Want a Dog?

Summary: Meredith and Derek get a puppy. Hilarity ensues. Takes place during season 3.

Disclaimer: I own nothing...these characters belong to Shonda Rhimes. I'm just borrowing them for a little while. :)

A/N: So I'm looking through my old computer files and I came across this fanfic that I started like maybe two years ago. I had just read the book "Marley and Me" which at that point, wasn't even a movie yet, and it had inspired me a little. I don't know why I never got around to completing it then, but I decided this was too good of a story to not finish. So here it is!

Please note that I wrote this story quite a while ago, and since then, a lot of changes have happened on Grey's. In this story, George and Izzie still live at Meredith's. George is still with Callie (before their Vegas wedding). Derek and Meredith have recently got back together. And the gang are still interns as this fanfic is pre-Lexie. Also, you will note that the chief has finally retired and someone has stepped into his role. Now, without further rambling…please enjoy! :)

PART I: A Puppy Would Be Fun

"Where's the chart for 2426?" Cristina asked as she walked over to the nurses station where Meredith was sitting.

Meredith looked around and handed her the chart. "Liver guy?"

"Yeah! Thanks!"

"You're in a chipper mood."

"We just got a donor. I'm scrubbing in on his transplant."

"I wish I could get some OR time. Bailey's gone all Nazi on me and is making me do scut and post-op notes today."


Meredith gave Cristina a pointed look. "Punishment."

Cristina laughed. "For being late for rounds again because of McDreamy?"

"Yeah. But it was so worth it. Our new chief-of-surgery has a very nice desk."

Cristina's jaw dropped. "You did it on his desk?"

Meredith nodded. "Uh huh."

"You know his office is totally see-through, right? With all the windows."

"Not anymore. Derek put in some blinds. I think he might have been planning this for a while."

"Well congratulations, Meredith. Looks like you and Derek aren't so boring after all."

"Thanks, I think. I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere."

"Oh, I almost forgot. Tyler was looking for you earlier."

"Tyler? Why?"

"I don't know. Something about a dog? Don't be late for rounds again."

"Enjoy your surgery."

Later that morning, Meredith caught up with Tyler over at the nurses station.

"Tyler. Hey."

Tyler turned around at the sound of his name. "Oh, hey, Meredith."

"Cristina said you were looking for me earlier?"

"Yeah, I was. This is going to sound completely random, but would you like a dog? A puppy actually."

"Um…I don't know. Maybe. You're giving away a dog?"

"Well not me, my grandmother. Her dog just a had a litter a few weeks ago and there's one left. She's pretty anxious to find him a good home. So, you interested?"

"Hmm…I'll have to think about it."

"I just thought of you because I know you love dogs. And I know your other dog got real sick a while back and had to be put down, so you don't have to say yes. But I thought I'd at least ask."

"What's he like?"

"He's a yellow lab mix. Very playful, very friendly. Lots of energy. Loves playing outside. And he's had all his shots and everything. All he needs now is a good home."

"Could I see him?"

"Sure. Absolutely. In fact, my grandmother's got an appointment this afternoon with her doctor. I'll tell her to bring him if you want and you could take a look at him. Will you be here?"

"Yeah, I'll be here till six. Will you page me?"


"Thanks, Tyler."

Meredith thought about it all morning. At first, she had been excited about it. She loved dogs, and Derek loved them too. It would be so much fun for her and Derek to get a puppy together! But after a while, she began to have her doubts. Maybe a dog wasn't a such a good idea. Puppies were hard work. They were like children. And she did miss Doc. She didn't want to feel as if she were replacing him. And then there was the George and Izzie factor. She was sure they wouldn't approve.

But it could stay at Derek's, the little voice inside her said.

No, it wasn't a good idea, she decided. And now she regretted asking Tyler to have his grandmother bring the pup to the hospital, only for her to say no. But what was done was done.

It was about this time when her pager beeped.

As she rode the elevator down to the first floor, she thought of what she could say to Tyler. She should tell him the truth. She didn't think it was a good idea. No, maybe she didn't have to say no right away. She could tell him she would think about. She should at least see the dog first before making any decisions. Meredith shook her head. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan.

But when Meredith laid her eyes on the yellow puppy, she realized that the decision had already been made for her. From the moment Tyler placed that happy little puppy in her arms and he licked her face, she knew she wanted him. Who cared if Derek said no, she would just have to convince him. And so what if George and Izzie were annoyed with another dog. It was her house.

"Okay, I just want to run a few things by you, Chief," Patricia announced. "We're going to need an OR at three o'clock this afternoon for the liver transplant and we don't have one available."

"Okay…bump Sloan's surgery. His can wait until tomorrow."

Patricia sighed. "You can't bump Sloan's surgery every time."

"I'm chief. I can do whatever I want," Derek replied with a smile.

Patricia gave him a stern look.

"Hey, as long as it's not a burn victim, it can wait."

"Just leave your personal issues at the door next time. Now, for tomorrow, you've got a meeting with the board of directors, nine o'clock sharp…"

Derek pretended to listen as he straightened up the items on his desk. He picked up a file, and the image of Meredith sitting in that exact same spot this morning, naked, made him smile. He had always wanted to do that. He had always had this fantasy of pushing everything off his desk and making love right on top of it. They did it on TV all the time. Who knew how thrilling it would actually be? Having the position of chief-of-surgery certainly had its perks.

"Dr. Shepherd, did you hear what I said?"

"Yes, of course, Patricia. Thank you for going over the schedule with me. I'll see that everything gets done."

"Well I'll let you get to it." Patricia smiled, then left his office.

Just seconds after she left, he heard a knock at the door. "Come in."

Meredith's head popped in the doorway. "Hi. Got a second?"

Derek smiled. "I always have time for you. Come in."

"I'm not alone. I brought someone with me."

Derek was about to ask who when he saw for himself what Meredith had meant. She walked over to him, holding the little yellow puppy close to her. He laughed. "Whose puppy is that?"

"Tyler's. Actually Tyler's grandmother's. Derek, look at him. Isn't he just the cutest?"

"Yeah, he is." Derek reached out to pet the puppy. No one could resist petting a puppy this cute. "What's he doing here?"

"This little guy needs a new home. Tyler asked if I wanted him. I told him I would think about it." Meredith grinned widely at Derek. "What do you think?"

Derek saw the look in her eyes. He knew exactly where this conversation was going. "Meredith, I know what you're thinking. I just don't know…"

"He's up to date on all of his shots, and he's already been neutered. And he's a really good puppy. He's very lovable, and very playful."


"Shh." Meredith place a finger over his mouth. "Don't say no yet. First you have to hold him."

"Okay." Derek held out his arms as Meredith placed the little puppy into them. Immediately, he began to lick Derek's face.

"Aww! See look at that! He likes you!"

Derek couldn't help but smile. "He is really cute."

"Look, I know it's a big responsibility. And at first I didn't think it was a good idea. But then I thought about it, and I saw how cute he was. And then it made me think of how much fun we had with Doc. You know? Remember? We'd walk the trail and play fetch with him before work. I miss that. And I miss Doc. And I don't want to replace Doc…cause let's face it, you can't replace a dog like him. But it made me remember how much fun it was to have a dog around the place. And you've got all that land. Think of how much fun he would have running around and—"



"You don't have to convince me so hard."

"I don't?"

"No, you don't. I think having a puppy around would be a lot of fun too."

Meredith smiled. "Really?"

"Really. Besides, I think I'm already attached to him anyway."

"Oh, this is great! Derek, this is going to be so much fun!" Meredith gave him a smacking kiss on the lips as she took the puppy back. "You're sure?"

"If this dog makes you smile that much, then there's no way I'm saying no to that. Besides, Doc's already destroyed everything that can be destroyed by a dog at the trailer anyway. I don't think there's much damage left for this little guy to do."

Meredith laughed. "I'm going to go tell Tyler we're keeping him then. I'll see you later?"

"I'm working late but I should be home around eight."

"Okay. See you then."

"Oh, and Meredith?"

Meredith stopped and turned around. "Yeah?"

"I think we're going to have to get a new vet."

Meredith laughed. "I had a feeling you were going to say that."

"What the HELL is that?" Izzie said the moment Meredith walked into the house with the puppy in her arms.

"I got a dog."

"No, no, no, and NO! We're not letting another hell dog into this house!"


"Is that a lab?"

"He's a lab-mix."

"Oh that's worse! Meredith, what the hell are you thinking? Do you know how destructive lab-mixes are? No, we're not having him in the house so you can just take Marley back from wherever he came from."


"Yeah, you know? Marley? World's worst dog? Best-selling book?"

Meredith shook her head, not understanding.

"Please tell me that's not what I think it is," George said as he walked out of the kitchen.


George turned to Izzie. "Please tell me I'm hallucinating and that's not really a dog Meredith is holding."

"It's a dog."

"That's what I was afraid of."

"You guys…relax! He's not going to stay here all the time. He's going to stay at Derek's trailer. I'm just babysitting him since his daddy is working late tonight. Isn't that right, buddy?" Meredith made kissing noises to the dog. He stuck his tongue out, panting happily.

Izzie rolled her eyes. "Oh god. They've adopted a dog and she's already referring to Derek as its 'daddy'."

"What? Oh come on, you guys! It's just a little puppy! Look at his little face. Just look at it!" Meredith held the puppy's face close to them, making George and Izzie back up a little bit. "How could you not love a face like that?"

The pup moved his head forward, attempting to give Izzie a lick.

"Eww…just got a whiff of dog breath." Izzie waved her hand in front of her nose.

"I'm sleeping at Callie's tonight," George announced as he stormed out of the room.

"Keep him off my bed," Izzie warned, following George up the stairs.

Meredith looked down at the puppy with sad eyes. He panted happily, licking her face again. "Don't worry. They'll come around. Derek and I love you and that's what matters."

The puppy wiggled a little, attempting to get out of Meredith's arms.

"Are you hungry?" Meredith sat the dog down on the floor and walked to the kitchen. He followed her, wagging his tail excitedly.

"Look what I've got!" Meredith placed her tote bag on the table and dug out a half empty bag of dog food and a bowl. "We'll have to get you some more food tomorrow but this will be enough for your dinner."

Meredith poured some puppy chow into the bowl and placed it on the floor. "Hungry boy," she laughed as he wolfed it down.

[phone rings]

"Be right back." Meredith stood up and answered the phone. "Hello?"


Meredith smiled at the sound of Derek's voice on the other end. "Hey. I thought you were working late."

"I am. I mean I was. I'll be home sooner than I thought. I was thinking about dinner."

"Me too. I'm starving." Meredith walked over to the fridge and took a look inside. "I've got some leftover pizza."

"How much leftover?"

"There should be enough for the both of us."

"Okay…that sounds good. So did you bring the dog home yet?"

"Yeah, he's here. I picked him up on my way home. Tyler's grandmother gave us some of his things too. Food bowls, toys, his bed. She gave us some food too but we'll have to pick up some more tomorrow because there's not much."

"I can pick up some in the morning. It's not a problem."

"Hey, what do you think of Marley?"


"Yeah, as a name for the puppy. It was Izzie's idea. Some book she read had a dog named Marley. What do you think?"

"Sure. I like it."

"Oh good! Marley it is! He looks like a Marley."

Derek laughed. "I think so too. I'll be home soon. Have the pizza ready."

"Okay. I'll see you when you get home."

"Love you."

"Love you, too." Meredith hung up the phone and smiled. "Did you hear that, Marley? Daddy's going to be home…" Meredith stopped, realizing that she was talking to herself.

Marley was nowhere in sight. His bowl still had food in it, but apparently, Marley was finished.

"Marley?" Meredith looked around the table and chairs, wondering if he was hiding there. But he wasn't. "Marley?"

She looked around in the living room, calling out his name every now and then. She peeked into the laundry room. It had always been Doc's favorite place to hide. But nope, no Marley.

"If I was a dog, where would I go?" she asked herself as she looked around in the kitchen again.


Meredith cringed. When Izzie yelled like that, it usually wasn't a good sign. And from the sound of it, she had a pretty good idea where Marley had run off to.

She found him upstairs…content and happy on Izzie's bed.

"I'm sorry, Iz. I turned away for just a second to answer the phone." Meredith picked up the puppy. "You can't get on Izzie's bed," she gently scolded.

Izzie stood in the doorway glaring at Meredith with her arms crossed.

"Izzie, can't you just give him a chance? He's just a baby. He's really friendly. And he must like you. Why else would he come upstairs and go right to your room?"

"Please take him out of my room."

"Come on, puppy."


Meredith looked up from the puppy, seeing George standing at the top of the stairs.


"I think your new dog left you a little surprise over here." George pointed to the floor where there was a little yellow puddle.

Meredith could hear Izzie laughing behind her.

"Maybe I like this dog after all. At least this dog pees on the floor instead of my bed like the other one."

"Enjoy your dog, Mer," George said, smiling as he stepped over the puddle and ran down the stairs with his overnight bag.

"Karma rocks!" Izzie laughed as she closed the door to her bedroom.

After dinner, Derek and Meredith considered what to do with Marley. They tried to set him up in the laundry room, but Marley was not having that and would run out every time before the door could even close.

"I guess he could stay upstairs," Meredith said and picked the puppy up.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Meredith placed Marley's bed on the floor and tried to coax him to get in. Marley, however, was not tired, and played around with one of his toys instead.

"He'll be fine," Derek said as stepped out of the bathroom. "He'll wear himself out and he'll go to bed."

Meredith smiled. "You're right."

"So what about you? Are you ready for bed?"

Meredith smiled again, knowing where this conversation was going. "Yeah."


Meredith laughed. "No. You?"

"Wide awake," he said, closing the distance between them with a kiss.

Two minutes later, their clothes were in a pile on the floor, and Derek and Meredith were busy under the covers.

As Derek found the ticklish spot on her neck, Meredith glanced over and spotted Marley sitting on her chair.


"Hmm…" he murmured as he continued kissing her.

"Derek, the dog…" Meredith nodded over to the side.

Derek quickly glanced at Marley. "He's fine," he said, then went back to kissing her.

"Derek. Derek, stop for just a minute…"

Derek reluctantly stopped. "What's that matter?"

"Nothing. It's just…Marley."

"What about him?"

"He's watching us."

Derek turned to look at the pup again, and sure enough, Marley was sitting on the chair, head tilted to the side, watching their every move.

"Meredith, he's just a dog," he said, then kissed her in an effort to distract her.

But Meredith pulled away. "I don't care. I'm not having sex in front of an audience."

"He's a dog. He doesn't know what we're doing."

Meredith glared at him. "I said I don't care. I'm not having sex in front of the dog!"

"Okay. We can fix this problem" Derek reluctantly got out of bed and picked the pup up. "Time for you to go to bed, Marley. We'll set you up in the bathroom."

"Get his little dog bed. And turn on the night light so he won't be in the dark."

Derek picked up the little bed on his way to the bathroom. She waited as Derek got Marley all settled in and closed the door behind him.

"There. Problem solved."

"Thank you."

Derek crawled back into bed. "Now, where were we?"

"Right about here," Meredith giggled as they resumed their kissing.

But not thirty seconds later, they heard scratching at the door.

"Ignore it," Derek whispered when Meredith seemed distracted. He kissed her lips and hoped she could focus on him again.

Marley soon started to whimper.


"Shh. He'll be fine. He has to learn to fall asleep on his own."

More whimpering. More scratching.

"You're right," Meredith agreed as the kissing resumed once again.

But the whimpering didn't stop. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse. Loud whimpering. Sad whimpering. Followed by frantic scratching.

"Oh Derek, he's scared."

Derek sighed. "Meredith…"

"He's just a baby. He's scared."

"I know," Derek said, getting an idea. "Where's that toy he was playing with earlier? The one that squeaks?"

"It's over there by the door."

Derek grabbed the chew toy off the floor and went to the bathroom. The moment the door opened, the whimpering stopped. Marley looked up at Derek and wagged his tail excitedly.

"Here you go, buddy. Play with this. Then get some sleep."

When Marley seemed distracted enough, Derek quietly closed the door behind him. He paused for a moment to make sure Marley would stay quiet.

"I think it's working!" Meredith whispered.

"He just wanted something to play with, that's all. Now, shall we continue?"

"You better," Meredith giggled.

Derek dove underneath the covers once again and wrapped his arms around Meredith, making her laugh. He knew all of the places she was ticklish.

Things seemed to be going fine for a few minutes, but then…


"Oh no," Derek muttered.


"So much for that idea," Meredith said.


"SHUT THAT DAMN DOG UP!" Izzie yelled from her bedroom.

Derek sighed. "This isn't going to happen tonight, is it?"


"I'm sorry."




"I'll get him." Derek reluctantly got out of bed and pulled on his boxers. They were obviously staying on tonight. Then he made his way to the bathroom.

As soon as the door opened, Marley made a run for it with his tail whipping across Derek's legs. He struggled to get up on the bed. His third attempt was successful. Meredith greeted the puppy with open arms as he jumped in her lap and tried to lick her face.

"Oh, Marley. Poor baby! You were just scared and lonely in there, huh?"

"Oh no."

Meredith looked up from the dog and gave Derek a worried glance. "What?"

"You're going to need more toilet paper. He's knocked down and chewed up the whole roll. "

Meredith stared at the dog, trying her best to give a stern look to such an adorable little face. "You can't do that, Marley. That's why you have chew toys. Those are what you play with."

Derek took a minute to clean up the mess Marley left behind. When he returned to the bedroom, he saw that Marley had made himself comfortable on his side of the bed. Marley looked up at Derek and blinked his little eyes, making no attempt to move now that he was relaxed.

"Oh no you don't," Derek said, picking up the pup. "That's where I sleep. Your spot's at the foot of the bed." Derek placed Marley at Meredith's feet, then got under the covers.

But Marley, determined to have his way, wriggled his way back to the head and wedged himself between the two of them. He collapsed on his stomach and closed his eyes.

"Aww, Derek, look at him," Meredith whispered as she touched the soft fur behind his ears. "Isn't he so precious?"

"Yeah, sure. Precious," Derek remarked sarcastically, and he started to wonder if taking in a dog was such a good idea after all. It certainly wasn't looking too good for his sex life at the moment.

A/N: Oh the fun is just beginning…stay tuned for part two!