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Sumeragi watched as her two members of her team seemed to be falling apart...

They had not been able to contact Allelujah and they were unable to find his location. It seemed impossible that he could be dead so the search for him was just beginning. Tieria and Lockon were launching leaving them with no protection as Setsuna and Feldt's machines were both damaged in the fight. Ian had assessed the damage of both machines and concluded that it would be easier to fix Setsuna's at this time because Feldt's would take longer to put back together.

Murrin LaGrass had offered to help Ian and as they did not have very much choice but to trust this man they agreed to let him help. He had not only brought Feldt back to them but he had brought another Gundam; an older model but still one more machine could help tip the balance in future battles.

Sumeragi now watched as Mileina and Ian had rushed Feldt to the medical bay and proceeded to perform tests to see how she was. It seemed the beam saber that had sliced her suit had not hit her but the heat from it had somehow dehydrated her leaving her exhausted and after hooking up some medical equipment Ian was almost certain she would be alright. Setsuna on the other hand had escaped his battle without injury because of Feldt's reckless defense attack; without her he would probably have died out there.

Setsuna had not left the medical bay since being pronounced fine, he instead stood on one side of the room seemingly deep in thought not caring that Sumeragi and Mileina were both still there. They were both a bit puzzled as they both thought Setsuna would have offered to help Ian fix his machine but as soon as he heard that Ian could fix it he left it alone and proceeded to stay int he medical bay.

Sumeragi sighed as things did not seem to be going well lately. First she collapsed from memories of her terrible past and now members of her team were going missing and getting hurt from her inability to completely throw in through anything. Everyone in this entire place had lost something that meant so much to them and they had all remained strong, she had to learn how to be stronger through it all. There would always be stressful and hard situations but she had to beat them. She would beat them.

"Mileina," she said grabbing the girls arm, "I have some work for you on the bridge."

"Alright," the young girl said with a sigh looking back at Feldt. Though Feldt was her friend she knew it was important that she continue to work for the team. As they left Sumeragi looked back to see Setsuna still had not moved, he just stood there unblinkingly.

It was probably just concern for the girl who had just allowed him to keep living.

Murrin watched the two Gundams leave the ship in search of their missing comrade and prayed that they were able to find him. He now stood in front of the damaged Taube thinking of how Feldt had taken everything he had told her completely seriously. She had laid her life on the line for another member of Celestial Being because she believed that they could change toe future together and Murrin admired her for it.

Taube had preformed well for not being finished but it was still too weak for Feldt. In order to protect her he had to make it much stronger. Her reckless piloting showed a certain amateurishness; she fought well but she got herself into many situations that more experienced pilots knew how to avoid. Murrin also thought about his second machine, Charis.

Charis did not have a pilot at this time and he wondered if anyone was truly worthy of the incredible strength it would have once he finished it. He had worked for years trying to upgrade that machine and now he was almost finished with it. Similarly he had spent years planning Taube's upgrades but now that he knew Taube's pilot he had adjusted some of his plans. He wondered how the rest of Celestial Being would welcome him to their group. Their tactical forecaster, Sumeragi Lee Noriega had welcomed him but there was too much going on at this time for him to tell.

One pilot was missing, one was injured and the other was left without his machine. Murrin sincerely hoped the ALAWs would stay away for the time being; for they were in no position to be attacked now.

It had been a different time four years ago; a time when their two souls had both been utterly alone and a time when they were able to find comfort and solace in each others arms. How would things had been different had Feldt never taken up Taube and went to the battlefield. Would Setsuna have even lived as long as he had now? Twice she had saved his life now and if she made a habit of this she might not make it out next time. It was all his fault; he had been provoked into making a stupid move and into fighting with trans-AM.

Now he stayed in the medical bay not caring how many confused looks he got from his comrades nor how many times they said she would be alright. He was there because he had to make sure she was alright like she stood her ground to make sure he would live.

He never imagined that he could ever care for someone as much as he cared for her and he did not really understand it. He had gone through so much as a child that took him a long time to get over and he once believed that part of his humanity died with his parents. He had believed that he could never love anyone but then Feldt had cared for him, sheltered him and when the time came she had let him go. It was as if she had understood everything about him and her gentleness had melted away the icy walls he had built against any sort of closeness to anyone.

Through it all his mind had remained focused and single on the task which he set out to accomplish four years ago. He was worried that his feelings for Feldt would get in the way and that was one of the reasons why he left, the other being that she deserved someone who was whole as he could never be.

Now he realized that his mission had also become her mission through some odd twist of fate. Feldt was now a full fledged Gundam Miester who had the same mission as the rest of them and with that his and her fate would always be bound together no matter how he had tried to run from that reality. It had always been there, the truth that they would always be bound by Celestial Being and their shared goal to change the world through armed force. Now in this moment where he watched over her, his heart and mind finally became one and he realized that he could fight for the future and fight for her as well.

"Don't bother giving me a hand with any of the work I have to do Setsuna," he heard Ian's voice as the door to the small medical room opened. The old mechanic searched Setsuna's face for an answer to what he had just said but the young Gundam Miester remained as unreadable as ever.

"I thought you said you had it all covered," Setsuna's voice did not convey any emotion either, it was as flat as ever though his face had changed to a slightly determined look.

"I do," Ian said with a nod, "I really came down here to see how you were doing as Sumeragi expressed some concern for your well being." Setsuna nodded and Ian noticed he took a short glance at Feldt who was still sound asleep. "You know she's not going anywhere right now, you can take a break keeping an eye on her and we can get someone else her to watch her." Once again Setsuna displayed no emotion to the older mechanic though his words conveyed a bit of how he felt about what Ian had just said.

"It's my fault she is here," Setsuna said, "If I had not have used the trans-AM I could have helped her. Because it is my fault I will stay here." So he had been beating himself up over what had happened on the battlefield. Ian knew that deep down Setsuna understood that the whole situation had been out of his hands and that Feldt had placed herself between him and the ALAWs of her own free will.

"There was nothing you could do out there," Ian said trying to reassure him, "What's done is done. She will be alright."

"What's done is done," Setsuna repeated looking downward then looking toward Feldt, "but this time I see that maybe I should have done things differently; not just today but four years ago as well." Ian did not understand this, was Setsuna alluding to his time on earth with Feldt? Was Tieria's suspicion correct? Were Setsuna and Feldt close on earth?

"At any rate she is still alive," Ian said leaving the past subject alone as he didn't want to make Setsuna uncomfortable, "however Taube's in very bad shape. That Murrin fellow is looking over the damage now but I suspect it will take a few days to fix."

"Just make sure the 00 is ready for anything," Setsuna said as Ian walked toward the door. Setsuna then turned back to watching Feldt hoping she would awake soon.

There was sunlight shining down on her as she looked up into the atmosphere. She was standing in a beautiful garden filled with fresh pink and white flowers. There was a peaceful river flowing near her that she noticed as soon as she heard the sound of flowing water. She laughed as she felt the pure joy of this place filling every fiber of her being. A cold wind then suddenly blew causing her to shiver a bit. Could a place this beautiful last or was there darkness in it somewhere that she was unaware of.

She noticed then that this was clearing of a forest and the forest around seemed a bit dark. As if she was under control of some unknown force she began to walk forward into the trees, following the path of the river. It was then that she noticed that she was wearing a white dress of the whitest smoothest fabric she had ever felt, her hands were covered by thin lacy gloves and her hair fell in curls around her shoulders. Her feel were bare and yet with every step in the dirt they remained clean as if she was an angel floating over the dirt.

The stream wound deeper and deeper into the forest taking her with it and she smiled as the peace that she felt in the clearing remained. Another wind blew and suddenly she found herself in another clearing surrounded by a flock of beautiful doves. She held her hand out and a pair of them landed on her arm both looking at her as if they knew her. She was awestruck by it all as more and more came to land on her. Then one by one they flew into the trees around her still all watching her as if they were waiting for something. This place was more wonderful than anything she had ever seen before.

Amidst it all she heard a beautiful voice coming toward her and she turned around to find herself face to face with a pink haired woman. Feldt first thought she was looking into a mirror but she realized this woman had a few distinct differences from her. The woman smiled kindly as Feldt just stared, there was something about this woman she knew.

"Who are you?" Feldt asked as the woman placed her finger over her mouth and began to sing a few beautiful notes that caused a chill to go down Feldt's spine. The birds then started flying around them both in quick circles causing wind to blow around them both and then just like that they all flew into the sky and were gone. The beautiful place faded and Feldt found herself in her pilots suit standing amidst a barren land. The woman still stood there as beautiful as ever smiling at Feldt.

"I show you two alternatives," she said placing a hand on Feldt's arm, "you were in search of answers but not everything was the way you wanted it. The path you chose in the end was the right one, you are where you belong. If you but stray from this path a little everything might fall apart; you must protect him and you must fight for a peaceful future or else everything will be as barren as it is now."

"But what can I do?" Feldt asked.

"You have already turned the tide through your sacrifice," she said lifting her hands, "and as time goes by you will find your path." With those words the woman faded and Feldt realized she had been face to face with her mother.




It was rhythmically sounding around her as she felt her conscious mind returning to her. She had returned and this time she was whole, she was here to stay and she was determined to win no matter what the cost.

Setsuna was sure that he saw her stir from where he was sitting right beside her. He watched her intently waiting for her to awaken, he just needed to know that she was okay. Part of him felt an urgency to ask her if she was staying with Celestial Being as her Gundam had been upgraded and another part of him was still reeling from the realization he had today.

She took in a deep breath feeling the freedom that surrounded her though in her heart she knew there was still so much for her to do before she could really feel free. She stirred again trying to will herself to awaken. Her eyes rolled under here eyelids as she blinked them open. She shut them quickly because of the sudden rush of light into her eyes and it took her a few blinks to be able to fully look into the light. It had always annoyed her that she had to do this when waking up on earth. In space it didn't take her as long to open her eyes.

Now that she was aware she glanced around the room and saw someone sitting beside her bed. It didn't take her long to realize that this person was Setsuna and the revelation reminded her of earth four years ago. She sat up slowly as she saw the concern in his eyes radiate with her every mood; it was a quite odd thing to see on someone whose expression was usually very blank.

"I'm fine Setsuna," she said reassuring him though he didn't ask her to. There were a few moments of silence before Feldt spoke up, "I guess you can go tell the others I am alright."

"They already know," Setsuna said as the concern left his eyes replaced by something else she never thought she would see. His eyes were filled with an apology and with a pleading look begging for forgiveness. "I am so sorry," he finally said.

"It wasn't your fault," she said putting a hand on his shoulder, "I chose to fight them." The begging in his eyes stayed and she began to rethink everything. Was it possible he was apologizing for leaving her on earth or that he was sorry for something else. She didn't understand now; everything was out of their hands in all situations. He had a singular path and duty that she had always understood though she didn't always like it. He had nothing to apologize for and that was very clear to her now. Seeing all this weighing on him caused her eyes to fill with tears and at an impulse she threw her arms around him in comfort.

"It's alright," she said word she never thought she would say; it was the reverse of the past, "I understand everything. You are alright, I am alright; we are both still alive and as long as we are still alive we can fix this world together." It felt so right holding him in her arms like she had so long ago before everything had gotten hard. As a few tears rolled from her eyes be slowly slipped his arms around her as if he was unsure about all this.

They sat there holding each other not knowing they were being watched. Mileina jumped as she almost walked in on the two but she watched from the crack in the door as they just held each other. It seemed the guys were right! She couldn't wait to tell Sumeragi!

"Sumeragi! Sumeragi!" Mileina burst onto the bridge obviously filled with energy and yelling the tactical forecasters name. Sumeragi sat working out potential battle plans if they were attacked at this time. She turned to see why the young girl was there for she knew she would never get back to work if she did not address her.

"What is it Mileina?" she asked glancing at Lasse who just rolled his eyes and continued on with his work.

"I almost walked into the medical room to see Feldt just now," Mileina said adding more excitement by using her hands to talk, "and that's when I saw it! Setsuna and Feldt were hugging! I think Tieria and my dad were right after all, Setsuna and Feldt are lovers!" She proceeded to plop down on her seat with a huge smile. She then clapped her hands and spoke enthusiastically, "isn't it wonderful?"

Sumeragi was confused; she had previously said that there was no possible way Setsuna and Feldt had any sort of feelings for each other but Setsuna was not the type of person to hug anyone and Feldt had never been bold enough to really show how she felt about anyone. This was all so strange for her to think about but Sumeragi could no longer deny that it was a strong possibility that Setsuna and Feldt had become more than friends while on earth.

"I just got a message from Lockon!" Lasse delcared, "It seemes he's finally found Allelujah and he is alright."

"Thank goodness," Sumeragi replied breathing a sigh of relief.

"One other thing, Allelujah is bringing a girl," Lasse said shocked.

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