I cannot believe it. I, Sir grammaguy, have decided to make a new story, when I have two other stories already months overdue for an update of some sort. What compelled me to remain silent those months? I blame laziness. But, alas, this is a new story, so either be happy and read on, roll your eyes and read on, or be bored and leave.

Anyway, this story is a unique collection of one-shots about the infamous glitches one can encounter while playing Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. I would have loved to write about the spectacular Black Hole glitch from Melee, but I have not the blessing of owning that game, so profuse apologies to Melee veterans. This here is just the prologue, but fear not, the next chapter is three quarters written already. Then again, I said that for Orbhunt and look what happened to that poor excuse for a story...

DISCLAIMER: I do not own that Smash Bros. series or Nintendo. I own a copy of the game, though. Is that relevant?

Following the successfulness of Melee's grand tournaments, Smash host Master Hand was already envisioning a sequel to it. It was, of course, Brawl. However, this tournament was to have a few changes implemented to it. This meant an entirely new engine for the simulations used, but Master Hand did not tire, and began creating his new program.

But alas, the public and the Smashers were impatient, and, demanding that his work was finished soon, Master Hand was forced to leave unchecked several bugs in his system. The glitches he had left behind were unlikely to be sparked during standard play, so surely they would be overlooked. Nobody would notice them.

But were they so overlooked as he had hoped..?

Perhaps not.

Well, I'd better get back to work and finish that first true chapter. I waste so much of my time these days.

Signing off,