Author's Note:

Trust me, this will be the only author's note you'll ever see unless something like this happens again.

I'm very used to saving my stories to my flash drive since I can never seem to stink with one computer to work on my stories.

But what has happened recently is going to put all of my stories on hold until the problem is fixed.

You've probably already guessed what happened but…here it is.

I've lost my flash drive at school. So I'm going to have to hold on even working on my stories until I can find it.

Know that I'm very, very sorry for my carelessness and I promise to work my hardest to find it and update on all of my stories within the first three weeks after I do.

Again, I am very sorry for being so dumb.

If you want, you can leave reviews telling me how stupid and dumb I am. I won't be offended but you leave an insult that is funny enough, I'll try even harder to look for my flash drive and I might just use your funny insult in one of my stories – and of course I'll mention you if I do use your insult.

Again, I'm sorry.

      