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Anna sighed as her sisters spun around her, listing chores. At least Mandy actually looked happy though, and everyone knew that didn't happen often. Her other sister wasn't nearly as bad, but Buttercup had one major temper, when she lost it something usually ended up broken. Every time their stepfather left, the other girls got Anna to do their chores as they went out.

Anna didn't mind it all that much; she was odd in the aspect that she preferred solitude to company most days. As she headed out towards the garden, Anna glanced at the tallest building in town, DexLabs. She heard it was run by boy her age, but didn't know whether that was true. The rumors in this town were unreliable, as most were the farthest thing from the truth.

She shook her head, reminding herself to get to the garden. She knew she should hurry, or their stepfather would get pissed, most likely at her. Her stepfather, Fuse, wasn't the nicest person. He had a nasty personality, and came home drunk most of the time with a girl at his arm… or more than one. Maybe those were the reasons he was on marriage number three, that and his other wives had all died. He hadn't had any kids; the other stepdaughters, Mandy and Buttercup, were from his first and second marriages respectively.

The blonde shook her head again, trying to clear her thoughts. No need to dwell on what or who wasn't at home, for now. She hummed to herself as she weeded the garden, a Latino song her mother used to sing to the young girl before she died. She remembered the words, and because no one was around, she started singing.

Her mother had really looked the part of their Spanish heritage. The only things Anna had gotten from her mother were her brains and her voice. Now while Anna was contemplating this, she heard bickering from the other side of the fence. She looked up to a red-haired boy in a lab coat arguing with a brown-haired boy in a green jacket. She heard every word they were saying but she couldn't be seen. The brunette was annoyed with the redhead, and complaining that he didn't get out enough.

"Dude, you need a girlfriend, whether it's the romantic kind or not! Gwen and I are your closest friends. Don't you ever have the urge to just get out?"

"Ben, calm down, you really don't need to be losing it. Moreover, contrary to your belief, it is not willingly that I shut myself inside. In case you haven't noticed I've got a mass of," there was a slight pause here, and Anna noticed that the red head was blushing, "of fan girls and everyone in interested in looks, and money. It is impossible to find a girl with more than that on their minds." Anna jumped up at this. "That is so not true! Not all girls are like that, so I don't know who you think you are, just assuming that!" By now, she had her hands on her hips and a fire in her eyes.

Gwen must have been rubbing off on her cousin, because as Ben noticed the same fire in the young genius's eyes he intervened. "Here's a girl, let's ask her. Which do you prefer, looks or intelligence or money?" She panicked for a moment and covered it up by acting as if she had to think on that one. "Well, I don't want someone who's a slob, and intelligence would help, and money shouldn't matter. However, neither looks nor intelligence lasts forever, so a combination of both, plus a sense of humor. Does that answer your debate?" She blew the blonde untamable curls out of her face and tried her best to look like she was still mad, but she broke down and started laughing. Both of the guys looked at her and found something funny too. The three teens were soon laughing loudly and attracted the attention of passersby.

But one could tell that none of them cared. Anna and Dexter locked eyes for a glance and everyone quit laughing. It seemed the world froze for a split second. Anna couldn't believe herself, did she, the shy one, actually get close to flirting with a guy? She gone from pissed to flirting in a split second; maybe she did need those pills…

The red haired one chuckled again and stated, "So neither one of us in right," He shot a look at his companion, "but neither of us is wrong. So it's more or less a tie." the brunette shot Anna a look and said, "You sure you don't want to reconsider?" The blonde shook her head, "But you two might have better luck with Julie down the street, she knows more about that sort of stuff than I do." She gave them directions, all the while wondering what exactly she was doing, giving her friend's address to strangers.

"By the way, who are you two?" The duo seemed surprised at the question and Anna mentally smacked herself, what if it was some sort of taboo?

"Ben Tennyson and this is Dexter McPhearson. He runs DexLabs up on the hill." Dexter glared at him and Ben rolled his eyes. She extended her hand.

"I'm Anna Collins. Nice to meet you."A car pulled up in the drive way and the girl paled.

"You two better leave, my stepfather won't be happy if he finds you here." The boys got the hint and ran down the street. He's home early and Buttercup and Mandy aren't home, this isn't going to be good… Anna sent a silent prayer that he had a girl on his arm and he wouldn't remember any of this in the morning. If he didn't have a woman with him, it wasn't going to end well for Anna. I still have bruises from last time… Fuse opened the passenger door and to Anna's relief there were two women. Both skimpily dressed, and all three drunk.

The minute they were out of sight to his bedroom, she ran to the phone and called Blossom.


"It's Anna, dad's home early and he's drunk, please go get Mandy and Buttercup and I'll be at Julie's. Just don't let them go home." The other girl agreed, remembering the first time. He had thrown a fit and beat Anna. The other two hadn't helped him, but they couldn't have protected her. As soon as their stepfather was done, they helped Anna upstairs to tend to her many cuts scrapes and bruises.

Well, Buttercup did that, (with Anna hating it the whole time,) while Mandy had explained in her business tone, that as newest daughter of the most recent marriage, she was the one who existed when he was drunk. So subsequently, she was the one he beat. But, if she wasn't there, and Buttercup was, he would suddenly notice her.

"But I'm the first one, and he seems to actually like me. But that's just my real father's money speaking." Then as usual, they would be nice for the next couple of days until Fuse went out to party, then so did they. Well, Mandy worked on world domination, but for her that was a party.

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