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pairing: ash x misty
rating: teen. i think. i hope nothing in here makes it have to go to 'm.' e.e;
details: slight fluff. curses. the word 'porn'. misty trying to teach ash something she shouldn't.
in other words, i just grabbed an idea from the top of my head and wrote it down.
yeah, i suck.

hope you like it anyway, buddy.


Misty was teaching Ash to curse, because clearly, he was at the age where boys normally cussed. Ash was old enough to learn the "big kid words," as she told Brock, who had insisted that Ash didn't need to know dirty words. Of course, she won the argument, so there they were, sitting on stones beside a stream, where Misty was teaching Ash to curse.

Brock had left them after the first few minutes.

"Now, repeat after me," Misty said. "Ass."

Ash frowned. "I still don't know why I have to say those things," he complained, ignoring her irritated expression. "No one says them!"

"Oh, they say them all the time," Misty replied gravely. "Just not around you, because of your virgin ears." She sighed. "Now, repeat after me: Ass." When Ash just stared at her, she let out an aggravated groan. "Okay, how about this: If you say a cuss word, I'll give you a reward."

Ash shrugged after a moment, wordlessly giving his consent.

"Okay. Now say ass."

The boy looked pained as he grated out, "Ass."

Misty giggled. "Good boy." She leaned forward and planted her lips on his. Just when he began to to kiss back, she pulled away, smirking. "You'll get more action later, once you say another curse word."

So in the end, Ash ended up saying all the curse words, and, of course, Misty kissed him for each word.

Because CLEARLY, they were in love, and hello, young "teachers" are supposed to be sexy and give sexual rewards.

... Wait, no. That's only for porn.

... Okay, never mind. Let's just end this so I won't say anything stupid anymore.


"Ash—?! What the HELL are you doing!?"

"Um... Nothing?"


"... Fine..."

... Or not.

No, wait. This is definitely the end now.