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Chapter 1

Ziva groaned, slowly regaining consciousness.

What had happened to her? All she could remember was a lot of pain and then black.

She lifted her head slightly and looked around the room. It was a small concrete room with no windows, one door and one flickering light bulb that hung above her, casting an eerily glow around the room.

She tried to stand up but her legs and arms were tied to the chair. She was a trapped prisoner.

Suddenly the door opened and a man stepped in. She hung her head again, acting as if she was still unconscious.

She could hear the man walking towards her and she instantly tensed. Sharp stabbing pain attacked her skull as the man pulled her hair back, forcing her to look at him. She cried out in pain and the man just laughed.

"Finally awake are we?" he said. He spoke quite good English but he had a heavy Hebrew accent.

"What do you want with me?" she spat at him, trying to act tough while my head throbbed with pain.

"We want answers" he said simply.

"About what?!" she yelled back.

"About Rivkin" he said, pulling her hair harder.

"Why? He's dead" she said softly.

"He was investigating us and we want to know how much he found out and who he told"

"Who are you anyway?!" she yelled.

"I guess there's no harm in telling you seeing as you're never getting out of here alive. My name is Ananiah and I am part of a terrorists group in Somalia. The same terrorist group that your boyfriend was following. Now answer my questions"

"I don't know what you're talking about?! Michael and I didn't speak much about his work" she said sternly.

"But you would have to know who he reports to?" he sneered.

She tried to shake her head but that just made it hurt more "No"

"That's a lie" he yelled at her, spitting on her face. He came closer to her so their faces were only inches apart. "He answered to the head of Mossad, your father. Oh yes Ziva, we know a lot about you and your family and you will tell us the information we want to know, whether you like it or not." And with that, he turned on his heal and stalked out the door.

She hung her head again, her mind churning with ideas of how she can escape. She just wished she hadn't stayed in Tel Aviv, and that she had gone back to the US with Gibbs and Tony. But she knew why she had stayed, to finish what Michael had started.

She let a sob rack her chest and let her mind drift back to the images of Michael lying on her carpet, blood seeping out of the massive wound in his side and the bullet holes in his chest. And then there was Tony, lying next to him, gun in hand, pointed at her.

She didn't know whether to believe his story about what happened that night. Would Michael have killed Tony if he didn't kill him first?

Nevertheless, Tony still killed Michael and nothing could ever change that and she hated him for that.

But did she really hate him? Whenever she pictured Tony's face in her head, her stomach filled with butterflies, just like it did every time he looked at her.

She groaned in confusion. She should hate Tony for what he did but she couldn't bring herself to do that.

She finally stopped thinking about Tony and concentrated about getting out of this place.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Gibbs and Tony walked into the ward room in silence.

Tony stared at Gibbs while he pretended not to notice. Gibbs sat at his desk and started to boot up his computer while Tony stood in front of his desk with his arms crossed.

"Anything you want DiNozzo?" he asked.

"Why did you let her go?" he asked sourly.

He shrugged "She wanted to stay".

"But you could have made her come with us, it was your decision" Tony protested.

"If she wants to stay with her father and the Mossad, then I can't keep her here"

Tony finally groaned and trudged back to his desk.

"Hey, you're back" welcomed McGee who walked out of the elevator. "Where's Ziva?"

No one answered.

Realisation washed over McGee's face. "They kept her in Israel?"

"No, she wanted to stay" replied Gibbs.

"Why?!" he demanded.

"Don't know" answered Tony.

McGee exhaled heavily as he slumped in his chair. "Well this was a surprise"

At that moment Abby came bursting out of the elevator.

"Hey, you're already here. How was your trip?" she asked happily. She quickly glanced around the room "Where's Ziva?" she asked wearily.

"Israel" responded Tony.

"What?! This is not happening! They're splitting us up again?! This is crazy!" she shrieked.

"Calm down Abby, she chose to stay in Israel" replied Gibbs, getting up from his computer and walking to the elevator.

"Where are you going?" yelled Abby after him.

"Coffee run" he yelled back.

She sighed and walked over to Ziva's desk.

"But she is coming back right, this is just temporary" she asked, turning to Tony.

He shrugged "I don't know, it could be permanent"

"What?! Why would Ziva leave us like this? Without even a goodbye?" she said sulkily, slouching into Ziva's old chair.

Tony and McGee didn't answer; they just sighed and tried to work.

Abby eventually left to go back to her lab and Gibbs came back with his coffee like usual.

Life went on normally but it wasn't the same without Ziva.

Tony especially was feeling the change.

Every morning he had woken up, happy and energetic because he knew he would see Ziva's beautiful smiling face when he got to work.

And not that she was gone...he had no reason to be happy.

"Get your gear!" yelled Gibbs, causing Tony to snap out of his day dream.

He rubbed his eyes and slowly collected his stuff.

"I said, Get your gear! We haven't got all day DiNozzo" Gibbs yelled at him.

When they got to the crime scene, everyone gasped when they saw the sight.

It was at a rundown warehouse and the murder took place in the small office in the far corner of the building.

A man had been killed but not quickly and painlessly. He had been cut open his organs been cut out of him and had been lined up in a row. On the wall was a message, smeared in the victim's blood. It read:

"Guess Who? This won't be the last"

"DiNozzo, photos. McGee, Bag and Tag. Ziva..." Gibbs trailed off uncomfortably.

Tony and McGee set to work in silence. Tony snapped pictures of the body, the organs and the writing on the wall.

"Time of death?" Gibbs asked, picking up a small piece of bloody glass on the ground and handing it to McGee.

"Just from looking at the body and the blood on the wall...I'd say about an hour, but that's just a preliminary evaluation" Ducky said, prodding the organs. "I do hate it when other people do my job for me"

"Cause of death?"He asked as DiNozzo snapped a picture of a footprint in blood on the floor.

"Apart from being cut up? There seems to be slight bruising around the neck which suggests that our victim was strangled. But I will know more after the autopsy"

"DiNozzo, you are awfully quiet. Are you alright?" Gibbs asked him.

Tony looked suddenly up from the footprints he was examining.

"It's nothing, boss. Just thinking about what the killer means by 'Guess Who?'" he answered a bit flustered.

"Maybe it's just someone we've dealt with before" suggested McGee as he picked shards of glass off the floor and into a bag.

"Kinda guessed that McGeek" said Tony, rolling his eyes.

"Anyone found a murder weapon yet?" interrupted Gibbs.

"Not yet" replied Tony.

"Is this it?" called McGee from under the desk in the corner "it was stuck to the underside of the desk" he said as he crawled out from under the desk holding a massive knife.

It was about 40 centimetres in length and was razor sharp.

"Wow, that's one big knife" commented Tony as McGee slipped it into a zip lock bag and tagged it.

"You can say that again" scoffed McGee as Tony snapped some more pictures of the knife.

"Who found the body?" asked Gibbs.

"A lady called Sara Miller, she works at the warehouse and she found the body when she came into work this morning" McGee said while looking through all the draws in the desk. He pulled out a paintbrush with blood-soaked hairs and quickly slipped it into another bag.

"Where is she now?"

"Just outside"

"Well? Someone go deal with her. DiNozzo, go ask her some questions"

"Right on it boss" he replied before walking out to the front of the warehouse where a woman with dark brown hair sat hunched over in the front seat of her car. "Excuse me but are you Miss Sara Miller?"

She looked up suddenly. She wiped her nose on the back of her sleeve "Yes" she replied timidly.

"I'm Special Agent DiNozzo; I'm here to ask you some questions about what you saw when you came into work this morning"

"It was horrible" she trailed off sobbing quietly.

"What time did you get to work?" Tony asked.

"About 7:30. I walked in to the warehouse and I was the first person there as usual. I walked into the office to check in and found..." she trailed off.

"Did anything seem out of the ordinary?" asked Gibbs.

"Well one of the windows on the back wall of the warehouse was broken but I just thought some local kids had accidently broken it"

"Are there any security tapes around the building?"

"Ahh, yeah."

"Would we be able to get a copy of them?" he asked impatiently.

"I would have to ask my employer"

"Please do that and thank you very much for speaking with me" He said just as Gibbs, McGee, Ducky and Jimmy were exiting the warehouse.

"Ready to go?" Gibbs asked.

"Yup" Tony replied as they piled into the NCIS truck.

When the team got back, they headed down to Abby's lab to give her the evidence. They caught her looking at pictures of Ziva.

"Oh, sorry" she said quickly as she shut down all the pictures.

"Can you scan for prints on all these items?" Gibbs asked, dumping all the plastic bags on her table. "And can you do a DNA test on the blood found on the glass fragment?"

"Sure thing Gibbs" she said "And do you know anything about when Ziva's coming back?"

He shifted from one foot to the other "I'm not sure if she's coming back"

"Oh" she sighed sadly before she picked up the cameras and started to download the pictures in silence.

Gibbs and Tony felt as if they should leave but Timothy stayed with Abby.

"Try to identify who the victim is" said Gibbs to Tony "And what did Sara Miller have to say?"

"I'll get on it right away" he said shortly "and she just said that she came into work and found the body. She also noticed a broken window and she's asking about getting security camera footage"

"That would explain the glass...and make sure we get that footage" Gibbs mused. They stood silent for awhile

Gibbs gave him a sidelong glance as they stepped into the elevator. Tony had been acting very strangely since they got back from Israel without Ziva. He knew that Ziva and Tony were close but this was more than that.

Tony sighed and looked at his feet. He hadn't seen Ziva since Israel and he had tried to convince himself that she wasn't that beautiful...but she was. Seeing her face on all of Abby's monitors had brought back all the emotions he had for her. He didn't know if it was love but it was defiantly more than he should have for an ex-college.

Gibbs stepped out at Autopsy while Tony went back up to his desk.

"Anything new?" he asked Ducky.

"Well I have proved that this man was strangled before he was cut up but he wasn't killed he was just unconscious. He was killed when he was sliced up." he replied as he turned his attention away from the man on the table. "But this CAT scan shows quite a lot of brain damage so he was probably strangled for awhile and then was hit on the head with something extremely heavy. I'm surprised this man was still alive after all of that"

"But why were the organs taken out of him? Was there a specific reason?" Gibbs asked as he examined the cat scans.

"There's no logical reason that I have found yet, it just seems as if the murderer thought it would be a creative way to kill someone, take out there organs while they are still alive."

"I would call it merciless" Gibbs replied before he left autopsy to go back up to the ward room.

He found that McGee was already up there and working on his computer. He glanced over at Tony's desk.

"Where's Tony?" he asked.

McGee looked up "Coffee run I think...?" he replied.

Gibbs sighed, Tony was becoming more and more like him every day.

"Umm, boss, we found out who he is" said McGee, his eyes still glued to his computer screen.

"Who?" he said, walking swiftly over to the plasma where it was being displayed.

"Officer Jack Treaty, marine, deployed about 2 weeks ago. He was reported missing from the ship about 24 hours ago" stated McGee.

Tony quickly stepped out of the elevator and jogged quietly to his desk, coffee in hand. He signalled for McGee to keep quiet as he sat down in his chair.

"Where have you been DiNozzo?" asked Gibbs, his back still turned away from Tony.

"Ahh, rest room" he lied quickly.

Gibbs turned on his heel and whacked Tony on the back of the head.

"Don't lie to me" he mumbled before walking towards the elevators and down to Abby's Lab.

"Got anything for me yet, Abbs?" he asked.

"I found prints on the knife and paint brush but it seems as if someone has tried to wipe them away with some sort of cloth, so they're a bit fuzzy. But I'm running them through the database anyway and I've also got the DNA sample from the blood running through the system"

"Good job, tell me when you find a match on either the fingerprint of the DNA" he said as he walked out of the room.

He had caught so many dirt bags he couldn't even remember them all, and this one was going to be no different...or so he thought.


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