AN: Final chapter, thank you all so much for your support throughout this, I've really enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the reviews and faves.
Pairings: Reno and Cloud, Tifa and Rude.
Warnings: Not much this time.

A few months later:
Reno smiled over at Cloud, who was cross legged on the floor, helping Marlene paint. The two of them had been left to babysit the kids while Rude and Tifa went out for a meal. Cloud glanced up, realized Reno was looking up at him, and smiled in return. Reno grinned, sticking his tongue out. Cloud shyly stuck his tongue out in return, and Reno settled back down in the sofa.

Reno smiled, watching Cloud with the children. The last few months had been going well. Cloud and he had been on dates together, and held hands. That was all, but Reno was willing to take it slow after everything Cloud had been through. He would take it at the pace the other wanted. Cloud was part of the family, given responsibility, able to take care of the others. He helped cook dinner, and had spoken to Reno a lot about what had happened.

It wasn't perfect though. Cloud didn't go to work. He was scared of doing deliveries. He barely ever left the house, he was terrified of it, and would only do it if Reno was right beside him. Reno hadn't had a peaceful night's sleep since they had got home. Every night, Cloud would wake him up, shaking and clinging to him. Reno would hold him, stroke his hair and calm him down. Then they'd settle back down to sleep.

Reno pushed away from his reminiscences, going to crouch down beside Cloud, helping Denzel to paint. He grinned at the young boy.
"Is tha' a castle?"
"It's our house silly. That's mum, and Rude, and Cloud, and you, and me and Marlene." Denzel explained, pointing at each in turn. Reno noticed with a smile that he and Cloud had been painted holding hands, just like Tifa and Rude. He got another sheet of paper for the two of them to paint on.

The front door opened and Cloud screamed, curling up, breathing too fast. Marlene cuddled him protectively, while Denzel raced to greet Rude and Tifa. Reno crouched by Cloud.
"Come on Cloudy, up you get… no sulking."
With difficulty, Cloud got up to sitting again, smiling nervously at Tifa. She paused.
"Uh… sorry Cloud, I'll ring the doorbell next time." She hadn't meant to scare him like that. Cloud shrugged.
"It's okay Tifa. You didn't mean to."
"I know…" She smiled, staring at the paintings. "Oh those are just gorgeous, you've been having fun then when I've been out?"

The two children nodded and laughed. Rude smiled indulgently, then took Reno to one side. They talked in whispers, then Reno grinned at Cloud.
"Well, we babysat earlier right? So Rude'n Tifa are gonna keep an eye on the brats, so we can go ou' together." Cloud opened his mouth to object, but Reno interrupted. "Jus' the two of us. No arguments, come on, you can drive. I wanna go to the cliffs."

Cloud rolled his eyes, but headed out to his garage, having looked around to check there was no one dangerous there. He got on the motorbike, Reno hopping on behind him. When he felt Reno's arms wrap around his waist, he started it, racing towards the sunset. When they approached the edge, he stopped. He hopped off once parked, and helped Reno down.

Reno walked beside him to the very lip of the cliff, his arm around Cloud still. The two of them stared out, watching in unison as the sun sank in the sky. Cloud smiled. When he'd been Sephiroth's prisoner, he had thought that he would never see the sky like this again. His heart soared to see it now.

Reno grinned as the sky was bathed with amber and gold. He took Cloud's hand, squeezing it gently. Cloud turned towards him, and their lips met with shyness, keeping it gentle, tender. Reno pulled away and kissed his cheek. He took Cloud's hand.

"We're gonna do it Cloud. I know yer scared, it's okay. It ain' gonna get better overnigh', you've been too hurt for that. But together, we're gonna get through this."

Cloud blushed, turned towards him and leant up, kissing him softly. Reno was right.