Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own David Bowie.

Oh, and yes, this is meant to be ridiculous. I don't honestly go around calling people 'babes'. Or saying 'badabing'. Really.

Magic Pants: Another Version

You remind me of the bulge.

What a bulge!

The bulge has a power.

What a power!

The power of Bowie.

His hair's all flowy!

Damn straight!

He really is a babe!

I saw my Bowie

Actin' like a goblin king.

Damn, he can sing.

My Bowie was in tight pants

Shakin' his cute thing!

Hey, badabing!

What kind of magic spell'd he use?

Glitz and 80's hair.

He was dancing everywhere!

Chemistry like lightning!

It's really rather frightening.

And the fangirls said…

Pants magic pants!

I'm quite entranced!

Use those magic pants on me!

Work it, Bowie, make me squee!

Pants magic pants!

When Bowie danced

It was like his pants set magic free!

And we all just screamed with glee!

Pants magic pants!