Author: Sparta

Title: Daughter of the Rift

Pairings: Jack & Helen Magnus (past) Jack & Ianto, Ianto & PC Andy (Past) Gwen & Rhys, Tosh & Owen (mentioned) Tosh & Tommy

Rating: R

Crossovers: Torchwood & Dr Who & Sanctuary

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 12/?

Completed: No

Summery: AU: Jack is confused when a strange blindfolded woman offers him the chance to change thing, but why does she feel so familiar to him? My take on CoE.

Chapter Summery: Jack and surprisingly Owen helps Ianto deal with his brothers death.

Episode Used: N/A

Authors Note:

Saying Goodbye

Owen sat on the small kitchen counter swaying his legs, he still didn't understand why he was doing this hell he wasn't even on speaking term with the Teaboy? All he knew was not even Ianto deserved to watch his brother go though what he had, no one could have seen what Suzie had become but Owen believed that Jack should have been more alert.

"I didn't think you knew what this time of the morning was?" laughed Jack as Owen flipped him the bird.

"Very funny Harkness, I need to talk to you about the Teaboy…" the minute Ianto's name was mentioned Jack's demeanour changed, the humour faded and his stony mask went up.

"My office now" growled Jack as Owen followed.

Ianto sat alone on his bed, he clung to a small worn photo of himself and his brother before he'd left Ianto alone. Ianto was hurting but refused to show it, but like a never ending nightmare Ianto couldn't shake off the memory's of his brother laid out on the Cyber-unit half converted and crying out in pain.

"Holding it in won't help," said Jack calmly as he appeared from the shadows of the doorway making Ianto jump.

"How would you know?" growled Ianto as Jack bent down to pick up the picture, Ianto regretted his harsh words as he watched the brief flash of pain that crossed Jack's face.

"Iiii…I'm sorry Jack, I didn't mean it I forgot about your brother" stuttered Ianto as Jack sat down next to him.

"It's ok Ianto, I know your still coping when your ready meet me up in autopsy" said Jack as he kissed Ianto lightly before leaving him.

Ianto groaned, as he felt worse then before Jack had come to see him; Ianto was one of the only people Jack had truly opened up to about his past. Pulling himself up Ianto took a look in the mirror and winced at his reflection, his eyes where blotchy from his tears, his skin was pale and his lack of sleep was showing. Sighing he headed up to meet Jack hoping to avoid the others.

Jack could feel the pain radiating from his younger lover as he approached the autopsy bay, Owen left Jack to comfort Ianto while he and Tosh prepared. Ianto was closed off to him as he approached, without speaking Jack rose from his position and walked over to his lover before pulling him into his arms.

They stood in silence, just holding each other as Ianto drew strength from his Captain. The time that passed between them felt like a lifetime, Ianto just wanted to run away and hide but he knew that in reality he owed it to his brother to see thing though.

"It's time" came Tosh's quiet voice as the men looked up; Jack nodded before taking Ianto's hand.

"You not alone" said Jack as Ianto nodded before follow him up the stairs and out of autopsy.

Tosh offered Ianto a comforting smile before taking his other hand and following, an air of morning fell over the Hub as they headed to the Cold storage area. Ianto swallowed hard and tried to hold himself together as they approached Owen and the two open metal caskets, Ianto began shaking as the realty of Torchwood started to sink in. One day he would be laid out in one of these with Jack watching over him.

'Would he morn me or would I just be another conquest?'Ianto shrugged off this though, there was a time and a place for them but here and now was not the time.

Ianto looked at Jack who offered him one of his typical smiles before he approached one of the caskets, taking a deep breath Ianto prepared himself for what was inside but Ianto was shocked at what he found.

Gareth's body was human, the remnants of the Cyber technology had been removed and the reconstruction was perfect.

"It took some doing mate but I figured he wouldn't want to remembered like that, I just hope I did the right thing" said Owen as Ianto was lost for words.

"Thank you" was all Ianto could say as he felt himself giving into his emotions.

"JACK" yelled Owen as he grabbed Ianto before he collapsed, Jack raced to Ianto's side as Owen examined him.

"He hasn't slept or eaten in days," said Jack as Ianto was checked over.

"The scanner in autopsy will confirm it," said Owen as Ianto was taken to be checked over.

Ianto groaned as he felt like he'd been hit by the SUV with Jack driving it, his whole body ached and his mind was a mess with emotions. Groaning Ianto hit out as Owen flashed a light in his eyes, before he felt his hand being taken and his mind being flooded with comfort and love.

"Oy Teaboy quit it, after your little fainting damsel episode I need to check you over," growled Owen as Ianto calmed down.

Ianto calmed down and let Owen continue as Jack comforted his lover; once he was finished, Owen retreated into his office leaving the lovers alone.

"What happened and where's Tosh?" asked Ianto, as he looked round.

"Saying goodbye to your brother got to you and you passed out, don't worry about Tosh she's fine she's dealing with the rest of the proceedings," said Jack with a sigh as Ianto groaned again, he'd forgotten about Suzie.

"It's not your fault Jack, none of us saw her for what she truly was…"

"You did," said Jack as Ianto laughed.

"No I didn't, it wasn't until she'd started experimenting on Gareth that I found out. Even the way he was we where still connected, he reached out to me one night mentally. The pain was so intense I needed to help him so I followed the trail so to speak, what I found turned my blood to ice.

Suzie was sick and twisted but she knew how to play people, she convinced me not to say anything for Gareth's sake," said Ianto sadly as Jack gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

"It's over now she can't get to him or you now Ianto" said Jack as he stood up and kissed Ianto's head.

"Get some sleep Yan I'll come see you in the morning" said Jack with a smile as Ianto settled down, before heading passed Owen's office.

"The sedative I gave him should be kicking in now, he won't feel a thing tonight let alone dream," said Owen as Jack nodded.

"It's the best thing for him, he doesn't need to think about this tonight" said Jack as Owen nodded back.

"I'll keep the Retcon on standby just encase?" questioned Owen as Jack shook his head.

"I don't think it will be needed, he's stronger then you think. Goodnight Owen" said Jack as he patted the doctor on the arm before leaving.

"I hope so for us all," sighed Owen to himself as he looked in Ianto's direction before return to his office for the night.