First Chapter: Encounter with Seigaku! Tezuka Kumiko is my OC and yay for Takeshi Konomi who had created Prince of Tennis XD

The Adventures of Tezuka Kumiko -1-

Prince of Tennis/Tenipuri story

"Onii-chan's school is supposed to be here… hmm…" A little girl had showed up at Seishun Gakuen's, Seigaku for short, front gate.

"… I guess I need to ask." Then the little girl spotted some female students and trotted up towards them.

"Excuse me, nee-san tachi."

"A-Ah? Hello, can we help you with something?"

"Umm… do you know where the tennis court is?" Kumiko asked.

"Ah, it's over there. If you walk towards the back, you'll see it."

"Thank you, nee-san tachi!" Kumiko said as she bowed and ran away.

"Hey, doesn't she kinda remind you of someone?"

"You felt it too? I was thinking of Tezuka-kun when I saw her."

"Me too!"


"Uwaa~ It's here!" Kumiko said as she watched the tennis club members ran in the court. Her eyes sparkle through the fences as she watches the members hit the balls in awe.

"They're so amazing! So this is what tennis clubs are like." Kumiko said. Then she placed her school bag down on the ground and took her racket as she started swinging it. Then she started laughing as she started somersaulting.

"That's a very good swing." Kumiko stopped laughing and saw a man wearing sunglasses clapping.

"Ehehe~" Kumiko grinned as she rubbed the back of her head.

"You look familiar, what's your name?" Yamato said after some silence.

"Onii-chan said I shouldn't give my name to stranger…" Kumiko said as she held her racket to her chest.

"Ah, my bad. My name is Yamato Yudai, captain of Seigaku tennis club, you are?" When Kumiko was about to open her mouth, someone came up to Yamato.

"Yamato bucchou! What are you doing?"

"Ah, Ooishi-kun, I was just talking to this little girl here." When Ooishi took notice of Kumiko, he quickly panicked.

"A-Are you lost? Do you need help? Where's your home?" When Kumiko saw Ooishi panicking she started giggling.

"Onii-chan is weird." Kumiko giggled.

"Maa, Ooishi-kun, you don't have to be so worried." Then Yamato and Ooishi saw Kumiko rummaging through her bag and pulled out a tennis ball.

"What are you doing?" Yamato asked. Then Kumiko started bouncing the ball with the frame of her racket.

"My name is Kumiko. It's very nice to meet you." Kumiko said as she grinned at them while still bouncing the ball.

"Kumiko? Haven't I heard that name before?" Ooishi said. Then Kumiko saw another person coming towards them and she beamed.

"Onii-chan!" Ooishi and Yamato turned around just to see Tezuka stopped in his tracks and stared wide-eyed at the little girl.

"Kumiko!" Kumiko then dropped her racket and jumped on Tezuka.


"Now I remember! Tezuka-kun did mention that he has a younger sister."

"Oh, is this your sister, Tezuka-kun?"

"Ah, yes, bucchou."

"Nice to meet you~!"

"Why are you here, Kumiko?"

"Mou, onii-chan said you're going to play with me." Kumiko said as she puffed her cheeks and pouted.

"Gomen nee, but onii-chan got club activities to do."

"Fine. I'm going to watch then."

"Can't you go home? Kaa-san might be worried."

"I already told Kaa-san I'd be with you the whole day…"

"Just let her watch, Tezuka-kun."

"… Yes, bucchou."

"Yay!" Kumiko said as she clapped. Then Yamato ruffled her hair.

"Be a good girl and don't cause any trouble, alright?"


"Now then, let's try some matches, shall we?"



"Nee, Ooishi, who was that little girl?" Eiji asked when Ooishi stepped back into the tennis court.

"That's Tezuka-kun's little sister."

"Eh? Really?!"

"Can you see the resemblance, Eiji?" Ooishi sighed.

"I can see, but that girl was so different!"

"I know."


"… This is not fun." Kumiko sighed as she bounced her ball up and down.


"Yamato bucchou? Aren't you supposed to be looking after the club?"

"You made it sound like I'm a nanny rather than a bucchou."


"So, you like tennis?"

"Yep! Tennis is so much fun!"



"Who taught you tennis, Kumiko-chan?"

"Onii-chan did!"

"Tezuka-kun did?"

"Un! I saw onii-chan practicing and I asked him to teach me!" Yamato smiled as Kumiko's enthusiasm and patted her head.

"Don't lose that happy feeling, alright?"



"Kumi-chan!" Kurumi heard someone calling her name and saw Eiji running to her.

"Aren't you one of onii-chan's friends?"

"Yeah, my name's Kikumari Eiji! Ooishi told me that your name is Kumiko, so can I call you Kumi-chan?"

"Un. Okay."

"Nee nee, I saw you somersaulting, can you do acrobatics?"

"Yeah! I like them! Kikumaru nii-chan also used acrobatics, right?"



"Eiji's alright, I never had someone calling me nii-chan before."

"Okay then, Eiji-kun."

"Acrobatics are fun, aren't they?" Eiji said as Kumiko started swinging her legs.

"Yeah! You can jump and they make tennis even more fun!"

"Right? Right?"

"Nee, Eiji-kun, let's have a one point match!"

"Sure, come on! I'm not going easy on you!"



Then Eiji stealthily walked towards an empty court without no one noticing. When he saw no one, he signalled Kumiko to follow with her racket in hand.

"Coast clear, come on."

"Wait for me!" Kumiko almost stumbled when she walked into the court.

"One point match, start! Your serve, Kumi-chan!" Eiji said.

"Okay!" Kumiko threw the ball up high and hit it as hard as she could. The ball then quickly hit Eiji's side in a flash.

"15 Love!" Kumiko cheered as she clapped.

"That was fast!" Eiji said after he looked down at the black the ball had made on the court.

"One point match was my specialty, Eiji-kun." Kumiko said as she flashed him a grin with two fingers making a 'V'.

"Alright, I'm not going to lose! My serve!" Eiji hit the ball to the opposite side where Kumiko stood and she quickly flipped to the side and hit the ball to Eiji who were ready to hit it back.

"Advantage Kumiko!" Kumiko clapped.

"Not yet!" Eiji hit a fastball and when Kumiko was sure she wouldn't get it in time she tripped and hit the ball.

"Game Kumiko!"


"I won!" Kumiko said as she rubbed her red face.

"Kumi-chan is really good! I never new Kumi-chan would be this good!"

"Eiji-kun was good too! I tripped!" Kumiko said as she rubbed her nose once more.

"Hey, what are you two doing?"

"Run away!"


"Mya, onii-chan's mad at mee~!"

"Kumiko, get back here!"


"Wa! Ooishi!" Then Tezuka and Ooishi jumped and caught Kumiko and Eiji.

"They caught us!" Eiji said as Ooishi trapped him in a headlock.

"Kyahahaha! Onii-chan! Stop it!" Kumiko giggled and laughed as Tezuka started tickling her.


"Now apologize."

"… We're sorry… we didn't mean to…" Eiji and Kumiko said as bumps appeared on both heads.

"To think that both of you would play tennis that jumpy way…"

"But it was fun!"

"You always said that, Kumiko."

"Onii-chan's the one who told me in the first place." Kumiko said as she pouted.

"Don't be too hard on her, Tezuka-kun. Kumiko-chan got quite a talent, which grade are you now?"

"5th grade!"

"Well, you'll surely grow up to be a good tennis player."

"But girls at my age plays tennis so bad I can't play well. I hate it, my friends always told me that tennis is this tennis is that, they always thought that tennis would ruin their hair and all that."


"It's true! They always teased me because I always chose tennis over everything! They look down on me because I didn't like what they like. I hate my classmates!" Kumiko said as she started hiccupping. Then Tezuka sighs and carried Kumiko.

"Come on, let's go home."

"But I still wanna play!"

"You need to study."

"I don't wanna!"

"… Let's just go home. It's already late."

"… Fine."


"Jya nee, minna!" Kumiko said as she placed her racket and tennis ball back in her school bag.

"Be careful on your way home."

"Hai!" Kumiko said as she and Tezuka walked out hand-in-hand.

"Mata nee, Kumi-chan!"

"Jya nee, Eiji-kun!" Kumiko said as she waved at him.

"Eiji… kun?"


"No, nothing."


"Kumiko-chan sure looks like Tezuka, doesn't she?" Yamato said when Tezuka and Kumiko disappeared from their sight.

"Yes, except for the personality."

"She's still a little girl."

"She's fun to play with, Ooishi!"

"Kumiko-san's play style is similar to yours, right Eiji?"


"I never thought Tezuka-kun would be the type to be a big brother."

"Tezuka-kun tends to act that way."




"Can I visit again?"

"Sure, just don't get into trouble."


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