Dress Code: A Short Story


AC: 196


Now that everyone could see his knees Wufei felt a little self-conscious but he couldn't formulate a reason why.

It wasn't until Mariemaia, in her infinite wisdom (or batshit lunacy of a power mad dictator at 9), decided that she didn't like hairy legs on men and instead of being sensible and let men wear pants, instituted a shaving policy that Wufei was
A) glad he was biologically relatively hairless and
B) knew how to handle a razor.

Though it was sort of amusing to see various warriors, strong of back and neck, looking mildly embarrassed at the band aids on their shiny legs. Wufei always had to stifle his laugh with a snort but he didn't think it went over very well.

He had to admit, he was starting to have second thoughts. But then again, after all, every time he looked at Yuy he saw knees (and elbows, and hard sleek muscle, as if the boy chose the clothes he wore to show off his physique and creating a "don't mess with me" aura at the same time). So who was to say that Little Miss Dictator wasn't right?

So he dealt with it (razor burns at all) as he dealt with everything. He affected a mildly superior attitude as if everyone else was below him... And dignity. Though it was hard to keep one's dignity with the weekly uniform inspections and seeing hard lined generals, with faint blushes of embarrassment (or something else?) kneeling and running rough hands over his shiny shin looking for stray hairs. (He personally liked to think of it as a massage but not too much of one (as the last soldier who popped a boner had never been heard from again)

Not that he was afraid of anyone, but popping any sort of boner in public was something Chang Wufei would not do. (or at least, not so anyone could really tell. There was something to be said for baggy pants when the so called Perfect Soldier was looking at him, the twitch of his muscles and the monotonic purr of his voice. (Was he fighting for his heart or fighting to see him again? Wufei would like to have thought the former.)

In either case, he couldn't help but feel a little jealous when Trowa horned in on his territory (was he looking for Heero, too? He had better not be) with sleek hairless calves, (even more hairless then Wufei's) and yet still shaved because it was something he'd never done before. The generals lined up to feel his legs and compliment the musculature which was so unevident in Trowa's bean poleesque structure (but hands pressed to flesh told an entirely different story.)

But even though his own legs were a little more on the prickly side, he still had attitude and a definite presence and nobody ever said about him "who was that kid again? With the legs?" they said "That's Chang Wufei. Don't mess with him. He's bad ass."

And he accepted that (once he figured out that "badass" was quite a bit different from "jackass") and put up with the uniform policy, shavings, waxes and various other insanities of the Mariemaia regime. (Pink day was particularly irritating) and waited (more or less patiently) for his Heero to come.


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