11 year old Pucca was walking by herself in the forest. When she relized she hadn't seen Garu all day. "I'll go sneek up

on him.." Pucca thought to herself.

When she reached his house she saw him meditating. Pucca quickly hid in the bushes, to

avoide being spotted. Then when Garu wasn't paying attention, she glomped him, pinning him to the grass. 'Well there

goes my peaceful afternoon.' Garu thought. "Hi Garu." Pucca said her eyes lost in his. Uh oh. Garu knew that look. Just

then Pucca was leaning in to kiss him. "HELP!!!!" Garu screamed before her lips meet his in a kiss. Pucca pulled back

and giggled. She rested her body on top of his. Which made him blush. Her face inches from his. "Don't worry Garu, I

don't have cooties." Pucca said with a smirk. All Garu could think about was why she loved him so much. Out of all the

guys in Sooga, she had to pick the one who didn't have time for love, and relationship. Althought part of me is touched

by her actions, he'd never got this attention before by a girl, or anyone. He came to Sooga for honor not love. She was a

little important to him though. She had given him attention that he had never gotten before,and she cared about him

deeply, since she first met him. Garu was deep in his thoughts, when he relized Pucca was just laying on him relaxed on

his chest. All he could do was look down at her. She was annoying more than anything in Sooga. But maybe she wasn't

half bad. Just when Garu was about to close his eyes and enjoy the warmth of her body, Abyo came from within the

forest. "Hey Garu wanna sp-" Abyo paused after seeing Pucca on top of Garu, and seeing that Garu might acually be

enjoying it. "Whoa. What's going on here? Hmm?" Abyo asked with a smirk. Garu blushed looking at Abyo and back

down at Pucca. As he frowned and pushed her off. Unlike most girls who would cry, or leave with a huff. Pucca politly

smiled. 'Garu is so cute when he's embrassed! :-3' Pucca thought. "Well, I will let you to spar. Later Garu-Cakes!"

Pucca said kissing Garu on the cheek before leaving. All that was going through Garu's mind was 'Garu-Cakes?!

WTF?!' But he knew that it was Pucca and that ever since he got to the village, she been his 'girlfriend' if you perfer. It

would annoy Garu but he had to deal with it.