Eyes that sparkled with wonder always followed her as she was flying. They watched her fly higher and higher, straining to hear her laughter before it was blown away by a strong wind. She was living their dreams. When she flew, their spirits flew with her, swirling and dancing across the blue. Her light spirit touched theirs. Spirits grew lighter as they watched her up high in the clouds. She made them feel as if they could fly.

Osono shaded her eyes with one hand as she watched Kiki fly off for what had to have been the hundredth time. But, for some reason, it was never any less wonderful than the first time. She let out a small gasp.

She found that when Kiki was only a black blur in the distance she could still hear laughter. She found she was the one laughing. The wind tossed her hair about. She tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear. She could only imagine how the wind felt from up there. Her bright gaze was still caught in that brilliant blue dome of endless possibilities. She watched her dip and sway, imagining what it was like to fly. The sky was not the limit. It was only the beginning. The dreamer's spirit is always dancing in the stars. It is always waiting for the wind to stir it and push it in the right direction. Wherever it goes it leaves the world behind more beautiful than before.

"She's the most amazing girl." Tombo's voice drifted dreamily from behind her. His eyes were fixed on the quick, black blur bouncing across the sky.

"She really is."