Authors note :)

so I have tought about it and I have decided to continue this story. Whether right here or in a sequel I have not decided. but there will be more! :D

I have a couple ideas to what I might do, but mostly this note is to ask you, my amazing readers, to give me your thoughts. If you have any ideas- any requests even to what you might like me to include. I probably will.

For instace, if you wish me to have a senario in which ron falls down th stairs, I might just write that at some point! (this is hypothetically speaking though... I don't think i'd actually have ron fall down the stairs... or you never know...)

anyways just let me know if you have any feelings to how youd like this to go on. I can't promise i'll use everything but if something catches my eye i'll be sure to include it at some point :)

So yes, review and tell me what you think- if it colides well with what I have already planned then I will most likely write about it if you like.

In the mean time I hope you are all having a terrific summer, and for those who hav read m deathly halows missing moments, I am very sorry that I cannot update till september. But i promise, as soon as I am out of this country- I will update everything!!

Sorry for anyone who got excited, and will let you all know what to expect by replacing this note with another one in a couple days.

love jenna