Chapter 7-Shadows and Dust

Mitarashi Anko skipped, that's right she skipped rather happily into the Leaf, glowing like the sun itself when rising in the morning, and Namikaze Naruto in his ever intimidating Shadow Fox uniform walking beside her. Behind his masked face was a smirk that if any man saw would see it was a look that said "yeah I got some and from Anko without a limb lost in the process" though that would be kissing and telling. Of course, Naruto was too much of a gentlemen to do such a thing to Anko, and he felt the woman needed to feel appreciated for all the shit that got thrown at her for being the now late Orochimaru's apprentice.

"You go relax in the hot springs Anko-chan. I'll report to the Hokage about our successful mission," said Naruto, as he heard the woman squeal with excitement before hugging him in a death grip, and had his masked head placed deep in the valley of delights so rare few have been.

And even rarer survived the aftermath of being in it.

"You're the best Naruto-kun! Maybe later we can have an encore of what we did on the way back here and in your bed this time," said Anko kissing his masked face and then winked before skipping to the hot springs with a smile on her face.

'I'll say this for Anko-chan. She may be sadistic, as well as hungry for blood, but make her happy, and she'll do things with her tongue that cause one's toe curl like the Wicked Witch with the red slippers in that Oz movie,' thought Naruto, as he walked with a skip in his own step, and almost wished for people to see his face beyond the mask.

(Hot Springs-Female Side)

"Oh I so needed this!" said Hana, as she sighed at the feeling of her body submitting to the warm soothing water, and her friend Yuhi Kurenai was across from her sighing in agreement.

"Agreed. I know I'm all for women being strong, but there is nothing wrong with us being pampered, and being...well like women," said Kurenai, as she heard feminine footsteps coming their way, and Anko soon came in wearing a towel before she descended into the bath water.

"I love my life," said Anko, as she enjoyed the warm water, and the fact it was soothing her own aching body.

"Damn Anko, you're practically glowing! Killing Orochimaru must have been way more satisfying then I thought it would be and rightfully so all things considered," said Hana, as she knew the woman was itching so badly to kill her sensei, and took the opportunity to take the mission for it.

"That wasn't the only thing I found to be satisfying," said Anko with a "I got some" look on her face and saw the shocked faces of her friends when seeing that the "and I let the guy live" look that followed it.

"Really? But the only guy that was with you didn't?" said Kurenai, as Hana moved closer, and had an almost wolfish look on her face.

"I so did! I mean, how could I not reward him after killing Orochimaru, and letting me kill Kabuto while all their butt buddies were slaughtered around us. It was so...romantic!" said Anko making her friends sweat drop at seeing the blissful face she was sporting.

"O-kay. was the fox boy?" said Hana wanting details while Kurenai frowned at the Inuzuka woman for being so cut to the chase.

"Hana! You shouldn't ask Anko to kill and tell. At least not like that," said Kurenai in a scolding manner since she knew Hinata was being tight lipped about her intimacy with Naruto.

Though her former student's glowing body easily told Kurenai the times the two had were possibly to die for.

"Oh he's no boy Hana-chan. Naruto-kun is alll fox man! Went at it about 10 miles away from the destroyed base, right in the forest area like two wild horny animals should, and it was just...oh Kami I think I just had an orgasm from thinking about it," said Anko with her body shaking so much from pleasure at the memory making her two friends blush and sweat drop a second time.

"So Naruto rocked your world huh? Is he an alpha or did you make him your bitch?" said Hana, as she knew Anko was a woman that liked to be in control, and dominate others.

"Make him my bitch? Please! Naruto-kun isn't someone you can dominate when it comes to sex. He's alll alpha Hana-chan and I doubt you could tame that man or what he's got down south. Oh Kami I love that thing," said Anko giggling excitedly at the thought of going at it with him again.

"Oh really? How much are you willing to wager I can tame Naruto and be the dominate one during sex?" said Hana seeing Kurenai look at her like she was nuts and Anko just grinned evilly at the idea that sprung to mind.

"So you want to make a bet huh? Okay! I'll set it up. You go on a date with Naruto-kun tomorrow since I'm going to be with him tonight with the other girls in the house. If you can get him in the sack and dominate him I'll...swear off dango for a Month!" said Anko seeing Hana smiling at the idea of Anko going into a "I need dango! Gimmie! Gimmie!" appearance since that had happened once and was pretty hysterical.

"Fine! And if I lose the bet I'll...hmmm," said Hana in thought while Anko again smiled evilly while Kurenai face palmed with the "oh no" look on her face.

"You'll be Naruto-kun sex slave for a whole Month," said Anko, as she saw Hana, and Kurenai looking at her like she was nuts.

"What? How come your stakes of losing the bet are lower then mine?" said Hana, as she wasn't sure now about this, and saw Kurenai giving Anko the "woman scolding" look.

"What's wrong Hana-chan? Afraid that you'll lose the bet and be dominated by Naruto-kun? Afraid you'll be his bitch tomorrow and then a Month afterwards only to enjoy it and never want it to end?" said Anko giggling fiendishly at her Inuzuka friend looking like her pride had just been damaged.

"Afraid? Afraid? Inuzuka Hana isn't afraid of anything! I accept your bet! Get ready to go on a psychotic episode after going a whole Month without dango. I'll have my camera at the ready to see your moments of craziness," said Hana stretching her hand out and Anko grasping it to seal the deal with Kurenai being the unfortunate witness to this event.

"Excellent! Besides, being fucked by Naruto-kun is better then dango, and I can last the whole Month being his fuck toy. So ha!" said Anko grinning at Hana and knew she had to tell Naruto about going on a date with the Inuzuka woman.

(Hokage Tower-At the Moment)

Naruto giggled in a perverse manner in front of Tsunade for a second before becoming serious while the Hokage herself raised an eyebrow at him.

"Is there something you find funny?" said Tsunade, as she wished to know what was going on inside his masked head, and hated that damned mask right now.

"Oh, I just had this strange feeling that a hot woman was talking about me with other hot women, and it involved something perverted," said Naruto grinning behind his mask and saw Tsunade had tick marks on her head.

"Too much information Naruto," said Tsunade holding back the urge to punch him.

"You asked," said Naruto simply with Tsunade rubbing her temples.

"You could have lied," said Tsunade with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"I thought it was treason to lie to a Kage?" said Naruto seeing Tsunade scowl angrily at him.

"That only involves the miss-oh forget it! The point is Orochimaru and Kabuto are dead now, correct?" said Tsunade nearly losing her temper on the matter.

"Dead and in Hell," said Naruto simply while looking at the Hokage in a leisurely posture while the woman in front of him sank back into her chair.

"So what do you intend to do next?" said Tsunade, as she saw him get up from his chair to leave, and stopped at the door.

"Simple. I'm going to hunt down the remaining members of the Akatsuki and make them drown in the darkness they covet so much," said Naruto before walking out of the room.

"Damn this job," said Tsunade to herself, as she reached for her sake', but was taken by Shizune, and sealed away in a scroll.

"No Tsunade-sama! You need to do your paperwork," said Shizune seeing her teacher and Hokage seethe in anger.

"Damn it Shizune! I'm the Hokage and as the Hokage I order you to hand me that sake' so I can get wasted!" said Tsunade making the guards outside her office sweat drop.

And they thought Anko's dango addiction was bad.

(Namikaze Estates-Sometime Later)

Naruto sighed contently in his bed, as Haku was sleeping happily to his left, Hinata to his right, and Anko was currently on top of him connected at the hip. Yugito was on the floor with a glazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face indicating that Naruto had indeed rocked her world.

"Thinking again about the future?" said Kyuubi, as he saw the troubled look on his vessel's face, and the emotions running around in his head.

'How can I not? I have one problem down, but there are plenty more where that came from, and they are going after my kin,' thought Naruto, as he petted Anko's hair, and loved how she moaned when he caressed a certain spot behind her left ear.

"Do not worry yourself kit. Two of its strongest members are dead and the others will soon follow once we have a few days off," said Kyuubi sensing his vessel's frustrations on the matter and how the Akatsuki needed to be wiped out.

'I hope so Kyuubi. I guess a few days relaxing and then hunting the rest of the Akatsuki is the best plan for now,' thought Naruto, as he decided to let his mind rest for a bit since it was long overdue, and refocus his attention on his love life.

And the expanding group of women in it.

(The Next Day)

"How could you put Naruto-kun in the middle of a bet Anko-chan?" said Yugito, as she limped through the kitchen to the fridge to get a gallon of milk, and get herself something to drink.

"I had to defend Naruto-kun's honor. She basically accused him of being a sub in the sack and we four know that is certainly not the case when it comes to getting laid," said Anko seeing them all blush and Naruto himself was smirking at them in return.

'You could say that again,' thought Yugito, as she heard Nibi giggling inside, and told the demon to shut up while heal her soreness from last night.

"I have no problem going on a date with Hana, but I won't simply screw her just so you can win a bet Anko-chan, and only go that way unless she truly wants it. Understand?" said Naruto, as he saw the woman pout, and then sigh in defeat.

"Okay...but I can still have you in the sack should I lose, right?" said Anko, which made everyone, including Naruto sweat drop, but the young Namikaze shrugged his shoulders before nodding his head, and the woman jumped around happy while her lover watched her bouncing breasts behind her shirt move in such an erotic fashion.

It didn't hurt Anko was wearing only a shirt that stopped at the hip and thus Naruto could see further down south with ease with each jump.

"Well I'm off. I have to go help Tenten with her swordsmanship," said Naruto, as he was wearing his mask, but wore black pants, and just a black trench coat with bandage wraps around his torso.

Unfortunately, when he opened the door, one Haruno Sakura was there about to knock on said door, and when she saw Naruto tried to punch him in the face. Key word of course being tried, as the girl was weak, and easily pushed aside like she was nothing.

"I've been waiting for your return monster. I'm going to avenge Sasuke-kun and then free those girls in that tainted house of your demon magic that binds them to be enslaved to your will," said Sakura, as she saw Naruto let out a laugh, and it only made the girl even angrier.

"Are you serious? You actually think that?" said Naruto seeing Sakura looking so angry right now.

"Of course! How else does it explain so many women falling for you? The fact you didn't die from your injuries back in Wave Country? Answer me that!" said Sakura, as she saw Naruto shrug since he couldn't really explain it to her, and didn't really want to for that matter.

Still, Naruto felt he might as well give Sakura some kind of explanation, and just get her out of his hair before he did something...horrible to his former teammate.

"Maybe these women like me for me? Maybe I treat them with respect and love because they aren't shallow like you. Maybe I survived all my injuries because I simply choose to live instead of dying regardless if the people of Konoha like you wish it to the contrary," said Naruto seeing Sakura becoming further infuriated.

"Of course I want you dead baka. You killed Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura like it was the simplest thing in the world.

"It doesn't bother you that he would have tried to kill me first? That he would betray you, Konoha, and everyone in the whole world just for a tiny sliver of power?" said Naruto seeing Sakura's devotion to the late Uchiha was clearly something one couldn't break her free of no matter what Jutsu was created.

"What part of my life growing up don't you understand baka? My purpose growing up was to keep you down and help Sasuke-kun not matter what! Sasuke-kun's happiness was all that matters!" said Sakura, as she charged at Naruto, and was surprised when a claw from Naruto's torso made of pure shadow energy grabbed, and began crushing her body slowly.

"Just like your slut of a Mother. Always being shallow and narrow minded when it comes to others. Your precious Sasuke-kun died a traitors death just like the rest of his clan for their attempt at the coup and deserved to be wiped out for the crimes they've committed over the years in secret. That fact you would defend him and the Uchiha Clan means you are a traitor to the founding beliefs this village once had," said Naruto in his demonic voice, as he had just about enough of Sakura, and her bitching ways.

"And you are going to die a demon's death. The village will never accept you regardless of your heritage. Those women will be forever tormented by being associated with you and any bastard children they have will be tortured beyond measure just to teach your damn family a lesson," said Sakura, as she felt her body being crushed harder, and chose to stare defiantly against Naruto.

"Should what you say actually come to pass, the one thing I will have to look forward to is knowing you Haruno will not be there to see it happen, and be too busy suffering in Hell," said Naruto before a shadowy mouth of a fox came out of his torso that made the shadowy appendage crushing Sakura's body look like its tongue.

"You don't have the balls to kill me! I'm your 'Sakura-chan' and you've worshiped me since the days of the Academy," said Sakura hearing Naruto now chuckle at her words.

"And I have regretted those days every second of every minute of every hour of every day that has gone by since I became what I am. That's not likely to change after I kill you," said Naruto, as the fox's mouth opened beyond a comprehensible size, and its claw of a tongue pulling Sakura into its mouth with the pink haired girl screaming out in fear before the loud sound the mouth with big sharp teeth closed with a loud "CRUNCH!" noise being heard.

After a moment of chewing, chomping, and moving the mass of flesh in its mouth the shadowy head of the fox that manifested itself on Naruto's upper body spit the remains of Haruno Sakura a good 15 feet. What it spit out was basically the equivalent of mangled flesh, bone, and blood in one big heap before Naruto used a Fire Jutsu to burn the body.

Damn that felt good to him. Why didn't he do that sooner?

Heading out to see Tenten for further training in the art of swordsmanship, Naruto headed out to enjoy his day, and give the girls at his home a day of rest. Kami knew those four all deserved it after he let out his frustrations on them last night in the ways of passionate sex after killing Orochimaru and then paying a visit to the now late Sandaime Hokage.

Many would say Anko was a just quick fling due to him scoring with her so soon after he killed Orochimaru, but what people would never realize was that a person's shadow, to him anyway, always told him everything about them, and gave him access to their inner nature. Anko's was that of a woman he could truly admire for putting up with shit the Leaf threw at her and showed she was made of tough stuff just like Naruto knew she was from the start. It told him everything about Anko from her strengths to her weaknesses, and the desire to find the one guy that would treat her right regardless of her now late sensei. To be loved for being her wild crazy self and put up with her when no one else would because they loved Anko the way she was.

Naruto could do all that and more for Anko in the time they spent together. Something he had told her right away before and after their romp in the forest on the way back to the Leaf. Anko was frightened by his boldness of course, but Naruto told her about what his mastery over shadows gave him, and what he knew she desired with his own desire to help fill the emptiness in her heart. Of course, she had looked him straight in the eyes, and basically threatened to destroy him in every way her sadistic mind could create without any mercy to him at all should he screw her over.

Naruto had simply smiled a kind smile before kissing her softly on the lips and told Anko that he had nothing to worry about then in regards to the threat. Of course, Naruto wasn't going to be bullied into things either by Anko's feminine charms like the Nara Clan Head was with his wife, and Shikamaru with Sabaku no Temari from what he had seen of their manifested relationship.

Naruto would be Naruto and Anko would be Anko with any bumps they may have along the way down the road of their relationship being handled the right way.

(With Tenten-Sometime Later)

The sound of blades clashing could be heard on the training ground between Naruto and Tenten with each moving to best the other in their battle of the blades. So far, Tenten had held up pretty good given her own skills with a sword, but even she knew that Naruto was toying with her, and knew he was smiling behind his Shadow Fox mask in a way that would piss her off if she saw it. The fact he let out a chuckle when she occasionally let out a growl at him didn't help either.

"You're mocking me behind that mask of yours, aren't you?" said Tenten now pointing dramatically at Naruto, who cocked his head to the right, and shrugged it made the girl seethe even more.

"Who? Me? No. Not me. Never. I could never eve-okay maybe a little," said Naruto, as he laughing at the angry face Tenten made, and it was so funny to see.

"That's it! I'm going to bash your brains in for making fun of me!" said Tenten bringing out a war club and charged with feminine fury that all women were known for.

"But I'm not making fun of you," said Naruto, as he dodged her club that created a huge crater on the ground upon impact, and wondered if this weapon had been commissioned to be made by Tsunade.

Knowing the Hokage, she probably did order it made, and just forgot about it from all the drinking she did.

"Liar!" said Tenten, as she swung again, only horizontally this time, and Naruto leaped on top of the massive club to look down at girl looking for where he was since she never saw him move.

"Says the angry woman with a club clearly designed to hurt men," said Naruto smirking behind his mask seeing Tenten look at him on top of her club and tried to shake him off.

"Well its clear you think I can't hit you because I'm a woman," said Tenten, as she finally got Naruto off her club, and took another swing at him.

And again she missed.

"What makes you think that?" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow behind his mask.

"Because all men do it! They think a girl is only good a cooking, cleaning, and making babies," said Tenten, as she had seen enough of that, and didn't want that kind of life at all.

"I don't," said Naruto simply while wondering why Tenten would think that way.

"Yeah teme of an Uncle did," said Tenten, as she hated her Father's brother so much, and so did her Mother.

"Let me guess, he was one of those male pigs that thinks women should be put in their place, and underneath a man," said Naruto seeing the girl nod.

"Yeah. When I told my parents I wanted to be a Shinobi like Tsunade, they were happy for me, but my Uncle said I shouldn't try to take up a 'Man's only profession', and told my parents I should stick to playing with dolls instead of training with weapons," said Tenten sensing Naruto's killer intent rising at what he Uncle felt she should do.

"That bastard!" said Naruto, as he was going to rip that teme a knew asshole, and would have if it weren't for Tenten's next sentence.

"He's dead now though. From what I learned, he was once part of the mobs that would try to hunt you down on your birthday, and was killed by my Father after he learned about it since the Yondaime was a good friend to him," said Tenten seeing Naruto calm down and return to a more normal human setting.

"Good to hear. If he were still alive, I'd show him what a monster truly is, and show the teme what it means to face a demon," said Naruto before he saw Tenten put away her club and smile at him.

"Well, since training is done, you want to go get something to eat, and relax for a little bit?" said Tenten with a hint of a blush on her face at the end of her sentence.

"My my Ten-chan. Are you by chance asking me out...on a date?" said Naruto with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"No! I mean...if you want it to be a date then...," said Tenten, as she cursed herself for being this way since she never went on dates, and was more interested in weapons then boys.

"Then a date it is. My lady," said Naruto moving his elbow out for Tenten to take and she did with a smile on her face.

"You know, when you're not being such an asshole when training, you can become quite the gentlemen, and make a girl feel special," said Tenten hearing Naruto chuckle.

"I try," said Naruto getting an elbow to the ribs by Tenten though it was all in good fun.

(Inuzuka Clan Home-Later that Night)

Hana looked herself in the mirror, watching her figure that was covered by the red dress she wore stopping just past the hip, and put on some perfume that would entice any male the smelled it upon close proximity to her body. The person of interest at the moment in enticing was Namikaze Naruto, who was apparently an Alpha Male, if Anko's perverted words were indeed true, and Hana felt that she needed to put such claims to the test. The crude bet aside, Hana did have every intention of pursing Naruto in the hopes of finding a proper mate to call her own, and this simply sped things up.

'Anko thinks he's pure Alpha Male material huh? Well, let's see him handle me, and my Alpha Female ways when together,' thought Hana smirking deviously into the mirror and knew she had this bet in the bag.

Considering her own Mother was an Alpha Female and scared Hana's Father away in a fright had to count for something, right?


"Hana! Your dates here," said Tsume from downstairs and Hana's smile grew wider.

"Coming. Time to show him my stuff," said Hana, as she made her way down the steps of the house, and saw Kiba was there growling at Naruto with Akamaru doing the same.

"I swear Naruto, if you dishonor my sister in anyway...," said Kiba pointing a threatening finger at the Shadow Fox currently wearing black pants, boots, and trench coat with a thin white t-shirt that showed off his rippling muscles behind it.

"I know Kiba. You'll tear me apart. I get it! Just shut up and let me enjoy some company with your sister before I start to get angry for your overprotective nature," said Naruto now getting peeved at the Inuzuka male in front of him, as he had no intention of doing something inappropriate with Hana, and only then if she herself wanted to do something naughty would he even try.

Though judging from what Naruto was seeing of Hana right now, he was guessing that this Inuzuka woman would do more then go out, and have dinner with him.

"I agree with Naruto-kun. Leave us alone runt. I'm your older sister and therefore if I can take care of myself," said Hana, as she saw her brother's jaw drop, and Naruto look like he was indeed liking what his eyes saw.

"Shall we go Hana-chan," said Naruto taking her hand and kissing it like a gentleman.

"Yes. Let's go before my brother decides to regain brain function and move to spy on us," said Hana, as they headed out, and only after the door shut did Kiba's brain restart before he set out to spy on the two.

"Hold it right there young man! Where do you think you're going?" said Tsume knowing that look on Kiba's face and planned to stop her son from doing something stupid.

"Come on Mom! You know full that Naruto could try something with Hana. I have to make sure her honor is protected," said Kiba seeing his Mother shake her head at him before punching his skull hard so he hit the ground with a lump growing out.

"Baka! Hana wanted to go out with Naruto-kun for awhile now. Its clear he's Alpha Male material, but Hana has to be sure in her own way, and besides...its high time your sister settles down with me getting Grandchildren in the process," said Tsume, as she had wondered if there was any man worthy of her daughter, and feared Hana would remain alone if not marrying some spineless man.

Tsume herself had done before the man ran off in fright during one of her more...angrier moments in time before Kiba was still within her and wasn't showing the pregnancy just yet. The man Tsume married simply had no idea what he was getting into when with her, as he barely survived the pregnancy with Hana and simply could take another assault with Kiba in her womb.

Hana had a possible once in a lifetime chance to be with an Alpha Male and Tsume was not going to let this opportunity pass just because her baka son felt the sudden need to be protective.

'I pray to Kami that's not the case,' thought Kiba, as he cried waterfall tears, and began picturing himself as an Uncle with the kids using him as a chew toy.

Oh the humanity!

(With Naruto and Hana)

For her part, Hana was having the best time of her life with Naruto, as he was a perfect gentlemen in terms of acting polite in front of her, and could tell he was fighting the effects the perfume she had on. At the nice restaurant he took her to, Naruto let her sit first after pulling out the chair so she could, and seated himself, and even defended her honor like an Alpha Male would when some drunken asshole tried to pry her away. The baka had called her quite a few names like "Inuzuka slut" among other nasty things for turning down his advances and just for being with Naruto on their date.

Naruto's retaliation was making a Shadow Clone, then have the duplicate take the dumb man outside in the back alley, and beating the living shit out of him if Hana's ears were indeed picking up what she believed was the sound of the drunken baka's screams. What the Shadow Clone of Naruto did, Hana wasn't sure, but the Namikaze assured her that no one was going to ruin this date, and after paying decided to walk with her through the park while the full moon was out.

"The moon is wonderful during this time of night. I always feel strange when under its illuminating gaze and I feel my body tingle for some reason," said Hana, as she sat with him on a park bench, and could tell he was feeling the effects too.

"Yeah. I feel the same way when the moon is full like it is now. I think it's because I'm a vessel for a tailed beast since Sabaku no Gaara is the same way too and several other members of my kin that I've met during my travels," said Naruto, as he took a deep breath, and looked up at the moon before looking at Hana with a smile on his face.

"I heard from Anko you killed Orochimaru yourself," said Hana wanting to startup a conversation with him.

"Well not entirely by myself, as she did help out a bit in drawing the teme from out of his hole, and I did let Anko-chan burn the body. Not only that, but she also got to kill Kabuto with Orochimaru's own sword, and keep it to have as a souvenir," said Naruto, as he kept what happened after that, and then later with the other girls out of their conversation.

'So he's not taking all the credit for the mission,' thought Hana impressed since normally such guys would brag about such things and exaggerate to get into a woman's pants.

"What about you? How has your life been?" said Naruto seeing Hana blush at suddenly being put on the spot.

"Me? Oh, nothing really exciting you'd want to hear," said Hana, as she was either on average missions, or running the animal clinic her clan help found for animals needing treatment that couldn't get it at the hospital.

"Tell me anyway," said Naruto, as his eyes flashed for a second, and Hana felt the need to tell him about some of the events she witnessed.

Including Kiba playing with his Mother's lipstick and drawing over his face to make it look like a living ANBU Inu mask when the boy was 5 years old. Naruto laughed at that knowing it was perfect blackmail for later on should Kiba get in the way of him going on anymore dates with Hana in the future. As the lively night started to come to a close, Hana was escorted by Naruto to the Inuzuka Clan home, but the woman didn't want to go home just yet, and wanted to see just how much of an Alpha Male the Namikaze really was.

That being said, about halfway home to the Inuzuka Clan home, Hana pulled Naruto into an alley, and gave him a passionate kiss that surprised the Namikaze at first though the young man quickly returned it with a passion of his own. He had been a gentlemen to Hana all through the date, keeping urges in check, and fighting them off every time the smell from the perfume made him want to mount the woman in some area of the Konoha that wasn't his bedroom. In fact, up until this point, Naruto had completely forgotten about the little bet Anko had made with Hana about having sex, and him dominating the Inuzuka in that manner.

Honestly, it completely slipped his mind, and it was only now during this battle did it come up inside his head.

Soon, the two were battling for dominance with neither one seeking to submit to the other, and Hana found pleasure from the battle she was having with Naruto with the Namikaze feeling the same way she did. However, all battles must have a victor, and Naruto eventually became the victor after Hana grabbed his crotch of his pants while he countered by going for her breasts before giving the nipples an intricate twist of his own design that made the woman become overwhelmed with such pleasure that it gave him the means to take control of their passionate making out.

"I need you. I've been needing you all night, but I didn't want to act like a total slut, and had to keep myself from taking you," said Hana panting heavily right now, as she had been turned on all night by Naruto's actions at dinner, their walk in the park, the talking that followed when they sat down, and the fact that right now he was dominating this moment was the final thing that broke the barrier of restraint from within.

"Well, I happen to know the owner of a luxury hotel not far from here, and we can stay in one of the more plush rooms to take this further," said Naruto, as he was the owner of that hotel right now, and decided now was the best time to use the room reserved just for him.

What better time to use it then right now?

"Lead on," said Hana before the two were swallowed by the shadows to the place where the Inuzuka woman would soon learn that Anko was indeed right about the Shadow Fox being dominant in everything he does.

(Hokage's Office-Few Days Later)

"So you're really going after them. All of them?" said Tsunade, as she saw him in his full Shadow Fox attire, and could sense the seriousness coming off of her Godson in waves.

He had spent the last couple of days and nights relaxing in the figurative calm before the storm with today being the start of the storm. During that time, Naruto got to know Hana, Tenten, and Anko better with by spending time with them all day. Of course, he didn't leave out Haku, Hinata, or Yugito from his schedule since Naruto wanted to spend time with them too.

They were the light that he would come back to after bathing in the blood of his enemies that awaited him in the darkness and would need them to keep is humanity when it was all over.

"You hired me for a job to remove them. Once they're gone, all that will remains is Iwa, and they don't have their demon vessels since those two went into self imposed exile. At best, you can get Iwa into a ceasefire with you, and leave it at that," said Naruto, as he turned to leave, and was at the door when Tsunade stopped him.

"What will you do afterwards? Once the mission is done and your time with us expires?" said Tsunade seeing Naruto sigh slightly.

"In all honesty, I have no intention of coming back to the Leaf to stay permanently if that is what you're referring too, and plan to go someplace where people like me are not hated like I still am here. I don't know if all the girls I wish to marry will come with me, but I hope they do, and come with me back to Wave Country to start a Shinobi village there," said Naruto, as the country was prospering, and could have a promising Shinobi village if given the opportunity.

"That's a shame. Still, the offer to come back is still here, and this job if you change your mind," said Tsunade before the young Namikaze nodded and left the room.

With the room now empty, all Tsunade could do now was lean back in her chair, and just cry at the situation of more then likely losing her Godson for a third time to this blasted village.

(Akatsuki HQ-2 Days Later)

"So we're finally going after all the tailed beasts now? Even after losing both Kisame and Itachi?" said Sasori seeing Pein nod his head to the question.

"We have little choice in the matter. Word has reached me that the Shadow Fox has now left the Leaf to kill us all," said Pein seeing the group of Shinobi before him tense at this news.

"It just means we'll have to be extra cautious and take the more discreet roads to capture out prey," said Kakuzu, as he knew of such roads, and they were cheap too so spending the money to get to certain places wouldn't be a problem.

"We should take care of the Shadow Fox first. With the fucker gone, the rest will fall much easier, and we wont have to deal with this blasphemous shit!" said Hidan, as he wanted to spill blood in the name of Jashin, and this was taking up too much of his time.

"That can be arranged," said the demonic voice of the Shadow Fox throughout the shadows of the room making all the members of Akatsuki stiffen at hearing his voice.

"He's here!" said the white half of Zetsu in a panicked voice.

"We need to get the fuck out of here!" said the darker half before he found both sides wrapped in shadow strings and then torn to pieces.

"You can't. I won't let you," said Naruto, as he recalled the shadow strings to his hands, and his eyes glowed red behind the fox mask he wore.

"Kill him!" said Pein, as he saw Kakuzu, and Hidan move in to take the Kyuubi vessel down at close range.

Naruto in turn, moved towards them, and began his intricate dance of battle between the two Akatsuki members. Hidan swung his scythe at Naruto, who ducked the weapon, punched the Jashinist in the stomach, blocked a punch from Kakuzu, kneed the man in the stomach, and then did a reverse spin kick that hit Hidan right in the face. The impact Naruto's hits had on the two "Zombie brothers", as the late Kisame had labeled them at one point, had caused each one to fly into a wall closest to them, and give Sasori along with Deidara a chance to fight him.

Sasori unleashed his living puppets upon Naruto while Deidara had clay being molded to exploded when in close proximity of his target. The Shadow Fox retaliated by launching spiked shadows at Sasori's puppets, letting the shadow energy he released travel from one puppet to the next, poisoning them with shadow, and demonic chakra that turned them into nothingness with Sasori soon following before he even realized it.

As for Deidara, he was now jumping back, and rethinking his strategy, and redoing his bombs for long range purposes rather then the "in your face" plan a few moments ago. However, the former Shinobi of Iwa soon found that plan to be useless too, as tendrils appeared from the ground, wrapping themselves around his limbs, and then the ones around his arms covered his hands while sinking into the mouths within the palms. Deidara tried to say something, but one shadowy tendril wrapped around his neck, and choked him hard by yanking back on the man's neck.

"Boom," said Naruto simply, as he saw Deidara's eyes widen knowing what was going to happen, and then seconds later...the man exploded into a hundred different pieces.

By this point, Hidan along with Kakuzu had regained their footing, and charged Naruto before the Namikaze pulled out his bo-staff. Something he was holding back until now due to information in the Bingo Book had let people know stuff about him already and Naruto felt he should hold back something for when this moment of confrontation with the Akatsuki organization arrived.

Moving a almost majestic fashion, Naruto danced around his opponents again, and once more keeping them from landing a single hit on his person. He even got Hidan to swing and stab Kakuzu with that scythe of his before spin kicking the money hungry man into another wall while taking the Jashin worshipper with him.

Seeing the two psychos were down again for a moment, Naruto turned his attention over to Pein, and his beautiful partner Konan. Of course, he didn't make a move against them just yet, even when they were now getting ready to do the same, and heard the shadows whisper information about their real selves. The reason why they were doing this, the pain they endured that turned them into these monsters made flesh, and saw that these two were tortured souls like him with no recourse in their life except to wage order to end it in the fashion they deemed appropriate.

"Your time has come Kyuubi vessel. You will not stop us from achieving our dream," said Konan, as she prepared to strike Naruto down, and Pein had his Six Paths ready to destroy the Namikaze with their power.

"Your dream is folly. Your plan is to hold the world by the throat and to shake it down to the very foundation until it submits to the fear of turning my kin along with myself into a combined weapon using that statue. You really think that's what the world needs in order to bring peace to it? Fools! War will always exist. You simply can't turn it off, even by fear of something so dangerous that it would only halt it for a time, and even then war would only evolve into something else that would make your threats useless. That's why Shinobi exist! To be the buffer zone. To make sure battles, conflicts, and overall warfare stays small to the point where minimum life is lost in the process. The world will not be held hostage simply to do your bidding should you succeed, as that is not how the way works, and people will fight such oppression," said Naruto, as he saw Pein's eyes narrow, and Konan's eyes widen.

"You know nothing! To be betrayed and then killed out of fear for doing something good that those we trusted not knowing they would even do such a thing because you were more liked. That is what happened with us! We helped Ame become something great, but its leader Hanzo feared our charisma in being heroes of the people, and for that we were betrayed," said Pein, as he remembered the agony of that day, and the betrayal at the hands of the Ame leader.

"I know well enough! For 12 years, I also lived a lie, and just like you I planned my revenge on those that betrayed the convictions they claimed to live by. The hypocritical tyrants that destroyed you are dead, as are mine, and those that support them are now no more a threat then the world's smartest termite. You don't have to hate the world for the sins of the few. Just destroy the few and the hate will leave your body with love rising in its place," said Naruto seeing Pein looking angrily at him.

"Its not enough. I will only find love when there is peace and only then on my terms!" said Pein, as he saw Naruto shake his head, and let out a sad sigh.

"For what its worth, I did try, and I would like to say...I'm sorry," said Naruto before going through hand signs before stopping his own two personal hand signs for "shadow" and "demon" with the light in the room fading entirely.

"W-What is this?" said Kakuzu, as he noticed what was happening, and Hidan too now looked around fearfully.

"A Jutsu I created just for this moment. My own Jutsu that I regret making and only wish to use this one time for the rest of my natural life. 'Shadow Style: Dark Abyss Jutsu!'" said Naruto, as he closed his eyes, and let the Jutsu go through the motions.

Around him the four Akatsuki members looked on in fear, as they stared at what could only be described as per the name of the Jutsu, a swirling dark abyss that sucked in all that stood in its path, and it covered the entire room around them. Inside of it, they could see millions upon millions of eyes staring at them, none of them human, and all of them judging each individual in the room like they were a piece of meat to be devoured. The biggest of the eyes fell upon Pein, who felt fear run up, and down all his bodies down to the original one safely tucked away in Ame.

"Your real body is not safe from me," said the demonic voice that seemed to come from the giant eyeball narrowing at him like it could read Pein's thoughts.

Because in truth, it could read Pein's thoughts, and knew what the man was thinking.

"No! Don't!" said Konan in realizing what was spoken and tried to shield her love from this things judgment.

"You. You have done this for far purer purposes then anyone else," said the large eye looking into her mind.

"So what if I have? Is my life going to be shown more mercy then him simply because of my reasons?" said Konan seeing the eye soften at it looked down upon her.

"Yes. It was," said the eye like it was a simple thing.

"Well don't! Where Pein goes, I must follow him, and see things to the end," said Konan defiantly.

"That is not up to you child. Its has already been set in motion," said the large eye with more authority in his voice before glowing red along with the others surrounding it with hundreds upon thousands of different teeth soon appearing under the many eyes.

"What are you?" said Kakuzu, as he saw Hidan on his knees praying for Jashin to save him, and the money loving man secretly wished the psycho's God would help him too.

"That, which has no name, and cannot be given one by the likes of you," said the large eye before the thing came out like a massive plague of locus howling, consuming all that stood around it in a way that could not be described by mere mortal eyes.

When the Jutsu ended, light returned to the room, and Naruto opened his eyes to find out of the four members of Akatsuki in the room...only one of those members survived.

It was Konan. She was on the ground now. Crying. Crying over the loss of losing the one person above all others in this world. Again!

"Pein-sama," said Konan weakly while crying, as she tried to pull herself into the abyss after all the forms of Pein were taken, but the things would not take her, and simply knocked the woman down to stop any further "heroics" on her part.

"You purpose in this life is not to die here like they did. The people of Ame need you," said Naruto seeing Konan look up at him with tear stained eyes.

"Why should I? Why not just end it now?" said Konan, as she could by making a kunai made of paper, and stabbing herself in the neck.

"Because it will accomplish nothing. People feared Pein in Ame, but they loved you, and that is what a ruler should be when it comes to those that serve the people. It was what helped Pein become so popular before Hanzo betrayed him, but all he saw in the aftermath of the betrayal was that being feared was better then being loved, and lost his way when going down that path. You are more loved then feared by the people of Ame Konan and you love them all back despite the fear Pein brought them when he took over," said Naruto seeing Konan shaking her head in despair.

"It won't be the same without Pein," said Konan simply.

"You're strong. You can endure it for the sake of the people of Ame. They will need you now more then ever. Will you abandon them now? Will you forsake them?" said Naruto seeing Konan look shocked at his words for what seemed like forever before she met his gaze with determination in her eyes.

"I will not betray the people of Ame. I will be their leader just as Pein was, only I will rule over them in my own way, and bring a bright future to the village," said Konan, as she manifested a bouquet of flowers out of paper, and handed it to Naruto.

"Thank you," said Naruto, as he took them, and saw Konan eyes soften now with several more tears running down her face.

"Consider this my peace offering to you Shadow Fox. I hope in the distant future, if we ever meet again, we fight side by side as allies, and not as bitter enemies," said Konan before turning to leave and was gone moments later.

"Me too Konan-san. Me too," said Naruto before leaving the area knowing there was one more member of the Akatsuki to hunt down and that person was currently waiting for him at the place where all of this would come full circle.

At the Valley of the End.

(Valley of the End-1 Day Later)

"So you're finally here. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up to finish what the Shodaime started," said Madara staring at the Shodaime's statue, as he stood on his own statue, and sensing Naruto arrive while the last remaining Uchiha in existence just looked on.

"You are one to talk. Always hiding in the shadows and never taking credit for the sins I know you committed out of spiteful vengeance. How many people over the years did you manipulate and kill just for the sake of your pitiful dream?" said Naruto staring at Madara's back and seeing the man was wearing his ancient red samurai armor he wore ages ago.

"Pitiful? There is nothing pitiful in wanting to rule the entire world after the position that should have been mine was taken from me. There is nothing pitiful about wanting to be the superior being that has no equal. And you of all people should know about 'spiteful vengeance' Naruto when you consider what you've done during the three years away from the Leaf," said Madara turning to face Naruto with both Sharingan Eyes active.

"My vengeance wasn't spiteful. I was wronged because of your actions the day of my birth because you couldn't take the simple fact someone else was more qualified in being the Hokage then you. You are just like your ancestor, who was the oldest son of the Sage of the Six Paths ages ago, and couldn't stand being stepped over for his younger sibling," said Naruto, as he mentally thanked Kyuubi for telling him this, and to use against Madara.

"Shut up. Our family history is none of your business and you can tell my old pet that he can expect a great deal of punishment from me for revealing that piece of information," said Madara while hearing Naruto chuckle behind his own mask.

"He heard you and in all honesty...the fox doesn't really care. You have abused your right to be his summoner time and time again. You are unworthy of your family legacy and I'm going to correct the mistake your cousin made years ago," said Naruto before he rushed forward at super sonic speed and hit Madara right in the gut that sent the last true Uchiha of the Elemental Countries flying into the wall on the other side of water filled ravine.

'He hits just like the Shodaime did back then!' thought Madara, as he flipped around to land on his feet, and made a massive crater in the natural wall of rock before shooting back towards Naruto with the intent of returning the favor.

Naruto met him halfway, spinning in a fierce spin kick at the last moment, and hit the vengeful Uchiha in the face before grabbing one of Madara's arms to throw him down into the water below. As Naruto did this, Madara grabbed his foes ankle, and dragged the Namikaze down with him. Before the reached the water though, the Shadow Fox kicked Madara's head with enough force to make the Uchiha let go of him, and allow Naruto to regain his foot on the water with his enemy doing the same.

"It looks like I'll actually have to work for your death," said Naruto seeing Madara raise an eyebrow at him.

"You didn't think I would be that easy to kill, did you?" said Madara drawing his sword from the sheathe at his waist.

"You know, for the brief second when I first hit you up there...yeah. Yeah I kind of did," said Naruto smiling behind his mask and saw Madara scowl back at him.

"You will pay for your arrogance in underestimating me," said Madara, as he saw Naruto bring out his own blade, and could sense the Shadow Fox was now smiling underneath his mask.

"Bring it," said Naruto simply with the two rushing towards the other, as blades crashed against the other, and an intense shockwave created by an intense wave of water to rise around them.

The battle intensified, as the two continued fighting with everything they had, shaking the earth around them, the rocky walls cracking, and the water they were standing on rippled violently around them. Madara of course was holding his own because of his Sharingan, but found it impossible to enter Naruto's mind using his eyes, and was finding his foe to be much more difficult to beat then he first realized.

"You can't win boy. I've been around since the formation of Konoha. How do you expect to beat someone like me when your years experience pales in comparison to mine?" said Madara, as he was deadlocked with Naruto again with their blades sparking against the other, and could have sworn he heard the Namikaze chuckle.

"Its not about how many years of experience we have under our belts Madara, but rather what we learned from those years of experience, and its clear you have learned very little. Of course, I didn't expect an Uchiha to understand the difference between knowledge, and its counterpart...wisdom!" said Naruto, as he summoned a blade from under his wrist of his left hand, and stabbed upward through Madara's that reached the man's brain before pulling out with the Uchiha backing away in agonizing pain.

"T-This can't be! I'm immortal. The first true immortal of the Elemental Countries! How? How can you defeat me? Defeat an Uchiha as perfect as me no less?" said Madara, as he felt death slowly touching him from the damage the blade did to his brain, and the blood flowing into it that would eventually clot before putting pressure on the organ to cause a slow agonizing death.

"You maybe ageless because of your eyes, but you're not immortal, and won't live past today thanks to that lethal strike to your body. You won't be able to fake your death this time around Uchiha Madara. Death has waited along enough," said Naruto, as he saw the man fall to his knees, coughing up blood, and crying out in pain before looking at him with those Sharingan Eyes turning back to normal.

"This isn't over," said Madara refusing to die from this attack.

" is," said Naruto, as he brought his sword down, and decapitated Madara's head clean off his body.

Naruto caught the head while it was still in the air and walked to a shallow surface before throwing it on the ground and used a Fire Jutsu to end the man's existence in the world for good. An ironic and fitting end to the founder of the Uchiha Clan that was said to be a Master of Fire Jutsus.

Indeed, it was a fitting end to the Uchiha Clan, and perfect for one that betrayed others for power.

(Epilogue-2 Years Later)

"How does it feel to be the Shodaime of the Village Hidden in the Waves?" said Hinata, as she walked in with their child in her arms, and saw Naruto smirking with the Kage hat on his head.

"Good. Very good. I've waited for this moment my entire life and now I have it with you along with the rest of the girls coming with me making this all the more sweeter," said Naruto getting out of his chair and hugging his wife.

One of many wives to be exact.

It wasn't easy separating himself from the Leaf, as Tsunade had done every except get on her hands, and knees begging him to stay while holding onto his leg to make sure he did not just run off after reporting his success on the mission. There were still a few problems that came up after his return to the Leaf to give his report, as the members on both the Councils felt he was too powerful to let go, and tried to have him arrested on dubious charges.

In retaliation, Tsunade played a move of her own, and had the two bodies of government within the Leaf "liquidated" before preparing newly appointed members to take the old guards place with the Fire Daimyo's approval. Then there was the people of the village itself, as they weren't pleased to see him in the Leaf alive, and unharmed by his battle against the Akatsuki. Not that their opinion mattered, as Naruto didn't care about them, and stayed at Tsunade's request due to Iwa being quite stubborn.

Apparently, some of the people of Konoha decided to leak out his parentage to Iwa, and stir up a hornets nest of problems for Naruto. To the majority of the Leaf, the Yondaime was the last true Namikaze, and simply refused to acknowledge Naruto as the man's son. In fact, Naruto was sure they would all rather die then admit they were wrong, and not care that their hero's son was abused by them when he was younger.

Kind of pathetic of them really.

During his remaining time he spent in the Leaf, Naruto took over all the training of the Konohamaru Corps. to get the trio to being strong Jounin, and help the Sarutobi of the group in achieving the right to be Tsunade's successor to the title. Tsunade herself had no problem with that since Konohamaru was going to be her choice after Naruto turned the offer to be Hokage.

Naruto was expected to attend the ceremony 6 Months from now to witness the passing of the hate despite what the people thought of the "Kyuubi brat" being in the village again for the ceremony.

Still, it was there choice to make, and Naruto did actually benefit from it in terms of his love life with the girls seeing what he did refused to stay in the Leaf anymore then they had to. Hinata loved Naruto without question, Haku had been with him for three years, and didn't regret a single day she spent in his presence. Hana was a bit hesitant at first, but Tsume told her she should follow her heart, and to be there for her Alpha Male of a mate no matter what. Kiba was against it all the way, but after a good punt out of the house, Tsume was able to have a Mother to daughter talk with Hana, and help straighten things out. Anko had her bags packed right away, as she wanted to have a life outside of a village that hated her almost as much as it hated Naruto, and felt a different place to be herself was in order. Tenten was on the fence about it, which wasn't surprising due to her connection to Gai, Lee, and Neji along with the other Rookies. However, they told her that whatever the choice was, it would be supported by them, and they could always visit one another if given the chance.

"Did you finish all your paperwork? You know the kids at home require your help too," said Hinata in a scolding manner though she didn't mean it.

"I'll be sure to make a mental note of it after the fact you girls basically did everything possible to become pregnant in the first place," said Naruto looking at Hinata with the woman blushing since it was true.

"Well its not like you didn't enjoy the process that made us fat as a beached whale," said Hinata seeing Naruto chuckle since all his wives had various mood swings when it came to the pregnancy while being very angry when it came to how fat they may look.

"That was not my fault. I never said you were. If you remember correctly Hinata-chan, I kept say none of you were getting fat, but rather you were simply feeding the life inside of you, and like all things that feed it grows. Its not my fault the baby grew within you either," said Naruto, as he saw Hinata pout, and smack his shoulder.

"You tell that to the female Mizukage in Mist. She wants you over there to say hello to your twin boys more often," said Hinata, as she knew that the Mizukage had only got the alliance due to her past, and brief relationship with Naruto in helping the woman become the Kage of Mist.

Though the red haired woman, who was named Terumi Mei, had wanted something more solid in terms of the alliance with Naruto, and it came in the form of Mei being another one his wives with kids soon after.

As for the Shinobi village Naruto had setup, it had gained quite a bit of support, and several Shinobi joined his cause. Such noticeable Shinobi including Iwa's two demon vessels, who had gone into exile, and upon being offered a position in the Namikaze's village where they would be treated with respect the two joined without question. The Waterfall village also allied itself with Naruto's, as it had long since disapproved of the Leaf's ways of doing things after the Yondaime died, but didn't have the strength to oppose Konoha without risk of possibly risking the threat of being discovered, and the chance Jiraiya of the Sannin had a way to disable their own demon vessel. Thanks to Naruto, the system had changed with the demon vessel, a girl named Fu had even become the leader of the village, and was bringing it to new heights with help from the Namikaze.

The Kazekage, one Sabaku no Gaara also allied himself with Naruto's village while still keeping his with the Leaf if just for formality purposes, and the two became great friends with Naruto being an honored guest in Suna. It also helped that Naruto could introduce a trade route to Suna to supply them water during the more dryer seasons when getting water from various known locations throughout Wind Country were more difficult to obtain.

Konan offered an official alliance with Naruto's village, creating trade between them, and different ideas on how to train Shinobi without giving away too many secrets. The Angel of Ame had met with Naruto since their last meeting that was the Akatsuki organization's final days and the two had become dear friends. In a way, Naruto reminded Konan a lot of Pein before things went bad for them, and it wasn't hard for the origami woman to see that the Namikaze had been right about the people of Ame needing love over fear.

"Luckily for me, the way to travel by shadows is quick, and to the point so I don't have to worry about being late," said Naruto smugly while Hinata stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'll remember that when you do come home late at night," said Hinata with Naruto smiling sheepishly.

"Now Hinata-chan, you know that I am never late. I always come home exactly when I have to and not a second later," said Naruto seeing the tick mark on his wife's face.

"You're lucky I love you so much despite being a smart ass," said Hinata with a small glare though Naruto had seen far worse when his wives were pregnant.

"True, but its me being a smart ass that really turns you on, and has you screaming for more. Or are you still having problems remembering last night?" said Naruto running home laughing with Hinata red with embarrassment before she carefully rushed after him while making sure her son didn't wake up.

"Come back here so I can kick your ass Naruto-kun!" said Hinata with Naruto running away from the woman chasing him.

"Now Hinata-chan, remember what happened last time you said that, and the result of our actions leading up to our child being born," said Naruto running faster through the village with the people watching the interaction with the two while shaking their heads.

He was the most unpredictable Shinobi in the Elemental Countries after all.


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