I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I turned to look back just one more time, even though I had a horrible time here it was still my home… I won't miss it much but I will miss my mother and her bubbly attitude. I got in my car and pulled out of the drive-way. I backed up and I was off to Nicole's house.

I turned the corner and hit the power button on my radio. One of my CD's that I burned blasted out of the speakers. The song was 'Shut Up' by Simple Plan. It matched my mood with Phil and how he used to be really nice and dad-like to me. When the song was over I was pulling into Nicole's drive-way. I turned off the car and walked up to the door.

I walked slowly because this was the last time I was going to see Nicole for a very long time. Her yard had this huge tree with a swing on it that was made by her brother, Shane. He was awesome while I was growing up. I remember the day he put it up.

Flash back. Four years ago. Bella is 14.

Nicole and I were playing in the front yard one summer and Shane said he had asurprise for her. He told us to go inside for a little bit so he could set it up. Nicole and I were reading magazines and painting our nails and just goofing off. It was about anhour later he came in all sweaty with a huge grin on his face.

"Come on, your surprise is ready!"

"What is it?" Nicole asked excitedly.

"Uh-uh, you'll have to go outside and see for yourself!"

She got up and ran outside. I stayed inside because I thought it was a brotherand sister thing. I went to the window and saw the swing there with Nicole onit and Shane behind her pushing. I went back to the living room to clean up our mess we made.

"Why aren't you out there with her?" Shane asked.

"Oh! You scared me, I didn't know you came inside.. um… I guess I thought it was a family thing because you made it for her." Iexplained.

"I made it for both of you."

"Really? Why?"

"Well I thought it would be fun. So go on out there and have fun." He said andpushed me towards the door.

End of flash back

After that day Shane's and my relationship started and we hung out more. I went to the swing and sat down remembering all the times all three of us had hung out and talked, laughed, and kept quiet. After a few minutes, I got up and made my way to the door. I knocked three times and waited. I heard feet moving across the floor and the locks turning. The door opened and I was suddenly pulled into a hug by whoever answered the door. I winced in pain.

I heard a chuckle and knew who it was but when I winced Shane let me go carefully. I took a step away only to see a disapproving look on his face.

"Not again," he said and pulled me through the house and into the bathroom so he could make sure everything was okay.

"Shane, I'm fine. I can't stay. I'm only here to pick up Nicole so she can drive my car back."

Shane's face fell as he pulled out the first aid kit. "Where are you going?

"I'm leaving this place. My flight leaves in" I check my watch "in 45 minutes and I really need to go Nic doesn't know I'm leaving yet" Shane poured peroxide onto a cotton swab and dabbed my split lip with it, I winced.

"I'll go with you… Nic is at Amanda's anyway."

I thought about it for a minutes I really didn't have time to go to Amanda's "are you sure you're not busy?" I asked to see if I was interrupting his plans for the day.

I heard paws and claws running through the house and then came the beast that belonged to the sound. I jumped down from the counter and walked out of the bathroom. Paul jumped on me the moment he saw me. "oh crap I forgot about Paul!" Paul is my two year old husky/wolf mix and I love him to death.

"Bella I'm not doing anything today and animal's ride for free in the crates. (A/N Okay I don't really know that but it is where she is so there)

Paul has had to stay with Natalie and Shane for almost a year now because Phil decided that I wasn't responsible enough to take care of him and the house and do my school work.

"Are you sure because you don't have-" I started to protest

"I'm sure. Now let's go." He said, grabbed my hand and started pulling me out of the house but grabbed Paul's leash and hooked it on before opening the door. We got in my car and Paul had to sit on Shane's lap because my stuff was in the back seat. It was a site to see.

I pulled out of Shane's drive-way and headed toward the airport. The ride was quiet except for the music from Simple Plan, Breaking Benjamin and Rascal Flats. When we got there I had 20 minutes left so Shane helped me get my bags checked while I held Paul. I went off to the front desk and asked to speak with Maghan.

"I'll go get her be right back."

"Okay thank you." Shane looked at me weird so I told him about the phone call I had earlier.

"Are you Isabella?" a woman asked

"Yes I am but please call me Bella"

"Okay I'm Maghan and you got here just in time… oh you have a dog I see well we'll take him and get him ready for flight" I gave Paul a hug and a kiss on the nose then gave him over to her. "Here is your new ticket" she handed me the ticket and I handed her the one that I had. "We'll be boarding in 15 minutes have a good flight." She said

"Thank you" I said

Shane and I made out way to where I have to be, we sat down and waited. We didn't say anything until they called my flight. "Well I guess this is it" he said as we stood up, then pulled me into a huge hug. It was painful but I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed. I didn't even notice I was crying until Shane pulled back and wiped them away. "Be safe Bella" I nodded and wiped my cheeks dry.

"You too Shane, call me okay?"

He nodded "Yeah I will" I started to walk away but I had to hug him one more time. So I turned around and ran into his arm's that were open waiting for me. We hugged for a few more minutes "You got to go Bella" He whispered, his eyes were getting glossy, about to shed a tear.

"Take care of my mom for me please?" My voice cracked mid way through the sentence

"Okay Bella I will. I'll miss you." a tear dropped from his eye.

"I'll miss you too" my voice cracked "Bye Shane" I whispered and wiped my eye's clear of tear's and then his.

"Bye Bella" his voice cracked.

I walked over to Gate door and gave my ticket to the man at the podium, he looked up at me then checked my ticket with wide eye's. It was probably the bruises on my cheeks. He gave me the ticket back and said "thank you for choosing Delta have a good flight"

I said thank you and started walking into the terminal, I looked back at Shane and waved. He waved back before I turned back around. I got to the plane and found my seat when I got there the people that were sitting down got up and let me in, once I was seated I turned off my cell and buckled myself in and waited for the plane to take off. I didn't have to wait that long.

The sturdiest came out showed people how to buckle and unbuckle and how to use the air mask the works. Finally 5 minutes later we were on the runway and took off. I sure hope Paul is okay down below.

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