AN: It's been a while since I've started a new multi-chapter, but I've finally got around to it. I'm planning to write several, so if anyone has any ideas for pairings, let me know!
Pairing: Reno/Cloud
Minor Pairings: Rude/Tifa, one sided Sephiroth/Cloud
Warnings for this chapter: Alcohol, bad language

It was getting close to midnight, and the Seventh Heaven was full of people. They were swarming from the bar to their tables. Tifa was rushed off her feet, trying to ensure that everyone got the drinks they requested. She flinched as she heard a glass smash on the floor, muttering to herself.
"Great... more cleaning up..." Yuffie was meant to be here to help, but she'd disappeared with Vincent a quarter of an hour ago, and showed no sign yet of returning.

She was shocked a moment later when the slightly intoxicated customer walked back over with the shards of glass, and dropped them in the bin, before fetching a mop.
"Sorry miss." She blinked, then glanced over at where he had came from. It made far more sense when Reno had raised his hand. If Reno had got involved, no wonder the man was so eager to tidy up. You didn't want to argue with a Turk. She nodded her thanks towards the red haired man, and continued serving.

A few minutes later she heard a motorbike's roar. She looked up when the kitchen door opened and Cloud walked in. He was late back, yet again, from making a delivery. He'd probably been spending time with Zack, sitting on the edge of that cliff. She shook her head, fighting back jealousy. She couldn't feel jealous of a dead man. It wasn't his fault Cloud had chosen a memory over her. He walked up and she hugged him, trying to be pleased that for once he was back before midnight.

He frowned, glancing over and seeing Reno gulping down another drink. There were empty glasses littered over the desk. Reno must be drunk. He hugged Tifa in return, then gestured at the Turk.
"What is HE doing here? He has no place in our bar." Tifa shrugged, but Cloud wouldn't accept that as an explanation. He swaggered over to Reno, slamming his hands down on the Turk's table, and making him jump up in shock.

"Turk, get out of here. We don't serve your kind."
Reno rolled his eyes, continuing to calmly sip his drink now that he had realized what was going on. He felt annoyed at Cloud's attitude. Cloud always treated him like he was inferior, it wasn't fair. He had helped Tifa earlier, and he wasn't here to start a fight. He was only here to have a drink, and Cloud wanted to stop him.
"I'm good thanks."

Cloud frowned, wanting to punch Reno. He walked away, not saying anything. Soon Reno would be intoxicated enough to be made to leave. Tifa ignored Cloud's actions, continuing to wipe the bar surface. It helped her calm down to get everything tidy and clean.

The bar settled down into a surprisingly quiet atmosphere. Normally there were regular fights, but with Cloud behind the bar, his large sword still in place, no one dared to raise a finger. Cloud had almost forgotten Reno by the time he stumbled over to the bar.

Reno slammed his glass down on the counter, an idiotic grin on his face. He wasn't anywhere near as drunk as he was pretending to be, but this seemed to be the easiest way for him to be able to get what he wanted to get done, done. He laughed slightly, leering at Tifa before turning his gaze to Cloud, careful to keep up the act of a very drunk Turk. He stumbled, hands crashing onto Cloud's shoulders. He pulled him closer.

Cloud frowned at him, and tried to move away. Reno gulped slightly. It was now or never. If he backed away from doing this now, then he would never be able to do it again. He leant forwards so that his face was close to Cloud's.
"I really like ya Cloud. Wanna come back to my room?"

Cloud's eyes snapped open. This was ridiculous, he couldn't believe that this had just happened. Reno was always obscene, but that idea... he gagged slightly.
"Never. Not if you were the last human on earth. I'd rather shag Jenova." Reno raised an eyebrow.
"That's a really disgusting mental image..." He muttered, then he leant forwards again to try and kiss Cloud. Cloud shoved him away, then grabbed his wrist.

"You're drunk." He dragged Reno from the bar and slammed the door closed in his face. He dusted off his hands and returned to Tifa.

Reno punched the door in frustration, ignoring the cuts that opened up on his fingers. He didn't need Cloud. Not if he was going to act like that. Just because the man was hot, gracious and a very talented swordsman, practically sex on legs, didn't mean he was interested in him. He wrapped his arms around himself. He didn't need Cloud, didn't care about him. Cloud could die in a ditch for all he cared. He walked away.