'm Not exactly sure where this story is going but I just had the idea a few days ago. Since Feldt's parents were Gundam Miesters Feldt might have learned how to pilot a Gundam herself. The story is set in the aftermath of season one and it is going to venture into Season 2 but since season 2 is not over yet I am unsure what is going to happen. Enjoy!


Time has stood still quickly... I had been living such a crazy life since I was born. Many of my comrades have died today day and I am was longer sure what is happening in our crooked world. If there is any chance they are alive I will find them. - Feldt Grace

Sumeragi put down Feldt's note after reading it for the fifth time. The young girl had taken matters into her own hands, accessing parts of the celestial being base that Sumeragi did not even know existed. It had been barely a day since the batte and the crew of the Ptoelmy had quickly fled to Celestial Beings base. Now that Feldt was gone, she was preparing to descend to earth and leave this broken organization behind. With the deaths of Lockon, Allelujah, and Setsuna too much had been lost. It was Lost and would never return.


**Two Days Later***

The wreckage was sure intense as Feldt searched the haunted battlefield. Celestial Being had tried to find the ruined Gundams but apparently the Earth had gotten to Kyrios. Vitrue and Tieria had been recovered. Setsuna had been listed as dead since nothing had been found on him or Exia. Feldt had little interest in the broken battlefield as she flew through it, what she wanted she was sure laid beyond it all. She had not been able to save anyone ever before but now she had to. As her pearl colored mobile armor flew through everything it searched for one thing.

"Just a little farther," she sighed as she cleared the battlefield. Her eyes were filled with tears at the memories this place held. Everything was still too close to her despite how she had resolved not to cry about it anymore.

Rocky asteroids seemed to stand still as she maneuvered around them. The gold mobile armor came into sight. The machine was totally wrecked and Feldt was still amazed by how Setsuna had broken through its defenses.

Why is there so much hate in this world? Feldt asked herself, Why must we kill each other? Why must we all die? Why can't we just go on in peace? What is the true answer? Her eyes were now hopeless as her scans around the golden machine gave her no answer. There was absolutely no sign of Exia anywhere. There had been no reports on any military factions on earth finding it. Her whole trip here had been worthless.

"You have entered a restricted area," a voice said over her com system, how had she not noticed them approaching, "You will identify yourself immediately or we will be forced to shoot you down." Feldt clenched her teeth and gripped the controls of her armor seeing three mobile suits with false GN drives coming toward her. She could not just surrender and she did not want to reveal the power of her mobile armor to anyone. If she just ran these three would take information on her back to their superiors. Her bloodshot eyes looked up from her controls and she accelarated forward at high speed in attack mode. She fired a few shots at the suits as she passed over them confusing the pilots.

"We're giving you one more chance to surrender," the voice said again frantically as the pilot of the machine lost trace of the pearl colored mobile armor. Feldt suddenly swooped down above one of them and shot a highly particularized beam toward it. The machine dogged unsuccessfully and it's arm was severed off. The pilots then began to use their own attack patterns against her.

Feldt let out a scream as tears came from her eyes. These forces were the ones who had killed Allelujah, Christina, Licht, Lasse, Setusna, and LOCKON! Rage filled her as her suit took a few hits from the machines. She dogged unsuccessfully as a few more beams rocked her suit. Resolve filled her, this was going to end! Her dove shaped mobile armor transformed.

"IT'S A GUNDAM!" One of the pilots yelled to their commanded.

"But they were all destroyed!" The other one yelled.

"Let's make that statement come true," their commander responded. The three mobile suits flew toward her with their guns aimed.

"Not happening," Feldt yelled dodging all their shots and pulling out two beam sabers and ramming right into the mobile suit she had damaged earlier and cut it apart. Her anger increased as memories of her friends filled her mind. This was all for them.

"Commander," the second mobile suit cried as Feldt left her first kill to take it out. The commander watched in amazement as this Gundam destroyed two suits in no time. These suits had conquered gundams a few days earlier. How had a better model come out so fast. The man used the abilities of his mobile suit to quickly outmaneuver the gundam for a time. Feldt was loosing energy fast, she hadn't eaten in two days and her sleep had been limited.

"I'll get you Gundam!" the commander yelled across the com system. The commander flipped one of her beam sabers out her her mobile suits hand and quickly picked it up himself.

"NO!" Feldt yelled as the suit approached her and the commander suddenly stopped. This pilot was just a little girl by the sound of her voice. Celestial Being was using little girls to do their dirty work. The thought angered him and he raised the beam saber he held higher. Feldt analyzed her moves but she could not make any of them without her Gundam being damaged! Suddenly out of nowhere something glowing swooped down in front of the mobile suit cutting in it half. Feldt opened her eyes to see the heavily damaged Exia in front of her.

"This is Setsuna F. Seiei," A labored voice came through her com, "are you a member of Celesital Being."

"Setsuna!" Feldt responded, "You're alive."

"Feldt Grace," he said and suddenly his mobile suit went limp as he gasped gripping his side and blacked out.

"Setsuna!" Feldt yelled grabbing Exia with her gundam. Tears returned to her eyes, He had survived! Had any of the others? She could no longer search for risk of being discovered again as well as the urgent need to help Setsuna. He had survived this long and she would ensure that he continued to survive.


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