"Don't rely too much on labels, for too often they are fables." –Charles H. Spurgeon


It had been a week since their last case, but that didn't mean she wasn't busy. In fact, she'd gotten to work early and spent several hours in Limbo before she determined it was time to get started on her office work. Still, she couldn't deny the small smile on the corner of her lips as she peered at the caller ID box on her ringing phone.

"What do you need, Booth?" she pretended to be preoccupied so as not to seem too eager, "I'm quite busy this morning."

"Well, stop whatever it is because we have a case," he told her.

Deep below her calm exterior, her anticipation bloomed into a rush of excitement, though it quickly occurred to her, "If we have a case, why aren't you here?"

"The Bureau took my wheels," he pouted.

"What?" her attention was suddenly focused solely on the call. "Were you fired? Are you sick? Did you shoot another clown? Because really, Booth, you need to stop discharging your firearm at inanimate ob-"

"I wasn't fired, I'm feeling just fine, and no clowns- live or fake- have been harmed," amusement colored his tone as he interrupted her. "They don't give cases to agents who are in trouble you know?"

"Yes," she composed herself and squashed the irrational fears that had arisen, "of course. I should have deduced as much, however, I'm still at a loss to understand why you are currently without your, 'wheels.'"

"Hm," he hesitated. "You know how they got a contract with Toyota a while back?"


"Well, now there's this thing with all of the recalls and stuff so I guess they need to make sure that we're not going to play Keanu Reeves anytime soon," he sounded irritated by the inconvenience.

"I'm not sure what that means on either count," she admitted.

"The recalls were all over the news, Bones, if you'd bother to watch," he chuckled, "and we're watching Speed this weekend."

"If you insist," she shrugged. "Would you like me to pick you up or will you be taking a cab to the crime scene and meeting me there?"

"FBI agents don't take cabs to crime scenes," he informed her.

"Then I will be picking you up shortly," she said, gathering her kit. "Unless of course you feel the gravity of your FBI presence will be compromised by the presence of my new Prius?"

"Bones," his tone grew longsuffering, "just get over here so that we can get to the scene before I have to start collecting Social Security."

She turned off the lights to her office and headed for the parking garage, "You were the one who complained about that the first time my publisher gave me a car, Booth."

"Yeah, well, a Prius isn't exactly a sports car now is it?" he asked.

"I'm leaving now, Booth," she ignored his question, "I will see you shortly."


The Devil in the Details


It was relatively early when they finished at the diner.

"Wanna walk around a little?" Booth asked as they stepped outside, proffering his elbow.

She nodded, linking her arm with his as they set off down the sidewalk. For a while, neither of them said anything, but simply enjoyed each other's company.

"So," he broke the silence with a teasing voice, "the publisher gave you another car, eh Ms. Rolex?"

"Yes," she gave him a slight nudge with her shoulder. "For your information my book is coming out soon and they are anticipating record sales. Several thousand copies have been reserved on Amazon already."

"Ships the 29th and hits bookstores at home and abroad on April Fools' Day," he smiled knowingly. She arched an eyebrow and he explained, "Hey, I wanna know what going to happen to me too. That last one was a doozy of a cliffhanger."

"For the last time, Booth," she shook her head reprovingly, "You are not Andy Lister!"

"You just keep telling yourself that, Bones," his charm smile was in full force. "Hey, look," he pointed at one of the televisions in the shop window they were passing, "it's your car."

Her proud smile was only temporary as the words "recall" flashed onto the screen, followed by a woman's account of how she barely managed to avoid certain death when the car malfunctioned.

"Well," Booth said beside her, "guess we'll be taking a cab today after all."