Over the next two days while the neko's healed they talked with one another. Kagome often heard them arguing over weather or not they wanted to stay with her or what would be the pro's and what would be the con's of traveling with her. They were almost fully healed by the end of the second day and before they went to bed they promised Kagome an answer of weather or not they would travel with her in the morning.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~The Third Morning~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Kagome woke with the sun rise as she had learned to do when she was traveling with InuYasha. She blinked her eyes open and stretched her arms over her head as she yawned. Kagome stood up slipping out of her sleeping bag in the process.

She looked east and saw the sun was only half up so she decided to meditate for a little while. She sat and crossed her legs. Then closed her eyes and took a deep breath, breathing in to the count of seven and then held her breath to the count of seven and exhaled slowly to the count of seven. She repeated this until she fell into the rhythm and didn't have to count. Then she reached deep within herself and found the seemingly endless well of spiritual power that she held within her her body. She pulled it out and let it fill her until it rested just beneath her skin. Slowly she let it rise so it was settled on top of her skin. She knew she had just formed a skin tight barrier around her self. She let it spread out so it became a barrier that went around her for a foot. She let it spread slowly inch by inch until it covered the camp and then slowly still she pulled it back towards her. When she opened her eyes she saw the sun had risen fully. She got up and streached her now stiff muscles. She felt something soft and furry nudge her leg. She looked down and saw that it was Kagaru.

Kagome smiled and stroked the neko stopping only to scratch her behind the ears.

Kagaru mewed her thanks and trotted back to her sister Akari. Kagome saw that the two neko's had already caught the fish for her to cook for their breakfast. So she got to work. She skinned and cleaned the fish the put them on the skewers and set them up next to the fire to cook.

Once the fish were done they ate in a comfortable silence simply because there was nothing to say.

"So have you decided?" Kagome asked once she finished her fish.

Akari swallowed her last bite and nodded.

If it won't be an inconvenience to you we would like to join you in your travels.Akari said happily.

Kagome smiled.

"I would be happy to have you along for the trip." Kagome said.

Then it's settled we'll come along.Kagaru mewed excitedly.

Kagome smiled and set to work cleaning up the camp. She started by rolling up her sleeping bag and putting all of her things into her bag.

When she had finished that she stood for a moment wondering if she should scatter the evidence that this had ever been a camp. Deciding it was worth the trouble she scattered the rocks and extra fire wood. Then she buried the scorched ground where the fire pit had been and stood looking at the former campsite to make sure her tracks were well covered. She smiled and nodded to herself satisfied with her work.

"Well I'm ready when you are." Kagome to Akari and Kagaru.

Then lets go!cheered Kagaru.

Kagome smiled as she picked up her yellow back pack and then they left.

Nothing very interesting happened over the next week. As they travailed she told them her story starting from her fifteenth birthday and ending with how she had found them in the forest. She told them all of the major fights in better detail than the minor ones. Making sure to discribe all of her friends and all of the important facts such as how the jewel was broken and how Naraku was trying to find the jewel and why he wanted it in the first place. She finished her story on the fifth day and they started theirs telling her of how Naraku had destroyed their clan and forced them into the strange forest. They described the attack by Naraku and all of the events that lead up to their being attacked by demon wolves for crossing into their territory and ending up how Kagome had found them. Finally their story was finished on the sixth night and they had all slept peacefully.

The next morning Kagome woke up as the sun was rising and, having fallen into a routine, meditated. She finished when the sun was all the way above the horizon. She looked over to where Akari and Kagaru sat having already gotten the fish, and fallen into the routine. She cooked the fish and the took the camp apart covering all evidence that they had ever been there like they had done for the past week.

They walked for a good part of the day and were about to stop when Kagome sensed a jewel shard near by.

"Wait." Kagome hissed softly.

What is it Kagome?Akari asked.

"I can sense a jewel shard near by." Kagome whispered.

Akari let a low growl pass her throat summoning a mist of water and a cool breeze. The elements swirled around her in a dizzying pattern and when they dissipated Akari stood in her larger demonic form. She looked as she usual with the same black coat with silver swirls only now she was five times her original size and had long saber tooth fangs and deadly looking long claws that were sharper than any blade.

Kagaru let a soft purr work it's way out of her throat summoning a blaze of fire and shield of stone. The scorching blaze of fire swirled around the stone shield in a ferocious blaze. The fire died away and left a molten stone shield that cooled quickly and turned to dust around Kagaru's feet. Kagaru stood in her demonic form she had grown about three times her original size but her fangs and claws had grown harder and longer. Her claws were a ferocious length of at least a foot and her fangs had grown to ten inches. She snarled at the bushed where she smelt a demon.

Kagome turned to face the bush that Kagaru snarled at it was the same place that she felt the jewels presence. Kagome grabbed her bow from it's place in her quiver full of arrows and dug out a string from a pouch on her hip and strung her bow. She then pulled an arrow from her quiver and notched it on her bow.

Kagome looked up just in time to see an alligator demon shove it's way through the bushes and walk twords her in it's strange gait. She pulled back the arrow and looked for the shard. Her eyes scanned over the beast taking in it's appearance as she looked for the pink glow of the shard.

It was a hidous creature. It had the body of a stocky human only covered with dull green scales that were plated over what was supposed to be skin. It's hands were more like an alligators feet and it had sharp looking thick claws on the ends of it's fingers. It had a thick scaley tail with small triangular stubs sticking out in two rows that joined at the tip of the tail. It had a thickly mucled chest and broad shoulders. It had a thick neck that bulged with mucles so large that it didn't surprise her that that's where the jewel shard was. On top of it's thick neck was an ugly head with small beady red eyes that glared at her coldly. It's jaws were lined with a row of small sharp teeth.

"Give me the shards you puney human." It snarled.

"I don't think so." Kagome hissed and motioned for Akari and Kagaru to distract it.

Akari jumped in and flew behind it snapping at the back of it's neck. Kagaru jumped in as it was distracted by Akari and snapped at it's side managing to slice through it's tough hide.

It yowled and turned to swat Kagaru away when a flash of pink went through it's hand. Kagome turned and saw a girl who she guessed was a priestess based on her uniform.

The girl had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had ivory pale skin and a beautiful complection. She was dressed in regular priestess robes only her robes consisted of a pale blue Kosode and a pair of dark blue hakama pants. Over it she wore a medium blue haori with a pale sash tied around her waist that had pouches tied onto it holing her change amoung other things.

The arrow sliced through the demons lower arm.

The demon roared in pain and then tured to face the priestess which was a big mistake.

Kagome, having recovered from her shock at thw priestess, relesed her arrow. Her light blue aura surrounded the arrow as it sailed twords the beast. The demon didn't even have time to screap before it was purified by Kagome's arrow. Kagome walked over to the remains of the demon and picked the jewel shard out of it's remains. It purified going from a cold swirling purple to a pure bright white. Kagome then added it to her own small colection of purified shards and then looked to the other priestess.

"Thank you for your help." Kagome said. Akari and Kagaru transformed back into their smaller forms and stood at Kagome's feet.

The priestess smiled.

"No thank you. That alligator demon has been terroizing the Miko Academy for a few weeks now." She said. "By the way I'm Hikari. It's nice to meet you."

Kagome grinned.

"Hello Hikari I'm Kagome it's nice to meet you too. If you don't mide me asking what Miko Academy?" Kagome responded.

"There's a Miko Academy just over this hill. The Academy is a place where all miko's can come to learn how to use their spiritual powers." Hikari explained enthusiastically.

"Will they allow my Neko companions?" Kagome asked.

"Why would you be consulting with demons?!?!" Hikari asked incredulously staring at Kagome with wide eyes. Kagome's eyes narrowed at Hikari in response.

Kagome, still slightly angry at Hikari's outburst, told Hikari of how she and her friends travled all around Japan trying to complete the jewel. Telling of how demon's and humans and half demons alike they all worked together to help eachother. Putting extra pressure on how they had formed a small family to take placeof the ones they were missing. She told of all the times she had been saved by someone of demonic heritige and how inturn she had helped to return the favor. She told amazing stories of how they had been set against eachother and had come together to rise up against the dangerous criminal Naraku who had destroyed all of their lives. Kagome finished with her tales of before her neko's and started to tell the tales of how the neko's had helped her to train and become stronger. How they had helped her defeat several demons and how they had promised to help her in her quest to destroy the menace that was Naraku. She told of how they two were nearly destroyed by Naraku and that had brought them closer to their new found friend.

By the end of the story Hikari was sitting wide eyed mulling over all of Kagome's story.

"Why did you leave then?" Hikari asked.

Kagome looked confused.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked.

"If it was so great why did you leave?" Hikari asked.

Kagome let out a deep sigh.

"I left because I could never live up to the others. I wasn't strong enough to pull my wieght in the group. I needed to become stronger so that I can stop putting them all in danger." Kagome said softly not meeting Hikari's eyes.

"I think The Academy can help you there and in turn you can help us grow by teaching us of your love of demons. Many priestesses have met nice demons but were taught to kill them. I think you may be able to change things. The head priest is a kind man and he would surely accept a hearing. He says himself that not all demons are bad but we have no evidence of that. I think you might be the person were looking for to back up that story." Hikari said getting more excited with each word.

Kagome smiled.

"I will try my best." Kagome agreed.

Hikari lead her to the Miko Academy. No one was out. Everyone was training Hikari had explained. Hikari had stopped by her house and got Kagome a pair of 'proper' priestess robes insisting that she have them. Her new robes consisted of a white kosode and a pair of dark green Hakama pants. Over the withe Kasode she wore a pale green Haori. All over the Hakamas and Haori were silver petals that seemed to shimmer in the sun light. Once Kagome had changed Hikari lead her to a large building. It wasn't much but the size impressed her. The building was ten feet high and atleast three hundred yards long. It was made of a sturdy oak wood that had been smoothed and worn by the footsteps of many over the years. Hikari opened a wooden door that slid open. She talked to a woman quietly. The woman walked hurridly down the hall and came shuffling back a few minutes later with an old man following her.

The man was dressed in golden yellow monk robes and held a long crooked staff. He was thin and his skin was wrinkled. He had a long gray beard that was carefully combed and tightly braided. He was bald on the top of his head and had light green eyes that were set over a crooked nose. He reached out a hand twords Kagome and a smiled lifted at the corners of his mouth.

Kagome took his hand carefully and shook it.

"It's very nice to meet you sir." Kagome bowed to him smiling.

"Please have a seat and call me Kenrou." he said kindly. They sat and he looked at her with kind old eyes. "Please tell me your story Kagome." he said.

Kagome told him the same she had told Hikari. He smiled all the way through and told Hikari to set up the room across from hers for Kagome and to have her get her own pairs of robes. Then he left thanking Kagome for sharing her story.

Kagome was lead to her room. It was simple but she liked it. It had a small futon and a trunk where she could keep her belongings. It had a desk so she could write and an ink quill and parchment on top of it. On the far back wall was a window with a curtain that was mad of a magenta colored fabric. On the right wall when you walked in the door was a door that lead to a privy. Her room was made from a beautiful red Cherry wood. She put her things away and called to her neko friends and they trotted at her side.

Word had already gotten aroung the village of her story and everyone she met along the way to get her robes was nice to her. She smiled and greeted them kindly. Hikari took her to a small hut where all the robes were and Kagome picked out three of them for herself. She was taked back to her room and asked Hikari to show her to the library. When she got there she started reading all she could.

For the next month Kagome woke with the sun and would meditate with her neko's who had started using the exercise to help controll their own powers and eat breakfast. Then she would go to her first class, which lasted three hours, where she leard to weild an assortment of wepons. She would got to her second class, that lasted two hours, where she learned many types of combat. Then all classes would break for an hour in which she would eat and relax. Her third class, that lasted an hour, was all about learning about demons. Then she would head to her fourth and final class which was all about learning to controll you spiritual powers and how to use them it lasted for two hours. Then they were dismissed. Kagome took an hour after that class to practice weilding and fighting with her wepons. Then she would eat dinner and then spend the rest of the day reading up on anything she could about demons amoung other things. Kagome quickly rose to be top of the class advancing with speed by her teacher's wills. She finished reading all the books in the library by the third week. She managed to get a hold of dragons scales of all the major elements and learned to weave them. She weaved them into an outfit for herself. She wove a pair of Hakama pants from earth dragons scale and a Kosode from wind dragons scale. She also wove a Cloak and a Haori of Fire and Water dragons scale weaved together. In the end she ended up with an outfit that was as soft as silk but tougher than steel. In the end she had to leave but as a token of gratitued and to show how much she had learned there she was presented with a small chain that held a minature iorn bow on it. She had thanked them and had been sorry to go but she had left in search of a demon slayer village.


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