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Chapter 5

"Don't tell your mother you two have been gambling," Mr. Weasley had implored Fred and George while everyone was walking back towards the campsite.

"Don't worry Dad," Fred replied with glee. "We've got big plans for this money."

"Yeah, dad," George nodded, agreeing with his Twin. "We don't want it confiscated."

"For the joke shoppe, I'm guessing?" Alexia whispered as she snaked her way between them.

Fred and George just grinned. Alexia grinned back, taking their reply as a yes.
They soon caught up with the rest of the crowd, allowing Alexia to revel in Ireland's victory as leprechauns flew overhead and green-colored lanterns lit up the campsite.

When the party finally arrived back at their tent, everyone went off and began celebrating in their own way. Fred began Irish dancing on the table, George twirled Alexia around the room excitedly and Charlie proceeded to piggyback Ginny around the fire pit. Ron, however, wasn't happy.

"Why the long face, Ron?" Alexia asked, amused.

"Not still upset over Krum are you?" Bill asked, from his seat over by the fire.

"Maybe," Ron mumbled and crossed his arms, clearly upset.

"Oh come on, Ron!" Alexia laughed. "He's just a Seeker."

"Just a Seeker?!" Ron gaped. "He's not just a Seeker, Lex...he's an artist!"

"I think you're in love, Ron!" Ginny smirked at him.

"Oh shut up, Ginny!" Ron's face turned as red as his hair.

Just then, a loud explosion erupted from outside, sending everyone crashing to the ground. Dizzy, Alexia barely noticed someone helping her up off the floor and onto her feet. When her vision finally settled, she saw it was Fred who had gotten her up and was now pulling her out of the tent.

"What's happening?" she asked, still dizzy from getting hit in the head.

"We're under attack," Mister Weasley's voice called. "Get back to the port key!"

Alexia could see flames and smoke and she could hear people screaming. Suddenly, with everyone rushing about, Fred's grip on Alexia's hand began to weaken.



But it was too late. Alexia's hand slipped and she ended on the ground again just as another explosion shook everything, her ankle twisting painfully as she landed. She suddenly felt herself being grabbed from her waist. She screamed and tried wiggling away.

"Stop! Lexi stop! It's me!"

Alexia stopped struggling, recognizing the voice.


Alexia hugged him tightly.

"You all right?"

"Now I am. Draco what's happening?"

"Death Eaters."

"What? How-"

Another round of explosions and screams sounded, Draco pulling Alexia close to block her from the falling bits of rock and dirt.

"I need to get you out of here," Draco grasped onto Alexia's hand.

"T-the portkey," Alexia panted. "I-I need to get back to the portkey."

Draco nodded and they both started to run away from the flaming campsite. They didn't get far, before Alexia's ankle gave out and she collapsed.


"My-my ankle," Alexia shuttered. "I-I think I twisted it."

"Can you stand?" Draco sounded desperate.

"I-I don't-"

"Here," Draco suddenly lifted Alexia onto his shoulders and kept on running.

He didn't stop running until they both found themselves away from the campground and up on the hill looking down at the now burning tents and smoked-filled air.

"We made it," Alexia leaned into Draco's back, hugging his shoulders in relief.

Draco carefully slipped Alexia off his shoulders and proceeded to hug her properly.

"Will you be all right getting back?"

"Yeah," Alexia nodded, glancing over his shoulder. "I can see Fred and Hermione."

"I should go then."

"Yeah." Alexia nodded. "Be careful?"

"Always am."

Draco squeezed Alexia's hand, kissed her cheek quickly, and then rushed away when he saw Fred running towards her.



Alexia limped towards him. Fred noticed this, his face growing concerned.

"Your leg."

"I'm fine, it's fine."

Fred suddenly grabbed her into a tight hug.

"Fred! I-"

"I thought-when my hand slipped-"

"Hey," Alexia laughed, pulling away from the hug. "It's okay, I'm okay." she smiled at Fred.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm fine!" Alexia laughed. "Just help me over to the others, yeah?"

Fred nodded, and let Alexia lean on his shoulder as he helped her limp over to the others.

"Is Harry with you?" Ginny asked, rushing over to them.

"Harry?" Alexia repeated. "No. I thought-he hasn't come?"

Ginny shook her head.


"We have to go look for him!" Hermione declared and began walking back towards the campsite.

"No!" Fred cried, suddenly.

Hermione looked back at him, confused.

"I mean-" Fred rubbed his neck, "you shouldn't go alone."

Alexia couldn't help but smirk as she caught Fred blush a bit, before going back to his twin's side.

"She won't be," Ron said. "Dad and I'll go with her."

"I'll go too."

"Oh no you don't!" George grabbed Alexia's arm. "You're not going anyway, missy!"


"No buts, lovie," Fred firmly grasped Alexia's other arm. "I'm not letting you out of my sight again!"

"Fine," Alexia rolled her eyes and surrendered.

"Get them back home, boys," Mister Weasley instructed the Twins, gesturing to Ginny and Alexia.

"And you bring back Harry," Ginny told them.

"And be careful, yeah?" Fred added, glancing at Hermione again.

"We will," Hermione replied with a smile as Ron pulled her away.

"The Dark Mark? His mark? Are you serious?"

Ron, Hermione and Mr. Wesley had successfully recovered Harry from the camp site. When they arrived back at the Burrow, they were attacked with relieved hugs from the others. They were all ushered inside, and people immediately began asking questions of what had happened.

"Harry said he saw someone," Hermione had explained. "A man. He-" she hesitated, a bit frightened.

"What?" Fred urged her. "He what?"

"The Dark Mark," she finally said. "He made it appear in the sky..."

Alexia had just asked the question everyone else was too shocked to say. Hermione replied with a simple yes, still a bit shaken. Alexia had nodded back, bit her lip and curled her legs up, resting her head on her knees, a grim expression on her now very pale face.

"Death Eaters," Charlie said quietly.

Mister Wesley nodded grimly.

"This is bad," George muttered. "Isn't it, dad?"

"'Friad so."

"And your wand, Harry," Alexia said. "It was your wand..."

"That dreadful man pinning on that house elf," Hermione muttered, folding her arms across her chest. "It's horrible."

"We have bigger issues than house elves, 'Mione," Ron rolled his eyes at her.

"Ron's right." Bill agreed. "Isn't anyone doing anything?"

"I'm sure Fudge and Mister Crouch will take care of everything," Percy answered, trying to reassure his brother.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Bill had mumbled back, earning a scowl from Percy.

"Think whatever you like, Bill," Percy said, pushing his glasses up his nose. "As for me, I'm going to bed. I've had quite enough excitement tonight thank you."

And with a huff, Percy stood from his chair and strutted out of the living room without saying goodnight.

"Git," Ron whispered.

"Ignore him, Ron," Ginny rolled her eyes, then glanced at Harry. "I'm just glad you're still in one piece."

Harry nodded.

"Yeah me too."

"We're glad you're all safe," Fred emphasized, glancing particularly in Hermione's direction.

If Alexia hadn't been so upset, she might have laughed at him. Instead, she buried her head even more into her knees, clearly not wanting to talk. She clutched her necklace tightly in her shaking hands and shut her eyes.

'Death Eaters, Draco,' she said to him. 'They-the only reason your father was at the Cup was for the raid, wasn't it?'

There was a painfully long pause before Alexia finally got an answer.

'Yeah. Yeah I think it was...'

'Was afraid you were gonna say that...'

'And the worst of it is that he acted like he didn't do anything. Just showed back up outside the campsite pretending he was just as scared as the others but-'

'But what?'

'He-he didn't look dirty. He wasn't breathing hard like he'd been running away...I-I don't understand. He's dead. You-Know-Who is dead! So why-'

'Why bother with all the theatrics?'


'I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine.'

There was another pause, giving Alexia enough time to stand from the sofa, and with some help from Fred and George, limped back up the stairs to their room.

'How's your ankle?'

Alexia had just flopped onto the bed, all three of them a little tired from the climb.

'I just limped up three flights of steps to get to my room.'

'So-still hurts?'


Alexia sighed, and fiddled with her necklace chain again as she stared mindlessly up at the ceiling.

'I wish you were here.'

'Me too. But hey, we'll be at school soon enough. Then you'll see me every day!'

Alexia smiled at this.


'You gonna be okay now?'

'Fred and George are here,' she glanced over to where the boys were currently poking one-another trying to get to their pajamas, making her laugh. 'I'll be okay.'

'If you need me-'

'I know.'

'I'll see you at school?'


And then, without warning, Alexia was whacked in the face with a pillow.


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