Chapter 28: Caught

New York:

"Party tomorrow," Mark announced, settling into the sofa next to Chad—the pretty boy of the group. It also didn't help that Chad had crystal blue eyes to fit the typical American guy.

"Sara's right? Got the same text," Chad replied as he continued to scroll down on his iPhone screen.

"That'll be fun," Brenton commented from the sofa on the opposite side of the room. He was comfortably lying across the sofa as he turned his head to look at his friends with those light brown eyes of his.

"You going to hook up with Jenn?" Mark asked bluntly to Spencer who entered the room with a soda in hand. Apparently Jenn had a little interest in Spencer and knowing Spencer—the party type and not so much the relationship type—he was clearly capable of hook ups.

"Dude, how many times am I going to get it from you?" Spencer scoffed with an annoyed shake of his head. "Not going for Jenn."

Spencer remembered the party in the beginning of the summer before Sienna had to leave for California. An image of Katie flashed in his mind and how she cuddled into his side when they stayed over at the hotel room after the party. It was Katie he was secretly interested in—not in a hook up but as a girl he enjoyed having company with.

"She's apparently fond of you though."

"Doesn't mean I want to hook up with her," Spencer said knowingly, ending that conversation that led the guys to talk about random stuff. Until, of course, Sienna's name came up.

"Oh yea, I heard that too," Chad piped up at Spencer's comment. "The girls miss Sienna."

"Heard she's having a good time in Cali though," Mark stated with a nod.

"What? You talked to her recently?" Chad asked while he couldn't help think that he hasn't talked to Sienna at all lately. Chad mostly heard about Sienna whenever he was with the girls—Sara, Katie, and Jenn—when Sienna was brought up into the conversation.

Mark shook his head causing silence to follow in the room as the guys silently and briefly wondered how Sienna was doing. Maybe they should give Sienna a call and see how she's doing, Mark wondered to himself. Then again, Mark was probably the most thoughtful of guys in that group.

"Brenton, you must constantly talk to her still," Spencer remembered, causing all the guys' eyes to look over at the guy.

"Yeah we did," he answered with a bit of a sigh. He shrugged his shoulder as the thoughts he tried to keep locked away flooded into his conscious. He grimaced to himself about the fact that Sienna was brought up.

"What's up with you guys anyway?" Chad asked as he preoccupied himself with his iPhone.

This was the last subject Brenton wanted to discuss but it was obvious that his friends were curious. He amended telling the truth rather than change the subject. It was the least he could do for his friends since they haven't bugged him about Sienna until then. They knew Brenton was more of a private person and barely pushed for information unless he was willing to share it. He liked to keep things to himself.

"I'm honestly not sure. We used to talk in the beginning but I guess both of us just got preoccupied with stuff," he answered a bit unsurely. He honestly didn't know how but all of a sudden he simply stopped talking to her. He did have feelings for her, he couldn't deny that. But it was the fact that she was in California and he was in New York—it was harder to take time to call her and what didn't help his situation with his interest in Sienna was that she wasn't presently there. Also, Christine kept hitting him up to hang out—obviously sending the message that she was interested in him.

"Like Christine?"

"I don't know about her," Brenton muttered to himself. He did think Christine was an easy-going girl and she was fun to talk to but…there was something that made him hesitant. He couldn't put his finger on what or why.


"I guess I'm just scared," I admitted, shrugging a shoulder as I stared at my feet.

I desperately waited for a reply; a comment; anything but all I was met with was silence. I dared a glance at the guy sitting next to me on the floor of my room—our backs against my bedroom wall. Tristan met my eyes with his but I couldn't read his expression. His lips formed into a slight smile as he slung his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side for a brief few seconds in a hugging gesture.

"Understandable," was all he said as he removed his arm around me.

I looked at him with my thoughts clearly expressed on my face. I told him briefly about the guy back home and how I didn't know my feelings for him though I did know that it was slowly dying. I told Tristan I missed him as a friend, a best friend, and maybe more. I admitted to feeling something between us—though I kept denying it the past weeks. I admitted that the major thing holding me back from wanting to be with him was my fear of getting hurt at the end of the summer.

He leaned his head against the wall behind us, tearing his eyes away from me. I simply watched him in silence, not knowing what else to say and hoping to hear him say something reassuring. He always found a way to always reassure me. And I was holding that against him at that moment.

"Don't do something you think you might regret," he finally spoke in a low voice. He glanced towards my direction as he continued, "You're free to do whatever you want and don't feel pressure to do something you're not entirely sure about."

I shifted my position so my back was no longer against the wall but now I was turned in his direction. I leaned my shoulder against the wall beside me as I watched Tristan's profile. He turned his head towards me.

"What do you want Sienna?" he asked.

"I—I…" I stuttered, not at all knowing how to put it into words. What did I want? I enjoy being in Tristan's presence and he always wants what's best for me…He truly is such a great friend.

He looked at me patiently with his blue-grey eyes—no judging expression held in them. It's crazy how Tristan is able to give me this advice without putting his feelings into it. He gave me objective advice, regardless of whatever he felt for me.

I want to see where Tristan and I will go if we were actually together but I'm leaving at the end of the summer regardless… But then again, when would I ever know what would happen between us? Now was the perfect opportunity for me to know rather than risk asking 'what if?'

I looked up at him with a definite look in my eyes, knowing exactly what I wanted…before I could talk myself out of my decision.

"I want to be with you," I said softly without breaking eye contact with him.

"Sienna…" Tristan began, making my heart panic from his tone.

"I thought you said you had feelings for me too," I interrupted, desperate to remind him that he made it clear that he wasn't opposed to being with me. But then why did it seem that he was going to say no? When I was finally saying yes…

Apparently my exclamation took him by surprise as he stuttered and a confused look came across his face.

"I do. I'm not denying it," he said earnestly, as he lifted his back from the wall so he can talk to me more directly. "I just want you to be with me for the right reasons."

"I really do like you," I said vulnerably. I tore my eyes away from his after admitting that as my heart was about to leap out of my chest. "You're my best friend Tristan. And I can't deny this attraction I feel for you anymore."

"The guy back in New York though?" he asked dubiously.

"What about him?" I asked, looking back up at Tristan. One look into his blue-grey eyes and I knew exactly what he was thinking…silently saying to me. "Yeah I liked the guy. Even coming back here, I liked him. But…just being back home and spending time with you made me realize that what I felt for him is nothing compared to what we have. I can't explain it. Like what you said…we have history. You know me more than anyone does."

Before I could even register what was happening, Tristan leaned forward as he gently pulled me towards him so I sat side-saddle on his lap. His hand wrapped around the small of my back to support me as his lips encompassed mine.

He pulled away but I leaned forward and kissed him back, releasing a fluttering feeling in my stomach. I felt his hands searing into the places on my body where he held me around the waist and his other hand placed innocently on my thigh. My hands rested lightly on his chest while the only parts of our bodies that were moving were our lips against each other.

Madison was now overly curious about Sienna. She figured Aubrey had some tension with the girl who made a surprise visit to Cali this summer but she didn't know why. And she didn't want to ask Aubrey.

"So what's the history with Sienna?" Madison asked Vivian and her best friend, Melody. Now was the perfect time to voice her curiosity as she and her two friends walked the sidewalks of downtown by the beach.

"What do you mean?" Vivian asked, combing her fingers through her lush brunette hair.

"Well it definitely seems that she was a huge part of your group and I'm just curious. Aubrey obviously seems to have some beef with her…"

Melody sighed, rolling her eyes at the very idea of Aubrey and her jealousy. It was truly Aubrey's vice.

"Aubrey was or still is jealous of Sienna. Mostly because Sienna 'stole' Tristan from her," Melody answered with obvious annoyance. "It's really stupid."

"Sienna didn't do anything to Aubrey. Secretly Aubrey is just jealous of Sienna overall," Vivian commented, voicing her opinion on the fact. "Sienna is a chill girl. You should have nothing to worry about."

"Yeah I can see that," Madison nodded, recollecting her impression on the girl. "A lot of guys give her attention huh?"

"Well…yeah," Vivian answered with a shrug as if it weren't a big deal. "Sienna's pretty. She's like the friendliest person you can meet. She's a catch."

Madison nodded at this statement. She knew where Aubrey was coming from with her jealousy of Sienna but she did agree with Melody and Vivian that the jealousy was irrational. There was no need to be enemies with Sienna.

"Oh speaking of Sienna," Melody announced, "She's joining us tonight for the festival tonight. It'll be tons of fun!"

"Sienna, what's going on?" Melody asked suspiciously as she plopped down on my bed as she watched me brush my hair.

"What do you mean?' I laughed, sending her a baffled look.

"There's something in your eyes…" she muttered more to herself as she mentally tried to figure out something about me. I rolled my eyes as I pulled on a jacket, ready for the festival tonight. I couldn't ignore the beating of my heart knowing the guilt inside me would take over if I didn't tell Melody.

"Okay," I sighed in surrender as I turned towards Melody. "So…I'm with Tristan…" I stated as I couldn't help the smile form on my face.

"Oh my gosh!" Melody exclaimed with excitement as she jumped out of my bed and gushed.

"Geesh!" I exclaimed in fear as she encompassed me in a hug.

"About time!" Melody sighed as she pulled away with a smile that made me cringe in fear. Here comes double dates…

"We totally have to go on a double date!"

I laughed at how predictable my best friend was.

"How'd it happen?" she finally asked me, curious as to see what unfolded between me and Tristan. She was especially curious to see what made me give in, knowing how stubborn I was about the topic.

"Well…" I began to recount a brief overview of what happened before we had to leave for the festival.

"You look lost."

I spun around at the voice directed towards me and a sense of relief washed over me. I approached him, nodding my head in admittance.

"One second I was with everyone. I was innocently looking over at the snack bar and next thing you know, I'm standing in a sea of strangers."

"They probably went over to the photo station," Tristan answered in a laugh.

"Yeah, I would have never guessed that," I stated as Tristan removed his hands from the front pockets of his jeans. "Glad you found me."

"Wasn't too hard. You stood out amongst the crowd as you stood helplessly as everyone tried to get past you," he laughed at the sight of me a few seconds ago.

"Ha! Very funny," I retorted bitterly though I moved into his body, giving him a hug. "But I want some cotton candy before we find the others."

"Of course you do," he chuckled as he led the way to the snack bar.

"Thanks for ditching me you loser," I greeted Melody as Tristan and I met up with the rest of the group in line for the photo station.

"You're welcome," she cheerily responded, reaching for a piece of my cotton candy which I swiftly moved out of her way. She pouted but shrugged a careless shoulder.

"Hey Derek," I greeted Melody's boyfriend with a smile before I was thrust into a conversation with Vivian and Madison. Tristan was absentmindedly taking bits of my cotton candy as he joked around with Derek and Landon. I did my best to ignore Aubrey as she gossiped with Courtney, her sidekick.

"Photo station is new," I observed as I looked at the line ahead of us. They clearly didn't have any photo stations or booths the previous festival years I was here.

"The best part is that it's real cheap and has tons of effects," Vivian nodded in agreement. Before I can respond, Melody swept me into a conversation with Derek and Tristan.

"So I was thinking maybe us four can grab a midnight snack after the festival," she suggested too innocently as she batted her eyelashes. I mentally groaned at her attempt, not noticing Derek's chuckle.

"Great idea Melody," her boyfriend agreed, throwing an arm around her shoulders. "What do you say Tristan? Sienna?"

I turned my suspicious eyes at Derek, not being able to put my finger on the fishy things going on right in front of me. What was going on…?

Derek leaned in to whisper in Melody's ear, causing her to let out a light laugh, when Tristan turned towards me with raised eyebrows.

"What do you say about joining these lovebirds tonight for a snack?" he laughed, taking in my baffled expression about Melody and her boyfriend.

"I know I'll regret it if Melody turns couple-y on me tonight but sure, why not?" I answered bitterly yet jokingly.

"Sienna!" Melody exclaimed as she lightly pushed me in the arm. "You know I'm not like that."

"I'm teasing. Take a joke," I laughed as I regained my footing from her unexpected push.

Melody stuck her tongue out at me before turning her attention to Derek as we moved forward in line.

"Is it just me or was Melody trying to be sly about a midnight snack?" Tristan whispered in my ear. "Key word: trying."

I let out a laugh as I eyed Tristan with a small smile on my lips in confirmation.

"Between you and me," I whispered to Tristan, "she's totally up to something. Be on your toes tonight."

"Thanks for the tip," he chuckled at my serious tone of voice as he ruffled the top of my head causing me to groan. He knew I hated that. I smoothed down my hair before hitting him in the shoulder.

I felt Melody's eyes on us—obviously taking note of our "flirting" as she would say. I would obviously deny it and call her crazy but I avoided her eyes as I kept my attention on my other best friend, Tristan.

"You guys are really platonic for being boyfriend and girlfriend," Melody stated casually to me as we hung back from the rest of the group as we made our direction towards the parking lot after a night at the festival.

"What? Were you expecting Tristan and me to be all over each other and show a disgusting amount of PDA?" I laughed, shaking my head.

"If you didn't tell me that you got with him yesterday, I would still be thinking you guys were just friends after seeing you two interact today. It's as if nothing changed in your friendship."

"Well I'm glad," I admitted, a weird sense of relief wash over me at Melody's confession. It was reassuring to know that nothing weird popped up in my friendship with Tristan though we were together.

She stared at me with a baffled expression on her face before she responded, "So are you not going to act like a couple in public or what? Is this supposed to be a secret?"
"Melody!" I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "It just happened yesterday. Calm your horses."

"Fine, I'm just going to let you know now that the earlier people actually see that you guys are together and exclusive, all the girls interested in Tristan will finally back off. The sooner the better is all I'm saying."

"Wait, what girls?" I halted in my steps, forcing Melody to walk back towards me. The rest of our friends didn't take notice of our presence as they continued into the parking lot.

Melody let out a small laugh but reassured me, "Girls who have no competition anyways. And for one, Aubrey is a typical girl. But if it makes you feel better you are quite the catch with guys here too. Tristan better appreciate you."

"Guys?" I asked stupidly. "What guys?" I didn't talk to any guys except for our friend guys.

"Guys in general. They saw you and you apparently caught their eye," Melody shrugged a shoulder as if I should get used to this fact.

"Interesting," I muttered as I resumed my walk, pulling my sleeves closer to me to block me from the breeze.

"Hm…I doubt you'll even show PDA tonight," Melody slyly said, letting out a guilty laugh when I glared at her.

"Not one of your challenges again is it?" I asked dreadfully. Melody was known for putting up to challenges and you'd be stupid to accept them. I didn't know it at the time but apparently Derek, her boyfriend, was stupid enough to accept her challenge and bet about me and Tristan. He doubted anything was going on between me and Tristan and Melody argued against that opinion, betting five bucks.

"Accepting it?"

"Shut up," I muttered as we approached our group of friends milling around their parked cars.

"So anybody doing anything interesting else tonight?" Aubrey asked, hoping for some after party after the festival.

"Alex is coming to my house," Landon supplied noncommittal.

Speaking of Alex, he missed tonight's festival because of some family business but we all planned to head to the festival again tomorrow night hopefully with Alex in the mix.

Melody obviously didn't voice the plans for Derek, Tristan, and I. She, of course, wanted it to just be a double date thing—with no wheels attached. I crossed my arms over my chest as I leaned my butt against the car door of Tristan's car. Nobody else offered an answer to Aubrey's question and it was decided then that we'd all see each other tomorrow for another festival night.

"So where do you want to go for a midnight snack?" Derek questioned once all our friends separated, leaving the last four of us.

"Up to the girls, I'm up for anything," Tristan supplied as he stood beside me. He glanced towards me and Melody expectantly.

"Melody should pick. It was her idea after all," I spoke up, instantly regretting the bitterness I heard in my tone. "But I'm up for anything too," I finished with a forced smile.

Melody shot me a look, clearly picking up on my not so great mood after her interrogation of my lack of PDA tonight.

"Well…how about that diner off the freeway? The one with the jukebox and everything?" I offered, a silent apology to Melody for my bitterness.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement before I hopped into Tristan's car and Melody and Derek jumped into Derek's truck.

"I haven't been to that diner in a long time. Good idea," Tristan stated as he pulled out of the parking lot, assuming Melody and Derek would know the way without needing to follow him.

"Yeah. So you have a good time tonight?"

"Tonight's not finished yet. But so far it's been cool," he shot me a smile.

"What? You expect something cool to happen still?" I asked with a slight laugh. According to my book, the night somewhat came to an end. We were simply going out for a midnight snack.

"You never know," he sang under his breath with a soft chuckle.

"Are you up to something?" I asked suspiciously. "What the heck is everyone trying to act so sly tonight? You guys aren't fooling me."

"Sly? What are you talking about?" he asked, clearly oblivious.

"Melody tonight."
"Ah…She is something. Still can't get over it."

"You do know this is her way of getting in a double date with us right?"

"I guess," Tristan muttered. "But it's like any other hang out if you think about it."

"Except for the fact that she knows that we're like…a couple. It changes her mind set."
"Couple…You think we're a couple?" Tristan asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. He quickly glanced away from the road to take a look at my face.

My heart beat rapidly for the next second, in fear really. But my rationality came back and I hit him in the shoulder. "What else would we be?" I muttered.

"You're fun to tease," he laughed, ignoring the frown on my face as he reached for my hand. He squeezed my hand in reassurance as he drove with only one hand on the wheel.

My heart dropped into my stomach at the simple act of holding my hand, causing a slight giddiness to rise up in me.

"I'm glad I'm such great entertainment for you."

I watched Tristan as he leaned forward in his seat, peering through the windshield as we entered an empty parking lot.

"Whoa. I think they closed down," he said to himself as he slowly cruised through the lot. We both peered at the now empty diner—clearly abandoned. He let go of my hand as to take better control of the wheel as we slowly passed by it.

"Since when?" I questioned. From my peripheral, Derek's car drove up to us causing us to stop.

"So much for a midnight snack," Tristan laughed as he pulled down his window.

"This sucks," Melody pouted from the car, her window pulled down.

"Do you guys just want to call it a night?" Derek asked, as he couldn't help but let out a yawn. I laughed lightly to myself when Melody whipped her head to him. Probably glaring at him. So much for her anticipated double date.

"Yeah let's call it a night," Tristan agreed with a light chuckle when Melody shot him a frown. Tristan reached over and squeezed my knee without glancing away from Melody and Derek.

"We'll grab a midnight snack tomorrow if it'll make you feel better," I suggested.

"Okay fine," Melody amended with a sigh. "See you guys tomorrow." She pulled up the window and Derek's truck drove off.

"How badly does Melody want that double date?" Tristan laughed as he pulled up his window with an amused expression.


"No kidding."

It was at that second I received a text from Melody saying I was one lucky bitch. But that she expected some PDA tomorrow night still. I rolled my eyes, silently laughing at my ludicrous friend.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Nothing," I answered though the smile on my face didn't vanish.

"Fine," he sighed jokingly. "Keep secrets from me. No big deal."

"I'm sure you love it. I'm trying to keep that mysterious aspect to me still. Give you something to chase. Guys like a chase don't they?" I laughed at myself at what was coming from my lips.

"Wow. Aren't you just the guy expert?" he asked sarcastically.

"Don't give me too much credit now. I try my best."

"Will you ever let me catch you?"

"I think you already did." I noticed Tristan glance over at me. "I'm here with you aren't I?"

It was then that he spontaneously pulled the car over. We were only a few streets away from my house. I cast my eyes over at him, watching as he leaned forward and met my lips with his.

As his lips moved against mine, a fluttering sensation swirled inside me.

"What was that for?" I asked softly when he pulled away.

"Didn't get to kiss you at all tonight," was his answer as he pulled away from the curb and continued down the street as if it were normal to stop the car to kiss his girlfriend. "And yes, you are quite the entertainer," he said with laughter in his voice, continuing the forgotten conversation when we first pulled into the parking lot of the now closed diner.

"Back at you," was all I could think of to say, still a bit flustered from the spontaneous kiss of Tristan's. I liked it. I enjoyed it.

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