't belong in that pile. But they didn't belong at the forefront his mind either. That place was very taken.

" ...'Roro." If he wasn't so close to her ear, she would have missed it. But instead, her hold shifted and she pulled to anchor him with her mouth. It only lasted a few more thrusts before she whimpered and broke contact with her orgasm taking her breath away.

Her nethers were twitching warmly from in afterglow when his own climax crashed over him. Wade tensed and let out a bark of a cry before his muscles began to gave out. He had the presence of mind to lower himself onto her frame ahead of going completely boneless though.

Ororo blew cool air on her hands before rubbing them on his back. There was nowhere to go but up now. " Where are you, Wade?"

It was probably just force of habit that his mouth was able to move when the rest of him wasn't. " Here. Right now. With you, Oreo." He wasn't panting anymore, and that damn healing factor was teasing her still sensitive folds. " Making you say my name where I know Wolvie can hear it."

She laughed and swatted him, even though it was probably true. He grinned in response.

Logan would be extra grumpy the next day. But Wade would be just fine.