notes – Sorry guysss! With a combination of fantastic anime I've been following and uni, I haven't had a lot of time to write more pokespe this year. Here's something short. Merry Christmas and as always, have a great 2013 ahead of you!

#49 – Hair

He made it a habit to brush Sapphire's hair at least once a day, much to the girl's chagrin and embarrassment.

PA: Hair

"There we go!" Ruby said as he took a step back from her.

Platinum lifted her eyes off her lap to look at her reflection in her dresser. She tilted her head to the side to get a better look at the French braids. Her hair had been combed and clipped until it was smooth and neat, not a strand out of place, as if Ruby had embroidered the plaits on her head. She grinned as she stood up from the seat and turned to the boy to thank him. Before she could open her mouth, he swung a hand up, palm in front of her face.

"No need for thanks! The look on your face is gratitude enough!" he said dramatically, obviously proud of his handiwork. Platinum laughed.

"But really, thank you, Ruby. If possible, I'd like you to do my hair whenever I have a function to attend. No price is too small," she told him, grabbing onto the handbag she left on her dresser. It was red and when Ruby noticed it, he gasped loudly.

"No! No! No!" he cried. Platinum now jumped.

"What's the matter?"

He looked at her with narrowing eyes, appalled that she didn't know the answer. "That shade of red does not match your outfit at all!" he informed her, tutting at an incredible pace. Platinum scanned herself from head to toe in the full length mirror in her room. The simple blue dress she was wearing for the Berlitz's annual dinner party did look a little odd against the bright red of the bag.

"I suppose you're right, but it's not that – "

Ruby pressed a finger on her lips the next instant. "Black. Go with black. Nothing else matches better than black!" he insisted, other hand ironed against his forehead. Platinum felt the need to comply to his advice. Not because she agreed, but because she didn't want to disagree with him. As she rummaged through her closet for a black clasp, Ruby adjusted his own suit in the mirror, patting himself on the shoulder. Curiously, Platinum patted her own shoulder to encourage herself as well.

She returned to his side with a small black thing that seemed to appease Ruby enough for him to announce grandly: "We're ready!"

He locked his elbow with hers and swept her out of her room, gliding them across the floor. Ruby seemed so excited about getting an invitation to the party, Platinum couldn't help but chuckle at his enthusiasm. The boy even looked like he was prepared to slide down the banister of the stairs. He considered his perfectly ironed pants and opted to take the normal way down instead. In the main living room of the Berlitz manor, they found Pearl, Diamond and Sapphire sitting around the coffee table.

"You're finally here!" Pearl raised his head when he saw them. He spoke in that caringly reprimanding tone of his. Initially, Platinum had found him to be the nagging sort, but now, this tone was something she was fond of. She understood why Diamond always smiled when Pearl spoke to him that way.

"We were waiting really long!" Sapphire added, one hand on her hip. She looked different in her dark blue dress, with the skirt touching the crest of her knees and its short, cute sleeves. It was a welcome sort of difference, and Platinum liked the fact that they matched. Her hair though, remained messy, sticking out in odd places.

Ruby tackled the matter before Platinum could voice her thoughts. He released her elbow and darted to Sapphire at an inhuman speed. Pearl and Diamond exchanged looks of disbelief while Platinum took a seat on the sofa, used to Ruby's impressive displays of ability at this point.

"Your! Hair!"

"And what about it?"

"Need I elaborate?"

"Ya' do. Wait, no– " Sapphire shook her head furiously, messing her hair even further, " – on second thought, don't."

Ruby, however, already had a hairbrush in one hand, the other brandishing an assortment of hairclips.

"Wow," Pearl said as the two began to run around the house. Platinum took a sip from the cup of tea the maid plated on the table. Diamond polished off the cookies, sighing contentedly. "I guess this is what we could call a hairy situation!"