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Last time

"Well not like I want your picture of me out there in the open." He muttered looking away from her. "I had no choice."

"You know if you don't give me those pictures I'll resort to more…drastic measures." Kasumi stated causing Nabiki to grumble as she handed the photo and its negatives over. "Thank you for your cooperation."

Chuckling nervously Ranma shrugged as he followed Kasumi out the door. "See you later Nabs" he called out as he headed back to his room content to know that Kasumi had the picture.

A Hard Finish

Ranma sighed heavily as Shampoo and Ukyo, once again started another argument over him. "Amazing I've gotten used to it." He mused rubbing his cheek in thought as the doorbell rang. As was the norm Kasumi was the one to go answer it.

"Oh Father!" she cried out in surprise as the Tendo Patriarch walked in looking happy to be back home. On closer inspection Ranma noticed the man seemed different somehow, more confident in himself or something like that.

"I see that everything has stayed more or less the same." Soun stated looking around as his gaze fell on Ranma. "I even hear Genma went back to his wife."

"Uh yeah." Ranma stated unsurely wondering what had happened to the man. "You seem different." He stated trying to pinpoint what was going on.

Soun laughed "I trained to get myself back in shape." He explained simply. "On the way I met an old friend so I invited them over." He stepped aside to allow an elderly man, wearing shamanistic clothing walk into the room. "Meet Poko-san."

"AH!" Ranma shouted jumping to his feet. "You're that old warlock who put the curse on me!" he shouted pointing an accusing finger at the man.

"And you're the brat who stole my food." Poko stated just as accusingly. "Soun you didn't tell me this was the brat with the problem!" he stated rounding on the younger man.

"Well it wasn't like I knew." Soun pointed out seriously. "So I brought you along to lift the curse on him, or are you backing out of the deal?" the Tendo patriarch asked seriously staring at the old warlock.

"Hell no!" Poko shouted crossing his arms as the girls angrily converged on him. "I don't care what you girlies say I'm not helping the brat!" he stated stubbornly looking away from them as Ranma growled.

"I'll beat it out of you then!" he shouted for once losing his temper. With a shout he jumped at the warlock intent on causing him intense physical harm.

Poko grinned as he flicked Ranma on the forehead knocking the teen backwards and through the doors leading to the garden. "You're 100 years early to even dream of fighting me boy!" the old man boasted as Soun palmed his face.

"He…just blasted Ran-chan away." Ukyo muttered in shock as the girls stared dumbfounded. Soon the unmistakable growling of Ranma's panther form became audible as the black jungle cat leapt through the wreckage caused by his exit.

(You damn old geezer!) The sign read as Ranma began launching attacks at the old man. Laughing the entire time Poko nimbly evaded everything Ranma could dish out. (HOLD STILL!)

"Why would I do that?" the old man cackled "This is way more fun!" It was then Poko noticed the girls all staring worriedly at Ranma. "Oh ho? Quite a cute group of girls you have pining after eh boy?" he asked mockingly resting on his haunches as he closed an eye giving himself that condescending look really strong old people seemed to have.

(Shut up you old fart!) Ranma's sign angrily stated as the panther continued to attack the old man.

Quickly procuring a steaming hot teapot Poko poured its contents on top of Ranma's head as he side stepped the attack. Moving quickly he forcibly placed Ranma in a seiza position. "Tell you what, prove to me you've changed and I'll take off your curse." The old man stated grinning down at the martial artist. "Unless…you don't think you can."

"Of course I can do it!" Ranma shouted eyes blazing upon receiving the challenge. "No matter what it is I can do it! I'm Saotome Ranma, I never lose!"

Poko grinned "Cheeky brat ain't ya?" he asked rhetorically. "Alright prove to me you're a proper gentleman and I might lift that curse I've placed on ya." He stressed the word might as he grinned down at him.

"And how you expect me to do that?" Ranma asked narrowing his eyes slightly.

"You got them girls to please don't you?" Poko asked gesturing at the group of girls behind Ranma. "You'll take each one on a date, and I'll judge you based on how happy the girls are by the end of the date, don't bother telling them to fake it either I can tell."

"All of them?" Ranma asked unsurely suddenly nervous as he began playing with his pig-tail.

"Yup, all six of them." Poko stated with an irritating grin on his face.

"Wait six?" Ranma asked turning around. "Ryouko…when did you come in?" he asked seeing the eternally lost girl sitting there drinking tea with Kasumi.

"I came in just now, why?" the way she looked at him was a mixture of loathing and slight attraction as she quickly diverted her eyes a blush on her face even though she tried to hide it.

"I don't think she's one of the ones who like me." Ranma stated pointing out the lost girl.

"Doesn't matter." Poko stated nonchalantly. "If she doesn't have fun with you, forget getting your curse lifted." He informed the teen cackling all the while. That said he vanished out the door leaving behind the parting words. "I'll be watching you closely boy!"

"What just happened?" Ryouko asked curiously looking around. "Who was that guy anyways?"

"In short that old geezer cursed me, and to convince him to lift it I have to prove that I can be a proper gentleman by taking you all on dates in which you honestly have fun." Ranma explained causing the girl's face to redden. "Speaking of which since you're here…you want to go out today?" he asked scratching the nape of his neck in embarrassment.

Ryouko's date

Ryouko's face turned even redder as she stumbled over her words. "Well if it's…to help you I guess I have no choice!" she declared trying to sound as if it were troublesome. The girls could tell otherwise though as they all stared at her with dead pan expressions.

"So…where do you want to go?" Ranma asked with a smile. Whether or not he noticed Ryouko's feelings was up for debate as he simply smiled at her.

"Uh…well…Onii-san never took me to the…amusement park like he promised." She trailed off nervously playing with her hair as she started drawing circles on the floor with her finger getting progressively more nervous as she continued speaking.

"So the amusement park?" Soun asked reaching into his Gi. "I actually have a pair of tickets." He stated pulling them out and handing them to Ranma. "I was hoping you'd take one of my daughters, but this seems like a better chance to use them." He explained seeing their questioning glances.

"Thanks Tendo-san." Ranma muttered bowing his head politely. "Shall we go then Ryouko?" he asked holding out his arm. "I'd rather not get separated so shall I walk you?" he asked smiling at her causing the poor girl to start steaming at the ears as she nervously grasped his hand. Ranma just smiled trying not to think to hard about how soft her skin was. Holding hands the two headed out the door at a leisurely pace, the tickets were good for the entire day, and it was only 8:30.

As they walked Ryouko snuck glances at Ranma whenever she didn't think he was paying attention. "Something the matter?" Ranma asked curiously as he glanced at her causing her to let out an oddly cute squeak completely different than her normal demeanor.

"Nothing!" she stated hastily as she tried, and failed, to calm her rapidly beating heart. "Nothing at all!" she added in causing Ranma to shrug his shoulders as they arrived at a bus stop and waited for the shuttle that would bring them to the amusement park.

"So what were you doing over at the Tendo's place?" Ranma asked as they waited. "Looking for another duel or something like that?" he asked tilting his head.

"I…I came to remind you to take responsibility for what happened last night!" she nearly shouted her face bright red as she began stuttering.

"Oh you mean when…" Ranma trailed off as his own face reddened at the memory. "Not like I did that on purpose." He muttered looking off towards the side. Making sure to keep a hold on her hand, Ranma used his free hand to rub the back of his neck.

When the bus came around the two silently got on and took seats near the back. "So what's this curse of yours?" she asked while looking out the window.

"Uh…how should I say this…?" Ranma muttered looking elsewhere. "I…uh…have…uh…difficulty dealing with…women." He finished lamely. Face red, he made sure not to turn towards her feeling her gaze on the back of his head.

"I see…" she muttered suddenly sounding more confident and happy. "Well then I guess I'll just do this." She stated leaning against him as the bus traveled along slowly. Pulling his arm closer to her body she pressed herself to his side. She was blushing enough to light up the entire bus, but in her mind the amount of discomfort she was causing him was well worth it.

Upon arriving at their destination both teens shared a look before they walked in, showing the clerk their tickets, they entered as Ryouko grasped his arm and held it tightly, so she wouldn't get separated from him. "What should we do first?" Ranma asked looking around.

Ryouko grinned and pointed at the biggest roller coaster in the entire park. "That one." She declared pulling him towards it. Chuckling Ranma swiftly took the lead lest she gets distracted and they'd both end up lost.

Getting into line they simply kept silent as they waited for their turn ignoring the general whispers about how cute of a couple they made. "People really like to talk don't they?" Ranma asked as they neared the front of the line.

Blushing slightly Ryouko agreed with him as it finally became their turn. Climbing into the car, the two strapped themselves in as the overseer received the thumbs up from the other employees.

Laughing Ranma kept a firm grip on Ryouko's hand as they stumbled out of the ride, only slightly dizzy, and even then it was from shouting for so long in exhilaration rather than actual motion sickness. "That was fun!" Ryouko declared looking around. "We should go on that one next!" Ranma smiled noting how much fun she seemed to be having.

The day passed by surprisingly quickly as they rode every non-water ride they could find, and entered every attraction they came across. They had even stopped by the park café for lunch before climbing into the Ferris wheel where they were now. "Today was fun." Ranma stated smiling slightly as he and Ryouko looked out over the park. With the sun setting as it was the sight was very pretty.

Ryouko nodded her head enthusiastically "Yeah, I had a lot of fun too!" she declared causing Ranma to smile. "Uh Ranma…" she began fidgeting slightly. Turning his full attention on her Ranma waited for her to continue feeling that it was important to her for him to listen. "I'm sorry… about when we first met…" she stated rubbing her arm slowly. "I was mad…and I was taking it out on you." She admitted looking away. "But, after today and after so much fun…I was kind of…you know…hoping…" she was starting to babble. Sighing in frustration she resolutely stood up and pushed herself into his arms. Surprised Ranma grabbed a hold of her instinctively as a pair of lips attached themselves to his own.

Shocked Ranma gasped allowing Ryouko to push her tongue forward exploring his mouth in the surprisingly passionate kiss. "Thank you for today." She stated pulling away from him as she rested herself calmly in his lap. Ranma's face was completely red as his brain simply stopped working due to over heating. Giggling Ryouko simply sat there as the Ferris wheel rotated around slowly.

While he was moving, leading them to the exit, Ranma's mind wasn't really on the walk; rather it was still going over what had just happened in the Ferris wheel barely fifteen minutes ago. Every time he glanced over at her Ryouko winked at him causing his face to re-heat as he snapped his head elsewhere. "What is it?" Ranma asked briskly as they boarded the bus.

"Oh, nothing." Ryouko stated somewhat more confidently than she had been earlier. The kiss bolstered her confidence he supposed. Clinging onto his arm she quietly watched the scenery pass by as Ranma focused his mind on anything other than the noticeable mounds pressing into his arm. Getting off the bus they silently made their way back to the Tendo Household, "I hope you had fun today." Ranma stated smiling down at her despite his discomfort.

Walking into the living room Ryouko let go of his arm and stepped in front of him. "Oh, don't worry today was fun." She stated giving him an alluring smile before sitting down with Kasumi who was drinking some tea.

Ranma sighed and rubbed his head as he headed upstairs for a quick bath. Outside, Poko held up a clipboard with a list of the girls' names. Under 'Ryouko' he marked down "Satisfied."

Ukyo's date

The next day Ranma was immediately grabbed by the shirt by Ukyo who quickly announced their departure as she dragged him along, much to his own protests. "Come on Ran-chan, today's my turn!" she declared happily as she smiled at him over her shoulders.

"Wait you girls are taking turns?" he asked incredulously. "Don't I get a say in anything?" he asked looking at her with a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment.

"Of course you don't." Ukyo stated simply as she dragged him into the park and towards the lake. Renting a boat she swiftly dragged Ranma to the docks and boarded the designated boat.

Sighing Ranma slowly used the oars provided with the boat to move out towards the center of the lake. "Was there any particular reason why you wanted to surround us with water?" He asked dryly staring at Ukyo who was watching him work with a closed eye smile. She was wearing a modest white sundress in contrast to her normal, boyish, chef's clothing. A matching white hat adorned her head giving her an innocent feeling though Ranma knew otherwise.

"Hm…I wonder." She stated as Ranma paused in order to give his arms a rest. "You know we're all alone out here." She stated moving to sit next to him.

Ranma pointedly ignored the sinking feeling in his gut realizing there was no way out less he want to turn into a panther again. "Uh…." As was usual for him his face was quickly turning red as various images of what could happen between a boy and a girl alone in a boat ran through his mind.

"I didn't mean that jackass." Ukyo stated using her spatula to smack him over the head. "I mean you and I, we never get any time alone, just to talk." She stated leaning against him though thankfully she wasn't reaching for anything that would spark Ranma's sexually charged imagination.

"I guess you're right." Ranma admitted after a while of forcefully calming himself down. "I've been wondering what happened after…well…you know." He trailed off unsure how to approach the subject.

"I spent most of the time training." Ukyo stated looking out over the water. "I was constantly teased because my Fiancé had run away from me." She explained a little bitterly.

"I'm sorry." Ranma said on impulse as he tentatively placed his left arm over her shoulders. She didn't seem to mind as she leaned in closer. "All I remember is pops pulling me along on the cart; I don't even remember him asking about you."

"I figured as much." Ukyo stated placing her hand on Ranma's own. "Saotome Genma is a cruel, poor excuse of a man." She stated. "Nothing like his son, who is noble hearted."

Ranma blushed, this time from the praise. "Uh…I'm glad you think so." He muttered unsurely, not used to being complimented. "It feels nice…not having to worry about wandering hands." He noted enjoying just being in her presence.

"Are you implying that my hands wander a lot?" Ukyo asked in a tone Ranma couldn't identify.

"Well there was that one time…when you thought I was sleeping…another when Shampoo was arguing with you…and the…" Ukyo covered his mouth with her hand as she palmed her face with the other.

"I get it…" she muttered shaking her head slowly. "Just…stop." Ranma nodded his head and the two dwindled into a comfortable silence. The moment was broken however as Ranma's stomach rumbled. Blushing Ranma looked elsewhere as Ukyo giggled. "I'll prepare lunch." She declared as suddenly a grill appeared on the boat already at the proper temperature somehow not rocking the boat.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Ranma asked incredulously as Ukyo began preparing some Okonomiyaki for them. "Did you just pull a grill out of your pockets?"

"If you notice I don't have any pockets on me right now." Ukyo pointed out.

"Out of your bag then." Ranma amended still confused.

"I just pull it out; don't ask me how it works." Ukyo stated apparently just accepting that it worked. "Don't you ever wonder where Shampoo keeps her Chui?" she asked curiously "Because I know for a fact her outfit doesn't have any pockets."

Ranma's mind wandered towards the gutter at the statement. "Uh…" he muttered lamely trying to shake the thought away.

"Quit thinking weird things!" Ukyo shouted smacking him across the face with her spatula "Oops…" she muttered realizing she had just knocked him off the boat as a large splash sounded over the lake. Climbing out Ranma glared at her before shaking off as much water as he could. "Ah, HEY!" she whined as the water got all over her and the grill. Turning his head Ranma stuck his nose into the air. Grumbling Ukyo finished up the Okonomiyaki and handed one to Ranma who wolfed it down quickly. Eating her own Ukyo sighed as Ranma stared at her. "Sorry." She muttered looking off to the side.

Ranma nodded his head and silently sat next to her, his fur still wet. "OHHOHOHO!" a shrill voice laughed out as Ranma's body immediately tensed up. "If it isn't that marvelous beast those commoners keep." It was Kodachi on what looked like her own personal boat being driven by her servant Sasuke.

"Friend of yours?" Ukyo asked eyeing the new addition tersely. Ranma immediately shook his head.

(She's crazy.) Was all the sign said as Ranma tried to hide himself behind Ukyo. (She hasn't bothered us in a long time so I thought she gave up.) Another, larger sign, read causing Ukyo to pat the panther's head reassuringly. Ukyo quickly stored the grill away as she grabbed the oars.

"Nothing to it but to book it." She muttered quickly rowing away from the crazed gymnast. Kodachi laughed again sending chills up Ranma's spine as hey hit the shore. "RUN!" Ukyo shouted when Kodachi started throwing spiked clubs at her. "Holy shit she's psychotic!"

(I TOLD YOU!) Ranma's sign read as the two continued to run, Ranma's tail between his legs.

"Oh for the love of all things holy leave us alone!" Ukyo shouted twisting around swinging her spatula in a wide arc clearing the air of the spiked projectiles. "I'll beat you senseless for ruing our date." She stated darkly.

"This commoner dares challenge me?" Kodachi asked quizzically before she began laughing again. "Very well then I shall indulge you!" Jumping forward her ribbon in hand Kodachi made a show of twirling it around as she descended on Ukyo. Smirking the chef took a batter's stance and swung…hard. "AIEEEE!" Kodachi screamed as she was sent flying her hands oddly shaped with her index and pinky fingers extended as the others folded towards the thumb.

"Crazy bitch" Ukyo muttered, having used every ounce of strength she could muster to send the deranged girl flying. Slowly Ranma poked his head out from an alleyway (is it safe) the sign read causing Ukyo to nod her head. "You okay?" she asked patting the panther on the head.

(I'm fine)

"Let's…go home I'm tired." She muttered rubbing her forehead. Nodding in agreement Ranma followed the chef as the two entered the Tendo household.

"Oh my, you two look like you were in a fight." Kasumi gasped as she fussed over Ukyo who was covered in shallow cuts from a few near misses.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." Ukyo stated rubbing her head. Unfortunately the action causing Kasumi to pinch her nose as she stepped away from the chef. "I guess I need a bath." Ukyo mumbled seeing the eldest daughter's reaction. Trudging off to clean herself up Ukyo waved at Ranma with a smile. "We should do it again sometime." She stated causing Ranma to nod his head as Kasumi fetched some hot water.

Outside, Poko wrote underneath Ukyo's name. "Satisfied."

Shampoo's date

Ranma sighed heavily as he helped Shampoo carry the picnic basket into the park. "I'm surprised honestly." He muttered causing the young Chinese girl to glance at him curiously. "I would've thought you'd want to go somewhere else." He admitted seeing her unasked question.

"Shampoo like romantic things to you know." She stated winking at him causing a bit of red to tinge his cheeks. "Here is good yes?" she asked patting a spot of earth.

Ranma shrugged his shoulders unsure of what really made a good picnic spot. "As good as any, I suppose." He muttered setting the blanket. "So, what's on the menu today Shampoo?"

"Dumplings!" she stated happily pulling out various Chinese dishes packaged in small bite sized wrappings of all shapes. Ranma smiled as he accepted some from Shampoo. "Ranma like?" she asked hopefully as her eyes held stars in them.

"Yeah, they're good…why are your eyes sparkling?" he asked noting how intently she was watching him. "Did you put something in them?" he asked nervously as he began eyeing the food with suspicion.

Shampoo suddenly became nervous as she wildly shook her head in the negative. "Course not, Shampoo never do that." She stated quickly silently wondering why the potion hadn't taken effect yet.

"Really now…" Ranma asked "Okay then why don't you take a bite?" he asked quickly shoving a dumpling into Shampoo's mouth and held it closed forcing her to chew and swallow.

Shampoo quickly closed her eyes fearing the worst. "Eh?" she wondered after a while realizing nothing had happened. "It no work?" she wondered looking around.

"Just what was supposed to work?" Ranma asked tapping his fingers against his arm in irritation. Placing his hand on her shoulder to force her to look at him Ranma noticed something off as soon as he turned her around. "Wait…why can't I move my hand?" he asked wondering what was going on.

"Aiya…wrong potion." Shampoo whined "Accidentally used potion of bonding." She stated causing Ranma to stare blankly at her. "It makes us stay connected for twenty-four hours."

"So we're stuck like this…for the next day?" Ranma asked in disbelief as he tried, unsuccessfully, to remove his hand from her shoulder.

Shampoo happily nodded her head. "Wanted one that creates impulse to do as instructed upon certain noise but is okay." She stated causing Ranma to blanch. "What now, no can do activities Shampoo had in mind if stuck together."

"We could go watch a movie." Ranma suggested pointing at the nearby theatre. "Assuming only my hand is stuck it can be kind of comfortable in there." He blushed as he looked away but Shampoo caught onto what he was allowing her to do.

Happily tackling him she squealed out a thank you before planting a kiss on his lips. "Ranma so nice to Shampoo!" she declared as she helped him up before packing up their picnic and headed towards the theatre as the basket and blanket simply disappeared into the unknown void where women kept things.

Arriving at the theatre the two teens quickly picked out a movie and ordered their tickets. The movie ended up being a spy flick that both fighters had wanted to see. Grabbing their seats Shampoo took her opportunity to rest her head on Ranma's shoulder. "You don't waste time huh?" Ranma asked trying not to focus on how soft her body felt. In response Shampoo merely shook her head as the movie began.

By the end of the movie both teens were clapping as they along with the rest of the audience got up to leave. "That was fun." Ranma stated stretching out as best he could to remove the stiffness in his body.

"Shampoo had fun." The Amazon warrior declared smiling happily. "Ice cream then home?" she suggested heading towards a nearby ice cream parlor.

"Oh, sure." Ranma muttered seeing the familiar store. "Think that's the place the Tendo family brought me to." He stated walking with her. In hindsight he realized that it must have seemed odd for the two to be walking with his hand constantly on her shoulders. Sighing he figured there was nothing he could do as they walked.

Apparently it wasn't very busy as no one was in line and the cashier looked bored if anything. "Oh customers…" he muttered glancing up at them. "Oh it's you, you want our best item again?" the man smiled kindly at them as he straightened himself up.

"Yeah, sure." Ranma agreed unable to remember what it was the last time he had been there. Paying the necessary fee the man gestured for them to take a seat as the he walked into the back presumably to give the order to the cook personally. In ten minutes a woman wearing a pristine white chef's outfit walked out carrying a larger than normal sundae a smirk on her face.

"So you're the boy who told the boys to give me your compliments eh?" she asked setting it down for him. "I was wondering who could eat the deluxe on their own." Ranma glanced up at her as she crossed her arms confidently. "Go on, it's a new challenge dish I'm making up, finish it in two minutes and it's free. I just need to make sure it's doable."

Ranma and Shampoo looked at it hungrily as they each grabbed a spoon. "Two minute yes?" Shampoo asked licking her lips.

"No problem." Ranma boasted as they got ready. The chef nodded and pulled out a stopwatch.

"Ready…GO!" she declared pressing the button. Both teens ravenously dug into the sundae at a frightening pace as the other patrons watched in awe.

"DONE!" they shouted at once slamming their spoons down. Checking the time the chef grinned.

"One minute and fifty-six seconds." She declared righting it down. "Alright, the sundae is on the house as promised." She wrote down a few notes before heading back into the kitchen.

Ranma and Shampoo groaned as their actions caught up with them. "My head hurts." They both mumbled tiredly as they rested their heads on the table. After that the new sundae was called the lovebird special and was a major hit amongst couples. As for the two lovebirds who the sundae was named after… "It still hurts…" they were still suffering from the massive brain freeze as they recuperated at the Tendo household. Poko laughed but gave Ranma a pass anyways.

Akane's date

Ranma sweat dropped at Akane's interpretation of a date. "Tell me again…why, are we hiking through the mountains?" he asked scratching his head tiredly.

"What is it too much for you?" Akane asked sharply giving him a stern stare.

"No…it's just…I thought this was supposed to be a date." Ranma muttered looking elsewhere. "This feels more like training to me."

"It is training!" Akane stated seriously as she crossed her arms. "The art is my life, yet you come out of nowhere and blow me out of the water! You're going to help me no matter what got it?"

"Uh…sure." Ranma muttered wondering why she was so fired up. "The clearing to our right should be good enough if it's just training." He stated thumbing over to his right.


"You should practice opening your ears more." Ranma stated seriously. "You can hear the river from here."

Cupping her ears Akane tried to listen for the sound of rushing water. "I don't hear anything…" she muttered frowning, "are you trying to make a fool out of me?" she asked looking Ranma in the eye.

Ranma sighed and began walking off in the direction he had indicated. "Just follow me." He muttered looking over his shoulder. Huffing in annoyance Akane followed after him. "See?" Ranma asked walking into a clearing.

"Oh wow…I never knew about this place." Akane muttered looking around; it was a spacious area with a calm river floating lazily by. "You sure you didn't know about this place before hand?"

"I swear I didn't" Ranma stated shrugging his shoulders as he set his pack down and began making camp. "As soon as we're set up we'll start training. Though I don't get why you didn't go to Tendo-san."

"Otou-chan never teaches me anything more than the basics." Akane stated pouting. "I want to learn the more advanced forms of anything goes."

Ranma sighed. "Look Akane…are families each teach a different branch of the school you know." He stated catching her attention as he sat down to look at her. "The Saotome side is about fast movements and flexibility. The Tendo side is focused on strength and durability." She looked at him quizzically "In short, the forms I know aren't meant for your style of fighting."

"That's bullshit I've seen how strong you can be!" Akane shouted pointing at him.

"That's my natural strength! I focus on speed more than anything else." He stated seriously. "Why do you think I dodge so much?" he asked noticeably calmer. "Do you want to know what kind of training Tendo-san did before coming back?" Akane quickly nodded her head. "Alright do a handstand, you can do that right?" Grumbling Akane did a perfect handstand, though a little wobbly at times. "Switch to one hand." glancing towards him in surprise Akane tried to do that, and with some effort managed it though now far more wobbly than before. "Now use only your thumb."

"That's not possible!" Akane shouted at him struggling as it was.

"Tendo-san can do one-hundred vertical pushups using only his thumb." Ranma stated seriously "I've watched him do it." Ranma paused to gauged Akane's reactions. "The Tendo style, revolves around the basics, and strength." He concluded making Akane look up at him. "Just work on those and you'll be fine."

"Right." Akane muttered as she allowed herself to fall out of the hand stand position. "Guess I'll just workout then." She muttered as she began doing pushups. Suddenly a weight placed itself on her back. "Ranma…what the hell?" she asked straining a little more.

"Do the same number you usually do with me on your back." He instructed simply causing her to grunt in annoyance. Slowly she began doing the pushups as Rama counted out loud for her. "Come on surely you can do better than this." He stated closing an eye to look down at her.

"Why do my arms feel like lead?" she whined as she lay down on the ground.

"Why are you lazing about?" Ranma asked seriously as he crossed his arms. "Those were only pushups. You still need to do sit-ups, squats, leg-lifts and then some sparring." Akane just groaned loudly as Ranma grinned down at her.

In each of the exercise Ranma added in something to make it even harder, for sit-ups he attached a spring mechanism to her abdomen making it harder to curl up. When Akane had started her squats Ranma tied a large boulder to her back. Akane moaned and groaned the whole time, but she got the exercises done. Settling down for leg lifts she eye the metal balls in Ranma's hands with slight trepidation only to sigh heavily when he attached them to her ankles. "You…are evil." She groaned lying face down on the ground.

"It's good for you." Ranma countered simply as he squatted next to her. "Come on, we still have sparring to do." He stated nudging her with a stick.

"How's sparring going to help me at this point?" she asked trying, and failing, to get up.

"You use techniques more when you're tired, if you were full of energy you'd just brute strength everything." He explained chidingly. "You have the misconception that the harder you hit the better you are."

"Then what is important?" She groused glaring up at him.

"Knowing where to hit, how to hit, and when to hit…for starters." Ranma stated seriously "With your training strength comes naturally, and also…so does your endurance."

"Endurance…?" she asked suddenly worried about what he meant by that.

"Yeah…seems that Tendo-san's own style is to just take the hits." Ranma explained with an eerie grin. "Apparently he had boulders thrown at him in order to toughen up his own body."

Akane chuckled nervously as Ranma began cracking his knuckles. "We're not going that far are we?" she asked nervously.

"Eventually." Ranma conceded as she managed to get to her feet. "We'll start small." With that Akane's beati…er…training began in earnest.

At the end of their journey Akane was covered in bruises as Ranma carried her on his back. "Is this what you had to go through all the time?" she asked resting her head against his back.

"Oh…yeah." Ranma stared startled by the sudden question. "Oyaji was always going on about how everything is training." He explained as he made his way down the mountain. "It got kind of annoying really."

"Do you think I'll be as good as you some day?" Akane asked the edges of doubt creeping into her voice.

"How willing are you to devote your life to the art?" Ranma asked seriously as he stared straight ahead. "I spent over ten years training with Oyaji on the road." Akane remained silent obviously in thought. "There is a price for everything Akane." Ranma stated as they neared the city. "My price for my skills was my childhood, my price for the easy to get along with personality I have now is the block against perverted thoughts. What are you willing to pay?"

Akane didn't say anything and instead buried her face deeper into Ranma's back. "I will train like that more often then…I'll spend ten years if I have to."

"And I'll be there to pick you up every time you get knocked on your ass." Ranma stated with a chuckle. "Trust me, it'll happen a lot." Nearing the household Akane climbed off Ranma's back.

"Ranma?" she muttered catching his attention as he started to turn towards her. "Thank you." Kissing him on the cheek she quickly ran inside leaving a dumbstruck Ranma in front of the gates.

"What…?" Ranma managed to ask before slowly following after her. On the roof across the street Poko made a sort of humming noise as he marked "satisfied" underneath Akane's name.

Nabiki's date

Ranma nervously glanced at Nabiki who was walking next to him. "Uh…where are we going?" he asked slowly afraid to anger the mercenary like girl.

"Well we're on a date right?" she asked seriously turning her stare on him. "Obviously we're going shopping!"

"How the hell am I supposed to know that?" Ranma muttered under his breath as he looked away. "So is there anything in particular you wanted?" he asked as they entered the shipping mall.

"Not really." Nabiki admitted as they looked around the stores. "I do need a new bikini though." She noted as she grabbed Ranma's hand and dragged him towards the bathing suit store.

"Wait can't you do that on your own?" Ranma asked nervously as his face began heating up. Nabiki stuck her tongue out at him as she forced him to sit near the changing rooms as she began browsing around. "Crazy Nabiki…" Ranma muttered embarrassed as many of the other girls in the store pointed at him and began whispering amongst themselves. "Why's she bringing me in here anyways?" he asked shifting around nervously firmly rooting his eyes to the ground.

"Just wait a bit longer Ranma I need to try these on." Nabiki stated walking behind the curtains.

"Wait…what?" Ranma asked weakly as she disappeared from view. Hearing giggles Ranma ducked his head once more as he tried not to think about what Nabiki was doing behind the curtains. 'Bad thoughts, be gone!' he chanted in his mind on the verge of beating himself with a stick.

"Ranma" Nabiki called out throwing open the curtains revealing herself in a rather plain one piece swimsuit. Sighing in relief Ranma gave her the thumbs up. "Tch…not daring enough." She muttered withdrawing into the curtains once more. Getting a sinking feeling Ranma chuckled nervously as he kept his eyes on the ground again.

"Ta-da!" Nabiki announced stepping out in a two piece bikini that kept her well covered all things considered. Ranma blushed and looked away. "Tch no good again?" she wondered delving back into the changing rooms."

"JUST WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?" Ranma shouted angrily causing the women around him to giggle even louder.

"How about this?" Nabiki asked stepping out in a revealing two piece bikini that only covered the bare minimum. It was scarlet in color and the pose she took in it proved too much for Ranma who passed out with a nosebleed. "I'll take it." She stated rummaging through Ranma's pockets. "How much is this swimsuit?" she asked walking up to the clerk causing the other women to sweat drop.

"I can't believe you took my money to buy that swimsuit." Ranma muttered checking the contents of his wallet.

"That's what guys do right? Buy the things women want for them." Nabiki stated looking over her shoulder with a fox like smirk.

Ranma stared at her before sighing as he palmed his face. "Oh, whatever…I don't have to buy anything else do I?" he asked worriedly idly checking his wallet one more time.

"Oh well now that you mention it…lunch would be nice…oh and I need some more make-up and new clothing to!" Nabiki listed off things she wanted causing tears to fall freely from Ranma's eyes as they headed towards the food court.

"There goes all my money." Ranma muttered allowing his head to hang down sadly. Nabiki merely laughed as she got into line at the food stall she wanted. "I'll have the deluxe." She stated walking up to the counter.

"Right, that's 1200Yen you know." The cashier stated causing Ranma to sniffle as he handed the money over. "You have it tough don't you?" the cashier asked chuckling softly. Wordlessly Ranma nodded his head as they headed towards the pick up window, Ranma opting not to eat considering who he was treating.

"Ah that was good." Nabiki stated rubbing her stomach happily "Thanks for the food Ranma." She stated smiling at the boy who gave a stiff "you're welcome" in response. Ranma noticed a bit of sauce on Nabiki's cheek, quickly wiping it off with his finger he licked it clean seeing as it was the only food he'd get for a while. "Ah…that…" Nabiki muttered turning red herself.

"Hm?" Ranma muttered as Nabiki quickly looked away. "You say something Nabs?"

"Nothing!" she said quickly piquing Ranma's interest as he leaned in a bit closer to her face. "Really, it's nothing!" she shouted shoving him away.

"Hm…" Rama muttered sitting up normally. "Are you…nervous?" he asked in confusion as he tilted his head to the side observing the normally cold as ice young woman in front of him.

"Like hell you know anything!" Nabiki stated calming her nerves enough to put on the Ice Queen's mask. "Now let's get going, I need some new clothing." She stated grabbing Ranma by the collar as she began dragging him along.

"Hey…go buy those on your own." Ranma muttered in annoyance as he quickly fell into step with her. "I'm not a walking bank you can use, you know." Nabiki turned to him and gave him the puppy eyes look. "I won't do it!" he shouted turning his head. In response Nabiki's lower lips began to tremble. "Not going to work!" Ranma shouted looking away. Nabiki's eyes began to tear up. "Must…resist…" Ranma muttered forcing himself to look away.

"You won't?" Nabiki asked her voice quavering. "For me?" she asked softly.

"GAH THAT'S CHEATING!" Ranma shouted pointing an accusing finger at her. "Fine…I'll buy you something." He muttered in defeat as Nabiki quickly turned her face to hide her diabolic smirk. A few people passing by sweat dropped seeing Ranma being played for a fool.

"Come on!" Nabiki stated dragging him off by the hand. "I need some casual wear." She explained simply as she began browsing through some of the spring options for young women. "What do you think about these?" she asked holding up a miniskirt and tube top combination.

"I don't know you're the one wearing them" Ranma muttered looking away, his face already a dark red. "I don't get why I need to be here."

"I need a man's opinion." She explained simply going back to browsing. "How about these?" she asked holding up a pair of short shorts and a V-neck T-shirt. Ranma's nose began to bleed as the image of Nabiki in the outfit came unbidden to his mind. "I take that as a compliment." She stated carrying them over to the checkout line.

Grumbling Ranma pinched his nose as he paid the fees. "I hope we're almost done." He muttered walking beside Nabiki carrying her bags from the swimsuit store and the most recent clothing store. Checking his wallet, he sighed seeing a single hundred yen bill. "I'm officially broke." He muttered glancing at his companion.

Reaching the house Nabiki quickly pulled him closer to her. "Thanks for today Ranma" she muttered kissing him on the cheek, opposite to the cheek Akane had kissed him.

Poko smiled, "Nabiki: Satisfied." He stated writing it down as Ranma scratched his head before walking into the house.

Kasumi's date

Ranma smiled, glad that Kasumi only wanted him to help her with grocery shopping. "I think this is the most normal day I've had so far." He muttered easily lifting everything she bought in his arms.

Kasumi giggled happily as she patted him on the head, a habit she developed due to how often Ranma's curse took hold. "Just a little more." She explained as they neared the last store in the market. "The usual please Usuda-san." She stated smiling at the pastry chef.

"Oh if it isn't Kasumi-san, on a date today?" the man asked smiling brightly. Kasumi giggled, but didn't answer the man "Between you and me, I don't think she should pin her hopes on Tofu-sensei." Usuda stated leaning closer to Ranma covering his mouth as he whispered. "Doctor is a good man, though he's a bit loony whenever Kasumi-san's around."

"Oh my, are you talking about something behind my back?" Kasumi asked sweetly causing the older man to sweat drop.

"Uh, nope…not at all." He laughed nervously as he shuffled back into his shop.

"You can be pretty scary when you want to be huh?" Ranma asked looking at Kasumi from the corner of his eyes.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Kasumi stated sweetly as she placed a hand on her cheek.

"Right…" Ranma muttered before looking over his shoulder. "You usually get people following you?" he asked softly causing Kasumi to glance around herself as if looking for a store or something similar.

"I can't say that I do." She stated honestly. "Hm…I don't think they're very nice people." She decided looking away from where the shadows were approaching them from.

"Shall we go somewhere less crowded?" Ranma asked softly as the two began walking away. "I can knock them out, hand them to the police or something."

Kasumi smiled "I have a better idea." She turned into an alleyway catching Ranma's attention as he followed her. "Let me handle this, I can guarantee they won't come back." She stated smiling in an oddly creepy manner.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a slimy voice asked from behind them. It was a rather large man, wearing a leather jacket with chains, wielding a steel pipe as he was backed by four similarly dressed thugs. "One fine bitch and her little boy toy." Ranma blushed at being called that but at Kasumi's gesture didn't respond.

"My, how rude." She noted tilting her head to the side as she smiled politely at them. "Is there something we can help you with?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah, I can think of a few 'things' you can help us with." The leader of the thugs stated laughing at his own joke as his followers followed suit. "What's it gonna be bitch, you coming with us or we gotta force you?" The man's grin bordered on insane as the others started licking their lips.

"How about…neither?" Kasumi asked simply as a shot rang out through the alley. One of the thugs was instantly one the floor screaming bloody murder as he clutched his face. Kasumi was calmly holding up a RugerLC9 pistol in her right hand, a left handed version held loosely in her left hand which had yet to move. "Oh my, I'm using rubber bullets, but you're in tht much pain?" she asked as her smile turned positively demonic.

"Kill the bitch!" the leader shouted as the thugs all rushed her. Kasumi moved swiftly as she used the guns, as small as they were, to knock away the strikes aimed at her temple all the while unloading her bullets into their midsections. Faster than the thugs could see Kasumi pulled out replacement magazines and reloaded her weapons before pistol whipping the nearest thug knocking him out as the other two fell in short order. Facing the leader Kasumi pointed both of her weapons at him and fired two shots, one between his eyes, and the other between his legs. Crumpling to the ground Kasumi smiled sweetly as her guns suddenly disappeared from her hands.

Ranma couldn't say anything…he was too dumbstruck to do so. Kasumi…kind, sweet, caring and gentle Kasumi just wiped the floor with five armed thugs with firearms. "I really shouldn't be surprised by weird things anymore." He muttered rubbing his forehead.

"Shall we go home Ranma-kun?" Kasumi asked sweetly, this time showing genuine kindness as she smiled at the younger boy.

"Right." Ranma nodded in agreement smiling with her. "Where'd you learn…you know…that?" Ranma asked as they walked towards the Tendo household.

"Oh you know…here and there." She stated simply not looking away from her destination.

"That's not something you learn 'here and there' you know." Ranma pointed out giving her a "You're kidding me, right?" look.

"I'm a military girl?" Kasumi offered.

"Not buying that one either."

"Oh alright, to tell the truth I just seemed to know how to use them" she stated seriously. "No training, no research, I just happened across these two guns and picked them up. Next thing I know I know how to maintain and use them as if I was trained with them all my life. It's rather mysterious isn't it?" she asked looking at him as they reached the dojo.

Kasumi stepped in front of him before they entered the door. "Don't tell anyone else?" she asked smiling at him as she held her hands behind her back. Nodding his head Ranma agreed to keep it a secret. "Great, a thank you for carrying everything for me." She tilted his chin backwards and captured his lips. Pulling away she winked at him and walked into the building leaving a dazed Ranma behind.

Poko laughed softly to himself as he marked down the last "satisfied" on his list. "Alright I guess I can give the kid a chance." He muttered closing an eye.

Ranma sighed as he took a set in the living room. "This past week was crazy." He muttered touching his lips one last time.

"I'll say, didn't think you'd actually make all six of them happy." Poko stated sitting right next to Ranma.

"When did you get here?" Ranma shouted clinging to the roof, the shock of the old man's sudden appearance causing him to react badly.

"I've been here the whole time." Poko stated with a mocking grin. "I've reviewed your actions this past week, and I'm surprised. All these girls were happy at the end of their dates." He paused to take a sip of his tea. "So I figured I'd give you a chance and lift the curse."

Ranma's eyes beamed as the old man pulled out a walking staff. "Really?" he asked excitedly leaning forward. "You mean I'll be able to think properly from now on!"

"Well maybe." Poko stated grinning. Before Ranma could press him for answers Poko began chanting in a language that Ranma didn't recognize. "TOH!" the old man shouted tapping Ranma's head with his staff.

"Ow…" Ranma muttered rubbing his head. "Was that part necessary?" he asked irritated that he had gotten hit on the head.

"No" Ranma resisted the urge to attack the old man. "So…How you feel about bananas?" the old man asked curiously.

"They're…I'd rather not eat one ever again." Ranma muttered

"What about this?" the old man pulled out a porno mag and showed it to Ranma who blushed, and reacted to it like a normal boy. "Seems like you're alright, still a little embarrassed about things, but that's to be expected."

Suddenly Shampoo, Ukyo, and Ryouko crashed into him, apparently having been chasing each other around the house. "I don't want to wear it!" Ryouko shouted trying to get away from the other two. "Oh hi Ranma!" she shouted tearing the attention away from herself as they focused on him. "You're not blubbering like an idiot?"

"I think I'm cured." Ranma stated causing the other two to cheer happily as they dog piled him. "Hey!" he shouted as they knocked him over.

"What's going on?" Akane asked as she and Nabiki entered the room. "Wait…Ranma's in a pile of girls and conscious?" she questioned sitting down looking at them oddly.

"So you actually did it?" Nabiki asked curiously. As Poko stepped back from the group.

"Oh Ranma-kun I'm happy that little thing's over with." Kasumi stated walking into the room.

Suddenly they heard chanting. "Enjoy this spell boy, it'll help you keep them happy." Cackling he jumped away and out of sight.

"What the hell was that all about?" Ranma asked curiously as he pushed himself upright. "Oh…" he muttered realizing he was rather uncomfortable. "I guess that would happen huh." He mused trying not to pinch it.

"What do you mean…oh…" Ukyo muttered seeing the source of Ranma's discomfort. "That'll go down normally right?" she asked wondering what exactly the spell was.

"One sure way check yes?" Shampoo asked slyly. Ranma gulped as the girls surrounded him.

"Wait…even you three?" he asked seeing the Tendo sisters surrounding him as well. "Come on give me a break!"

"No breaks!" Ryouko shouted as they jumped him.

"Oh wow!"

"It's so stiff down here."

"It…it's not going down…"

"GIVE ME A BREAK!" Ranma shouted as he ran away, his clothing in hand as the girls gave chase.

Soun blinked as he returned from his job. "Well…I guess that was a hard finish for a week full of fun." He mused rubbing his chin in thought.


First of all: I'll let you guys fill in the blanks as to what just happened at the very end.

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