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As the tears fell down her cheeks she was held tighter.

"InuYasha." Kagome breathed his name. She felt him nod into her neck. She tried to push him away but he held tightly refusing to let her go.

"Please Kagome, just listen. Let me explain…" He begged her finally moving so he could see her face.

"Let you explain what?" Kagome started furiously. Tears spilled down her cheeks her ears were flat against her skull and her tail was lashing behind her as she tried not to scream at the top of her lungs. "Why you turned and left me for Kikyou every chance you got. Why I stayed with you through everything you did to me. Through two years of nothing but constant heart break. Why you turned around and decided that you wanted me back when I finally got fed up with you and left."

InuYasha's eyes were downcast and he didn't respond but his grip loosened enough for her to break from it. Kagome didn't run no she had only just gotten started he had finally blown the cap off of her bottled up emotions and he was about to take them all at full force.

"Ever since the day I released you from that stupid tree you've treated me like I was nothing. I let you do it because I was in love with you. I listened to how I was nothing like Kikyou how Kikyou was so much better than me and you would prefer to be with her instead of having to drag me around and save me all the time. I listened to how you only kept me around because I was your stupid jewel detector. Then when I can't stand it anymore I finally leave. I learn to fight and defend myself to wield my spiritual powers I even find a few new friends and teach people how demons aren't all so bad. Then I'm released. I learn that I was Princess Ky that I am Princess Ky. I remember everything. How close we used to be, that we were engaged, I learned that you used to be the only person who understood me. Understood why I was so used to being on my own and fending for myself. You were the first person who knew that my mother was horrible to me, the first person who I trusted with the utmost confidence. I lived that part of my life and I ached for it to be that way again. Then I lived the three years that Naraku held me captive trying to pull our kingdoms secrets from me and never giving in. Finally the escape though he probably planned it I escaped and my first thought was of you. Trying to find you but Naraku found me first I jumped into the well intending to hide from him but I went through and landed five hundred years into the future. I lived for several months fighting Naraku's future allies defeating them one by one until one bound me to my human form and sealed my memory. Almost a year later I fell through the well and having the memories I did and reliving everything you put me through when I was supposed to be your engaged, your mate, your chosen." She spat the word at him. "Watching you betray me like that made it all the worse. So I came back here and informed Sesshomoru that I had not been kept captive by the North though we're still at war with them now and I defended these people who are all fighting for me. Now that you're here though you can take over with your precious Kikyou as your bride, as long as you leave me alone and don't expect me to have anything else to do with you then have at it. I may have loved you before and still love you no matter what you do to me, shoot I will even love you in the future because I can't stop it but that doesn't mean I have to stay here and deal with what you put me through." Kagome was trembling with fury by the time she had finished her rant and InuYasha was wide eyed with shock.

"I… Kagome I never meant to… I mean I just thought…" InuYasha stumbled over the words as he tried to find a decent explanation.

"Just don't InuYasha. I don't want to hear it from you." Kagome said coldly her heart breaking once more. She had allowed her heart to lead her through this and it was more painful than she could have ever imagined.

"Just… please… listen to me Kagome. Please." He was begging her again. She was sorely tempted to say no and just leave but then she remembered her promise to Miroku and realized what they must have gone through. She looked up into his eyes and gasped surprised at what she saw. His eyes were golden pools of emotion and there were so many emotions in them; sadness, distraught, anger, desperation, fear none so far were good and her expression softened and she instinctually reached up to stroke his cheek. He closed his eyes at her touch placing one hand over hers when she moved to pull her hand away.

"Okay." Kagome said softly watching his expression her heart aching to be held by him once more and hoping he had reasonable explanation. "I'll listen." He opened his eyes searching for any sign that she was lying when he found none a small spark lit up his eyes. One more emotion very small but there, it was hope.

"Thank you." InuYasha murmured taking a deep breath before he continued. "When Naraku took you that day I chased after him." He got a distant look and his features clouded over with pain. It was like he was actually reliving the experience. "I kept on his trail for weeks before he just disappeared. Even then I chased him. I didn't come home for three months," He looked as though his world was crashing down around him. "And I only came home at that point because Sesshomoru said he had sources that could help me find where Naraku had taken you." There was a small spark of hope. "Unfortunately none of them could track him down." And it was gone. "It took another year for Sesshomoru to give up on his sources and he started to research while I went back out to find you myself. Then six or seven months into his research Sesshomoru discovered something that he said might be the key to finding you." Then there was another spark. "He found out that a powerful enough priestess might be able to sense your spiritual power through his barriers. So he contacted me and showed me everything he had found. I had already known that I would do anything to get you back, so I went on search for the priestess powerful enough to help me find you. The standards were far too high for most of them though." A sad smile crossed his lips and he looked completely defeated. "It took me months to find the one priestess who was powerful enough to help me find you. It was Kikyou; it took even longer to convince her I wasn't lying about finding you. She hated me at first because I was causing her one more chore on top of defending the jewel. Then she thought that I might be the answer to her problems. She started telling me that Naraku never kept anyone alive for long and how I would be happier living in the village with her. I didn't believe her at first but something drew me to her and I was starting to become convinced." InuYasha said guiltily looking away. Kagome felt betrayed and tears found their way to her eyes once more. InuYasha looked up at her with wide eyes smelling the tears before they fell. He cupped her cheeks in his hands and rested his forehead against hers. "No no no!" He said softly. "It was the jewel. Only the jewel. The jewel had attracted and soothed me because it was a part of you. You were always meant to guard the jewel and it was there telling me you were alive." He said looking into her eyes.

She looked back into his and then closed her eyes allowing herself to lean into his touch and relax. InuYasha was surprised and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her to him in a hug. She rested her head on his chest waiting for him to continue.

"One day she showed up without the jewel and the panic I had felt before was back. I put it together and figured that it was the jewel; I never actually felt anything for Kikyou. At that point Naraku went after Kikyou and I went to get the jewel hoping it might lead me to you. Naraku must have disguised himself as me and she went back to the village tracked me down and used the last of her strength trying to kill me. She didn't have enough and only managed to pin me to the tree. When I woke up and saw you I felt so much for you at that instant that it scared me. After you released me I was always such a jerk because I felt like I was betraying you as my engaged princess. I never realized that you were had been trapped in your human form with no memory. I only thought about it after you left how much I cared for you and when I really thought about it, I never felt like I was betraying my princess. Somehow I felt it was okay to go after you so I did. I searched and searched hoping that you would forgive me hoping to just be with you if for only one moment so I could tell you how sorry I am and how much you mean to me." As he said the last sentence he placed a finger under her chin and tilted he face upwards so he could look into her eyes. "Can you forgive me Kagome?" He asked his eyes boring into hers.

Kagome found herself unable to speak so she just nodded and watched the warmth fill his eyes once more. He wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly and burying his nose in the crook of her neck. Kagome buried her face in his chest holding fistfuls of his Haori and pulling herself as close to him as she could.

"Of course I can forgive you." She mumbled into his Haori. "I love you."

"I love you too Kagome." He murmured. "I love you too."

They stayed there for a while, silently holding each other and taking all the comfort they could from the touch they had both been longing for for far too long. Slowly they relaxed their hold on each other moving so that her head rested on his shoulder, and his chin atop her head. Neither saying a word as there had been enough said today. They were together and that's all that mattered.


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