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Chapter 8

They traveled to Hermione's house split up. Hermione, her mother, her father, Jasper, Alice and Edward all road in the Range Rover. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett all rode in the vehicle that Carlisle had rented.

The whole way to the airport, not even an hour ago, Hermione had planned on asking tons of questions. Do you like hunting animals? What do you think of wizards and witches? How do you know my father and why did Dumbledore send him to you? But on the way home, she was very quite. She was very nervous and shy to ask these questions. But not scared, she thought, with great relief.

"What do you have to be shy about?" Jasper asked Hermione from the front passenger seat. Rebecca had insisted that one of the men take the front seat and since Jasper was a bit bigger, they decided that it should be his. Hermione and Rebecca had called into the back seat, leaving Edward and Alice to take the middle.

"I don't know," she answered boldly. She then looked at Jasper, remembering that he, like Alice and Edward had a special gift. "I forgot that you can control emotions." She responded to the extra bit of confidence that was coming from Jasper. She liked it quite a bit, because she wasn't used to being shy. She didn't understand it herself, the shyness that is, but for some reason, she felt like she really needed them to like her.

Alice, Edward, and Jasper all smiled at the confidence that now radiated off of the eleven year old. They were not used to being around children, but they could tell that this was no ordinary child.

Shes quite special, Alice thought to Edward, who nodded in response.

"Yes I can," Jasper replied. He was quite grateful that though they still smelled a little appetizing, for some reason, wizard and witches did not smell like most humans. He could be in very close quarters with them for long amounts of time and not find it difficult at all. Rebecca, being human, still smelled good, but it was bearable. It helped that none of his family would ever dream of harming either one of the ladies.

"So, how do you do it? I mean can you make anyone feel any emotion? Could you make anyone cry or laugh?" Hermione listed off some of the questions that had escaped her head earlier, some that she had been wondering about since her father had told her that Jasper was an empath.

"Don't mess with the driver," Alice warned her husband, having seen that they would end up in a wreck if he attacked Alexander with an emotional breakdown.

"Thanks Alice," Alexander grinned at Alice through the rear view mirror.

All of a sudden, Edward started laughing. At first, Hermione thought that he was laughing because her Alice had warned her husband so sternly. But then she realized that Jasper wasn't telling her about his power, he was showing her. Edward was laughing very hard, looking as if he should be crying, if that were possible for them.

"Jasper," he gasped between fits of hysteria, "Jasper, I'm......going.....to," he tried to warn Jasper, but it then came out like giggles. Hermione, who had been watching in awe, couldn't hold in the giggles that were about to escape. She started giggling, not unlike Edward. She then let out a loud snort, causing the SUV to explode with laughter, causing Alexander to have to wipe his eyes to see the road. Jasper composed himself and shot a wave of tranquility through the vehicle. Edward glared at Jasper, who grinned in response.

"Does that answer your question, Hermione?" Jasper asked, turning to look at her. He had the faintest of southern accents, something that she had only heard in a western. His voice was a little deeper then Edwards, but not as booming as Emmett's had seemed to be. She liked the sound of his voice. Well to be honest, she liked the sound of all of their voices.

"Yes, thank you." she said as they pulled into the driveway. They got out of the vehicles and gathered the luggage. Alexander tried to help, but seeing that they all had more strength then he would ever hope to have, they laughed and shooed him away. Alice, of course, had the most suitcases. Hermione smiled, secretly looking forward to seeing all of the clothes that she had brought.

They all walked into the house, wiping their feet on the welcome mat in the front hall. I'm glad that we have this big house, Rebecca thought as she hung her rain coat on the coat rack and looked at her company.

"So let me show you to your rooms," she said politely. "That way you can put your luggage in there and freshen up a bit if you like." she smiled. "Carlisle, Esme? Will you follow me up stairs? And Edward as well, please." She added.

"Of course," Esme answered. "You have a lovely home." she complemented Rebecca as they made their way up the stairs. Hermione didn't know if she should follow or stay where she was. Edward grinned, sneaking a glance in her direction. She blushed, much to his delight. She decided that she would go make herself a sandwich, since they hadn't ate dinner yet.

"Thank you, Esme. I thought that this house was too big when we bought it, however, Alexander assured me that one day we might need it," she explained. Then she stopped in her tracks, realizing what she had just said. Alexander must have thought that this day might happen and wanted to make sure that we had enough space. She looked at her guest, who must know what she was thinking; one of them for sure did. She shock her head, clearing her thoughts as she showed Carlisle and Esme the guest bedroom that had a private bathroom.

"This is beautiful!" Esme exclaimed as they walked into a paradise of light blue and white. It was decorated in a Caribbean theme that always reminded Rebecca of her honeymoon. Thats what had been the inspiration of this room.

"Thank you. Here is the closet, there should be hangers in there for you to hang your clothes, if you like. And her you have your own private bathroom with a shower. In here," she said as she opened the linen closet n the bathroom, "are towels and wash clothes if you need them. Please, if you need anything at all, let me know."

"Of course, Rebecca. Thank you so much!" Esme exclaimed, hugging Rebecca. Rebecca smiled and glanced over at Edward, who was hovering in the doorway, surveying the room.

"It fits your Esme," he said, smiling at his mother. "Reminds me of Isle Esme."

"Me too," Carlisle replied, kissing his wife on the forehead as she examined the seashell framed mirror that was hanging above the dresser.

"Isle Esme?" Rebecca asked as she lead Edward out of the Caribbean room, closing the door to give Esme and Carlisle some privacy.

"Isle Esme is an island that Carlisle bought for Esme a few years back," Edward explained, unimpressed as Rebecca opened a door across the hall. Rebecca just shook her head, deciding not to be surprised by anything, for now on. It seems as if my life has now become more interesting then any soap opera on the telly.

"This is the study, however it does have a dresser over there, if you would like to unpack your things. There is a recliner over there if you want to sit down or need some quite time or what ever you like.", she pointed around the room, wondering if she had forgotten anything. "Oh, yes, I know you do not use the restroom, however if you would like to freshen up or take a shower, you can use Hermione's bathroom, right over there," she said pointing to a door a near the end of the hall. There was another door at the end that had a big pink H hanging from a nail. Edward smiled seeing that pink H. For some reason, he didn't think that Hermione still liked it, however she keep it there to please her mother.

Rebecca and Edward walked down the stairs, to hear someone start playing the piano that was in the living room. They walked in and Rebecca had to laugh at the sight of Hermione and Emmett playing 'Chopsticks'. Not because of the song that they were playing, but because how they looked next to each other. Hermione looked so small next to the giant of a man. Her hands were like baby hands next to Emmett enormous ones. They finished the song and everyone clapped, having enjoyed the song. Hermione turned pink, much to the delight of Edward, and tucked her hair from behind her ear, trying to hide her face.

"Don't hide your face," Alice scolded, coming over and tucking the hair back in place. "Your truly to beautiful to hide!" she smiled at the girl.

"Let me show you were your rooms are," Rebecca smiled at Rosalie and Alice, bending over and trying to pick up their suitcases to carry them downstairs.

"Not so fast," Emmett boomed as he grinned and picked up the luggage before she could touch them. "I'll get that."

She smiled and lead Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper downstairs. "This is the family room and there are two bed rooms right down this hallway," she said. "They are both basically the same, so you can chose who goes where. There is only one bathroom, so you will have to share,"she said pointing to the door that was between the two identical rooms. "I'm sorry that you will have to share."

"Its fine, Rebecca," Rosalie spoke for the first time, to Rebecca, "Thank you so much for the hospitality."

"Its nothing," Rebecca replied, happy that everything was going so smoothly. "I'll leave you to get settled." she said as she walked up the stairs.

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