To all of you who have beaten the Subspace Emissary on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we know Sonic appeared at the last second at the end to "save the day". Also Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf were basically cast as Easter Eggs. Basically, I figured they deserved more of a story. The following is obviously not real, just my version of how they got involved.

Disclaimer, I don't know Brawl or any of these characters. They're all Nintendo, minus Sonic, who belongs to SEGA. Copyright shtuff, and so on.

Sonic, as is to be expected, was running at incredible speed. He had recently been a witness to an attack on the floating stadium, and wasn't entirely sure whether to go chasing after Mario, who'd been flung out of the stadium, or attempt to attack the ship that had caused the sky to go dark.

But as the stadium was suddenly engulfed in what seemed to be a purple sphere of death and began to suck in everything that in touched like a vacuum, he chose to follow the ship as it went east. The usual sound of his shoes hitting the ground like a rapid fire weapon was hard to miss, especially for the Primids that were standing around ahead of him.

The first Primid stood idly in the forest, awaiting some sign of command from any of its leaders. Bowser and Wario were off on their own separate missions, Ganondorf rarely left the island anymore, and the Ancient Minister was most likely in the stolen ship. They had been left here in the middle of the woods, with no sign of being recovered.

The utter silence of the forest was disrupted as Sonic flew by. Two Primids were knocked over. The others ran to find the attacker. They had no idea what to expect. Sonic came again, practically a blue blur as one of the Primids was knocked over again. The third time around, three Primids were injured and a fourth disappeared. Out in the trees, Sonic let go of the Primid and tossed in off the cliff. He then turned back, ready to do it again.

As he dashed full speed, he expected to reach out and grab at least one more, if not two. He was wrong. Something hard and cold grabbed him the instant he came into view and threw him onto the ground. Sonic coughed painfully as the wind was knocked out of him. He looked up to see a Metal Primid looking down at him.

Without waiting for another sound, Sonic took action, and all the Primids there saw was a blue ball dashing into every single one of them, one by one. Eventually only three were left. One of them carried what looked like a gun. Sonic took that one out first. The other two were simple. He easily wiped out the first one, and then grabbed the second. He threw it to the ground, jumped up, and came down with a hard kick.

While Sonic expected to hear a bone crack or find blood everywhere, all he got was a dissolving Primid, the Shadow Bugs separating and shrinking to nothingness. Sonic, needless to say, found himself wondering what kind of creatures he was dealing with. Taking one last look at the spot where at least a dozen Primids had stood just a minute ago, he walked off to the east, feeling very confident, somehow not realizing the dark humanoid shadow things, or Floow.


The emptiness of space was unlike any other place in the galaxy. While many had felt alone before, space had that ability to make you feel like you were the only thing alive. Today, Wolf did not feel like that.

Wolf was tracing two Arwings, two he'd learned to hate very, very much. Seeing as they were two Arwings that remained close together, Wolf could assume that Fox was one of them, the other most likely being Krystal or Falco. Wherever they were going, Wolf had every intention of blowing them up, regardless of their unusual bonds. Wolf and Fox were still rivals, and if Falco was stupid enough to get in the way, he'd die, too.

He turned his Wolfen, and readied himself for what he hoped would be Starfox's last stand. As he entered the atmosphere of the planet, he realized he was several hours from his target. A little frustrated, he decided he'd fly low to the ground to avoid being spotted by anyone. He was just about to exit the clouds. As he did, he didn't see the ground several miles, below, but he nearly crashed into what looked like a floating island! Swerving to avoid contact, he barely scraped his Wolfen.

What happened next surprised him. As he started to turn around to see just how there was a floating island in the sky, the island, or most realistically, the inhabitants on the island, started shooting at him. Rolling to deflect whatever attacks he could avoid, he chose to live rather than discover how this place defied gravity. But he was hit.

His Wolfen shook harshly and Wolf held on to what he could. His Wolfen was heading straight for the open ocean. He pulled up, and just barely kept his ship out of the water. But next he saw debris in the water and what seemed like a wooden tower in the middle of the ocean. Even worse, it started to shoot at him. They almost looked like bombs to him, and he knew only because two hit his precious ship.

Wolf spun out of control and saw only one option left. If he stayed in the ship, he'd drown if the impact didn't kill him first. He ejected, the cockpit opening and his seat throwing him out. Muffled by the sound of the wind in his ears, he just barely heard the crash of his ship and splash of the water. He opened his eyes to see where he was going. Good thing, too, or he would have expected to land in water. But he landed on a boat, a ship that would have needed several men to work. But strangely, all he saw was one person on the ship, one child wearing a green tunic standing way up at the top of the ship. Wolf was lucky he hadn't been noticed yet.


Just about a mile back, where the island still floated and had just shot an unexpected intruder, a small flying ship with a flat deck left the dock, with six Primids on it. The dock's doors were still open. While there were already four major heroes on the island, this fifth one was after one of its best friends. As the doors began to close, a balloon Pokemon floated through them just before they closed. The pink balloon landed gently on the metal floor, and then inflated itself.

Jigglypuff walked into hostile territory with ease. She, or it, waddled almost carefree through the place as if it was home. Jigglypuff was only here for one reason, because it, or she, knew that Pikachu had been taken, and Jigglypuff was determined to free the fellow Pokemon.

Jigglypuff deflated until she looked like nothing more than a pink spot on the floor. Some Primids walked by, taking no notice. Even a Greap rolled by and had no clue it had rolled over her. After a minute or two, Jigglypuff inflated again and walked along the dark hallways.

Jumping up into the ventilation vents, Jigglypuff rolled through them and bounced along them like a pinball. She stopped when she spotted a room that looked very important. That suggestion was because of two factors. One, there were computer screens all over the walls, each one watching a location Jigglypuff had never seen before. Second, there was a big dark man standing in the room staring at the biggest screen. He was armored and seemed to be issuing orders to the others on screen. Jigglypuff didn't know his name, but this was Ganondorf.

Jigglypuff looked at whatever screens she could see from her perspective, and saw Pikachu on one of them. The yellow Pokemon was in a glass tube of some sort, and was being zapped by some sort of energy. While the screen had no audio, Jigglypuff had no doubt Pikachu was screaming. She rolled back through the vents, this time taking a different chute.

After a minute or two, she heard that there was someone else in the vents. Jigglypuff panicked, but then relaxed and deflated. Luckily, Samus, wearing only her Zero Suit, passed through a different chute, breaking the barred flooring and jumping through. As soon as she was gone, Jigglypuff returned to her original state. A woman in a blue suit like that was sneaking around here as well? Maybe she was also trying to save someone!

Samus obviously was only interested in getting her suit, but Pikachu was found along the way. Jigglypuff had no way of knowing this. She simply rolled down into the hallway and followed the doors to what she assumed would be the best path. What she found at the end of one hallway was a large set of blast doors. When those opened, she walked into the room where Pikachu had been held.

But one look and she saw that Pikachu was no longer there! Had she already been taken away??? She turned around, determined to find the Pokemon, but a robot her size stood behind her. This R.O.B. stared at her blankly, grabbed her tightly(which proved difficult, since Jigglypuff deflated several times), and attempted to bring her to a leader. Jigglypuff took matters into her own hands. She inflated and smashed the ROB with a punch, which called for the attention of the other ROBs, who were already searching for two other intruders.

They swarmed to attack, and Jigglypuff fought back. Finally, one green ROB shot a missile and it hit her in the back. She flew into the air and landed on another ROB, but this time, Jigglypuff's trophy lay on the floor. The ROBs probably would have celebrated if they could have.


Link, or Toon Link, had been in countless situations. Gohma, Molgera, Ganon's Puppet, Helmeroc King, all of them had been enormous enemies that he had found a way to defeat. They all had weaknesses. But someone, this wolf that had landed on his ship had none.

Toon Link jumped and swung, and Wolf dodged the attack. He grabbed Link and tried to throw him overboard. Link used his hookshot to keep out of the water. He returned to the deck and threw his boomerang. Wolf was knocked off his feet, and Link tossed a bomb. Wolf grabbed the bomb and threw it away from him. It exploded on the deck a few feet away, tearing apart half the wood there. Link caught Wolf with his hookshot and knocked him onto the floor. He jumped and attempted to impale him. Wolf rolled out of the way at the last possible second, as it always happens, and kicked at Link's legs. He fell over, and the wolf pulled out his personally modified blaster and fired three shots. Each one missed, but succeeded in burning part of the ship. Link hastily stepped on it to put it out, and Wolf took the advantage to land a hard kick into his opponent's chest.

Link was dazed and confused, and expected to be hit hard and killed right then and there. But Wolf was taking this advantage to make a call. He was calling for another Wolfen.

By the time he finished, Link and gotten up again and swung his sword. The blunt edge knocked wolf to the floor and Link pulled a lever. The catapult rose from the deck a few feet from where they stood. As they both jumped to attack, Link acted smart and got out of the way. As Wolf landed, he was grabbed the by the hookshot one last time, kicked towards the catapult, and landed hard on it. As he did, Link tossed his boomerang towards the switch, and as it made contact, Wolf was flung far, far away. Link smiled triumphantly and sheathed his sword.

Wolf amazingly landed in the soft sand at the beach. He was very, very dizzy. He could not believe he'd just been beaten by a kid.

When he finally could stand up again, he reached into his belt and pushed a button. As he ordered during that call, a Wolfen materialized a few feet away from him. Still a little wobbly, he climbed into it and rested for a moment.

After a short rest, he took off, and got lucky. He could see a trail of black smoke in the sky. It was Fox, who had just been shot down by the Halberd. Wolf couldn't have been happier.


Jigglypuff's trophy was being carried by five ROBs towards Ganondorf. They figured he'd know what to do with the rogue Pokemon.

Toon Link repaired what he could of his ship and steered it towards land. As he walked onto the shore and stared out at the immense forest ahead of him, he heard a very loud and angry roar. Shocked but now interested, he ran in that direction.

Sonic also heard the roar. While neither he nor Toon Link knew it, that was Donkey Kong roaring as a hammer bro and Goomba stole his bananas. Sonic started to jog in that direction, but one scream from the Floow behind him told him he'd half to wait. At the same time, a Greap landed in the tree above him as it recently met Mario and Pit and got knocked down towards the earth Sonic found himself in a situation that had his hands full. But then again, that was nothing new.

This is my first story, so I don't expect much of an applause. All reviews are welcome, of course. I know you all probably read this a lot, but I just started this as a filler for my time. But if people like it, I'll continue. Thanks for reading, though! Short chapters, so I should be able to get the next one up really soon. I don't like to keep people waiting.