Hermione Granger had always been better then average. Its just something that came natural to her. It wasn't anything that she bragged about. It was something everyone knew none the less, though. In preschool she could read and write. In primary school, she was more advanced then any of her friends. So when, the summer before she was going to start higher education, it was really a shock to find out that she was even more special then what her parents knew.

She would never forget that day. She and her mother were sitting at the kitchen table, looking at the pamphlet for Collier's School for Extraordinary and Gifted Students.

"Hermione, they have all sorts of advanced classes that will help you get into any university that you want," Mrs. Granger exclaimed. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Granger were very proud of Hermione, they had never pushed her to be more then what she wanted to be. Being the only child, Hermione was expected to do only what she wanted to do; to be who she wanted to be.

"I know," she beamed back at her mother.

All of a sudden, in the midst of their happy chatting, in flew a beautiful, gray owl. Hermione looked at her mother with a look of complete confusion.

"What is that tied to the birds leg?", her mother wondered aloud.

They took the envelope from the owl, who hooted and flew away.

Opening it together, they read the letter that would change the course of Hermione's life forever.

When Mr. Granger got home, he was welcomed home like always.

"How was your day, dear?" Mrs. Granger asked, filling his glass with water as they sat down for dinner.

"It was good. Olive Bowling came in for a cleaning today. She said to tell you hello." he answered, taking a roll from the bread basket.

Hermione and Mrs. Granger looked at each other nervously, waiting for the other to bring up the subject of the Hogwart's acceptance.

"So, Dad. Something rather interesting happened today while mom and I were looking through the brochures for school." Hermione started, taking a small bite of potato. Her stomach had been in knots since she had found out that she was...well a witch. Its not that she hadn't expected it. Well, maybe she wouldn't have called herself a witch. She had always been able to move things if she was upset. She had one time slammed the door to her room from her desk, because he father was watching something way to loudly. It had made her angry because she couldn't concentrate on her work with all of the racket.

"Oh? What was that?" he asked, stabbing the roast beef with his fork.

"Well, ummm...", she stammered. Mr. Granger looked at his wife in confusion and then at his daughter in concern. Even when she was a little girl, Hermione had never had issues expressing what she wanted. Was she sick, he wondered, putting his fork down.

"What is it?" he asked them both.

"Well, dear, we received word our daughter has been excepted to a most..." she paused, as if trying to find the best word to use. "exclusive school. Hardly anyone gets into this school." she added.

Hermione turned pink. Of course hardly anyone got into the school. There weren't very many witches and wizard in the world, she thought.

"Thats brilliant!" Mr. Granger exclaimed, relief washing over him. He was worried that something bad had happened.

"Well yes, but" Hermione hesitated, going pink again. How DO you tell your father that you are a witch?

"Don't worry, sweetie,if you don't want to go to that school, you don't have to." He said nonchalantly taking a bite of his potatoes. "Let me see the acceptance letter. Have we ever heard about it?"

The woman in the Granger household exchanged a look, and Mrs. Granger pulled out the envelope and placed it next to his water glass. Mr. Granger smiled and picked up the envelope. Then, after turning it around, his smile disappeared, replaced by a face so white, you would have thought that he had seen a ghost.

This can not be happening, was the last thing that Mr. Granger remembered thinking before everything went black.

So what do you think? This is my first fic that I've published and I'm not sure how well my idea is coming across. I will update as much as possible. Please give me any ideas or suggestions, just please be nice to me. :) Have a great day and happy reading.