"Somebody's always watching …"

A Twilight / W.i.t.c.h. Crossover

By: A J

(Standard Disclaimer Applies)

Chapter 1

Cornelia added another pair of summer shoes to her carry-on. 'Those'll go better with the other top,' she thought, surveying her luggage. She was reclosing the suitcases when her bratty not-so-little sister came in.

"Jeesh, got enough packed, Corny, or do you just want me to zap your whole closet to us when we get to Forks?" Cornelia growled. Irma was so dead when she got back from this wedding.

"Don't call me Cor … just … are you packed, Mei-mei?" she asked, giving her sister 'the Eye'.

"Ha! Like, an hour ago."

"Good. You can get this one for me," Cornelia said, skidding her carry-on across her floor to Lillian. Hoisting her other two gigantic suitcases effortlessly, she started forward, only to have to stop where the younger blonde girl was still standing, and giving Cornelia 'the Eye' right back.

"Why do you bother?" Lillian asked. "I know you can get that one just as easily as those two with your powers." Cornelia mentally added a certain Chinese aspiring artist to her potential murder victim list. Hay and Elyon had had the brilliant idea to use the bedtime story Cornelia and Matt had started off telling the pre-adolescent Heart of Earth to start a comic book, starring the Guardians and her Regents in fictional adventures that would tell Lillian about her powers, how to use them, and (most importantly) how to resist the temptations of abusing them.

Unfortunately, it meant that her bratty sister also knew what they were capable of, now that Lillian had figured out the stories were true. So she wasn't taking any grief from Cornelia about not having enough hands for her luggage unless … "Look, Mei-mei, you may know that, but Mom and Dad don't, so pretend with me, okay? Besides," Cornelia whispered. "Even with telekinesis, these things are heavy! Soooo ..?"

"Ooookaayyyy," Lillian sighed. She used her new soccer skills to bump Cornelia's carry-on up and into her arms, and turned to scamper out the door with an evil chuckle before her sister could come after her.

"If my make-up's ruined, I'm so burying you next to it!" Cornelia shrieked, and followed her laboriously down the steps to the door to the Hales' apartment. 'Okay, maybe I am bringing too much for a weekend wedding,' she panted to herself as she took a reprieve from her over-packed suitcases.

"Don't rest yet, Cornflower," her dad said from behind her. She sighed at the new nickname she'd gotten when she had grown taller than both her parents. "Straight down to the shuttle and off to the airport, or we're gonna be late."

Cornelia glanced over her shoulder, to see her parents and her sister each had only one suitcase, aside from the suit-carrier over her mom's shoulder with Harold Hale's only tuxedo and Elizabeth's own favorite reception dress. Letting out a mental curse, which she fervently hoped her little sister couldn't hear yet, Cornelia grabbed her bags again and headed towards the elevator.


Six hours later, the Hale family landed in Seattle from Baltimore. Disembarking from the nonstop flight Harold had found, they all stopped and reset their watches and phones for the time difference, to discover it was only three hours after they had left Heatherfield.

"Well, this's gonna be loads of no fun," Cornelia groused, glaring at her little sister. Lillian had spent the majority of the flight sullen and whiney, being separated from her sphere of influence, but now that she was back on firm ground, (tarmac aside) she was her usual hyper self. A passing flight attendant, seeing the abrupt change in the formerly-grumpy ten-year-old after landing, just gave the other three Hales a sympathetic "Good luck."

Back on the ground and still in a greater metropolis, Cornelia used some of her gazillian rollover minutes to call the Guardians and let them know she'd landed okay. (It was amazing how much phone time you saved when you and your best friends were all telepathically linked.) Then she made the other call she'd been waiting to make for when they had arrived.

"Hello, Alpha Delta Omicron House; what can I do ya for?"

"Uh, hello. I'm trying to reach Peter Cook. The basketball star," Cornelia told the Jersey transplant on the other end of the line.

"Ha! I'm sure he'll be glad somebody calls him that. Who's lookin' for him?"

"Just tell him Lia's in town, and stand back," she said. Wondering what had happened to their home-town hero for him to lose his courtyard rep this fast, she drummed her fresh French-tipped nails against her phone.

"Lia? Cornelia, is that you?" Peter's voice came on the line seconds later. She chuckled.

"Yeah, Dred-boy, we just landed in Seattle. You still wanna spend some time away from your new friends with little ol' me?"

"You're kidding, right? Let me know where you guys are staying, and I'll do my best to be there in less time than a pizza delivery." Cornelia laughed at the reminder of how the two had finally started dating.

"Just a sec, I'll ask Dad." Stepping back by her parents, she saw that they'd found all the family's luggage except for Lillian's small suitcase. "Hey Dad, which hotel are we staying at? Peter's wondering where to meet us."

"Oho, so this is why you've been calling him so much lately, eh?" her father said.

"Well, yeah, I mean, no way I'm gonna want to go to my cousin's wedding without a date. And besides, he's already on the right side of the continent." Harold facepalmed, and Elizabeth started to chuckle.

"She's got you there, dear," she said. "But we're not staying in Seattle, honey. The Cullens have invited us to enjoy their hospitality in Forks. Apparently they've got a huge house with tons of guest rooms, and very few guests coming for the wedding after all."

"We … we're not staying … in Seattle?" Cornelia uttered, dumbstruck. She could hear Peter's faint "What?" over her phone. Lillian stole it from her slack grasp.

"Hiiii, Peter," she cooed, and started making kissy noises. Cornelia belatedly snatched her phone back.

"Beast! Moooom, did we have to bring her? Elly or Will would have been more than willing to watch her for the weekend."

"And make them sacrifice time with Matt and Caleb so you can spend more with Peter?" Elizabeth countered. "It's a family event, Cornelia. Now let the poor guy know where the town is, and you two can catch up tomorrow."

Stricken, Cornelia delivered her bad news in a dead voice, just as her dad yelled out. "Finally! Our last suitcase! Let's get out of here." The Hales grabbed their bags and started through the rest of the airport to find Harold's nephew Jasper, whose wedding they were here in Washington to attend.


Despite her hyper state in the Seattle airport, Lillian managed to doze off anyway during their connector flight to Port Angeles on Jasper's business partner's (and soon to be brother-in-law's) company plane. Elizabeth sighed with relief over it, Cornelia dreaded what the Heart of Earth would be like when she woke up, and Harold remained comfortably oblivious of the situation as he got acquainted with his distant cousin and Emmett Cullen.

The two young men couldn't have been more different. Jasper was a blonde like almost every Hale; (Harold's own dirty blonde hair was always being called brown until it self-bleached every summer,) Emmett's curls were so dark brown they were nearly black. Emmett was a physical powerhouse, taller than even Cornelia's willowy six-foot frame, and as muscled as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno in their prime; Jasper was tall as well, but wiry, reminding Harold more of his older daughter's last boyfriend Caleb. Jasper was aloof and withdrawn, where Emmett was easygoing and forthright. Harold could see why they made such good friends and partners: they managed to bring out the best in each other as if they'd been doing it forever, even though he could tell they couldn't be older than their mid-twenties.

"So, what kind of business are you in, anyway?" he finally asked them. He had no idea why it hadn't occurred to him to inquire before.

"Imports," said Jasper.

At the same time Emmett said "Antiquities."

They exchanged a look, and both said "Antique imports."

"So, supplying the nuevo-riche with pretty heirlooms, then," Harold laughed. They both chimed in, with a humanly-imperceptible delay. "Say, if you ever expand enough to advertise, just call my Cornelia up. She's a budding little spokes-model. Got two ads under her belt already," he added proudly.

Jasper grinned. "Always looking to keep the business in the family," he said, warming considerably from his initial moodiness. "Now, what say we enjoy the view, while there still is one? I hear there's fresh fog rolling in off the sound, so we'll be driving to Forks in the cloud cover."

Harold agreed affably, and they all settled in to watch the scenery flow by for the last few minutes of their flight.