Chapter Two – Tea Mugs and Bleeping Guitars

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A couple of hours later, the sun peeked from behind a cloud, decided it was worth it after all, and catapulted into the grey sky like a great, fiery rocket. The sky also decided that it was time for a change; grey was a boring colour and the rain was just annoying people. So it changed to a nice shade of blue and promptly switched the rain off,

Of course, once these changes were noted, the residents of Cardiff abandoned their Snakes and Ladders and charged out onto the square, determined to get as much enjoyment as they could out of the unexpected sunshine.

People walked to and fro, chattering and nattering about trivial matters, letting their rowdy children scream to their heart's content. The small-ish monsters also played, "It" around the glass tower, which annoyed the busy-looking photographers who were trying to take stunning-looking pictures.

The sunshine also provoked two rather overweight security guards to huff and puff their way to the top of a nearby block of flats to stand over a girl who had inconveniently fallen asleep on the roof. They deliberated whether or not to wake up the girl and risk her releasing the scary looking thing in the jar, or to go back down stairs and finish the remainder of last night's pizza.

And so Allie was left in peace, curled up in her sleep while hugging Lars closer to her chest as two considerably happier security guards had breakfast.

And then a busy sort of peace resumed.

Until a man who was quite obviously a maniac ran screaming onto the scene, wielding a strange looking guitar, which was beeping to itself furiously.

The maniac's name was David.

And the guitar's name was the Clairey-Wairey Detector.

This was because it made cool noises and flashed whenever David's friend Claire was around.

But she was nowhere to be seen. But David was quite sure that she was hiding somewhere with that British man.

The thought of the strange, inconspicuous and banana grove loving Brit seemed to heighten David's utter fury.

'WHERE IS SHE?!' He demanded from no one in particular. Many stopped and stared while nearly everyone whipped out their camera phones. This confused, guitar wielding Canadian would almost certainly provide internet gold. 'SHE'S HERE! I KNOW SHE IS!' David yelled at everyone. 'SEE?!' He thrust the beeping and fizzling guitar into the face of anyone who was looking on, with a crazed look on his face. People nodded politely at him and moved their children out of his immediate five mile radius with very concerned looks.

'WHERE IS THE TRUTH?!' David yelled in a broken sort of way as a new figure skidded onto the scene with an extremely worried look on his face.

And his name was Josh. And at that very moment he was quite annoyed at himself for letting David out of his sight for one minute.

He looked wildly around him, and spied a small group of teenagers who were giving him funny looks.

'Have you seen -…'

'A bloke wielding a funny looking guitar and an obsession with "Truth"?' One of the teenagers finished for Josh, craving air quotes with his fingers to put around the word, "Truth"

'Umm…yes.' Josh said sheepishly.

As one, they pointed in David's direction solemnly.

'Err…thanks!' Josh said hurriedly, and ran in that direction.

By now, the infant monsters had formed a circle around poor David, and were prodding him with sticks to see if he would do anymore tricks. They squealed and scattered in several directions when David roared, "TRUTH!" at them in his loudest and most scariest voice.

'C'mon buddy…' Josh murmured at him when he had finally managed to push his way from the laughing and slightly annoyed crowd that had gathered around David.

'JOSH!' David roared upon seeing him. Every head turned to send a burning glare at Josh, who suddenly rather wished that the concrete beneath him would conveniently open up and swallow him whole.

'Is he your responsibility, love?' One woman demanded, jerking a thumb over her shoulder in David's direction, who was now craning his head in a vain attempt to catch sight of Josh.

'I wish he wasn't.' Josh muttered darkly, and pushed his way past to face David.

'It was beeping!' David insisted. 'She's here somewhere…the light flashed and everything…' And as if to prove him right, the Clairey-Wairey Detector's light bulb gave a helpful and solitary flicker. 'SEE?!' David yelled triumphantly, thrusting the guitar outwards so Josh could get a better look. Josh gave him a slow nod, and gently took it from him. David gave an anguished little murmur as the mutilated instrument was torn from his fingertips.

'Right…' Josh said. 'We're gonna' go and sit in that café over there…and we're gonna' take a look at this thing…OK?' He finished slowly, pronouncing each word carefully as he laid a cautionary hand on David's shoulder. David gave a defeated and detected nod as Josh guided him out of the crowd, who threw a glare over his shoulder at anyone who dared murmur, "We should sue…danger to the public…"

And as David was quietly led away, an inconspicuous piece of pavement that was situated at the base of the glass tower remained inconspicuous.

Because it was blessed with a handy little device called a Perception Filter.

Named so because it filtered your perception of it to its advantage. You simply didn't want to know whatever…or whoever was standing on that block of pavement. They weren't of interest to you. You move along to your flat to finish that steak pie you bought yesterday.

You could stand on that block of pavement for several years…in the nude…and no one would notice you. At all.

Not unless you decided to hop off it and run around Cardiff…in which case you would probably get arrested for indecent exposure.

It was a wonderful little device.

And it was currently in use.

The Clairey-Wairey detector hadn't been defective at all. Merely blind.

Because Claire stood frozen on the handy little slab, watching David and Josh go with a worried look on her face. She sighed in relief, realising that if she had spotted her screaming friend a second later than she had…the Truth would have forced its way out with many consequences.

And the Truth was currently muttering to itself on the other end of the phone she held in her fist, asking if she remembered to buy bananas and complaining about the human race in general.

'Oh shut up.' She hissed at it, and promptly snapped the phone shut. She wallowed in pity for David and herself for a moment, before she gave the pavement below her an agitated stomp with her foot.

'I want in.' She told it. And, with a series of whirrs, the slab of pavement lowered into the ground, taking a moody looking Claire with it. The transaction was made smoothly, and her slab was replaced with an equally inconspicuous one.

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