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Out of Sight

Chapter 18

Until Forever Comes

Devan's POV:

I vaguely recall my surrounding when it happened. I had been so out of it. Possibly, the medication that I had been given was altering my mental state, or maybe that is what happens when you die. It was like my sight was leaving me. I could see white everywhere for the longest time. It was cold in Alaska and the ground was covered in snow, even in early spring. However, the white glow was still present when I was brought inside a dark wood house in the middle of the forest. Alice was there and of course, Edward.

He was beautiful in the white light. More beautiful then ever before. He was stroking my hair and whispering to me. I couldn't hear him. I tried to focus on his lips moving and thanks to years of practice of lip reading with Silver I was able to understand his words. He was saying "It is time, Love. Don't be frightened. I will be here when you wake. And remember...I will love you until forever comes," I tried to speak back, but I was too weak. Alice must have spoke to him because his eyes shifted for a moment and when he looked back at me he closed them. It was the closest I had ever seen him to despair. I could only imagine how hard it was for him to have to do what he would do next.

His lips kissed my nose, my mouth, my neck, until I could feel his icy breath on my collarbone. There he bit me, sending a rush of venom into my axillary vein. It didn't hurt at first, he was gentle, but suddenly a warm fire began to burn through my vein as it reached my heart. A few heartbeats later and the fire was slowly spreading to my other extremities. My muscles tightened and I screamed silently. That was the last thing I remember from my human life.




I can't remember my heart stopping. I don't recall the pain dissipating either. Suddenly the torment I had writhed in for days was gone. It was as if my body rebooted itself and I was alive again, only I was the complete opposite of how I had felt in my human life. Untouchable. Strong. Graceful. Powerful. My eyes flew open and my vision was white light again. Only this time, the prism of light were visible in everything I was seeing. It was like the most stunning painting I could think of, but more beautiful. Unreal!

It was real, though. My lips parted as I gazed to the ceiling and then to the right where Edward was glowing magnificently in the light of day. I had not taken a breath in a whole minute. I didn't need to. That was such an uplifting feeling to not have to worry about something as mundane as breathing. I forced myself to inhale and I was surprised at the smells and tastes I sensed. Most of them were familiar scents. Dust from the air, pine from the trees outside, but the most familiar scent, amplified, was Edward's scent. He was simply irresistible. Or, I should say, even more irresistible!

I leaned forward and in one fluid, graceful movement I was sitting. I swiveled my body on the table I had been lying on and got onto my hands and knees. It sounds like an awkward pose, but let me tell you, no pose I made now in my new, fabulously sturdy body was ever going to look awkward again. Edward watched me carefully, perhaps trying to hear my thoughts, but my mind must have been silent to him still. I felt my stone face move as I intended and a smile spread across my face. He smiled back, relieved.

"How are you feeling, Love?" he asked.

"I…I…" I said, not stuttering, but stopping to hear my voice. My voice was smooth and gentle. It was a perfect pitch and tone. I looked at Edward with wide eyes, not being able to tame my joy. "I feel wonderful!" I told him and I reached for him. He reached back, but I was already wrapped around him, my lust for him was far too intense to hold off any longer. I kissed his face passionately, holding it in my alabaster hands firmly. He grimaced and I gasped and let go, but I stayed straddled around him.

"You are just a wee bit stronger than you used to be," he said with a smile. I giggled and where red should have blushed my cheeks; I felt no warmth there at all. 'What a relief!' I thought absentmindedly. He took my hands in his and leaned forward to kiss me. I didn't mind at all. He could kiss me like I had always wanted to kiss him. We were both free to lose control now. It was the most amazing feeling. I heard Alice come in. I smelt her too, but I didn't stop kissing my husband.

"Oh, I am so glad you are awake! Shall we get started on your training then?" She sang, ignoring the fact I was straddling my husband. I felt Edward's body shift a bit and he stood up taller, holding my waist as he walked with me over to Alice. With one hand he turned her around and pointed to the door. "Oh fine. Be that way, but you have forever to do that, you know! And she will need to hunt soon! Devan, you are brand new and you might be irritable when thirsty!"

"I am only thirsting for one thing right now!" I hinted, "Now, go away, Alice!" I said muffled as I pressed my lips to Edwards. He closed the door with Alice on the other side without looking away from me.

"Fine. I will just go for another run then! Have fun you two!" Alice chimed from outside with a touch of impatience in her voice.

I giggled merrily as Edward walked me over the living room where a fire was lit for ambiance and not for warmth. He got down on the floor on the thick, fur rug and I let myself slide off him onto the luscious fur as he leaned over me. His glorious bronze hair glistened in the firelight. I could not believe he was mine. I could touch him and hold him as much as I wanted now. Nothing was stopping us. We were married, in love, in lust, and both immortals. I sighed as he took me gently into his strong arms and pulled me up till our bodies touched. He was no longer cold. We were equals, in every sense of the word.

"Forever..." I thought, gazing into his eyes intently. He tilted his head, his eyebrows furrowed for a moment and then he smirked his famous smirk and nodded. "Can he hear me?" I wondered, still watching the expression of amusement on his face. "I will love you forever," I was focusing my mind very hard on him, willing him to hear my thought.

His smirk remained and he spoke these words to me in reply, "Forever is here at last, Love!"




Three Years Later…

'Drive faster, Honey!' I demanded anxiously, without saying one word. Edward smirked and sped up a bit. The drive from the Seattle Airport to The University of Washington was taking much longer than I had anticipated. Edward was a speedy driver most of the time and today, for some reason, he was abiding by traffic laws far too closely. My knees were practically dancing with excitement. I was going home for the first time in three years.

Edward and I had been traveling the world, just as we had always planned. I had found it fairly easy to stick to our family's unique vampire diet of only feeding from animals. It burned my throat terribly at the beginning to be near any human scent, but after years of practicing restraint I was able to walk among them and go unnoticed. I credit my ability to see the future as to why I have not struggled with the diet. I can see outcomes of my actions very clearly now and it keeps me from acting on my impulses. I would often let Edward into my visions so he would see what I could see. He preferred when I shared, but I liked my privacy at times too.

"I am driving over the speed limit as it is, Love," Edward answered me out loud.

He had finally gained the ability to hear my thoughts if I willed him to do so, which was a nice surprise for us when I was reborn. It made our relationship even stronger. We discovered this the first time we made love to one another. I must admit I was embarrassed to find he knew my every thought during that moment of lust, but it turns out that having a sexual partner who can read your mind is a bonus! I didn't mind letting him on those occasions. He had my heart, my soul, and sometimes my mind. I trusted him completely. To be honest, his talent to read my mind was usual more than not. However, sometimes I would not project my thoughts to him because I preferred to talk to him out loud and for him be surprised by my actions. You know, it keeps the marriage fresh, something that is pretty important for an immortal couple who plan to spend eternity together.

"I don't want to miss the ceremony," I told him. "It is alphabetical so we can't be late!"

"I will get us to the auditorium on time," He answered gently, "I have no doubt," He had quite a lot of my adopted father's characteristics in him I noticed. I rather liked that he was so much like Carlisle in some ways. I sighed and touched his hand.

"I can see that," I admitted, "but to be sure the future does not change…could you go a little bit faster, please?"

"Yes, Dear," Edward agreed and the car sped up and he switched lanes to travel around a few other cars that were speeding also. I smiled and leaned back. I looked out the window and saw my reflection in the glass. My golden iris still shocked me when I saw them. I missed my violet eyes, but Edward told me that Hazel suited me as well. I suppose I should be proud that they are not red. I have never tasted human blood in my vampire life.

The family was all very impressed with my progress as well. Rosalie and Emmet came to visit Edward and I in Africa for a while. Rosalie was a changed woman. She was still gorgeous and proud, but the first thing she spoke about when she saw me was of our baby nieces. Rosalie and Emmet both pulled out their wallets and key chains to show me the latest photographs of the precious babies that I only got to see online in e-mails sent from Silver and Seth.

Alice and Jasper came to visit when Edward and I want to Paris. Alice took me on a shopping spree and was disappointed to find out that even though I could now walk in heels, I had no taste when it came to coordinating them with outfits. I had not miraculously become a fashionista after the transformation, which suited me fine. Alice looked at it as a positive as well, she took as her duty to then be my personal shopper and stylist and I graciously accepted.

Mom and Dad only visited us once, in Alaska, when we met up with the Denali Coven. Dad could not be away from the hospital for too long so it was a short reunion, but a wonderful one none-the-less. Mom dry sobbed when she laid her eyes upon me. My eyes were very warm toned then, my human blood still not completely out of my system at the time as I was in my newborn state. It had been hard for her to see me that way, but I reassured her I was not uncomfortable in the slightest and she relaxed when Edward explained to her how I had taken to my new life. Never once did I lose my temper with anyone I encountered. Dad found that remarkable. I didn't quiet know what to tell him when he would ask me how I was able to keep my calm so well. I teased him and had told him, "Like father, like daughter, I guess," and he seemed to really like that explanation. It was important to me that I had his respect and he told me numerous times that I had it, without a doubt.

I had very little doubts of my own on this glorious day. It was Silver's graduation from The University of Washington. She just finished her undergrad and earned a Bachelor of Science in three years. The whole family was intensely proud of her for this accomplishment. I knew Silver, though, better than anyone ever could. She was smart, yes, but with a gift to see the past, she had better be a genius. She had confided in me that she found University even easier than High School because the hours in class were shorter and she could do a lot more of the course work from home when she was not busy taking care of her twin girls.

'Ah, the babies!' I sighed. I was not a baby person, but since I had not been able to hold them or talk to them in person yet, I felt extremely sentimental about this day. I was going to meet Cadence and Melody for the first time. I realized they were not little babies anymore. They had turned three years old this passed spring and were, according to their grandmother Esme, precocious and into everything. I am sure that my mother's description of the girls was altered by the fact that not two minutes into our conversation on the phone last week, I saw that Cadence was going climb Dad's bookshelf and knock one of her favorite crystal vases off the shelf. She had to leave me on hold to go sort that out and keep the incident from happening.

I was excited and nervous about today. I wondered if Edward felt my anxiety or had any of his own to accompany today's events. He would not ever admit it to me if he did feel any. He thought far too highly of my talents.

"Relax, my love. You know today is going to be perfect," Edward cooed as he merged from the Highway onto an off ramp that's sign read, 'University of Washington. Stay right,' on it. I took a deep breath, a habit from my human life that I could not seem to shake, and then released it. I took his outreached hand and squeezed it.

"Yes…it will be perfect," I repeated.




After we found parking and I changed into my four inch stilettos that would make Alice proud, Edward and I put on our human act and walked slowly towards the auditorium with the other people who were going to see their loved ones graduate. The task of walking at a human pace, blinking, shifting weight from one leg to the other was surprising easy traits to forget after three years of seclusion. Over the last six months I had been integrating myself back into society with day trips to human populated areas. That is how I knew I was up for today's festivities. I was sure that I was not a threat to anyone. I felt the burn in my throat, sure, but I welcomed it. It was not too bad if you just accept it as what it was and don't act on the urge to dull it down.

"How are you doing, my darling?" Edward asked as we made our way through a crowded lobby to meet up with our family who had our tickets held for us. I smiled at him and squeezed his hand again, tapping the back with my finger three times. It was our silent way to tell each other, 'I love you,' and he pulled me closer as we walked and tapped my hand three times in return.

We must have stood out. I was not yet used to the stares we got from humans, though I had grown up with a family of vampires. Now, being one myself, I noticed all the looks we were attracting. Edward was quite the sight to see, after all. And not to toot my own horn, but I had never been hideous as a human and in my new life I had been reborn into quite a stunning creature. I certainly did not feel any less attractive than anyone besides my husband and of course, my perfect blonde sister.

"Devan!" Rosalie called my name and she smiled at me, making her look even more like a Goddess. I smiled back and Edward released me from his supportive hold so I could embrace her. Rosalie hugged me closely and with real feeling, a gesture I welcomed. She really had softened since becoming a Godmother. "You look amazing. Alice is so excited you were planning on wearing those shoes with the dress she bought you!" (Link to this outfit is posted on my profile)

"I know. I saw how she would respond if I wore them so I thought I might as well," I admitted. Alice and I both being able to predict the future was confusing at times. I really liked having someone in my life that was on the same page as I was though. It was hard to be a know-it-all alone. "Besides, they make my legs look great. Don't you think?"

"Spare me the details of your super powers," Rosalie said, bored. 'I guess she is still the same ol' Rose inside, eh?' I decided. Edward laughed into his hand and it made Rosalie glare at him curiously. She never liked to compliment someone on his or her appearance if she could help it. I laughed and she cracked a smile. She had gotten over my transformation to join the family. There was no turning back now anyway, so she had no choice but to except me. I think Rosalie really had mellowed over the years since our nieces were born. The love she had for those girls was obvious in how she talked about them every time I spoke to her on the phone.

"How are the twins? Are they here yet?" I asked. Rosalie's face lit up at their mention.

"Oh, yes. They are in the auditorium with everyone else. They are hyped up on Mom's pancakes and blackberry syrup so they are keeping them all on their toes!"

"Should we…?," I started to say, knowing that the ceremony was going to start soon. It was not ideal for this to be the meeting place of our first family reunion in years, but I had wanted to surprise Silver by being at her graduation. I had only just made the decision to come home a few weeks earlier than planned last night after talking to Silver on the phone. I was certain with all the prep work for today she would not have time to snoop the past for any of my snap decisions. So she was more than likely going to be very surprised to see me here today.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Rosalie whispered. Edward stepped forward, a low grumble coming from his chest that only us three could hear. I placed my hand softly on his chest and smiled at my sister. He was so protective of me. 'I'm fine, Honey. She is not doubting me or my abilities. She only wants to make sure the girls will be safe around me,' He lightened up in an instant. He knew I was correct. After all, he knew what Rosalie was thinking and it was nothing against me.

"I'm sure. Today is going to be full of surprises, that is for sure, but all of them are good surprises," I told Rosalie. She took that as the gospel truth and led the way. Edward seemed please with how quickly Rosalie took my word and he relaxed and smiled at me.

"Let's go find our seats then," she said. I nodded and we followed her lead through the busy crowd of excited guests and students.




I was able to spot our seats as soon as we entered the large auditorium. The playful giggles coming from Cadence and Melody were not hard to miss and a sound I well recognized from listening to them go at it in the background when I was on the phone with Silver. Cadence was a little bit more outgoing than her sister and I had spoken to her on the phone many times. She would ask me questions and tell me about her day. Melody was more reserved, but she liked to talk to me too as long as I was the one initiating the conversation.

"Devan!" Mom exclaimed merrily as we walked up. Emmet took Rosalie to his side and smiled at me, but the first hug went to my mom. Next was my father, who was as calm and serene as always, his pleasant smile was comforting. I felt like I was home already.

"Good to have you back, Sweetheart," he told me, releasing me to Alice who was already tugging at my arm.

"I knew you would take my advice and wear those shoes!" she gloated. I rolled my eyes and hugged her. I was about six inches taller than her, even though she was wearing tall heels as well. Jasper stepped forward. I expected him to hold out his hand for a shake, something we had always done in the past to avoid tempting him, but he was so much tamer. He didn't seem stressed at all to be in the large room of humans. I pulled him into a hug, seeing as he was no threat to me anymore.

"It is so nice to have you back, Devan," he told me. I nodded.

"I am so happy to be home," I admitted. Emmet patted my back roughly, but it didn't hurt at all. I punched him back with a playful smirk. "As lovely as our extended honeymoon was, I did miss all of you so much,"

"Devan, thank you for coming," Seth said to me, stepping around Emmet to reach me. He pulled me into a sturdy hug. The scent of woods and cologne that he used to smell of was no longer as the first thing I smelled on him. I tried not to make a stink face, but I failed. I held my breath when he released me and he shrugged.

"I love you, Seth. You make my sister very happy and you a terrific brother-in-law," I told him, "but you really do smell like ass!" There was a short silence where I wondered if that was perhaps not the best thing to say to a werewolf in public. I thought out of anyone, Seth could take a joke. Rosalie laughed out loud.

"Ass! Ass! Ass!" One of the twins sang, sticking her head out from behind her father. My eyes widened and I slapped my hand on my mouth. Then everyone laughed along with Rosalie.

"I am so sorry," I said to Seth. I was never one to hang out around younger kids and the last three years I had been free to speak however candidly I wanted when it was just Edward and I.

Seth shrugged and picked up the little girl. "That is not a word worth repeating, Cady. Do you understand? Auntie Devan was just joking with Daddy," I cringed. Emmet and Rosalie were still chuckling behind me.

"Mommy likes to joke a lot too, huh Daddy?" Cadence asked him. He nodded and sighed, looking defeated. Kids pick up everything they hear, that is a fact. I guess this was not the first 'bad' word the girls had encountered so I was off the hook in a sense.

I could not believe how adorable and grown up my little niece was. I was holding up very well in her presence. She didn't smell like the other humans. She didn't smell like her father either. I was a bit puzzled to find this out. Perhaps her mix of human and werewolf was a good thing after all. Melody poked her head out from behind Seth's other leg that she clung to shyly. I reached my hand out to her and glanced at Seth for approval.

"May I?" I asked. He smiled to show his agreement. I needed to remember to give Seth credit for being such an open-minded guy. He trusted me with no proof of my abilities necessary. I smiled at Melody and bent down a bit. "Hi. I'm your Auntie Devan," I told her. She nodded, but didn't speak. The loud noise of the crowd was dying down and the stage was starting to move with people. Melody looked curious as to what was going on. "Can I pick you up, Sweetie? So you can see?" I asked her patiently. She nodded and allowed me to pick her up.

"You look like Mommy," she told me quietly, staring at me with a furrowed brow.

"Only prettier!" Cadence blurted out with a grin. I couldn't help but return her gesture with a smile of my own. She was as outspoken as her mother. Melody giggled at her sister and nodded in agreement. I suppose that was more my attitude when I was younger. I would never label the girls in any way, but they did resemble Silver and I very much. In personalities and in appearance. Black hair with natural movement and violet colored eyes. The only difference visible between what we looked like as children and Cadence and Melody was the tone of our skin. While Silver and I were always fair to the extreme, fitting in nicely with our vampire family, the little, half-wolf twins had a softly tanned skin tone that was somewhere between Silver's ivory skin color and Seth's chocolate skin color. They were stunning to look at, really. (Link to a drawing of the Clearwater Twins can be found on my profile)

"Don't let your mother hear you say that, girls. It may hurt her feelings," Rosalie explained to Cadence softly. I bobbed my head up and down modestly, but secretly enjoyed the compliment. I had never been the pretty twin before. Although, Silver and I were identical, she had always been far more into beauty regimes than I had been.

"Are you coming home to live with us?" Melody asked me in a sweet, childlike voice. "Mommy misses you very much and wants you to come home," My still heart melted. I think everyone was ready to hear my response. It had been so long since the whole family had been together as a whole. Edward missed being home with the family as much as I had, though we loved our time away together.

"I am coming home," I told both girls. Melody smiled sweetly and Cadence beamed a toothy smile at me from where she sat in Seth's arms and she joyfully cheered. I could not believe my luck as I stood there, holding a human child in my arms. My nieces were not in danger of me losing control after all. I was almost elated until I realized that the true test was not over yet. I didn't know how it would be to get close to my sister again. Just as I was thinking of her, I saw a flash of the future. It was later this evening and we were all back at home in Forks, just Silver and I in her home having a chat.


"Will you be moving to Boston with the family for sure then?" Silver asked me. She was elated to see me, and I seemed to be comfortable enough in her presence as well. In fact, in the vision I seemed to not have any discomfort being so near her at all. It was incredible. I thought for sure there would be more of a struggle on my part.

"Yes, Edward and I have discussed the matter and we don't see why we can't all live as one large family again. Mom missed us and Dad likes to have us home as well," I told her.

"Oh, good! Seth and I will be living at home again so we can see each other every day if we want to!" Silver chirped. I noticed how familiar her voice was. Though she was a lot tamer than she was before having the twins, she sounded the same as she always had. Positive and perky! Come to think of it, she looked the same as well. She had not grown one inch, not aged, though the difference between a seventeen year old and a twenty year old was hardly that big of a difference in a human's life span. "Together forever!" she stated proudly.

"Silver, you have not changed one bit," I told her. Silver licked her lips and a sly smile crept on her lips. I knew that look. She had been keeping a secret from me. "What is it?"

"Have you not seen?" She asked. I was a bit confused. "I mean…when you look into the future…how do you see me?"

"I see you, as…you," I said, unsurely. That made her giggle. It really did seem like a silly answer, but that was all I could say. She looked the same in all my visions now-a-days.

"Yes, well…It took me a few years to be sure, but after some blood work and some other genetic testing with the help of Dad, I have found that I am not aging any more,"

"What?!" I exclaimed. 'How can that be?' I wondered.

"I know it is hard to believe, but I suppose when Seth's blood was transfused into me, my DNA must have been altered. Dad is not sure how that sort of thing is possible, but we do know that I have the same chromosome make up as Seth has now. The girls have it too, though they are still growing right now. We think that once they reach a certain age they will stop aging as well. So long as Seth continued to Phase into his wolf form from time to time. He likes to run, you know. I don't see a problem with it. I had tried to force myself to phase, but nothing has ever become of it. Perhaps the girls will be more like their father in that way. Whatever the future holds we will be prepared,"

"What does that mean?" I asked, shocked. I knew what it meant, but I was floundering in shock of the moment. Silver smiled softly and walked over and placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

"It means you are stuck with me FOREVER!" Silver sang and she hugged me. I held her in return, but I was stunned.

"So you are part werewolf now too?" I asked, still a bit confused. She let me go and I held her by her shoulders in front of me so I could look her in the eyes. She beamed with excitement and nodded quickly. I let out a short, sharp laugh and blurted out, "You lucky Bitch!" as my vision came to and end.


"Auntie Devan?" Melody's soft voice brought me back to the present. 'Oh Shit! Did I say that out loud?' I wondered looking to Edward who had shared the same vision as I. He shook his head subtly. I returned my attention to Melody who was watching me with curious eyes. "Were you seeing what naughty stuff we did already or what we are going to do tomorrow?" She asked me cautiously. I couldn't help but laugh. Silver must have told her that they had to be good or else she would find out or have Aunt Alice or Aunt Devan find out what they were planning to do. Already the twins knew of the special psychic powers our side of the family possessed. I didn't want to tell them now, or Silver just yet, but Alice and I had already discussed the certainty of both girls inheriting similar gifts as they aged.

"No, Melody. I was seeing a happy future. One where we are all together, forever," I told her. Edward kissed my cheek and smiled back at the little girl kindly. She shied away from him; her cheeks blushing as she curled into me. Cadence giggled and spoke to Edward boldly.

"You're pretty too!" She decided.

"Thank you, Cadence," He replied, bowing his head gentlemanly in her direction. Though we had been sharing photographs back and forth, it was Edward's first time meeting the girls in person as well. A photograph is not always worth so many words when you can see the real thing up close and personal. And my Edward was certainly a sight to see. My knight in sparkling armor.




I had missed the beginning of the ceremony because I had been preoccupied with visions and watching the faces of my nieces as they reacted to everything around them. Silver really did have it all. She was beautiful, graceful, intelligent, bold, and psychic. Not only was she all these redeeming qualities, she was both human and immortal. Silver was a walking contradiction. On top of all that she was married to a great man with whom she shared two gorgeous girls. I had to hand it to her. She knew how to have the best of both worlds.

The student's with the last names beginning with the letter 'C' were starting to cross the stage at this time. I had already seen Silver's big surprise she had kept quiet from the rest of the family. Even Alice was in the dark because she could not see anything that was shadowed by Seth's presence. It had taken Alice years to get used to having such clouded visions of the future. She was thrilled that my seerer abilities didn't seem to be affected by Seth, either of the twins, or Silver. I was thrilled as well. I liked be the know-it-all for a change! I had kept this secret for Silver's sake, but I was anxious for the big reveal. Mom and Dad were going to be so proud. Especially Dad. It was amazing to all of us how grown up Silver was, though she had apparently not been aging for a while now. That was new information I would need some more time to wrap my mind around.

I was a lot more mature these days as well. I had to be if I was going to be a part of the Cullen Family. We were not like other families. We were not like other vampire covens. It took a lot of strength, reserve, control, and love to be a member of our family. We all stuck together. The best part of all was that my sister could live forever along side me and never have to die. It was a blessing that she was part wolf now, though I was not sure what that meant for her scent. The twins smelled fine to me. Not delicious like other human children smelt. I had a worrisome thought that if they matured to full grown, they might become like their biological aunt, Leah, and start to stink like she and Seth did. The point was moot! I would love them anyway, because that is what families do.

"Silver Clearwater!" I heard a voice call out over the microphone. Practically our whole row stood up since there were some many of us there.

"Woot woot!" Emmet called out. Silver was in a navy blue cap and gown, even from our seats in the 6th row, I could see her sparkling, violet eyes. I missed sharing the rare eye color with her. She looked up as she crossed the stage; her smile was directed to our family. Emmet and Alice were making sure she could see us by waving lighters above their heads like hippies at a rock show. I felt eyes on us, but I stepped closer and made sure I was visible too, hoping Silver would see me and know I had made it to her graduation after all. When she saw me she paused in the center of the stage and her smile fell. I lifted my hand and waved gentle in her direction. I wanted to cry, but no tears fell. That didn't stop the overwhelming feeling of love and pride I was feeling.

"Good Lord, Devan!" Jasper complained softly, clutching his chest. I could not help the way I felt. She was my sister and I loved her. I took a calming breath and felt the burn of human scent flow through my nose from the crowd of people around me. The venom pooled into my mouth and I swallowed the lump and stood tall ignoring the thrist I felt. Silver's smile returned and was brighter than ever. She realized she was holding up the show so she carried on to grab her diploma from the Dean.

"Silver Clearwater has completed her Bachelor of Sciences. She has been offered and declined full scholarships to continue her education from the following institutions: UW, UCLA, Princeton, NYU, Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown," The announcer read out over the intercom. There were so many gasps in the audience. Obviously, they were parents of other students who could not believe that someone would turn down such amazing scholarships. More than half of the universities that had wanted her were Ivy League. I smiled, knowing that Silver had told our family her plans to turn down these amazing offers. They supported her choice, but Dad especially was a little bit sad about her decision, though he would never say so. Little did the family know she was holding out on them. A last minute decision had changed her mind and she grinned as the announcer went on to say, "She has been offered and accepted a scholarship to Harvard Medical School starting in the fall. The Scholarship is worth over 350, 000 dollars,"

I took a gander at the rest of my family who were all, but Alice, gob smacked and motionless as Silver took her diploma. There was cheering from everyone around us. I don't think anyone, including me until I saw the vision a few days ago, could ever have imagined Sliver buckling down enough to get into Medical School. I was the first to clap for her, Melody and Cadence joining in. Silver posed for her picture with the Dean and beamed with a huge smile my way and she waved her diploma at me!

"Well, I'll be damned!" Jasper proclaimed in the thickest Southern accent I had heard from in years. He must have also been feeling the shock radiating off of everyone. I smiled at Mom. She was gazing up at Dad so proudly. He preening from the inside out, his eyes following Silver on stage.

"Looks like one more of our children will follow in their father's footsteps," Mom told him. He was touched, I could tell. Edward had been to medical school twice, but never had carried on in the field. I could tell that Dad had high hopes for Silver's future in medicine. She had always been very interested in the subject and was brilliantly minded what with her photographic memory at her recall. She would have to overcome all the mentions of her youthful appearance if she entered the field of medicine, but she was Silver, she could tell a fib when the moment called for it. Besides that, the family would move a lot and she could start younger every time like the rest of us! Fair is fair!

"I am sorry we did not tell you early about this decision, "Seth told everyone, "Silver made me promise not to say anything. She was thrilled when she got the call from Harvard. They offered to pay for her entire course load, fees, tuition and dorm if need be. We told them that we were fortunate to already have a home near campus with our family. That is if we are still welcome?,"

"Yes, of course!" Mom cooed, she took Cadence from Seth, who was worn out from the events and her sugar high was depleting. She wrapped around Mom and nestled in tightly, resting her head on her grandmother's shoulder. "You will need someone to look after the girls while you are working and Silver is studying," Seth sighed and looked touched with Mom's words.

"Rosalie?" Seth asked. He knew she was the person who disliked him the most so her vote counted the most. He and Silver made an honest living on his mechanic shop that he managed now. When we made our move to Boston he planned to open a new garage of his own when he was able to afford it. In the time being, he and Silver had very little money of their own. It pained him to accept charity from our family, no matter how many times Mom and Dad told him was as welcome to it as any of us.

"I suppose you can stay with us if you promise to bathe every day and stick to your own corner," Rosalie said seriously, but her lips twitched a bit showing she was partly teasing him. He shook her hand and thanked her. She wiped it off on Emmet shirt afterward, showing a disgusted face. Rosalie was not always the nicest to others, but she loved the twins more than her own life and she wanted to have Seth, Silver and the girls around.

"This is fantastic! Can you believe it?" Dad finally broke from his thoughts and spoke boisterously. "My daughter is going to be a doctor! Our daughter is going to Harvard Medical School. She is only 20 years old!" He said ecstatically. "Her first time through and everything! She is something, isn't she?" I had never really seen our calm father so excited before. He was generally so still in his joy, but he was practically bouncing like Alice and Silver tended to do when they were happy about a sale on at the mall. A man from the row behind us congratulated my father. Edward rolled his eyes dramatically, wearing a kind smirk on his sweet face.

'It's annoying isn't it?' I asked him mentally.

"I think she one upped me," Edward whispered softly into my ear careful not to disturb a sleeping Melody who was resting on my opposite shoulder. I grinned as Rosalie reached for her. I passed the sleeping child over to her Godmother with ease. Melody didn't seem to notice the exchange from cold skin to cold skin.

'You have been replaced. Look how thrilled Dad is to have her follow in his footsteps. I bet when she gets her MD they end up working together like he had always hoped to do with you!' I teased him. Edward chuckled and placed his hands on my waist and he kissed me, whispering between my lips.

"Perhaps one day I will decide to join the family practice as well," he told me. "And you? What do you plan to do while the rest of us are at work?

"I will write music," I told him without giving it a second thought, "And paint!" I had always been an artist. I had all the time in the world now to spend working on my craft. It was my second love after that of my family. Edward sighed and kissed me. I felt Emmet poke me. I resented the interruption, but I thought it was probably because we were in a public place and should not be too showy in our affection. Emmet was poking me for another reason.

"Devan!" Silver cried as she made her way up the stairs to our row. The noise of the auditorium was lightly buzzing and our soft voices were not enough to disturb anyone around us. My darling sister was crying streams of hot tears as she made her way to me. I suspected she was not supposed to separate from her class, but she was never one to follow the rules. She squeezed by a few people at the end of our row and made her way to me, wiping her wet face with her hand as she came. I was glad when no one congratulated her right away. This was our moment. When she reached me I opened my arms and let her crash into me. 'Who else, but Silver, would run head on into a vampire without any aprehension?!' Edward chuckled at my thought.

"I missed you so much, Devan!" She told me, ignoring everyone around us, even Edward's laughter. I could feel her hot tears on my shoulder. Her scent was not unpleasant. I could feel the soft burning in the back of my throat from the close presence of her human blood, but it was not as strong as the woman's sitting in the row in front of me. Seth's blood really had changed her in a miraculous way. I didn't mention it, she would tell me about it later after all. Deja vu was such the common occurance in my life it was hardly fair the term hardly made sense to me anymore.

"I missed you too, Silver! I am so proud of you!" I told her, "A doctor? Really?" She giggled and held onto me tighter. I was not ready to let her go either.

"Ya. Who would have ever guessed that I could focus long enough to get a BS in the first place? Now I am going to Med School!"

"It is BS! That's what it is!" Emmet joked, not being able to resist the joke. Rosalie smacked the back of his head for me. I would thank her later.

"It is a crazy world we live in!" I told Silver.

"Yes! It is!" she agreed, finally releasing me to get a closer look at my face. I knew that I was cold, hard and my eyes were a rich golden color, but she didn't seem to mind. Her cheerful, violet eyes grinned back at me. "I am so glad you are coming home. Did you hear? We are moving to Boston!"

"I heard!" I laughed. "The whole family!"

"Together at long last!" She exclaimed and she threw herself into me and embraced me again. "Don't you dare leave me again!"

"I won't. I think we will all be around for a very long time," I told her, letting her know that I was already aware of her altered genetic state. She was, of course, just the same physically as she had been the day she had the twins and the day I had died. There was nothing better in the world than knowing that you were going to live forever with your best friends and family by your side.

"I love you, Devan,"

"I love you too, Silver,"

Perhaps, I had the best of bother worlds too!


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