Normal disclaimers apply to this story. I'm not JK Rowlings even though I wish I was and I wish I could write like she does.

Harry was sitting in a chair in the infirmary leaning against his best friend Hermione watching as the medwitches worked on the critical patients. He was exhausted; he had been bleeding and was bruised. Hermione wasn't in much better shape she had been with him for the entire battle protecting his back, she had a huge gash on her arm and her left wrist was broken.

Voldermort was dead even an hour after the battle Harry was having trouble believing it. He had won, the world was free of the Dark Lord.

Looking around Harry realized that Hermione had stayed with him even when Ron had bailed, she never left his side in over six months. All of the adventures through the years through times when it was just the two of them and times when it was the trio; she was always with him and now she was an orphan just like he was. Hermione's mom had died of cancer at the beginning of her fifth year and by the end of the year her dad had mourned himself to death. Not only had Hermione had to deal with all the issues of being a muggle born in the wizarding world and the war she had to take care of losing her parents and settling their estate.

Harry looked over to where Remus was laying on the bed next to Tonks and once again thanked all the Gods that both Remus and Tonks had survived. Remus and Tonks were for all purposes Hermione and his parents, Remus was the last of his father's friends. They had stayed with them at Grimmauld and helped Hermione with all the details when she lost her parents. On top of that they had a beautiful son that they needed to go home to, Remus had floo called Andi and let her know that they were ok. Tonks had got hit with a slicing hex and had been healed and given blood replenishing potion. Harry expected Andi to show up any time with Teddy.

Hermione turned at looked at Harry and realized that he was settling into depression. "Harry are you ok? You're awfully quiet?"

Harry squeezed Hermione's hand, "I'm fine just thanking the Gods that we both made it out alive and that Remus and Tonks are both going to be fine. I don't think I could have managed without the three of you. "

"We all made it; all of the Weasley's, Neville, Luna we even had the Malfoy's helping us. And thankfully, they were able to get Professor Snape to Madame Pomfrey and she was able to save him. Considering how many Death Eaters we had in and around the school that we did win and didn't lose more people truly is a blessing." Hermione gritted her teeth and grimaced as she moved slightly, her broken wrist was extremely painful and all of her muscles were starting to tighten up after sitting.

Harry was worried about Hermione when he saw her grimace, "Hermione you are hurting let me see if I can find someone to heal you?"

"No I'm ok let them look after the critical first. Neither of us are bleeding I was able to heal us enough to stop that. Madame Pomfrey will be over to look after us as soon as she can."

Harry nodded, and then grimaced himself realizing that he didn't feel very good either. Moving his legs to get more comfortable both of them laughed when his stomach made its self known by rumbling loudly.

"If I wasn't so tired I'd go get something for us to eat while we wait but, I'm just too tired to move right now." Hermione smiled to show Harry not to worry.

"Dobby," Harry called out.

"Master Harry, Mistress Grangy what can Dobby do for you?"

"Dobby please don't call me master, I was wondering if you could bring us some tea and sandwiches. We need to wait for Madame Promfrey to heal us but both of us are hungry."

"Dobby happy to help Master Harry Potter and Miss Grangy!" Dobby snapped his fingers and disappeared, just to reappear in just seconds with a tray full of sandwiches and fruit and a full tea service. With another snap of his fingers a small table appeared in front of them and the tray was set down.

"Thank you Dobby," Hermione smiled at the little elf. "We really appreciate all you do for us."

Dobby bowed and snapped his fingers and disappeared again. Remus who had been lying next to Tonks looked up when he smelled the food and slowly got out of the bed being careful not to wake Tonks. "Do you mind sharing a little of that?"

Hermione conjured another cup and handed it to Remus so he could pour himself a cup of tea.

Remus watched as it took all of Hermione's concentration and a lot of teeth gritting to conjure the cup. "How are you two doing? I see you still haven't gotten that arm treated."

"Madame Pomfrey is still swamped; she'll get to me when she has time. I was able to stop the bleeding and heal most of our really serious cuts so we will be ok."

Remus nodded and took a close look at Harry and Hermione; he then looked around for Ron and the Weasley's. "Where are the Weasley's and Ron?"

Harry shrugged, "I think they are down in the great hall. Ron, Fred and George had a few minor cuts and bruises that Hermione took care of. Ginny was banged up pretty good but nothing that Molly couldn't handle. I think mostly they were just tired and hungry."

Remus looked at Harry trying to read what he wasn't saying by his body language giving up he asked, "Why didn't they stay with the two of you?"

Harry shrugged as he took another bite of the chicken salad sandwich he was eating on. "Don't really know I guess they wanted family time. You and Tonk's are our family and Hermione needs her wrist healed so we stayed here."

Remus read between the lines and realized that Ron running off during the search and then fighting with Hermione all the time was starting to bother Harry. Remus had a sneaking hunch that Harry was in love with Hermione and he knew that Hermione was in love with Harry. When her parents had died they had a long talk and she had confided to Remus.

Hermione who was just about at the end of her endurance leaned her head back against Harry again and closed her eyes, not bothering to answer. Remus realized that she needed cared for even if there were people still in serious condition; if she wasn't cared for soon she was going to be in serious condition. Getting up he went to find Poppy, "Poppy can you please take care of Hermione she's just about all in. I'm worried that if she isn't taken care of soon she's going to be your next critical patient."

"Oh dear Remus I didn't realize she was that bad. Her and Harry came in and sat down and told me they were ok until I had time. Since they were both walking and talking I didn't bother to do a scan on them."

"Hermione has a broken wrist that I know of, she was able to stop the bleeding and heal most of Harry's cuts but I think all she did for herself was stopping the bleeding. She is exhausted both physically and magically, she conjured a tea cup for me and it took all she had to do that."

Poppy nodded as she moved towards the entrance where she saw Harry and Hermione sitting. "Miss Granger why didn't you tell me you had a broken wrist. It just takes a minute to set one and you wouldn't have been sitting here in pain." Poppy quickly scanned Hermione and found that her left wrist was broken her right foot had several broken bones and that her right knee had torn tendons and ligaments. "Miss Granger you have to be in so much pain, I can't believe that you sent me away, I know you know enough about healing to realize that you had a broken foot also."

Hermione nodded, "I'm ok there were people much worse than me."

Poppy just shook her head and started healing Hermione. When she finished she turned to Remus, "Mr. Lupin please go to my cabinet and bring me 2 bottles of blood replenishing potion, 2 bottles of the light blue pain potion, and 2 bottles of the dreamless sleep potion."

Remus nodded and headed for the cabinet while Poppy turned to Harry, "Ok, Mr. Potter let's see how much damage you did to yourself." Poppy quickly ran a scan on Harry and discovered that he was healed just needed some blood replenisher and that the pain potion and dreamless sleep would be welcomed. "How in the world did you manage to come out with nothing wrong?"

"I didn't but Hermione took the time to heal me every time she saw me hurt. Not only did she watch my back the entire time she kept me healed." Harry looked over at his best friend and smiled knowing that he would be dead many times over if not for her caring and knowledge.

Poppy looked over at the witch that was leaning on Harry's shoulder more asleep then awake. "She did a wonderful job of it. But, she's exhausted both physically and magically, I'm going to give both of you a pain potion, blood replenisher and then I want the two of you to find a bed and take the dreamless sleep and to sleep until you wake up."

Harry nodded, he could see that he was going to have to levitate Hermione to bed there was no way she was going to make it up the stairs. Poppy seeing the same decided to do what she had never done before.

Taking the potions from Remus she asked Harry to follow her. Poppy led the two students into the ward that was set aside for the Professors and waved him over to the bed against the back wall. Instead of a normal hospital bed it was a queen size four poster. "I trust that you and Miss Granger can sleep in this bed without doing anything inappropriate can't I?"

"Madame Pomfrey I'm too tired to even think of doing anything but sleep," Hermione moaned. She crawled into the bed without even taking her shoes off, took the potion from the medwitch and quickly downed all three before lying down and sighing.

Harry smiled, stooped down and removed Hermione's shoes then took his own shoes off and also the bloody shirt he was wearing and crawled in next to Hermione. After he took his potions he closed his eyes and was out like a light.