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Hermione sat by his bedside her eye lids drooping, but she fought the urge to sleep and kept her eyes open, staring profoundly at Ron, who lay still, not even gifting Hermione with his usual snores. Normally, Hermione found his snores a bit annoying- especially when she was trying to fall asleep herself, like the nights at the burrow where they seemed to echo throughout the whole entire house. But right now, she'd have liked nothing more than to hear him snore again- indicate to her that he was still himself, and that he'd be all right.

Instead, he had been like this all day, ever since he was poisoned; pale as snow, weak and vulnerable. Each breath he took was strained, and occasionally he would let out a faint moan which broke Hermione's heart.

What broke her heart more though was the fact that he could have died. He could have left her forever without another word when she hadn't spoken to him in months. Weeks and weeks of silence, and dirty looks, and plots to get back at him for what he'd done to her.

She didn't even have a right to be angry with him really. It's not like she told him how she felt. It's not as if he'd responded with the same amount of interest. He was her best friend- and nothing more. She'd never be anything more.

Although, she pondered as an after thought- he did mumble her name early on in the day.

Three syllables that made her heart stop beating and feel like she'd taken a bludger to her stomach. She smiled as she reminisced. Maybe they really did share mutual feelings. It was him after all who had envied Viktor Krum, and comforted her at the hospital wing last year, following the department of mysteries. A sort of gloom welled over her as she came to the realization that they honestly spent to much time in this place.

She looked around at the familiar creamy walls, very dimly lit in the night. Madame Pomfrey would kick Hermione out in a heart beat if she knew she was sitting here at the very moment.

Hermione had crept in, only hours ago using Harry's invisibility cloak and was quite unnoticed by anyone who passed. And a good thing at that since-

Her thoughts where interrupted by a faint moan.

She looked at Ron pityingly and took his hand. How she wished he'd wake up.

"Sorry… So sorry. Please-." he mumbled quietly in slumber.

Hermione stared at him curiously. He was asleep wasn't he?

"Er-my-knee. Please, st-stop ignoring me."

"It's okay Ron," she reassured him, wondering if it would make any difference. "I forgive you. I'm sorry too…" Her voice trailed off as tears started to brim her eyes.

All of a sudden Ron sat up his eyes wide open.

"Hermione?!" he exclaimed his voice scratchy.

Hermione cupped his mouth instinctively. "Shh!" she looked over to Madame Pomfrey's office (where the matron slept) to check for movement.

"Bloody Hell…" Ron whispered, flopping back on his pillow clutching his head. "What the hell happened to me?"

"Bloody hell is right Ronald Weasley!" Hermione hissed at him trying to control her voice. "How could you? You can't just go and… and almost die on me without… without…asking my permission!" she felt her eyes water and face flush so she turned away from him embarrassed.

"I… What?" Ron mumbled lamely looking up at Hermione pleadingly.

"You got poisoned Ron. If Harry wasn't there to put that bezoar down your throat, I wouldn't be talking to you right now. Mind you, you wouldn't have gotten poisoned in the first place if you didn't eat every damn thing you saw." She snapped hotly.

"Hermione…" he took her by the hand, forcing her to look at him. "I'm sorry alright? I… couldn't control it exactly… and you know how big of a prat I am."

She was going to snap at him again, but his blue pleading eyes, which where underlined with dark purple bags and his pale washed out face caught her soul.

She broke down completely, sobs racking her body.

"No, I'm s-sorry. I-I shouldn't have sent those birds on you- an-and Cormac- and I mean, ob-obviously you couldn't control being poisoned… And…" She took a deep quavering breath, "You can snog whoever you want Ron, I'm sorry I acted the way I did…"

"Come here Hermione." He told her softy, shifting over in his bed and patting the now un-occupied spot next to him.

She sniffed dramatically and climbed in, resting her head at the crook of his neck.

He hugged her waste and looked deeply into her eyes, trying to convey to her that he meant every word he spoke.

"If anyone is at fault here, it's me. And Merlin knows why I snogged Lavender in the first place. She's god awful and definitely not my type."

"Why isn't she your type?" Hermione urged, snuggling closer to him, warm in his arms, feeling as if this was where she was meant to be.

"Well for one, she's not clever at all. Rather dim, that one. And her hair… it's blond… Ew." He spoke the last bit like a preppy girl would and made Hermione giggle. Then he went on, "She's annoying and clingy and dependent on everyone. I haven't seen her read a single book… and let's see- oh she loves divination which is absolutely mental."

"Oh." Hermione smirked to herself. She looked up at Ron, who was smiling her favorite lop sided grin.

"Oh." He repeated, "I almost forgot. Her eyes, they haven't got any depth to them at all. They don't… sparkle the way some do…" He inched his face closer to hers and Hermione followed, certain they were about to kiss, their faces only millimeters apart now. Then Ron cupped his mouth unexpectedly and sat up.

He went into a coughing fit. Hermione rubbed his back soothingly, a little disappointed that their kiss didn't happen. She was pretty sure she heard Ron curse to himself.

When the coughing ceased he flopped down on his pillow, putting his arm around Hermione once more and sighed heavily.

"Next time, I promise I'll ask your permission to die Hermione." He smiled weakly at her.

"You promise?" She asked him seriously.

"I swear." She saw that in his clear blue eyes, he meant it.

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