"I'm sorry, Jasper. But … WHAT?" I jumped from my spot on the bench and backed away.

"I love you, Bella. You need to come home. We miss you." He explained. Oh. He loved me in a sisterly way.

"Jasper. I only just left." I had only been gone for a couple hours.

Jasper stepped forward and gripped the top of my arm. "Bells, you've been gone for days. Alice had a vision that you would be here. Edward wasn't allowed to come. He has been sulking for days. He thinks it's his fault."

I glared at Jasper. "Of course it's his fault." I mumbled before I darted off into the night.


Bella had been gone for days now. Jasper had just left to get her. She was in Michigan.

"Edward?" Jasper called. That meant he was back. WITH BELLA. I shot down the stairs only to find Jasper.

"Where's Bella?" I was being to panicked. Was she dead? Where was she? Had James got her? He always wanted her.

"She was there but she disappeared." I slammed Jasper against the wall and growled.

"You let her go!" I growled. I was about to punch him when a hand grabbed my arm. I turned and threw the person off me. And then I froze.

Bella flew across the room and smashed into the wall. She jumped up and glared at me. She stalked forward and then was up in my face.

"I knew it. You don't want me." She whispered. Pain radiated off her. I couldn't speak. I was totally shocked.

"Bella. Edward does want you. He is just too shocked to speak. He loves you. A lot." Bella turned and stared at Alice as she bounced into the room. I silently thanked Alice.

She shook her head and walked out the room. It took me minutes to figure out what was going on. Bella was here. Okay. But thought I didn't want her.

I chased after her. I followed her scent for miles before finding her curled up in a ball on the ground. I walked up to her, slowly. So not to scare her.

"Bella?" She stayed on the ground, not even looking up at me. I prayed for her to look up so I could see her brown, soulful eyes.

"What?" Her voice was dull and flat. I crouched and went to touch her arm but was flung back. I hit a rock, leaving an imprint before turning and leaving. I heard her yelling but ignored her.

I knew this was coming. I ran for a while before stopping at some little cottage. It chipped red door was bright against the dull brick walls. The garden was over flowing and the fence was breaking. I was interested about this little house. I walked forward but was hit by a small body.

"Bella. Let me go." I said, just as dull as she had. She gripped me tighter and shook her head. I felt her mind open up to me.

Shut up! There's a vampire inside. He's masking his smell and mind from you. The second you step over the thresh hold he will attack. I promise. He doesn't know I'm here because I am totally invisible right now to this guy. Please just go back.

Interesting. I nodded and followed Bella back to a small meadow. We sat and talked about everything and let's just say, this isn't ever happening again.


I have no clue what else to write so if anyone has any ideas tell me! Help! I might just put this story on hold for a bit unless I get ideas. Sorry.