50 Frantic Ways

#01 – Comfort

Sapphire knew only to shake at Ruby violently as a form of comfort, wondering if she shook hard enough, the sadness would be expelled. Then she smiled at him, and that was more than enough for the young boy.

#02 – Kiss

She leaned her head towards Ruby, and the boy just couldn't move away from those crystal clear eyes.

#03 – Soft

Every moment he held her hand with his soft touch sent tingles up and down her spine, in and out of the battlefield.

#04 – Pain

She ran her eyes remorsefully over his scar, her heart paining as she realized how much he had sacrificed just for her.

#05 – Potatoes

He failed to believe she ate them raw, and was determined to change her diet, whether she liked it or not.

#06 – Rain

When she refused to use an umbrella to shelter herself, he defiantly threw his own aside much to her surprise and alarm.

#07 – Chocolate

Sapphire held out the poorly wrapped box to Ruby, softly muttering that it probably wouldn't taste good, but the boy instantly knew that it would be the sweetest thing that would ever touch his lips.

#08 – Happiness

He only found true happiness when she was right there with him, whether she was swinging on a vine or crawling on all fours in the dirt, it hardly mattered in the end.

#09 – Telephone

He ran a hand down his face as he realized that they would have to find other more prehistoric ways to communicate.

#10 – Ears

She was sensitive to every word, every mumble he produced, and was rewarded one day when he softly admitted '… I like you too.'

#11 – Name

When he said her name with that tender tone, she just couldn't say 'no'.

#12 – Sensual

She taught him the wonders of nature, at first to his disdain, and then gradually to his wonder.

#13 – Death

He had faced it once for her, and would gladly do it again for extra measure.

#14 – Sex

"What's that?" Sapphire asked, and Ruby knew that he would have to have a good talk with Professor Birch later on.

#15 – Touch

When he touched her callous hands, she melted, and when she touched his fragile scar, he froze.

#16 – Weakness

She was his only weakness on the battlefield, while he was her only strength.

#17 – Tears

When they began to fall, he didn't know what else to do but embrace her.

#18 – Speed

She envied his quick wit, while he envied her quick footing.

#19 – Wind

No matter how cold it was on some days, Sapphire just wouldn't stay indoors, and Ruby had to grudgingly follow along, just to make sure she was safe.

#20 – Freedom

Spending everyday with her now in Hoenn made up for all the years his father had forbidden him to participate in contests.

#21 – Life

He learned the true meaning of it from her.

#22 – Jealousy

His eyes flickered to her for that split second in the Battle Frontier, as she made conversation with a Pokemon Champion and his close runner-up.

#23 – Hands

Her hands were rough, but delicate in that sense, but he didn't like those sharp nails, Ruby was determined to do something about it.

#24 – Taste

She would never admit that the cakes he baked were far better than any old berries in the jungle.

#25 – Devotion

She was a girl, that wouldn't change, and sometimes she secretly imagined that spending everyday with him made it feel like they were married.

#26 – Forever

Their bickering would never run out of topics to spark it alive, but neither would their love.

#27 – Blood

She watched the blood trickle down his face for the second time in his life and her head spun while the unwanted memories flowed, she swore violently as she couldn't stop the tears from falling again.

#28 – Sickness

She was too ill to snap at him when he came to visit and watch over her, making her fever worsen.

#29 – Melody

Her voice wasn't angelic at all, it could sooner be compared to a car horn, but the effort she put into the song made him smile weakly all the same.

#30 – Star

"I wished on one a long time ago, I hoped that I would see you before my 11th birthday." She explained rather awkwardly.

#31 – Home

He had never intended to return to Johto, for he longed to return back to Littleroot with her at his side.

#32 – Confusion

Her heart thumped rapidly like a caged animal in her chest as he shoved her off the Tropius and into a car, one question echoing in her mind – 'Why?'

#33 – Fear

He feared many things; getting his clothes dirty; fighting with his Pokemon; losing a contest; but what he feared the most was a downcast Sapphire.

#34 – Lightning/Thunder

Something always crackled in-between the two of them as they fought childishly, and this magnetic field always seemed to draw them closer together as well.

#35 – Bonds

Some people say most of the strongest bonds are invisible, but she feels that their matching clothes tie them together more than anyone else, because he put his heart into making them.

#36 – Market

The first time he brought her to the store (against her own will) was… interesting, to say the least.

#37 – Technology

He felt like he didn't need anything intricate that to have fun with Sapphire, as long as she stayed out of the mud of course.

#38 – Gift

He tossed the box towards her with a grin, and the girl had to use all her will to prevent herself from giving away her happiness.

#39 – Smile

She couldn't stay angry at him forever, could she?

#40 – Innocence

He laughed when Sapphire initiated a kiss and planted it on his cheek, receiving a thorough beating from the cavegirl soon after.

#41 – Completion

"DONE!" She beamed with accomplishment, holding up a pile of leaves that had been tied together, thrusting them towards an alarmed and disturbed Ruby.

#42 – Clouds

They shouted at each other with annoyance, wondering how the other could spot a rampaging Tyranitar while there was clearly an adorable Skitty floating about.

#43 – Sky

Ruby could remember the first time Sapphire forced him onto Pilo and sent them soaring across the region – It was both terrifying and enthralling; but mostly terrifying.

#44 – Heaven

She clearly was not angel, but sometimes... it didn't really matter.

#45 – Hell

He acted like a devil in most cases, but during those exceptions…

#46 – Sun

She looked dazzling under the sun and in a floral dress he had made just for her.

#47 – Moon

It was even more enchanting under the night sky, as she sat close to him, he didn't mind her dirtying his hard work, her beautiful face made up for everything and more.

#48 – Waves

She liked it when both of them sat on her Wailord, and sailed off to unchartered places, Ruby on the other hand, required some tiring persuasion.

#49 – Hair

He made it a habit to brush Sapphire's hair at least once a day, much to the girl's chagrin and embarrassment.

#50 – Supernova

She had picked out the best spot on the top of a gigantic tree, and as Ruby saw the shooting stars raining down from the skies, he never regretting climbing up and soiling his clothes after all.