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"OI! Nagihiko! We need to ask you something!" shouted a certain russet-haired boy from inside the Royal Garden. Nagihiko sighed and put down the watering can. Drying off his hands, he walked inside, only to find that Kukai had set up the meeting table like the ones you saw in interrogation rooms. Meanwhile, Tadase was standing off to the side chuckling nervously and trying to stay out of suspicion.

"What would you want that is so important, Souma-kun." It was a statement, not a question. "I was watering the plants."

"I know." Kukai replied simply. "It's because Mashiro is also supposed to take care of the plants and you don't want to miss her right?" he said raising his eyebrows. It was true, Rima and Nagihiko had been assigned to water the flowers this week, but Nagihiko had no idea why Kukai had brought it up.

"I have no ide-" Nagihiko started but was cut off by none other than Kukai.

"Tadase, hit the lights!"

"Um, Souma-kun, I don't think-"

"Come on! It adds to the effect."

"No, Kukai. This is a greenhouse. We have natural light from the windows."

"Then pu-"

"And no, the windows don't have blinds." sighed Tadase ending the conversation.

"So much for that idea." muttered Kukai under his breath. He then reached for the flashlight next to him and flashed it at the chair where Nagihiko was supposedly sitting, only, Nagihiko had traveled all the way to the other side on the fountain when…

"HOLY CROWN!" yelled Tadase, enveloping our poor purple-headed friend in a crown-shaped plasma.

"Nice Tadase!" said Kukai. Nagihiko, who was still recovering from the shock of being trapped in yellow jell-o, was picked up by his shoulders and plopped down into his original seat by the older boy.

"What do you want?" demanded Nagihiko. He was getting impatient. Rima would get angry with him if he left all the watering to her. He didn't want her to hate him even more than she already does.

"Do you like Mashiro-san?" inquired the King.


"Come on Nagihiko! We know you like her. Wherever she is, you are. And you always happen to catch her whenever she's about to fall or something." explained Kukai. Not true, thought Nagihiko, I pulled her into a whole once. Ah, they probably don't need to know that.

"They're called coincidences." Nagihiko explained, "And I don't like her!" he added defiantly.

"Tell us Fujisaki-san, we just want to know."

"Yeah Nagihiko, there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking a girl."

"Oh? Then how are you doing with Utau-san?" Nagihiko smirked. Kukai had turned red. The Guardians have seen their senpai hanging out with the pop star more than once. "Mashiro-san and I are just friends, well in her case, mortal enemies." he said standing up. "If you have nothing else to say then I'm leaving." and with that he walked out of the greenhouse.

"Maybe he doesn't like her." Tadase sighed. He felt a little guilty of jumping to a conclusion about his friend's love life.

"Oh no, my dear King, for he is in denial."Murmured a now recovered and normal colored Kukai.

"What? How do you know?"

"I'm older than you guys, of course I'd know."

"Ah, so you do like Utau." Smiled the King.

"No!" Shouted a, once again, flustered Kukai.

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