Nerima's Black Panther

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A whole new Ranma

It was raining in Nerima Ward that day when two figures appeared in town. Both appeared to be animals, one a giant panda, and the other a large black female panther both of which were definitely not native to Japan's shores. However, looking at them some might have wanted to rethink that assessment as the beasts' movements were very sure and the direction was thought out. Add the fact that the panther was somehow holding up a sign with its tail in order to talk to the panda which was responding with signs of its own gave away the fact that the two weren't normal animals.

(This had better be worth it Oyaji,) the panther's sign read as the two walked towards their destination. (Because if this is another of your stupid tricks I'm going to have to hurt you!) She glared at the panda man, while baring her teeth at him.

The panda sweat dropped, although it was hidden by the rain, and held up a sign in response. (This is absolutely what it looks like) he flipped it around (a visit to my old friend Tendo Soun.) He flipped it again, (I haven't seen him in a while and) another flip (would like to get reacquainted.) 'I also want to see if Tendo-kun still wants to unite the schools.' Genma thought to himself, he knew Soun was against forcing something like that onto his children, but it didn't hurt to check.

She didn't exactly believe him, but let it drop for now. They continued on is silence for a while until they reached a gate at the bottom of a hill. Next to it in Kanji it says 'Tendo dojo'. The panther and panda looked at each other before heading up to the door. The panda hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door.

Inside the Tendo family was sitting in the living room. Soun had called a meeting to let his daughters know that they would be having guests soon. His eldest daughter, Kasumi, came in with tea and served her family before sitting down with her own cup.

Soun's middle child, Nabiki, took a sip of tea then spoke her tone curious though bored. "So what's up Otou-san? Why have you called this meeting?"

"Yeah, what's going on?" Akane, the youngest Tendo, asked.

"I have called this meeting because soon my old friend Saotome Genma is going to be showing up with his son Ranma-kun." He took a drink and was about to say something else when the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard.

"I'll get it Otou-sama," Kasumi said. She got up and answered it. The smile on her face disappeared as it was replaced by a perplexed expression upon seeing the two beasts at their doorstep. "Oh my." She muttered to herself.

The big cat sitting there bowed to Kasumi as it held up a sign with it's tail. (Good evening miss. Is yourr father home?)

The eldest Tendo daughter noted the signs which in and of itself was weird, and the fact that the panther seemed to have human intelligence. She nodded and turned back to her family. "Otou-sama, it's for you."

Soun came to the door and his face took on the same perplexed look as Kasumi. Then the panda produced a sign from nowhere that said (Hello Tendo-kun, my old friend. It's so good to see you!)

The panther watched the exchange with a slight grin on her face, which looked quite odd considering that normally cats don't smile. She growled lightly getting Soun's attention as she held up a sign. (I'm Saotome Rranma, and this is my father Genma. Do you have some hot water ready? It would help us to explain.)

Soun blinked at Ranma and then looked Genma before remembering something his old master, the pervert, had told him about several places of great magic. "You've been to Jusenkyo I see."

(So you've heard of it then?) Panda-Genma asked.

He gave his old friend a flat look. "Some of us were actually paying attention to the master's lessons Saotome-kun." Panda-Genma scratched the side of his head and looked a bit sheepish at that. Soun moved out of the doorway, and gestured for them to enter "Come on in and we'll get you changed."

Panda-Genma and Panther-Ranma came in; noticing that the other two siblings had come to see what was going on. They moved aside as the two Saotomes entered and followed Soun to the table.

"Kasumi?" Soun called.

"Yes Otou-sama?" she asked as she walked into the room.

He smiled at her slightly. "Would you be so kind as to fetch some hot water for our guests?"

"Right away Otou-sama." She bowed and left to get the requested water.

Panda-Genma and Panther-Ranma waited patiently for the water with Soun and his other two daughters, the latter two still somewhat bewildered about the situation. Soon Kasumi came in with the water and set it on the table. Genma picked it up and poured some of it on himself, reverting to his true form. He was about two meters tall wearing a worn white gi, with a bandana on his head and a pair of slim glasses on his face. He was also somewhat portly. He poured the rest of the water onto the panther, changing her into a sixteen year old boy around 184cm tall with a mane of black hair done up in a ponytail. He wore a red silk Chinese shirt and black pants with Kung fu shoes on his feet.

Ranma stretched out and sighed a bit. "Oh, that feels so much better. I may enjoy being a cat, but there are times I just want to be human again."

The two men were served tea before being bombarded by questions from the three Tendo siblings.

"So you're really Otou-sama's old training partner?" Kasumi asked.

"How did you turn into animals?" Akane inquired.

"What's Jusenkyo?" asked Nabiki.

"Easy there children," Soun chuckled. "I think we should give them a moment to warm their bones. It was rather cold out there tonight." He turned to his friend and his son, "Although I, too, would like to know whose bright idea it was to go to those accursed grounds."

Ranma glared at his father, telling Soun all he needed to know. He shook his head, "My friend, you always had a knack for bad judgment."

Genma crossed his arms and looked away with a scornful look on his face and was about to say something when he felt the prick of claws on his leg, letting him know to think carefully about his next statement. "It was all to train that ungrateful son of mine in the Art."

Ranma smirked a bit. "And I have to admit that it wasn't all bad. Being turned into a cat really helped me gain to control of the Neko Ken."

Genma stiffened as Soun's eyes widened. Nabiki, Akane and Kasumi were perplexed by their father's reaction.

"What's wrong Otou-san?" Nabiki asked as Soun shook his head in exasperation.

Soun took a breath, and then let it out slowly as he rubbed his forehead. "Genma, please tell me you didn't teach your own child the forbidden Neko Ken."

"I didn't know it was forbidden at the time, and I… sort of… didn't read the part about the mental instability." His face turned stern, "Besides, I did it all for the Art!"

"Otou-san?" Akane asked wondering about what was going on.

He looked at his children, and sighed "The Neko Ken has been a forbidden technique for over fifty years because of the apparent mental trauma it causes in its victims. It can either temporarily cause the victim to think they're a cat, or lock them like that permanently." The girls all had a varying degree of horror at the dangers of the technique. Soun looked over at Ranma, "However you seem to have gained control with your change into a panther."

Ranma nodded his head, "Yes. Becoming a cat has helped greatly. It was either get a grip or go insane. But, sadly, I also gained many of the temperaments of one. Even in human form I still act a bit like a cat." Ranma looked around with a slight grin, "Don't worry though, I'm usually pretty even-tempered," he looked over at his father with a feral gleam to his eyes, "unless, of course, you piss me off."

Genma responded with a glare, "Respect your elders, child!"

Ranma picked up his drink with his eyes closed and brought it to his lips. A smirk crossed his lips before he drank. "I respect those who deserve it." He drank the rest of the tea in his cup, and then lowered the cup. "You have yet to earn it back."

Seeing that an argument was about to break out between father and son, and probably a little bloodshed on Ranma's part, Soun decided to try and head it off. He turned to Akane. "Akane, would you mind taking Ranma out to the dojo and show him a few of the moves you know? And maybe you can even spar with him."

Akane smiled at the suggestion. "Okay Otou-san." She grabbed Ranma's hand and started pulling him up. "Come on, let's go."

"Alright, alright," Ranma said as he chuckled. He got up smoothly and followed along behind Akane to the dojo. He got ahead of her and opened the door for her. Akane smiled and thanked Ranma as she entered, and then Ranma followed her in.

Akane took up a position on one side and Ranma-chan stood opposite her in a relaxed ready stance. It took a bit of concentration on his part not to slip into one of the harder stances he had developed for the Neko Ken. The youngest Tendo quirked an eyebrow at the relaxed stance, 'How does he expect to win with a stance like that? Oh well, his loss.'

She charged at Ranma and threw a punch. The pigtailed boy dodged the strike easily and threw an open handed thrust of his own. Akane blocked it with a cross guard, although it still pushed her back a couple steps. She lashed out with a roundhouse kick as soon as she regained her balance and Ranma ducked underneath it. He noted the holes on the raven-haired girl's defense, but chose not to take advantage of them. Instead he back flipped out of the way and took a new stance. Akane charged at him again and he blocked or dodged all of her punches and kicks.

Akane was getting a bit frustrated. 'Why can't I hit him? No matter how hard I try he blocks them or dodges around them.' Beneath the frustration was a reluctant appreciation that there was someone her own age who was actually better then her. It meant that there was a lot that they could learn from each other. 'I hope he's different then those Hentais at school.' She thought silently to herself. Akane backed off and took a breath to calm down. This was the first opponent she'd had in the last several years that could fight back. The fact that she was fighting a boy put a slight damper on any feelings of joy that she had. 'At least he seems different then the guys at school.' The boys at school were all gross hentais that only wanted to get into her panties.

Ranma stood and once again took up his relaxed position waiting for Akane to make a move. It was against his nature to instigate a fight, even while sparring. Ever since getting the curse he had been even more careful because with the power of the Neko Ken at his disposal he could seriously hurt someone if he wasn't careful. Akane charged again and threw a hard right hook, which Ranma ducked under and responded with another open palmed thrust to Akane's stomach. The force of the impact knocked the wind out of her and blew her back onto her back. Ranma held out his hand and Akane took it, allowing herself to be helped to her feet.

"You all right?" Ranma asked.

Akane nodded as she checked herself, taking a couple breaths. "Yeah, I should be okay." She looked over at her possible first male friend, "Why wouldn't you fight me? No matter how I came at you, you barely threw a punch and dodged everything I would throw at you."

Ranma stared at the Akane with a strange seriousness in his eyes. Akane blinked as she stared into those strange, cat-like eyes. "Akane, the reason I hold back is because of the Neko Ken. I have to be conscious of what I'm doing at all times; otherwise I could do some serious damage. There was a time when I would just fight for the sake of fighting. I was headstrong, impulsive, and would open my mouth and say things without thinking things through first." His eyes softened, "As you can imagine this caused me a lot of problems. There was this one time especially, I badmouthed this old witch doctor and he cursed me; with what I won't say. What I will say though is that this curse is a real pain in the ass. Anyways because of that I forced myself to think things through before opening my mouth to speak, less I get cursed again. However, I'm happy with the person I became, sure there are some things I wish I could change, but I just have to deal with those problems. I also never want to go back to being that impulsive person I was before, too much trouble to deal with."

The youngest Tendo smiled at him, "If you were everything you said you were then, yes, I think it was for the better that you changed. Though it must suck to not be able to just cut loose in a serious spar." She motioned to the room, "Come on, lets practice a bit, then you can hit the furo."

Ranma smiled back at her and nodded. "Right." He motioned for her to stand next to him, "Come on, I'll show you a few things."

Akane nodded back and took the position indicated next to her new friend.

"Oh, by the way," Ranma said.

Akane turned to him with a questioning glance.

"We should also work on your defense. I noticed some holes in it that you need to work on."

The heir of the Tendo School looked somewhat confused at what he said, but decided to take his word for it. So Ranma began Akane's new instruction to become better then ever.

End Prologue

Hi everyone I decided to start a new story, at first I thought that Vamp had given up on this one but I was wrong. Anyways I'm basing this story off of Vamp's The Black Panther of Nerima. (At least the general idea anyways. Vamp only has one chapter up so far.)

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