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+ Genre: Romance / Drama / Angst

Author's notes: I'm BACK!!! And with the second part of my saga - a sequence of "As Rain falls along the Road"!!

Nope! FC is not mine as much as I want it to be. ^^"


Chapter 1

3 years later...

"You shouldn't have died…"

Tears welled up in the beautiful eyes as the young lady sobbed. Her head was bowed respectfully, long locks curtaining her face as she wept.

"It wasn't fair…" She whispered through tears. Her hand unconsciously traced over the surface of a beautiful silver necklace resting on her chest.

The maiden began to shiver in the cold, the crystalline water clinging to her long eyelashes. Pale white flakes drifted in the air around her, covering the ground with a delicate layer of frost. Silence prevailed in the churchyard.


The voice rang through silence like a gunshot, startling the lady from her sorrows. Springing to her feet, she attempted to wipe her eyes clear. Brushing her hair back with deft fingers, her blinking eyes searched for the origin of the voice.

Walking toward her was a young man, his head was blanketed by layers of unruly raven-colored hair adorned by a small wreath of blue leaves and holly. The young man was immediately recognized as Kailan.

He stopped in front of her and Helga averted her eyes.

"Why are you here, Helga?" He said. "I thought your friends were having a party." A look of concern crossed his face. "It has been a long time. How are you?"

"Fine." She replied, but her eyes never met his. "I'm going there now." Curiosity overcame her. "Why are you here? It's Christmas Eve, Kailan. Shouldn't you be busy with your yearly performance?"

A small smile found Kailan's face.

She nodded wordlessly. "I'm so sorry..."

After all those years of their separation since his best friend's death, Kailan still recognized the broken heart, the aimless soul wandering desperately in search for an anchor, and he felt pain - a deep, emotional pain. The helplessness hurt worse; there was very little he could do for Helga, though he tried to make that little stretch as far as possible, and he wanted nothing more than to wipe all of her tears away and make her life perfect again.

Instead, he offered his silent company, assuming that if she wished to speak, she would. He did not dare spend much time around her, but he still felt as if he knew her well, and that she felt as comfortable in his presence as he did in hers. It was tough to tell sometimes, given how easily her smile slid into place, but he hoped…

Hope for... What? That she was always honest and open to him? Behind those sad eyes, there was something more than a persistent ache and a dull hopelessness that even he couldn't brush away.

Such thoughts awakened more emotions he'd though long gone and buried, and he was careful to keep them hidden.

"Not to worry." He smiled. "We should be going anyway. It's getting late." He put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Give my best regards to Ian and the others. Tell him I may drop by later to say hello."

Again, Helga nodded as he walked passed her. Sighing heavily, she also turned to trek out of the yard.

To be continued...