Chapter 10- Who Let The Dogs In?

The table of collective vampires and humans turned to gawk as George glared back at them, golden eyes glowing with rage. Callie in mid bite of another mouthful of potato glanced about as the peals of laughter quickly died out.

"Whaaat? Did we break a law or something?" she inquired, swallowing the bite. Rosalie looked annoyed, eying them both with a crucial stare.

"You know how I feel about Edward… dating… her" the blond vampire said with chilled inflection. " I'm warning you right now Geroge- don't you dare do anything that will bring the Volturi down on us again!"

" I won't, Rosalie." George growled, hissing softly. "I love her, unlike you who I swear your relationship is built on nothing but sex!"

Emmett looked up from a magazine. "What's wrong with that?" Rosalie jabbed him in the ribs. "OW!"

"Don't even go there with me." Rosalie purred threateningly. "I have no qualms about knocking you out this window."

"Annnnnd the drama fest continues." Alex said without preamble, leaning back eagerly in his chair, waiting for a good fight to erupt.

"Wait…. What laws? What the hell are the Volturi?" Callie asked, shuddering at the hissing between George and Rosalie.

"They're….uhh….well…" Jasper fidgeted uncomfortably with the change in tension so quickly in the room.

"They're… royalty. They keep our laws and ruthlessly exterminate anything or anything they feel is a threat to our world."

The entire group looked up to see Edward standing over them, silent and brooding. His eyes black, purplish bruises shining on his perfect alabaster face. Christina gave him a look of appraisal before turning back to the table.

"Go hunt. Seriously."

"I will…. Later." Edward said frostily, dropping perfectly into a vacant chair at the far end of the table, burying his face in his hands.

"So…. What we did was illegal?" Callie challenged, looking at George. He ran a hand through his shaggy hair, biting his lip.

"Not illegal..but… they frown on humans knowing too much about our world….. and…. It could… end badly… if they find out."

"You mean when they find out. They already found out about Bella and Edward!" Rosalie snarled. " Plus, now Meredith is dating a human as well? I didn't realize this would be a commodity in a few decades!"

"Rosalie, please!" Emmett pleaded in a somewhat forceful tone. "Not here, please babe…"

"Fine. Whatever. I'm going for a drive." Rosalie stood, and gracefully made her way out of the cafeteria.

"She'll cool down. Always does." Emmett said, giving a farewell wave to all before following his wife out the door.

"Geez…. Now that that's settled…." Alex grouched. His keen vampire hearing picked up Bailey's footfalls before even entered the cafeteria. The short doctor was chatting with another doctor before making her way over to the group of interns and vampires.

"Doctor Bailey…" George said after a moment's pause, "Is Bella….?"

"A long, long, long road to recovery O'Malley, but she'll pull through." Bailey said in a quiet tone. " Thanks in large part to Shepard and Grey. Of course, being a vampire would have its perks I suppose."

The entire table gaped at her open mouthed. Bailey looked around at the startled looks and shook her head in indignation.

" Like you think I didn't know? I know every thing that goes on in this hospital- in my surgical floor. Plus, y'all are too damn pretty to be humans anyway. How the heck do you think I got the Dr. Carlisle Cullen to come here? Why do you think I asked him to come here? How I got the Chief convinced to let him come here…."

"Well…. Uhh…Carlisle had spoken of.. Chief Webber a few times…" Jasper said, swallowing the surprise in his voice. "But we didn't think… didn't know…"

"I'm troubled to why I didn't see this beforehand…." Alice murmured, looking deflated.

"This …is…weird." Izzie noted. Christina shrugged.

"As long as it doesn't bring trouble."

"Kids these days… no…. immortal teenagers these days…." Bailey threw up her hands in defeat before looking at Edward directly into his agony filled golden eyes, and rested a hand on his granite hard shoulder.

"Mr. Cullen, we're doing everything we can for Bella. We'll make sure she's getting the best care possible for her."

"Thank you…. Dr. Bailey." He sounded absolutely broken. Callie took a long drink of her soda and faced the doctor and the teenage vampire.

"But she'll recover right? Her legs were in bad shape, but I managed to reroute some of the bleeding, one of the legiments was torn, but I was able to fix that…"

"Like I said, it will be a hard road. I spoke to Carlisle, and I heard…. Well I was filled in on…. Recent events…." Bailey said quietly. "I don't know what we can do here…. And I we have other patients too look after."

"We've been…tracking…Victoria…." Jasper chimed in stiffly. "We chased her a few miles south, and we patrol every day…."

"Her scent got lost in the rush after the accident…and she can smell other vampires in here….Victoria could attack the hospital…but with you guys, I don't think she's go all suicidal just to attack Bella…." Edward remarked, his angelic face looking strained. "I think… I have to talk to Carlisle."

He stood fluidly and nearly floated out of the room.

"You don't think….? Nah, forgot I said anything…" Izzie muttered, golden eyes creasing with worry.

"Oh for cryin out loud Stevens, spit it out already!" Alex snapped, growing impatient.

"Well….I'm just… oh my god… what is that smell?"

George and Alex sniffed each other. Christina's face wrinkled, as did Alice, and Jasper's. Callie and Bailey looked confused.

"I don't smell anything. George?" she noted the look of disgust on her husband of less than twenty-four hours' face. George waved a napkin to clear the air.

"This is…. Oh. Oh. Oh no."

"Where. IS. BELLA."

Jacob Black, and his wingman Embry and Quil entered the cafeteria and walked straight towards the table full of vampires and humans. The three teenage werewolf boys were shaking, trying to keep from phasing in the middle of the room.

"Dr. Bailey, Callie….uhh…. Jacob Black, Embry Call, and Quil Atera….w- werewolves….." George grappled for the right words. Callie raised an eyebrow.

"Werewolves? Them? Seriously? Damn, glad I decided to come to work today."

Jacob put his hands on the table, hissing coming from the resident vampires in warning. The young werewolf loomed over the table, a dark look on his face.

"If one of you bloodsuckers did anything to her…." He threated.

"Wouldn't think of it, stupid dog." Alex growled crisply. "Unless you came looking for a fight, I'll kick your ass so hard I'll break your damn balls off and shove them up your ass."

"Just try it, you damn leech!" Jacob grunted with a growl.

" Ok… someone fill in the members of Team Human here…." Callie said, sensing the danger.

"We've made…. Mutual alliance with a local werewolf pack…." Jasper said. "We leave them alone, they leave us alone…. But with Bella, and the threat of Victoria… has… changed plans."

"As long as I get to kill some vampires I'm happy." Jacob hissed. He looked at Christina, Izzie, and George.

"More bloodsuckers. Great."

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Jacob…" George said, trying to maintain a friendly atmosphere, although his face said otherwise. "This really isn't the time for bickering…"

"He's right." Embry put in from the back.

"When is a leech ever right?" Quil questioned.

"Open your mouth one more time, puppy and I'll-" Alex warned. Jasper filled the room with a calming presence, the werewolves' backing away slightly from the table.

"Don't use your damn mind raping powers…..or is that Edward's job?" Jacob fumed. Jasper started to rise from his seat, Alice's hand flittered out to touch his wrist, pulling him back down.

"Jacob…Bella's… in ICU ward. Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey are making rounds with her… she's in bad shape, but she'll pull through." Bailey said, standing in front of him.

"Humph." He looked around. "Where is Edward anyways? Using her as a free smoothie?"

"THAT'S IT!" Alex darted across the room, but was stopped in his tracks by a furious Bailey. She stood between the vampire and werewolf like a bridge, glaring at them.

"Vampire, human, werewolf or not I will personally throw all of you out until you learn to calm down! Do I make myself clear?"

Silence. Bailey whirled on all of them again.

"I said do I make myself clear? I have no problems with paging Carlisle, and I doubt he'd be pleased to see you acting this way with so much going on at the moment!"

"We'll…return later… when the stink clears…" Jacob muttered, swiftly leaving with Embry and Quil following behind.

"We'd better get back to work…. Got a rectal check. Oh what fun." Alex avoided Bailey's gaze, heading out followed by Izzie and Christina bickering over their latest planned hunting trip. George slumped down in his seat, looking exhausted.

"We're planning another trip to search the prerimeter later." Jasper said, rising with Alice to go. "If you guys could meet with us?"

"Sure. Just give us a time…" George said in a tired tone.

"Great! See you guys later." Alice said, pulling Jasper out the door.

When they were alone, Callie snuggled against George, pressing her cheek against his rock cold skin.

"Will things get better?"

"No…. I think they're about to get worse. A lot worse. We're merely in the calm before the storm."