Moving Stuff

You'll Know When It Switches To A Different POV

Jeff and Matt Hardy have a quite hard life as a couple. Cancer Daughter. So Many problems. They need something,and that thing is a home. On One Day Jeff and Matt find a spacious house. Not too big nor small. Sly Hardy has cancer and she likes the home. One thing is that:The Home Was Used As Slaughter House in the late 1950's. They don't know that the souls has not passed on. SCREAMS HORROR Have Been WARNED

Sly's POV

I Was starring at them. The girl looked like she was staring at me. She looked at me and turned quickly,The man turned and he was aiming at me with the knife. I felt me heart clench.....Sly...Sly. The voices echoed in my head,he was coming towards me....."Ah!"I screamed as he was about to do...whatever he was going to do....I screamed and nothing came out. I tried it again and-


I jolted up,breathing hard I look down at myself and I realized that the treatment I had yesterday had given me a red spot on a upper chest area. I breathed hard and took a couple of small breaths."You okay?"I turned to Jeff and nodded as in a yes."You sure?"He asked again."Yes I'm fine."I said. I got up and walked to kitchen and hopped on the counter,I winced as a wave of pain went through my whole body. Jeff walked in and he went to the and pulled out two bottle waters. He handed one to me,Jeff screwed the cap off and drank some,while I did the same."So why were you a little active yesterday?"He asked."I really don't know." I'm telling the truth. Usually I will always be silent,but now I

A knock on the door stopped us and Jeff went to living room and then to the door. He opened it to find Adam Copeland-Orton with his husband Randy Orton Copeland and there teen who was about Sly's age,LyX. Also,Jay Reso with his wife Trish Reso-Stratus,who was about 8 months long pregnant. They were set to have a boy in about 4 weeks and they were going to name it Jasper. Also there two children who were both 5, Lyle(BOY) and Phoenix(GIRL) came along.

"Hay guys."Jeff said and he gave a fistful of hugs to everyone. I got up and went over to the door,like me I had a Cookie-Monster Pajamma Set on and blue socks on and Jeff had on a big black shirt with some regular basketball shorts and black socks. The shirt showed off the red spot the treatment gave me. I walked over to everyone and stayed quiet behind the people. Adam and Randy came up to me and said there greetings gave me light hugs. Then Jay and Trish did the same. Then Phoenix and Lyle came up to me and gave me hugs to.

"Shy Shy I want to play."Little Phoenix said. Adorable? She couldn't pronounce Sly so she called me Shy Shy.

"After I take a bath okay?"I said and she nodded.

"Sly can I go to your room and hop on your bed?"Lyle asked. I smiled and nodded as a No.

"No,besides I don't have my bed yet."I said and he pouted. Phoenix and Lyle and went to the TV ,Matt dropped off for us last night,they turned it on and flipped through channels until they found Sponge-Bob Square-Pants.

LyX came up to me after the little five year old's made there self comfortable.

"Hay Sly."He said and he gave me a hug. Oh god his hugs were like you were on a big fluffy cloud. I broke the embrace and started a conversation with him. He had like a skater hair cut with lime green highlights and he had his lip and tongue pierced. He had on a Ed Hardy shirt on and he had tight black jeans. He had the green riveted belt on and he had decided to put on his lucky name bracelet.

*~*~*With The Adults...Jeff's POV*~*~*

"So why are you guys here?"I asked Adam,Randy,Trish,and Jay.

"What we can't stay here no more?"Jay asked. I smiled and I looked at Sly,she was flirting with LyX,it looked like she was in a DEEP conversation with him. I turned my head back to the gang,"Trish....You look like a whale."I said and she smirked and she hit me.

"Shut up. I feel like one and when Jasper comes out,Imma make this fool who knocked me up for the 3rd time,wear condoms."She referred to Jay.

"I'm not the one who screams 'HARDER JAY HARDER!'"He said and tried to sound like Trish at the end.

"I swear when this baby is reading to come out,Imma pull you hair,so hard that you won't have no hair."I laughed at that one. I looked at Randy and Adam and they were looking at LyX and Sly.

"They would make a good couple,too bad LyX has a slut for a girlfriend."Randy said. Adam and me nodded. LyX was going out with this girl named Maryse. She was a blond,french Canadian,uptight,ruthless girl. She was a prep and LyX was a punk,they met at there X-Mas Bash at there school,they shared there first kiss there. From what Adam told me, she was a controlling bitch. I never met her and I don't plan to. A laugh caught me and Adam,Randy's attention. LyX was making funny faces to her. I smiled,and Randy and Adam were making faces at them to.

"Stop it,yall' were like that when yall' would flirt."I said referring to Adam and Randy. Randy and Adam looked at me and smirked. "I did'nt have sex with Matt in a car."I huffed and they laughed,making moaning noises of me and Matt.

"Hello beautiful."Someone said and I turned around to find my Matty. I smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and hugged him."So I got all the stuff from the old apartment and it's the big moving truck,give me a hand?"He asked and I nodded."I need more help....Adam,Randy,Jay help us."Matt yelled and the guys came. Sly came over and ask me what's up."Moving stuff."I said an she looked at me weired."Can I HELP?"She asked with a smile on her face."No you can't."I said and I really thought she was in no shape to be picking big stuff up."Please..." She made a puppy dog face and I caved."Uhh sure...put you slippers on okay."I said and she went to her little Cookie Monster slippers,put them on and went with me outside to the truck. Sly loves Cookie Monster way too much.

Once me and Sly were outside we went over to the big moving truck Matt had rented and Matt and Jay were moving the couch out and Adam had the bed and Randy had a big box that said 'Kitchen Shit'. How good of Matt to put it there. I started giving Sly light stuff,like clothes,jewlery,and the only biggest thing I had given her was her computer.


LyX is pronounced Lex.