Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday. Hurrah. Well, to be precise it would have been my thirty-second birthday in human years, but as a matter of fact, I'm over one hundred years old. I'm actually 138 today! Izzy and Christina are determined to throw me a massive party- I'm dreading it.

The last party if I can recall correctly was when George originally graduated from medical school back in 1943. After nearly a century of being alone, I'm simply looking for someone to love…. If that's even possible… someone who'll love me for who… or what I really am….

"Hey, Mer!"

Meredith slowly closed her diary, seeing Izzy standing in the doorway of her room, her head turned sideways, studying her intently. Meredith rolled onto her side, propping her face on her hands, feigning innocence.

"Yes?" she asked innocently. Izzy flopped down onto the bed, grinning crazily.

"Well… guess what today is!" she chirped happily. Meredith rolled her eyes, grabbing a pillow and squeezing it tightly.

"I dunno Iz…. You know how I feel about… parties…"

"Oh come on! We haven't partied since the 40's! Well… if you call Emmett's party back in 35' a blowout bash…."

" Yeah… we can't eat.. or drink… we can't even sleep!" Meredith persisted darkly. Izzy smirked, looking at her crestfallen friend with a wicked gleam.

"That didn't stop me and Alex you know." Izzy said with a laugh. Meredith faked a tiny laugh, rolling on her back and staring at the ceiling.

"I remember Emmett's party…. Edward… Esme…. Alice… Jasper….you and Alex were going at it all night long… Christina was dating that one human… I forgot his name…. George tried going on a date with Rosaline…"

"Which resulted in him making a poor pass, and Rose ended up throwing him six blocks down the road… I laughed my ass off for days after that." Izzy said, tossing a lock of her blond hair back behind her ear, revealing her perfectly sculpted face.

"I never wanted to date anyone…. I didn't feel the need…. I don't… remember my human life at all…." Meredith whispered longingly. "Sometimes… I wish… I could just feel what a normal human woman feels.."

"Ok…. After we get done with work today…. Christina and I are seriously taking you out tonight…." Izzy said sternly. "I mean…. Cripes, Mer! You can't pine away for a century without anyone!"

"I don't want to go out!" Meredith whined.

"Damn it Grey, we heard you the first time!"

Alex and George stood in the doorway, already dressed and ready for work. George flashed Meredith a warm, comforting smile. His ability to soothe emotions was similar to that of Jasper's, a trait Meredith both loathed and loved.

"We weren't talking to you Alex, but since you so kindly jumped in our conversation…. We've got to do something to cheer Mer up!" Izzy said, sitting cross legged. "How about going to Joe's later?"

"Why? We can't eat or drink….." George pointed out, checking his wallet and checking his pocket for his car keys.

"To meet men obviously! Ya know… a good mortal now and then… or a snack…" Izzy said, her eyes slightly golden, a smirk on her lips.

"Well… O'Malley and I really don't swing that way… but if it makes you feel better…" Alex said with a shrug.

George looked down at his watch, running a hand through his mottled dark brown hair. Meredith checked the bedside clock, which read 7:30 AM.

"Guys, we'd better get going….." Meredith said, stretching although it was impossible to feel tired in the true sense of the word.

George wagged the keys in the air. "I'll drive us…." He stopped when his cellphone rang, and it flew to his ear with the first ring.

"Hello…? Oh… Carisle…. Hey! Yeah, we're just getting ready to go… how's Esme? Really? Cool."

The others watched him as George slipped the phone back into his pocket. George rocked gently back and forth on his heels.

"Carisle's actually handling some cases for a couple weeks instead of his hospital back at Forks. For a slight chance of pace, Esme is thinking of rerouting the family to Seattle for the time being."

"Good, I find Forks so freakin' cold and rainy for my tastes. Are we gonna leave or not?"

Christina hung in the doorway, looking slightly moody.

" We would have left a long sooner, if Mer didn't take half the morning to get sentimental about her birthday and did that diary writing stuff…." Alex said with a flustered shrug.

"Don't forget, Mer….we're taking you to—"

"Joe's I know." Meredith said flustered, darting to the bathroom and coming out freshly dressed in the time span of three human minutes.

" Did you know the Cullen's are also going to be around Seattle for while? Carisle has some work at Seattle Grace, and he and Esme will probably adjust their hunting grounds from Forks. It'll be great to see them again." Izzy said.

Christina tapped her head knowingly with one finger. "Guys… super hearing remember? I heard everything from the driveway, waiting for you slowpokes."

" I just hope there'll be a lot of cute men… I haven't dated since 1965." Izzy said, finally pushing herself off the bed, past the boys and headed out to the car. The boys followed, while Meredith and Christina lingered.

"I hate this day…. " Meredith said quietly. Christina wrapped a comforting arm around her, flashing her a warm smile.

"Mer, you're like the hottest vampire I know…. Even hotter than Rosaline…" she whispred with a gleam in her eye.

"Yeah….. like a normal man will ever love me for me…. No matter how hard I try… I end up pulling one in… my face… my voice… my body….. I'm… completely fake…."

"Geez…… perhaps you and Edward should go out….." Christina said, in half frustration. "Quit freakin' out!"

"Ok! Ok!" Meredith said, offering up a smile of peace. "I'll use this century to cut loose and have a good time."

"That's the my person that I know." Christina said, pushing Meredith towards the car, where Alex had taken over driving, and was honking impatiently. Sliding in the backseat of the van, Meredith settled back against the leather seat, gazing out window.

Yeah right… like some perfect guy is just waiting for me… like some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

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