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*Note: This is the sequel to 'THE SEERS'

If you are a new reader you should probably read that one first before this one. Here is a few key points though, to fill you in:

-Silver and Devan are identical twin girls that live with the Cullens.

-Personality wise they are very different. Silver is a quirky, free spirit and Devan is soft spoken , focused and an artist.

-The are both psychic. Devan can see the future. Silver can see the past. Alice is their Great Aunt.

-Trouble has fallen on the Cullen Family during the twin's 16th birthday celebration.

-Again, I stress, you should start at the beginning and read 'The Seers' first or else you most likely be confused. And you don't want to spoil that story by reading this one first. So...if any of what you have just read above interests you...STOP HERE and go read 'The Seers' first! :)

Previously from the 'The Seers':

Silver's POV:

"What is it, Alice? What do you see?"

"I…I don't know. It is all white," she said softly, her eyes closed tightly. Now she had everyone's attention. She winced.

"Alice!" I gasped. She threw her head down in her hands and rocked lightly. I felt so useless.

"Try to come out of it, Alice. Block the visions," Carlisle suggested. He and Esme crouched down beside us. I looked back to Seth helplessly. He sympathized and spoke up.

"It is me, isn't it?"

"I can't see with you here," Alice moaned, "and I can't make them stop coming. It is all a bunch of white noise,"

"What can I do?" Seth asked, "Should I back away?"

"Maybe that would be a good idea," Carlisle agreed, nodding to my boyfriend to leave. It upset me, but I hated seeing Alice in so much pain. And obviously this was a vision that she needed to have and Seth being nearby was repressing it and hurting her to do so. Usually when he was near Alice would lose her sight, but it was never very hard for her to just ignore any visions that spontaneously came to her. Something was different right now. Urgent!

"I'll call you when it stops, okay," I whispered to him. He agreed and began to walk away without resentment. I watched him go, then I saw Rosalie sneering as he went out of sight into the dense woods towards La Push. I shot her a glare and then focused on Alice again.

"Any better yet?" I asked with a whimper. I had never seen Alice have a vision so strong before that she couldn't block it.

"I still see a fog," she mumbled, her eyes open now, but peering out into nothingness. We all were puzzled, but only for a moment. I felt the need to turn around and when I did my heart skipped a beat.

Swiftly moving swirls of dense, white gas swept the clearing as it reared towards our party. I tried to speak, but it hit me. It tangled over us all in one slick movement and seemed to linger and wrap around us. I coughed spastically as I tried to stand and wave it away from me. The others were in shock. They were all calling out to one another in panic and disarray.

"What is going on?" I asked desperately, trying to make sense of this strange change in the weather. It had been so lovely up until now.

"Silver!" Carlisle called out to me with panic in his usually calm voice. He stood right in front of me, but he seemed to look right through me.

"I am right here!" I told him, trying to calm him. He didn't seem to hear me.

"Carlisle?" Esme called out. Neither of my parents could see nor hear anything. Nor smell. They could have found me if they had their sense. But they seemed to lack them.

My heart began to thud in my chest as I glanced around to see that all my siblings were visibly impaired. They were in shock. They looked like frightened zombies. I didn't know what was going on, but it was awful! They continued to call out, hoping someone would answer.

"I am here. I am here!" I yelled back, but no one took comfort in my voice. No one heard me speak.

Carlisle spoke out to me, his rational side taking over again. His expression told me that I was in true danger.

"Silver, get out of here. If you can hear me, please obey me. Run and don't look back! Go! Go! Please!"

"I..I..can't," I began to answer, not wanting to leave me family. None of them could hear me. It was no use to argue so I began to run. The fog hadn't left me blind or deaf…it merely tasted thick and hot, like it was purposely trying to chock. I didn't look back. I did as Carlisle told me. I ran.

The fog was gone. It was all clear to me now. My throat burned as I sped away from the clearing. The trees flew by me as I ran. I had not gone far when Seth appeared in front of me. He was not alone. I slammed into him and the air expelled from my chest and I clung to him for support. I saw he was not alone. Leah and Jacob were with him.

"My family!" I blurted out with what little air I had in me.

"I know. We can smell the invaders. I have informed the others. The pack is on their way!" Seth told me. He pulled me off him and held me out so he could look at me when he spoke.

"Please," I cried. I had no tears, but my voice ached with pain. I was scared for my family.'I left them. Why did I leave them out there? I need to go back and warn them!'

"Don't worry. We will help them," Seth assured me. He handed me to his sister. "Take her! Don't let her out of your sight, Leah!"

"Seth! Seth!" I said his name as Leah began to haul me away. "Don't hurt them. Don't let them hurt my family!"

"I won't. I will take care of our family, Silver!"

"Please Seth!" I begged. I didn't want him to go. "Please be careful!"

"I will. You have to leave now. I will come find you as soon as I can!" he told me and then he ran. He ran so fast I lost sight of him in moments. Leah took my hand and dragged me running in the opposite direction. I tried my best to keep pace with her. Eventually she was tugging me along and then she finally got fed up and threw me over her shoulder and ran me the rest of the way. I was surprised by her strength, but accepted it.




I had no idea what was going on. It was all a mass of white fog. We reached an old, abandoned barn in the middle of nowhere. Leah threw my down in a pile of hay once we were inside and she locked the door behind her. I clung to handfuls of hay desperately. I tried to make sense of what was happening. I couldn't seem to concentrate and I was losing my calm. I sprang up and tried for the door.

"Sit your ass down!" Leah yelled at me.

"I have to go help them!"

"You can't. You have to sit down and be quiet," she told me with a snarl. She always had disliked me. I hated that she was in charge of my safety now.

"I need to know if they are okay. I need to warn Devan!" I screamed, tears now free flowing from my squinted eyes. 'Devan!' I thought frantically. 'She doesn't know!'

"Jacob was going to find them. Don't worry," Leah's voice was more patient now that I was sitting still and obeying her.

"Seth," I whispered, thinking about him.

"He will be fine. He is strong. This is what we do, Silver!" she nearly spat at me.

"You know my family is different! They wouldn't hurt anyone," I whimpered.

"They are monsters," she told me firmly. She believed that.

"And you are?"

"I am human!"

"You are not only human. You are part animal. You are immortal. You have to see how much we all have in common! My family has not harmed a soul! It is not us that are your enemies!" I tried to reason with her. I was screaming so loudly my voice cracked and I chocked in a fit of coughing. She folded her arms on her chest and ignored my pleas.

My thoughts overtook me.

'It is not us! It is not my family! It is other vampires!' My mind raced. 'Seth smelled other vampires! The mist! That was from them. Alec!'

"Alec!" I yelled out. 'Oh no! The Volturi know!' The thought made my cold and a chill ran up my spine. Leah looked stunned.


"NOOO!" I screamed out loud, bolting up again as my memories of the Volturi Clan came sweeping back to me. I had only heard stories and seen a few visions of them. I had been warned not to go in search of anything to do with them. This was Volturi! They had finally found us!

Leah held me away from the door, but I fought against her. I felt jolts of pain run trough my arms as I beat on her. She was so hard. So strong like Seth was. I lashed out to hurt her. To make her let me go, but I was no match. I was only hurting myself.

"Leah…we have to go help! Those vampires that are out there are evil! They came to kill my family. They are too stong! Too powerful! We have to warn the others!"

"The pack will handle it,"

"They don't understand. The Volturi are too powerful. They can't be defeated!"

"I am following orders. Sit down now! Or I will tie you down!"

"Leah!" I begged, collapsing in her arms. She allowed it. She hated me and I hated her, but she held me and let me weep. I made horrible, loud sobbing noises that I couldn't stifle. She just held me still and let me. I felt like a child.

After only minutes, I silenced myself and the tears ran dry from my eyes. Leah put me back down on the barn floor as the crumpled heap that I had become. She sat next to me, but she watched the door of the barn suspiciously. It wasn't until she sprang up, her body seemed to swell and her clothing tore off her as she morphed into a slightly smaller version of Seth's werewolf self that I knew I was in trouble.

I gawked at the sight. She was magnificent, but as I admired her beauty the barn door came flying inward and crashed against the cement floor. Leah went with it and I heard her yelp. My body tensed as the figure in the doorway singled me out and eyed me with glee.

"Ah…I thought I smelled you in her," his voice was cool. The vampire standing before me was white to the extreme with long, stings of oily, black hair hanging down his shoulders. His eyes were crimson red and didn't break from mine as I gazed back at him in complete horror.

"Aro," I managed to breathe out in a single puff of air.

"I am pleased you know of me. Carlisle was always a man who valued an education. Tell me, sweet one, what else do you know about me," he asked of me and he floated closer.

He walked so smoothly he literally glided. Leah growled and pounced on him again, her front leg wounded from the barn door landing on her. In one swift and easy movement Aro threw her down. And then she began to seize in pain. Her screams echoed the barn. She yelped and screeched as she writhed on the ground. A tiny, hooded figure stepped up behind Aro.

"Please stop!" I begged of her. I knew who she was immediately. She frightened me in nightmares so many times before. I had seen what she was capable of. I was watching this happen for real now and it was a million times worse than I had ever encounter before. Jane's angelic face was twisted in delight as she made Leah cry.

"Jane stop!" I belted out, standing up. She did. She looked at me with icy eyes and her lips curled. He foot lifted and she pounded it into Leah's right leg. It snapped and Leah screamed and tried to free herself.

"No…please. Jane, don't!" I begged of her. She stomped down on Leah's chest in a solid blow. Like twigs cracking, so was the sound of Leah's rig cage. I felt numb. Leah was no longer conscious.

"How dare you call me by name. You have no right!" Jane seethed at me.

I closed my eyes and waited for pain. When in didn't come I looked up and saw that she was now livid. Almost shaking in her rage. Aro held out a hand to stop her as she stepped towards me.

"No, Jane. Be patient. This one is interesting," he told her. She was outraged, but she followed her master's orders.

"I…I…" I stuttered.

"We are wondering the same thing. You seem to have quite the luck, little one," he patronized me. I looked to Leah quickly to see if she was okay. She panted and heaved as she remained on the floor. "You have a talent, like your sister, Alice. Am I correct?"

"That's right!" I spit out. My anger for him was blatant.

"That is how you knew of me then?"

"Yes," I said through grit teeth, "I know everything about you and your mafia of killers!"

Jane stepped out with a hand held high. Aro grabbed it in the air and she retreated again, not pleased about being reprimanded.

"Your gift is impressive for a human. Even I need contact to read someone. Come to me!" He instructed and stepped closer and reached for my hand. I am not sure how, but my hand made its way into his and he studied me. The faint smile on his lips grew. When he was done he let me go.

I stood in front of them, stiffly. Now he knew everything. About Devan and Edward. About the wolves! I was done for.

"Interesting...I can't read you,"

My mouth hung open in disbelief. It was how Edward was unable to read Devan's or my mind. I didn't know why, but we stumped them. 'Good!' I rebelled in my mind. 'Take that Asshole!'

"How is this possible?" Jane asked Aro. She was a surprised as I was by this news. Aro was the only one who wasn't bothered by anything that was going on.

"I am not sure, pet, but plans have changed," he spoke with pleasure lacing his tone. I felt him get closer. I was in real trouble.

"Please. I have a family,"

"You will have a new family," he told me as he drew me to him. I was unable to pull from his frigid hand.

"What good is she to us?" Jane inquired sharply, "We don't need her gift!" I yanked from him and began to fight back. It was like fighting Leah. I knew it was pointless, but I was not going down with out trying to save myself.

"Let me go!" I screamed at him as I flung around and pulled from him. It was like being locked in a vice. My hand would not budge from his.

"She will be powerful. Carlisle already has a psychic in his coven. This one is ours! And…." Aro explained to Jane with smiling, red eyes and his mouth dripping as I tried to fight against him, "With that kind of spirit she will make quite the little killer!"

"I would kill you first! You would be my first!" I screeched at him violently. My defiance only made him smile.

"Happy birthday, sweet one," he cooed as he came closer. I was unable to move in his tight grip.

And then I was silenced. The moment his teeth sunk into my jugular vein I felt the venom. It was worse than I had ever imagined it would be. The stories had not done justice to the real deal.

The pull of blood from my body was just as intense. The room went black and the last vision I had was of my family and I together, all happy. Devan and I human. That was in the past……

(check out 'The Seers' if you have not read it. I know I have said this above. I really think you should if you have not! Hehe!)


Chapter 1

Waking Nightmare

Devan's POV:

Today was my sixteenth birthday. Usually people are happy about celebrating their birthdays. I never liked any of the attention that a birthday brought. And this year was the worst. I was nearly as old as my immortal boyfriend. I still had another year under him, but the worry of aging still upset me. It wasn't urgent, but time still grew on me. I would be getting older as each day passed and he would not. This thought dampened my celebration spirit.

"The family is waiting for us," Edward spoke into my lips as we were taking a walking break and enjoying some needed alone time in the forest. We were on our way to my sister's and my sweet sixteen party. Silver was the outgoing one of the two of us, but she had lovingly agreed to a family only celebration this year as apposed to the grand balls that our Aunt Alice generally threw in our favor.

"Mmmm…It's my birthday. Surely they know what I want most for a gift,"

"Surly," he answered and gently moved my hand in his hands away from his face so we could lock eyes, "But in case they ask me…what gift is that?"

He had a sly, cheeky grin on his glorious stone face. I smiled and my cheeks went slightly pink as I was about to tell him.

"You," I whispered.

Edward was still was unable to hear what I was thinking. 'A true blessing' I thought. I loved that he was rendered a tiny bit 'normal' when it came to that part of our relationship. The intrusion of him in my mind would never have worked to benefit us. I was certain that if he heard all the self deprecating thoughts that ran through my head he would grow tired of me. 'There you go again, Devan. He loves you. He loves you!' I reminded myself daily. 'And I love him,'

"Me? You have me," he smirked and laughed light-heartedly. The words made me giddy and I blushed a darker shade of rouge. He brushed my cheek with his hand soft lightly it felt like a cool breeze. I sighed as a wonderful shiver flew up my spine and seemed to settle in my mind.

"Not just you," I corrected, "I want you....you forever!"

"I see," he responded. His smile faded into a straight line.

"We have to talk about it sometime," I told him, as I slid off his lap and onto the tree trunk he was perched on.

"Not now. Your life is young still. Enjoy it,"

"I do enjoy it. But only because of you. I don't want to lose you," I told him pleadingly.

"You won't lose me. I am not going anywhere," he told me lovingly. He stroked a hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. His eyes adoringly ran over me.

"I might not always be. In case you hadn't noticed... I fall down a lot. I could walk into a man hole and die!" I broke the moment.

"I will keep you safe," He said in a determined voice not finding humor in my 'fall in a hole and die' joke.

"But I don't see why--"

"Devan, no! You are not becoming one of us and that is final! It is not a good way to be. Life has very little meaning when you have an eternity of it. The only thing that saved me was finding you,"

"And you saved me in return," I told him, "And we can be together forever if you just--"

"I won't turn you. I won't do that to you," he snapped.

"Or do you not want me forever?" I inquired. The possibility of this outcome stung.

"I will never stop wanting you so long as exist I in this world," he responded so quickly and with such sincerity that my tensed body relaxed.

"I feel the same way...only for me I don't have the luxury of eternity on my side," I said.

"I am not discussing this any further. You are too young. You have too much life left to live!" He exclaimed with a hint of sadness in his tone of voice. He knew I was right, but didn't want to face it. He was getting upset now so I decided to let the topic slide for now. But this was not over. I was sure that I would become a vampire before too long.

It was coming.

I could feel it!

I wanted it.

'I think...'

"We'd better get going," Edward reminded me and he stood up gracefully and held out his hand to me. I bit my tongue and took his hand in silence. He was very touchy about the topic of ending my life.

Life was precious. I didn't know how much so until this day. I was soon to find out how very precious and fragile it was.




As we walked through the dense woods, twigs snapping beneath me, Edward patiently waiting as I carefully scaled the forest floor to keep pace with him, I stopped suddenly. My stomach did somersaults and my head got heavy.

I was forced to my knees with the violent images flashing through my mind. I heard Edward's muffled voice outside my sight, but I was too far-gone to snap myself out of it. And…I didn't want to come out. The cloaked figures descending towards the waterfall had me trapped. I needed to see what this was about.

There was a haze of white mist that wafted through the grass. It was as if I was that haze. I was seeing everything from that level and as I moved creepily over the grassy hills I spotted my family. Rosalie and Emmet, Carlisle and Esme, Jasper and Alice, and Silver! My Silver!

No one was looking at me, the creeping fog. They were all hovering around Alice. She was barely visible, but I caught a glimpse of her face and her expression told me that she was having a vision. Not a good vision. She was stunned and pained.

I began to move more quickly over the grass and as much as I willed myself to stop, out of fear, I could not. This was not reality. I was seeing this future.

I ran over my family with one nasty sweep. I curled around Carlisle and Esme first; they rose in horror as I took away their senses. Next, I took Rose and Emmet. Last, I covered Alice and Jasper and they became blind as well. Silver remained clear in my haze.

There was a panic. Silver tried to cry out to the rest of the family, but they could not respond. Chaos ensued. Silver was trying to be everywhere at once. She was unsure of what was going on, but when Carlisle told her to run, she obeyed.

I hit the ground hard and Edward held my head. His face was full of fear as he stared at me unknowingly. I wish he could read my mind now. I wish he could have seen that instead of me. He would know what to make of it.

"Devan! Breathe!" He told me urgently. I gulped in a chug of the damp, summer air. I was sticky with sweat. Not for the heat, from the frantic nature of my vision. I had seen something take over my family. Something evil!

"Edward!" I gasped. He attempted to hush me, studying my carefully with his worried eyes. My heart pounded in my chest so hard he placed his hand over it gently and closed his eyes. I knew he was hoping I would calm down. He hated to see me like this.

Every once and a while I would wake from sleep with a horrible nightmare of the future. Plane crashes, avalanche, things I couldn't control, but that I knew were going to happen.

This was different. This was something that had to do with us. With our loved ones!

"Edward," I said his name again, this time I didn't let him sooth me, "I am not sure what it means. I saw cloaked men, and then a white haze. It crept over our family. They were at the waterfall. It took them over. They couldn't see or hear anything!"

The look on his face told me he knew exactly what was wrong with this picture. He sank a bit into the ground, me still cradled in his arms. I pulled up and away from him to face him better.

"The Volturi have come,"

"What?" I chocked out. I only knew from stories what the Volturi were why they were so feared. No one liked to talk much about them. Even Silver sheltered me from the visions of them she had seen. She said they were murderers…that they pretended to uphold the rules of the vampire code, but they were driven by power and would stop anyone who threatened them.

A vision that I could never have prepared myself to see snuck into my line of sight. I had always known that one day a vision like this might come to me. Like the night my parents died. I was seeing death. Only now, I knew that it was not just a dream. I would not wake up and everything would be wonderful.

I saw my worst nightmare come to life….

Silver was dead!

Seth had her limp body hanging in is bloodied arms. He was battle ridden and distraught from pain. He fell to his knees and howled in deep, tortured pain. His life was over too. His head hung over my sister's chest and wept. His whole body shook, but he was now silent.

The scene turned a 180-degree turn. There was my family. Not far off in the distance. Walking toward Seth, their faces grim. They already knew she was gone. Carlisle slumped to the wet grass where Silver lay in Seth's lap and closed his eyes. He reached out to comfort Seth, and to find comfort himself.

A sister, a daughter, a friend....was dead!

Seth suddenly bolted up in anger. He was unreasonable and nothing could deter him. Seth was not ready to except this yet. He didn't believe she was dead. Silver's limbs hung like a doll's would in his strong, muscular arms. They flopped around like they were barely attached to her body. Then Seth took my sister and ran away with her tucked in closely to his body. He was lost in despair and nothing would be able to repair the damage to his soul.

No one followed him as he took off with Silver. Vampires and Wolves alike stood in the stillness looking worn and battle ridden. They had witnessed her death.

'How could this happen? Silver can't be dead!'

But she was…I just saw it happen.

As I regained composure on reality, the vision replayed a few times and then set in my mind. I couldn't begin to tell Edward. I didn't know where I was or what was going on. I collapsed. Edward's hand held me as I slid down in a heap on the mossy, thick floor of the forest.

'How will I go on without her? She is my other half. She promised to be with me forever. She promised!'

And now she was gone...

Or was she? A sudden strength pulsed through me and I acted on it.

"We have to go to the clearing! Now! Silver is going to die!" I lifted my head up and belted out the words to Edward. He believed me. No doubt in his mind. He lifted me to my feet and agreed whole-heartedly. My Edward. My partner.

'Maybe I can stop this! I have to stop this!'

Edward took action immediately and threw me over his shoulders onto his back and he began to fly through the trees towards the party.

'Hold on Silver. I am coming. Just hold on!'




I thought we were going to the clearing; to the waterfall where my family was gathered expecting a nice day of celebration and fun. Only, they were soon to be attacked unaware by a dangerous mist. I hoped we would be on time to warn them of their fate. Only, I was confused when Edward made a sudden turn and ran in the opposite direction. The wind was flying passed me so fast that it was hard to speak.

"Edward!" I cried. He only held me tighter so I would not fall. My tears ran horizontal on my face from the speed and I tried to understand why he was just running away. 'Are we too late? No no no…we can't be. Please let them be safe. Silver has to be ok. I need her,' my mind rambled on, my heart raced along at the same speed.

Finally, we came to a slamming stop. I nearly flew out from Edward's strong grip. We were alone in the forest, but I didn't recognize where we were. This was a more dense part of the woods where no trails were set.

"Edward?" I pleaded for him to explain what was happening. He held my head in his hands as he spoke. I reached and laid my hands on top of his.

"They are leaving. The Wolves scared them away. They were not used to seeing so many werewolves in one area and they decided they should leave,"

"The family?! Mom and dad? Are they okay? Alice and Rose and --" I asked at top speed. I was about to ask about all my siblings well being but he cut me off with a grimacing flinch of his stunning face. I was talking so fast I only hoped Edward understood me. He nodded impatiently.

"They got away. The Volturi let them live. They figured they had been punished enough,"

"Punished?" I asked, having an aching feeling that I was correct in my assumption that we had been too late.

"They didn't get what they were coming for. They made a mistake," he said, his voice grave.

"What? What did they come for? Did they come to kill us? To kill me and Silver?" I asked, a strange calm over me as I rationally tried to make sense of the Volturi's motives. Surly, they must have been tipped off that two humans were living with a coven of vampires. That was against the rules according to the vampire law.

Edward looked like he was ready to kill. His fear was mixed with anger and he didn't seem willing to tell me. I squeezed his hands, still clinging to my head. I was sure if he let go, I would crumble.

"They came for you...they wanted your gift because they couldn't have Alice," He said, his eyes closed and he paused. "But Aro made a mistake,"

"A mistake? What do you--" I began to ask, but I didn't need Edward to explain. I had already seen Silver's dead body in my vision. I put all the pieces together and my heart stopped beating.

Aro had wanted me…and found Silver instead!

When my heart managed to beat again the world swirled around me, even though Edward held me as still as could be. I watched him fade from white, to grey, and then his face disappeared into the black hole that materialized to consume me.




In the heavy darkness that was meant to sedate me, it was not peaceful at all. I should have felt no pain. No suffering. I should not be able to feel at all.

Alas, I can feel the tenseness in my body. I am aware that Silver is gone. I sense that I am being watched, studied, and touched by cool hands. I want to tell them to stop. I do not want to wake up and meet reality. I know it has an unhappy ending.

But unfortunately, I am starting to become aware of my surroundings. Every sense is growing stronger now and I can feel the cold much more intensely. I can feel the pain with more anguish. And the sounds of worried voices make their way to my consciousness.

"Carlisle, it has been nearly 12 hours. This is not normal. Something is wrong. She should have woken long ago," I heard Edward's voice first. His was a voice that could sooth me on my worst of days. Today, it didn't ease my fears. It didn't touch the pain that gripped my deep inside. It is as if all hope is gone now.

He was right. Something was very wrong. I was reluctant to acknowledge my alertness. However, it became clear to me that if Edward was talking to Carlisle, that meant that my father had survived and was okay. I lifted my hand to find him. I needed my father to tell me that Silver was safe.

"Oh, thank God," someone aspirated. It was my mother, Esme. I was sure of it. I felt gentle, cool fingers touch my face.

"What are we going to tell her?" I heard Emmet ask, his voice loud as usual, but uncharacteristically concerned.

"She already knows," Alice's song of a voice was easy to make out. Her words were laced with remorse. It was a sad song that should never had seeped from her cheerful, little self.

There was a long period of silence after she spoke. My heart ached before my body reacted.

I saw light. It was dim and yellow, but I could see light finally. It grew to a more prominent glow until blurry shapes turned into figures and then turned into my family. All of them were present. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet, Edward and....my eyes frantically scanned the room for Silver. She wasn't there. The room remained quiet.

They didn't have to speak for me to know they were grieving.

I shut my eyes again, and tears spilled from the corners that I didn't know were there. The warm liquid ran down my face into my ears and hair and I brought my hands, free from the icy touches, to my face and hid. Sound ruptured from inside my throat, soft at first, but it grew to barking sobs as I lost all control over myself.

My body shook as I came to and I rolled to my side and pulled my knees to my chest. There must have been at least 7 cool hands rest on different parts of my body to hold me still. They sent juts of shivers through my body.

Moments later my sobs turned silent. The worst kind of despair crept into my soul and began to rip away the pieces holding me together.

Where was Silver? I needed my sister!




Time was passing me by, that was inevitable, but I could not tell what hour of day it was or how much time had passed. While Edward's arms around me, he never left my side, I was curled up into a tight ball in the same place I had woken long ago.

The family was still not making a sound. I couldn't even here them take breathes. Perhaps they were holding them in by chance this was really a nightmare and they were dreaming too. I could not be certain what my parents or siblings were thinking, but every now and again I would open my eyes and sneak a peek at Edward's face to see if there was light.

Only darkness was written on his glowing, alabaster face. His facial expressions were a mix of hatred and love. He was angry and grieving as we all were, but he was so tender in how he held onto me. He wanted to protect me from hurting in this way, but he could not. His pain seemed to be worsened by seeing me mourn for Silver.

If only I was strong enough to pull myself out of my pit of despair. The least pain I felt was when I was still as could be, not moving, barely breathing in his arms. I feared to move or open my eyes longer then a few seconds. I feared that reality would overpower me and I would not survive. I tried my best to hold on tight...for Edward's sake.

Hours, possibly days, later someone finally broke through the dense quiet. It was Jasper. He was the last person I expected to hear from. He was normally so reserved and soft spoken. We were the same in that way. We were family followers.

"Edward," I heard him whisper. I kept my eyes tightly closed, not wanting to risk another bout of wreaking sobs. "I think it is time we make arrangements with Seth's family,"

The word's were strange to me. As much as I tried to not make sense of their meaning, I came to understand what Jasper was getting at. I heard someone sigh. It was more of a cry, but so sad it melted into the air with my slow, shallow breaths.

"We do need to speak with Seth and talk about what we plan to do with S-" Carlisle's usually calm voice was shaken as he couldn't finish his sentence. I tensed up at the thought of her name. They were wanted to see about her body. My beautiful sister's dead body was still in the care of her werewolf boyfriend. Seth, I had no doubt in my mind, would be just as devastated as the rest of. If not more so. I saw their love for one another. I knew how I felt for Edward and how torn I would be if I lost my love.

"Jasper and I will take good care of her," Alice said. Her voice was near and soothing, even though I could not be soothed. I felt Edward tighten is protective barrier around me.

"I promise, Edward. I will look after her while you and Carlisle are out," Jasper offered. I felt another pair of cool hands on my shoulder. They must have been my blonde brother's. For when they reached me, I felt Edward letting go and I floated for a moment under cool arms held my under my arms and legs, cradling me. I knew what was happening as the tension in my chest began to dissipate. It was Jasper calming me...giving me some peace.

As I settled in his arms, I welcomed the change. I knew it wasn't real. I knew that this feeling of comfort would have to end, but for now it blocked out the pain and I was able to escape the present and slip into a deep, dreamfilled slumber as my father and boyfriend took off take care of my sister's after death arrangements.

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