Kagome runs away because of a fight she and InuYasha had will she come back or has InuYasha gone to far this time? What happens while shes away? Will she ever go back to InuYasha? How is InuYasha supposed to fix this one? All the answers lie in this story. lolz plz R&R


Kagome woke on her bed with dry red puffy eyes. She had been crying over him again. Him being none other than InuYasha. She lay down trying to go to sleep and found she couldn't. So she took a change of clothes and a towel so she could take a shower.

As she showered she tried to relax but it wouldn't work she could only think about InuYasha.

Why couldn't you love me instead of Kikyou InuYasha, were the only words she could get through her mind. Finally she gave up and got out of her shower. Forgetting the attempt to keep him out of her mind and keep her tears over him inside.

With tears flowing down her cheeks Kagome sat on her bed at home recalling the fight she had with InuYasha earlier.

Can I forgive him this time,Kagome asked herself.


They had been fighting all for the entire day. It had all started when Kagome had come out to apologise for the day before.

She had been moody because it was the anniversary of her fathers death and was also her birthday, but when she tried to apologise InuYasha had been...well..InuYasha and was grumpy no matter what she said and so the fighting had started.

"InuYasha your such a jerk!!!" Kagome yelled "Don't you consider anyone elses feelings at all?!?!"

"Nope." InuYasha responded snootily.

Kagome shook her head.

"I can't believe you could be so selfish." Kagome said quietly.

"Well you better start."InuYasha replied.

"Your just horrible! I tried to apologize but no you couldn't accept the fact that I wasn't trying to be mean. Maybe I should just go home and let you find the Jewel shards yourself."

InuYasha looked distraught for a moment but only for one moment before he covered it up.

"Well it's not my fault you get into so much trouble it puts me in a bad mood. I would much rather have Kikyou here at least she can take care of herself." InuYasha replied with his nose in the air.

Kagome could feel her tears spilling over and InuYasha could smell them. Kagome looked at InuYasha not shocked but hurt and that hurt turned to anger.

"YOU ASS I'M GOING HOME AND DON'T BE TO SURE I'LL COME BACK!!!!" Kagome yelled furiously in InuYashas face and ran for the well.

"W-wait K'gome I...I didn't mean it!" InuYasha called after her.

"Yeah right just go find Kikiyou and tell her I'm out of the picture she can take you to hell for all I care!" Kagome cried as she ran to the well without hesitation she jumped down never looking back at InuYasha.

End of Flashback:

Kagome thought it over.

No I can't not this time, she thought. But I still have to get the jewl shards. So I'll go with out them.

Kagome packed her stuff and went down to talk to her mom.


"So your sure about this Kagome." Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Yes mom please don't be mad I have to do this." Kagome said in a soft voice.

"It's ok dear I'll not tell InuYasha and good luck to you." Mrs. Higurashi soothed and helped her daughter check to make sure she was ready.

Kagome said Good-bye and left for her first destination the west.


InuYasha sat shocked in the sacred tree he had never seen Kagome so upset.

Had she really cared for him that much?

But how could she I'm just a worthless hanyou. At the thought InuYashas ears flattened to the top of his head.

InuYasha sighed in defeat.

I guess I'll go get her tomorrow. he thought.

Her words rang in his head. YOU ASS I'M GOING HOME AND DON'T BE TO SURE I'LL COME BACK!!!

Will she come back this time or is she gone forever? InuYasha asked himself. Shaking away the thought that he would never see her again he drifted into a light uneasy sleep dreaming of Kagome.

In the Dream:

He could see Kagomes Happy face smiling at him.

He could see the love in her eyes as she looked at him.

He could feel her small form pressed against his as she hugged him.

He could smell her luxsurious scent as vivid as in real life.

He could smell the salt of her tears.

He tried to calm her but it didn't work and he woke only to smell her tears once more.


Kagome hopped out of the well she walked over and sat under the Sacred tree she was debating wether or not to go and say good-bye. She thought of how much it would mean to everyone especially Shippo. Well everyone except InuYasha that is.

At the thought of InuYasha she began to cry again.

"Oh InuYasha." Kagome said muffeled a little by tears,"I love you so much but I can't stay here and watch you leave me behind for Kikyou. I can't do it anymore and I won't stay where I'm obviously not wanted." now she was sobbing quietly unawares of a certain hanyou that was listening in on her.

Once she could gather herself she whispered."InuYasha I love you... but this is good-bye."

And she left going twords the village to say good-bye to her friends.

When she arrived at the village she found InuYasha wasn't there and sighed releived. She told them all she was going they all cried as she explained it all how the last argument was all she could take and she was going to find all the jewl shards she could find. Shippo of corse wouldn't let go of her so she picked him up and cradled him till he fell asleep.

"Kagome." Sango said as she cried softly.

"Yeah Sango." Kagome asked.

"I think Shippo should go with you he can't handle losing another mama."

"Well I'll give him that choice he can stay or go with me. Okay?"



When InuYasha smelt her tears he was about to jump out of the tree but then she started to talk. He listed and his heart swelled and broke at the same time.

He stayed in the tree trying to think of how he could tell her that he loved her. How he would do anything for it not to be good-bye. How he wanted to take it all back, but his ideas all came up blank.

He waited and waited but was stumped so he followed her scent and tried to find her. Now it was noon the next day.


Kagome was off. Shippo had chosen to stay and take care of the others. So Kagome headed west. She travled for three days and was walking through a forest when she stumbled onto a black neko manta demon with silver swirls running through her fur. It was bleeding heavily from a wound on it's shoulder.

Also next to it was a creamy colored neko manta demon with wavey black lines running through it's fur. It had deep gouges on it's side that were spilling a pool of blood.

Their eyes were squeezed shut tightly. Kagome gently picked up the poor creatures and made a camp at the closest suitable place she took out her first aid kit and looked the animals over.

The black and silver neko had huge bite marks on it's shoulder and was suffering from loss of blood. Kagome cleaned the wound so it wouldn't get infected. Then she bandaged it's shoulder and set it curled in a blanket next to the fire close enough to get warm but far enough not to get hurt.

While the cream and black neko had several deep gouges on it's side this one was also suffering from loss of blood. Kagome rinsed the wounds with peroxide so they were clean. Then she bandaged the nekos side and set it with the other neko so it could warm up.

Two days later Kagome was preparing fish for lunch and she saw the nekos stirr.


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