To all of you who have beaten the Subspace Emissary on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we know Sonic appeared at the last second at the end to "save the day". Also Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf were basically cast as Easter Eggs. Basically, I figured they deserved more of a story. The following is obviously not real, just my version of how they got involved.

Disclaimer, I don't know Brawl or any of these characters. They're all Nintendo, minus Sonic, who belongs to SEGA.

Bowser got shot, Master Hand revealed to be chained, Ganondorf defeated, Master Hand knocked out of the fight, Tabuu defeating all the present heroes, and finally all of the taken worlds combined to create a Great Maze. All in all, Wolf had absolutely no idea what to do.

He'd been convinced that this blue Tabuu was no doubt a menace even he would find himself against, seeing as all these heroes had gone through the same thing.

He walked among the trophies, eying each one slowly. He found Falco's trophy. He stared at it blankly for a while, and then kicked it as hard as he could. He wandered on, then laying eyes of Fox himself. Wolf growled. He shot the trophy, kicked it, threw it to the ground, and shot it some more.

He only wished Fox was alive and awake to feel the pain. Then, he considered what would happen if he did release the fox. He had the upper hand, and he could easily take Fox out right there. Convinced, he reached out to free him.

Inches from the trophy stand, he heard the sound of wind blowing hard, but he felt nothing. Confused, he drew back. He looked around. Master Hand was not moving. What was making that noise? It grew louder by the second, until Wolf was sure it was coming for him.

A shadow fell upon him, and he turned around to see a white glove coming down towards him. He jumped up and kicked off of it as it soared beneath him. He landed hard on the ground and saw it coming back, forming a fist as it did. He was confused. Were there two hands?

As he avoided the punch, he looked at Master Hand. He then looked at his attacker. The only difference between them was Master Hand was a right hand, and this new one was a lefty.

He didn't know Crazy Hand personally, but it was enough. Its brother was defeated and now, it was furious. Returning for a fight, it charged at full speed.


Sonic and Jigglypuff were a little more confused than Toon Link. He had an idea of where they were, but the other two just remembered being sucked into a vortex of terror.

Quite honestly, Link didn't know much more. He only knew that the group of heroes had come here for a noble reason, and his new enemy Wolf was tagging along for purposes unknown.

The only other obvious clue about where they were was the fact that there were Shadow Bugs EVERYWHERE! It was ridiculous. None of them had ever seen so many Primids running around. They could see plenty of other creatures roaming around, too, and simply, they all had their own opinions on what they were.

They began to walk across the dark world slowly but surely, praying that some sort of sign would tell them exactly what was going on.


King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness bolted out of the remains of the castle just as Wolf found them, still running for his life. Crazy Hand had attempted to crush him, flick him miles away, pound him into the ground, blow him up, and poke him. Wolf was growing extremely tired of the giant hand, and took refuge inside the castle.

It didn't do any good. Crazy Hand tore apart the stone in its way and continued to attack. Pretty soon, Wolf found himself cornered. The white hand lunged forward. The bounty hunter jumped off of the wall behind him, barely flying between two of Crazy Hand's outstretched fingers. The wall was crushed, and Wolf pulled out his blaster, shooting seven times. The blasts did damage, but nowhere near enough. Crazy Hand flew up, and came crashing down, knocking Wolf off balance. Then it grabbed Wolf by the head and tossed it aside like a tiny rock.


Toon Link was first to spot the flying object, at least five miles away. Convinced that it was probably important, seeing as a giant free hand was chasing it, he ran in that direction. Sonic grabbed Jigglypuff and ran after him.

Wolf landed hard on the ground, shaking his head clear. He looked up. Crazy Hand was hovering over him, waiting to land another blow. His opponent rolled to the side and jumped. Crazy Hand came down inches from him. Wolf jumped onto the white glove and began clawing at it. Crazy Hand landed on the ground, and began to shake, instantly knocking Wolf off.

The bounty hunter got back to his feet, a bit dizzy and in some pain. But the last thing he wanted was to die at the hands of a… left hand. So, he jumped, avoided another crushing smash, jumped onto the hand, and began to shoot everywhere.

Crazy Hand was just about to make another move when something slammed into its center, or palm; a lightning fast blue ball. As it stopped to investigate, Wolf got another chance to cause severe damage. The blue ball, obviously Sonic, backed away to observe, and then quickly returned to the fight.

Wolf was shaken off, and Sonic jumped and delivered three kicks into Crazy Hand's palm/center. The hand seemed to roar in surprise. Wolf fired again and again in the same spot while Sonic jumped again and, as he came down, forced his heel into the back of Crazy's Hand.

The giant white glove came down with a crash, and Sonic finally touched down with a final kick, seeming to KO the enemy, and ending the fight.

Wolf had no idea exactly what to feel, thanks or embarrassment. He wanted to think he had everything under control, but then again, this hedgehog had just taken down the floating hand in a matter of seconds. He did help, though.

All thoughts of possibly shaking hands and forming a pact were gone as soon as he laid eyes on Sonic's two companions. The pink marshmallow didn't make a difference to him, but there was that swordsman! Toon Link!

Wolf charged. Link grasped his sword tight. The bounty hunter jumped and aimed a kick. Link ducked and swung to where he assumed his attacker had landed. He was wrong. Wolf appeared behind him and grabbed him by the neck, and threw him down. Link rolled away from Wolf's stomps, flipped back up, and swung as the bounty hunter kicked again.

Sonic grabbed them both by the shoulder and shoved them away from each other. Both fighters glared angrily, but looked in the direction Sonic was pointing.

A massive group of heroes and villains alike were forcing themselves to come to an agreement over by the Great Maze's entrance, where Master Hand still lay. Sonic saw Bowser, DK, and Diddy Kong, who he'd witnessed fighting since the beginning.

Toon Link could barely make out what appeared to be another incarnation of himself walking alongside Zelda and what appeared to be.. Ganondorf!

Wolf saw Fox and Falco, along with the ninja Fox had fought on the Halberd. Jigglypuff saw Pikachu and Lucario side by side, along with a trainer and his three pokemon, which made her feel like she was supposed to be there to fight with them.

All in all, they all could see that these people were allying for a reason. Only something very, very powerful could convince them to do that. So, slowly, Link sheathed his sword. This compelled Wolf to straighten up and quit growling.

Sonic led the way, next to Link, who still kept his distance from Wolf, right behind the two of them, with Jigglypuff trailing behind them.

They climbed up the giant staircase and reached the Great Maze. They were probably only a few minutes behind everyone. Maybe if they hurried, they could catch up for the final battle, if this was going to be it.

All four of them seemed to have a different aspect on which way to go. Finally, Sonic rolled his eyes and took Jigglypuff with him, leaving Toon Link and Wolf to go the other.

Everyone that had passed in the Great Maze had met a being much like them. And these four Subspace Followers were no different.


Sonic walked through another dimensional gateway, only to find the portal close behind him. Jigglypuff had crossed the gateway, too, but found herself in a different place. Sonic felt a gust of wind, and along with that, he saw Shadow Bugs flying dangerously close to him.

They piled against him, just like the others had against Toon Link. Jigglypuff experience a similar attack. When both ended, Sonic, by reflex, thought he was looking at Shadow. Had Shadow somehow arrived here??? No, this wasn't Shadow. This was a purplish version of him, still spewing with Shadow Bugs that flew around him. The original Sonic took a fighting stance. This Dark Sonic did the same. The only difference was that the dark copy was smiling menacingly, while Sonic was gritting his teeth.

In the somehow different arrival, Jigglypuff found herself looking at her dark form. Uncharacteristically like the original, this version looked almost mean, and even a little dangerous. Very much scared, Jigglypuff took one, or several, steps back as this purplish flaming copy of her walked towards her.


Toon Link and Wolf appeared to work as quite the team. For every Primid, ROB, and other Subspace ambush they had faced, they turned out handling it pretty well, and almost relied on each other.

This time, a group of Primids waited behind the corner, as they were apparently at the section of the real world that had once been Marth's starting point, the fortress overrun by war.

The first three to jump from the corner were regular Primids. Toon Link stabbed one, while Wolf pulled out his gun to whack one with it, and then shot the other square in the chest. Next was a variety of all the Primid kings. Boomerangs came from nowhere, and beam swords swung everywhere. Scope Primids took aim from a few feet back to avoid melee encounters.

Link and Wolf divided the work. Link tossed his own boomerang and tossed bombs to all of the Primids wielding Beam Swords. Those who didn't explode found themselves in a duel with the hero. Wolf, meanwhile, grabbed one of the enemy boomerangs and used it as a melee weapon against the other Boomerang Primids. Once they were down, he had two seconds for his reflexes to kick in as a Scope Primid fired a huge shot at him. He leaped upwards, the blast landing on the stone wall behind him. The force of the impact knocked Wolf forward, towards the Scope Primids themselves.

The bounty hunter tucked and rolled as he reached the ground again, clawed at one of the Primids, took his gun, and pulled out his own. Using them both, he wiped the rest out. Behind him, Toon Link stabbed the final Beam Primid in the chest and watched the Shadow Bugs dissolve.

But it wasn't over yet. Both jumped back at the sight of three giant Primids slowly marching towards them. Even closer, Fire Primids exhaled as hard as they could. Both Link and Wolf jumped back, now facing a wall of fire they couldn't see past.

Seven Metal Primids walked through the fire unharmed, if slightly warmer, straight towards them. Both heroes took action. Link threw his boomerang, knocking over one of the Primids. Before it got back up, he jumped up and came down with a lethal stab. He didn't wait to see how metal shadow bugs died. There were six left.

Wolf instantly found out that his blaster didn't make the four Metal Primids surrounding him flinch. Frustrated, he clawed at one of them. It hurt him more than it hurt his enemy. He growled, trying to look menacing. As he expected, they didn't back away. Instantly, he grinned evilly. He jumped and kicked off of one of their faces, landing on the second. Stomping on its metal skull, he waited until he knew it was dead. He pulled out his gun, this time using it as a melee weapon, whacking the remaining two other and over until they collapsed. He turned to face the one he'd kicked in the face. He cold-heartedly crushed it beneath his heel, an act that would have been gory if not for the fact that they were just black bugs.

Toon Link easily took care of the remaining two via his Master Sword. As they rejoined, they faced the wall of fire, still burning. Wolf fired three shots into the burning abyss. Two of the ten Fire Primids were his and fell over. Toon Link took the small entry and finished them off. While Wolf continued to fire at the others, Link stabbed and slashed at each of them one by one.

Finally, the three giant Primids were all that remained. Wolf took the first one for himself, finally being able to use his claws again. Toon Link maneuvered quickly as the other two tripped over themselves trying to catch him.

Wolf finally tore a hole in the Giant Primids mass, and Shadow Bugs began to pour out, finally dissolving entirely. Meanwhile, Link took action. He used his hookshot to get onto the top of one Primid. The other swiped at him, instead only hitting the other in the back of the head. Link leaped at that time, coming down on the second with a stab. As the Primid collapsed, Toon Link ran back, slashing the chest of the remaining titan until it disintegrated.

Link jumped off and sheathed his sword, no doubt to show off. As he did, he turned to face Wolf, smirking triumphantly. Wolf crossed his arms and nodded. Maybe the two could get to work as a team, at least until this was over.


All teamwork would cease as soon as they passed through the next gateway. Although they entered together, they appeared in different places. Both felt the Shadow Bugs press against them, but Toon Link knew exactly what was going on.

Ironically, some of the Shadow Bugs that had cloned Link originally survived long enough to clone him a second time. Finally, Dark Link faced his original form once again, and Wolf found himself growling at a dark shadowy form of himself.


Shadow Jigglypuff did something very uncharacteristic; she, or it, frowned and threw a devastating punch. The real Jigglypuff black flipped and bounced back onto her feet. She rolled out of the way of another punch and grabbed her evil copy. She looked it in the eye and jumped backwards, placed the dark copy beneath her, and landed on it, or her, with a body slam, light but harsh from one Pokemon to its clone.

Dark Jigglypuff found herself in a crater, the black rock-like ground now finding a round hole in it. The dark creature tore a chunk of the rock and scraped it against the ground, quickly forming a sharp surface. Before she, or it, could even turn around, Jigglypuff slammed into it, or her, knocking the pathetic blade out of her hand and throwing her into the ground.

Sonic was having a much worse time. The shadowy Sonic was much more violent than Sonic himself, and was not afraid to show it. So far, Sonic found himself dodging punches and kicks and lightning fast attacks that he normally never thought about being on the other side of.

Finally, Sonic had had enough of being on defense. He waited until his dark copy threw another kick and then caught his foot with both hands. He swung his enemy around and then threw him onto the ground. He jumped and came down with a hard kick, but missed. Both Sonics stared into each other's eyes, mocking one another, before carrying on. Sonic jumped and grabbed his enemy, threw him onto the ground, and picked him up again, kneeing him and then throwing him high into the air, jumping after him and kicking him twice.

Sonic landed gracefully on the ground, while his copy landed hard on his back, stunned. Just when he thought it was over, the dark eyelids opened and red-yellow eyes stared at him. Dark Sonic rolled out of the way and kicked at Sonic's legs. While the blue hedgehog fell to the ground, the black hedgehog jumped to his feet and began to run. Sonic quickly got to his feet and chased him.


Wolf quickly found himself in a duel with guns. He barely had time to pull the trigger as he flipped back and forth to avoid the incoming shots. The dark Wolf had instantly pulled out his blaster and begun firing, keeping the real Wolf on the defensive.

The bounty hunter finally found a gap between shots to take a stand in fire. The dark Wolf was forced to leap out of the way, only to turn back and see Wolf two inches from him. A punch and a slash and the dark entity was knocked back several feet. The longtime enemy of Starfox marched forward, his claws gleaming.

The dark entity kicked forward, but Wolf caught the kick with his hands and spun around, still holding his hostage. He finally let go, sending his copy soaring. He ran to catch up, and as he opponent landed, he jumped and came down with a hard kick, much like Sonic. He missed by inches, and whacked his clone with his blaster, sending him flying another three yards.

Wolf instantly grew tired of this and raised his enemy by the collar, staring at it in the eye, his teeth seconds from a deadly bite at the neck. But the dark Wolf only tried to knee his captor. But his enemy blocked it with his own kick and threw him. The clone landed hard on the ground, stunned.

Toon Link's Master Sword had seen almost everything, and clashed with almost everything, but never with another blackened Master Sword. This was very new.

The Links had managed to tangle their hookshots together, clash boomerangs, and even predict when an arrow was coming. They thought alike, and their actions were almost identical and only a few milliseconds off. But the real Link knew that this could not go on. And he also knew that if his enemy was barely a second off, that would have to be his advantage. If only he had enough time between fights to think about what to do next!

So far, Dark Link was not about to allow that. They stood in a simple duel, the combat not ranging to be very creative. Their swords clashed again and again, and every time Link tried a new move, he'd find his opponent's sword blocking it again and again.

Finally, Link broke out of the fight and ran away. As he dark copy chased, he suddenly stopped and stuck his sword out. Dark Link jumped to avoid it, barely scratching himself on the waist. Link threw another swing, this blow scaring Dark Link enough to jump instead of blocking it.

Link found his advantage increase. He pressed on, being unpredictable with his swings, keeping Dark Link worried and on the edge.


Jigglypuff and her clone jumped around as they fought, and found themselves in what appeared to be a small section of the ground covered in stalagmites. Dark Jigglypuff ran towards one of them, trying to snap it off. Her enemy rammed into her, knocking her back onto another. Both heard the crack of the rock as the dark entity recovered from the crash. She grabbed the stalagmite and swung it like a heavy sword.

Jigglypuff jumped out of the way too many times, finally backing up into a stalagmite. This time, her jumped to safety didn't work, and the pointed rock hit her so hard it snapped in two. The sharp edge had not hit her, but the cold stone itself had done the work. Proudly, the dark entity tore off another sharp rock and readied to land the final blow.

Sonic and his rival raced through the terrain, finally ending with Sonic leaping and landing on top of his clone. He punched his enemy twice, kneed him in the chest, and threw him against a black wall.

Dark Sonic bounced right back and kicked Sonic right in the lower jaw. The blue hedgehog kept on his feet, but held one hand to his jaw, checking for blood. Before he could even move again, another kick came out of nowhere, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground. Dark Sonic put a foot on his rival's chest, quickly putting on pressure. Sonic winced painfully as he thought he would feel his chest crushing at any moment.


Wolf stormed over to his stunned opponent, picked him up, and threw him, yet again. Each time, the dark entity landed hard and barely moved. Wolf didn't know it, but it was a strategy. Now, the bounty hunter felt confident and in control, which easily led to overconfidence. Finally, one last throw left the dark Wolf grinning. When his opponent got close, the dark creature jumped, kicked Wolf in the face, clawed at his chest, which only knocked his blaster loose, and threw a punch knocking Wolf to the cold ground.

Now it was Dark Wolf's turn, kicking up his stunned original form and throwing him around, making sure Wolf felt every single bit of the utter pain.

Toon Link had the advantage. Dark Link was on defense and barely had enough time to touch the ground before jumping away from the sword again. Link felt like he had a chance. Just like last time, he planned to win this fight.

But then something unexpected happened. Dark Link tossed something and then backed up. Link looked down to see a bomb lying at his feet. He kicked it by reflex. It blew up two feet from his face, blowing him several yards back. Out of the smoke, Dark Link charged and swung his blade four times, each time stronger than the last.

The fourth time, Link's Master Sword was knocked out of his hands. Dark Link kicked his opponent down and raised his sword, more than ready to stab his original form to death. His blade came down fast.


All at once, or so it was most likely, all four heroes felt a sudden burst of energy. A multicolored aura surrounded them, their eyes turned a glowing yellowish color, and the power of the Final Smash filled them all to the brim.


Sonic felt the sudden burst of power. Dark Sonic saw this aura surround his opponent and considered backing off. But he thought maybe it was a bluff he had not discovered in himself yet. Still smiling devilishly, he put even more pressure on his opponent. This time, however, Sonic's only response was anger. A flash of light suddenly came as the Seven Chaos Emeralds appeared out of nowhere. Combining inside him, the flash of light dimmed, and Dark Sonic was flung back by an instant shock in the leg he used to pin Sonic down. When he looked up again, he saw his original form, but hovering several feet in the air and golden. Sonic was now Super Sonic. Only for a short time, but he was going to make the most out of it!

Wolf was in midair as he felt the sudden fill of energy in his body. Without paying attention to the aura, the dark clone grabbed Wolf and threw him over the edge of the nearby cliff. Laughing silently, he smile disappeared instantly. Wolf rose back up into the sky, and something materialized around him. It was the same way his Wolfen normally appeared, but it was not a fighter craft. It was a red Landmaster. It came down with a crash, and then turned to aim right at the Dark Wolf.

Jigglypuff experienced the flow of power instantly, and reached out with one hand. She caught the stalagmite her dark clone was charging at her with, took it with both hands, and crushed it. The dark Jigglypuff felt the sudden urge to run, and jumped, floating higher and higher into the sky. Jigglypuff grabbed her and threw her back down, and, while still in the air, activated her Jigglypuff could always deflate at will, now, she was going to grow huge. And when she did, nothing would hurt her. Slowly, and then faster, she filled with air.

Toon Link wasted no time. Instantaneously, his power took effect. His blade flew straight into his hand and he parried the fatal stab Dark Link was about to execute. He knocked his dark copy back, backflipped, landed on his feet, and triggered his power. Dark Link had no idea what had happened, but he was trapped between what appeared to be two forms of the almighty Triforce, and Toon Link was right behind one of them, glowing and preparing to strike.


Super Sonic dashed at an incredible speed, grabbing his dark copy by the throat and raising him twenty feet off the ground, and threw him back down. Instantly after he hit, Sonic rammed into him, and again, and again, and again. He tossed the dark clone against the wall and flew straight into him, and straight through him. The wall collapsed on top of the dark entity, but Super Sonic wasn't done yet. He burned straight through the rock and grabbed his enemy again, punched twice, threw him against the ground, and dashed straight into him.

Dark Wolf had never been scared in his short life, but a giant red tank firing at him from three yards away was terrifying. The Landmaster rolled forward, blasing Dark Wolf into the air. The Landmaster boosted into the air, and came down, threatening to crush the dark copy. Dark Wolf rolled out of that, but it wasn't over yet! He backed up until he found himself at the edge of the cliff, and Wolf showed no mercy, and pulled the trigger one last time.

Jigglypuff grew huge within seconds. Dark Jigglypuff was attempting to escape, but as short-lived as this burst of power was in her enemy, it was going to hurt. The Puffed Up Jigglypuff grabbed the tiny shadow clone and threw her down, towards the ground, and yelled. The wind from her scream gave the dark clone twice as much momentum as she, or it, plummeted straight towards the ground, and the stalagmites.

Toon Link landed a blow astonishingly power every half second. Dark Link would have been flying halfway across this world if he wasn't trapped behind the Triforce symbols. Finally, the terrible pain stopped, and he looked to see if the power surge was over, but instead, Toon Link was preparing one final blow.



Sonic came down on his shadowy copy like a meteor, instantly killing it and the shadow bugs that made it.

Another bang as Wolf's Landmaster fired one last shot, blowing the cliff, and the dark Wolf entity, to pieces of stone and Shadow Bugs that would die instantaneously.

Dark Jigglypuff silently screamed in terror and hatred nanoseconds before it, or she, plummeted straight into a stalagmite and was reduced to nothingness.

A final crash occurred as Toon Link's final smash ended with a grand finale, a blow that finally released Dark Link from his prison. A blow so powerful it would have blown Dark Link back into the world of light in seconds if he hadn't disintegrated first.


Sonic and Jigglypuff emerged on the other side of a portal as if nothing had happened to them. Not far away, Toon Link and Wolf did the same.

They looked at each other. They barely caught glimpses of the multicolored aura leaving each one of them. Toon Link's blade quickly returned to its silver color. Sonic's blue shades quickly recovered. Traces of a beamed craft disappeared from around Wolf. Jigglypuff coughed out one last bit of air, returning her to normal size.

All of them were exhausted, but their jobs were done. The gateways blocking them were gone. The final battle awaited. Sonic saw a huge portal opening up. He keen eyesight spotted all the figured marching into it, most of them he recognized from sometime in the journey. Putting together the last hint, he dashed forward, leaving the other three heroes to run after him.


Tabuu found the heroes he'd just finished off back again, this time accompanied by a few more, including Bowser, Ganondorf, Wario, King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness. Whatever. Six more targets didn't matter to his Off Waves. It fact, he'd get to watch the whole thing all over again. He opened the wings up and waited for the three short seconds of charging to be over.

Barely a millisecond from firing point, a blue blur appeared out of nowhere and shattered of one the wings. It returned and shattered the second wing before bouncing to the top of a small stalagmite and showing its form. Sonic taunted it, Tabuu enraged, but ready for a fight. Sonic jumped back to join the group as Toon Link, Wolf, and Jigglypuff arrived.

Toon Link stared at Link. Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf all stared back, very confused. Wolf growled at Fox and Falco, who glared back at him. Sonic landed ironically close to Bowser, who gave him a nasty look. Jigglypuff bounced over to Pikachu and took a fighting stance, ignoring how very confused the five Pokemon behind her were.

Tabuu's roar gained their attention. The feud between Starfox and Starwolf would have to be put aside. Bowser and Sonic's constant fights would have to be forgotten. The fact that there were two Links in the group would have to be explained later. The rivalry between Mario, Luigi, Peach against Bowser had been put aside, as had the fight between Link and Zelda against Ganondorf. Kirby and Meta-Knight even fought side-by-side now. All knew that everything they knew, loved, and had ever fought for depended of this fight. And so, the final battle began.

And that's the final chapter. I don't think I did as well as I think I could have here, but at least it's finished. I hope you guys liked my first story, please review, even if you read this a looong time after this has been posted. I'm always looking to get better! Thanks for reading!