TITLE: Searching For A Lost Best Friend

SUMMARY: Robin asks Lily and Marshall for a threesome. They give in. They enjoy their night with Robin; but when they awaken to talk to Robin about it – she had left. When they go to her apartment – they find the door slightly ajar. Entering it they find it totally empty. All expect for a folder of notes for the group.

Robin doesn't want to be found. She has left behind her cell phone. Lily soon discovers that she's pregnant – and realizes that she convinced the night of the threesome. She's even more determined now to find her best friend – who truly and literally was the second mother to her child.









CATEGORIES: Friendship/ Hurt/Comfort/ Family/ Drama/ Romance/ Angst/ Tragedy/ Suspense/ Spiritual / Crime




Lily brushed shoulders with Robin whom was sitting next to her on the couch. Marshall was on the other side of her. Ted and Barney had just left for the night. Barney to his late night date – and Ted to do some stuff for work. Robin had asked if she could stay for a while yet. Lily knew that Marshall wanted to bed her – she wanted to bed him also. But they just silently looked each other in the eyes and knew that their personal wishes were not the wisest or the right choice for tonight. So together they agreed that Robin could stay for as long as she wanted.

Robin's hand reached over, and intertwined with truly whom was her first, and only best female friend. Too be honest Lily was truly the first friend she had ever had in her life. She turned and smiled softly into the beautiful eyes of her friend. Marshall was one lucky man.

Lily returned the smile. But she felt like something was different with this moment between them. More energy charged. More electric. More heated. More desirable. Her eyes tore from Robin's eyes. She felt Marshall move even closer against her. She felt his erection through his pants. She felt the heat of Robin's hand in with hers.

Robin leaned forward and gently kissed the nap of her best friend's neck. Licking it and loving the taste of simply Lily. She breathed in Lily's scent – which was mixed with the bath soap, perfume and just Lily herself.

"R-robin -" Lily breathed out. Her eyes had closed the moment she felt Robin's lips on her neck. Her eyes shot open in shock as she just realized what was going on. Whom exactly was making her feel so hot and aware of her body. Making her so desirable and so sexual awaken. The person was wrong. The person wasn't Marshall. But Robin's ministering on her neck was making her lose her head, and control over her body.

Didn't help that Marshall moved even tighter against her and she could feel his erection throb through his jeans. She had to stop this. She had to be the strong one to stop this. Before anything could happen.

"Robin," She let go of Marshall's hand and reached over so she could push her friend away. Gently. So not to do any damage on her fragile best friend. Her eyes locked on Robin's dark, and misty eyes. Hot and raw desire was clouded them. "What's going on girl?" Her eyes tilted so she could look into the slightly taller woman's eyes. "Talk to me."

"I want you." Robin breathed. "Tonight. Now. Ever so much." Her eyes looked over Lily's head at Marshall, "I want you too Marshall. I want to have a threesome." Her hand reached up and, she placed it on the side of Lily's neck. Her lips parted and she licked the side of her mouth.

"Robin, this isn't you." Was all Lily could say. She tried to fight down the desire that had risen at Robin's words. Fear had entered her heart. This was wrong. This wasn't the Robin that she was familiar with. This was a whole different side of Robin that she didn't know. A side that truly scared the hell out of her.

Robin leaned in and pressed her lips lightly against Lily's. Licking the closed lips begging for entrance. Lily couldn't help herself – the feel of Robin's tongue on her lips broke her – she desperately wanted to taste that delicious tongue that was being offered freely to her. Her mouth opened and Robin's tongue entered her mouth. She was numbed and shocked at the unfamiliar – yet ever so familiar organ that exploded into her mouth – her senses. She demanded her right to full access to this organ.

Lily's tongue slipped into Robin's mouth. The two best friends fought for dominance, Lily felt Robin's hand move from her cheek as it met the other one at the back of her neck. She was suddenly pressed against Robin's own face and cheek.

Lily moaned and groaned of the pleasure of the move – and the thrill of finally doing what had been pent up so tightly in her soul. Something that she never consciously even was aware of it till this very moment. She never wanted the kiss to end. She demanded more access to this heavenly being in front of her.

Her hands slowly went to the thin waist of this most amazing person so close her, the person whom was awaking all these emotions, and senses, that had never been awaken before. Suddenly she felt hands down at the buttons of her blouse. She wanted the blouse off her – she was too damn heated with it on. She wanted the cool air to hit bare skin. Her bare skin. She only wanted this person to be able to heat her body. Make her sweat.

A hot thin hand was on her cleavage slowly sidling down her breast bone. Her eyes opened wide at the shock of realization that the hand didn't belong to Marshall. Her husband. Her soul mate. Matter of fact the hand didn't even feel masculine. It felt very much like a female. She pulled back breaking the kiss.

Robin's eyes were half opened and glazed with unadulterated desire. She moaned as she moved forward once more. Lily gently put her hands on both of Robin's shoulder and pushed the slightly younger woman away from her. "This is wrong Robin." She said hoarsely.

"You want it as bad as I do, Lily. So this isn't wrong. It's right." Robin blinked as Lily's words over washed her. She tried desperately to get back the raw unadulterated desire that she craved from her best female friend.

"No Robin," Lily said firmly. She finally got a hold of herself as she watched Robin lean into her. This wasn't right. It just didn't feel right. "We aren't going to have a threesome. Not tonight – not ever."

That's what Lily SHOULD have said. But this is what she really said.

"Oh Robin," Lily breathed as she watched with bated breath as Robin leaned into her. She fought back the feelings that this wasn't right. That this didn't feel right. "Why are you doing this too me?" She moaned as she felt her best friend's tongue against the nap of her neck.

Robin licked her way down, "You like it don't you." She bit lightly on the skin and heard the welcoming moan bust through. Her right reached for the skin that it had been slapped away from moments before. Kissing, and licking her way around to the front of the neck, she made her way down to the breast bone. Pushing the blouse away as she kissed back up the neck, she felt the material leave the body that was in front of her.

"You have to stop this Marshall, now. Only you are the strongest one here." Lily looked behind her at Marshall.

That's what Lily SHOULD have said. But this is what she really said.

"Marshall, you have to be part of this. You have to have this goddess show you some of her loving." She looked behind her at Marshall – whom all ready had his shirt off. Sweat rolling down his face and chest as he just took in what Robin was doing too his wife.

"All in good time love, all in good time. I'm just enjoying watching Robin getting you all worked up." Marshall breathed and moaned. "I can wait. This is all the foreplay that I need."

Lily chocked out a sob as she felt Robin's lips on her harden right nipple. Her head tilted back as she just allowed her friend – whom had somehow without her knowledge removed her bra from her. This was simply amazing. She felt a steamy hot tongue dart out and bit her nipple, she softly screamed.

Lily's head flung forward once more, her hands reached up and grabbed hold of the back of Robin's head and yanked it back. "No Robin, I said no." She pleaded with her heated desire filled eyes - but her good sense was trying desperately fight back and stop this. Before it went to far – before it destroyed everything between them.

"I will never hurt you." Robin said in a steady voice.

"I don't want to be the one to hurt you." Lily said looking her straight in the eyes.

Robin stood up and slowly removed her clothes. Taking Lily's hand in her own laid it on her flat stomach. "You never can hurt me, Lils. Never."

Lily nodded and swallowed as she stood up. Moving closer she simply just let her hands explore the body in front of her. The body that was freely being offered to her.

Everything was a blur after that. The next coherent thought that Lily had was blinking opening her eyes to find Marshall pressed tightly against her, and the space in front of her was empty and bare. Lifting her head and looking around the bedroom – which they had managed to just about destroy the night before – but it was empty of human life besides her and Marshall.

"Robin -" Lily chocked out in a husky voice.


Moving Marshall's hand from her stomach she sat up. Marshall stirred next to her and moaned. "Robin." She said more loudly than before. Marshall sat up next to her and wrapped his right arm around her waist.

The married couple looked at one another than got out of bed. Putting on their robes they went in search of their friend – and their newest lover.

"Hey Robin," Marshall said walking into the living room – fully expecting to find her there. But nothing.

"She's not in the bathroom," Lily said with a frown as Marshall walked from the kitchen with a shake of his head.

Lily took a quick look around the living room and found Robin clothes missing. Her and Marshall's clothes were still strewn about where they had been tossed the night before. But Robin's clothes were missing – as was her purse.

"She went home." Marshall said unnecessary.

"Let's get dressed so we can go and thank her for last night." Lily said moving back towards the bedroom. Marshall followed his wife with a slight spring in his steps. Last night was simply amazing. He actually hoped that it would happen again.


Author's Note: I actually had to stop myself with the prelude. I didn't want to start this story off with a major M chapter. I want to refer to this threesome in later chapters – with much more added details. The chapters will be marked as an M to warn everyone. But this story is truly a strong T rated story.