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Pairing: Annabelle/OC but eventual Annabelle/Ironhide.

Summary: Annabelle is grieving the loss of a loved one, will Ironhide be able to pick up the pieces?

Summary sucks, hope you enjoy.


{Twenty three year old Annabelle laid there on her bed cradled in the arms of her fiancé Brian. His arms were wrapped around her abdomen, with his head snuggled between her chin and shoulder sleeping like a baby.

She smiled and stroked his cheek as the sun gently rose over the horizon, beaming it golden rays through the window, lighting up half the room. She gave a small yawned and looked over to her clock on her nightstand. "Brian. Sweetie it's time to get up." she whispered shaking him lightly. He stirred a bit and then opened his brown eyes. "mmm. What time is it?" he asked groggily. "6:30." she answered.

"Okay, I'm up. I'm up." he yawned and gave a good stretch. He got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to jump in the shower while Annabelle walked into the kitchen to make breakfast.

She flipped the last pancake on the frying pan and placed it on a three stack pancake pile. She covered it in syrup with whip cream with the side of sizzled bacon and scrambled eggs. she poured two glasses of milk for herself and Brian as he walked into the kitchen in a shirt and tie.

"Morning beautiful." he smiled gave her a quick peck on the lips. He took a seat as she placed a plate of the scrumptious breakfast she made for them.

"Wow honey this looks delicious." he smiled and took a bite of the bacon. "mmmm. You out did yourself honey." he said taking another bite of the piece of pork. "Go ahead and finish up before your late to work." she smiled. Brian took a look at his watch. It read 7:20 he's suppose to be at work by eight. "Oh shit you're right." he gasped.

He quickly finished up his meal and grabbed his suitcase and took off out the door, but not forgetting to give Annabelle a kiss goodbye. He jumped in to the ebony GMC Topkick known as Ironhide. "Ironhide. Wake up buddy." he patted the dashboard, though not too hard to piss him off. Ironhide's systems slowly came online. "What is it?" Ironhide grumbled. "Come on you have to take me to work remember?" Brian spoke.

"Right. Right." Ironhide said. He revved up his engine and pulled out of the driveway. As for Annabelle she decided to do a little spring cleaning.

Ironhide parked backed on the drive way and activated his holoform. He walked into the door and got a whiff of the strong scent of Mr. Clean, Bleach, Windex, and every other household cleaner.

"Annabelle?" he hollered. The amount of bleach in the air irritated eyes causing them turn red and tear up. "Annabelle?" he hollered again. "In the kitchen." she answered. Ironhide followed her voice with his eyes shut, and careful not to run in to anything.

"Oh hey Hide." she smiled. "Why are you using this amount of toxic to clean a house?" he asked with tears leaking from his closed eyelids. "Well I like a clean house. Here you go." she explained and tossed him a pair of goggles. He slapped them on around his head and opened his bloodshot eyes. "Ah, that's much better." he sighed.

Annabelle sprayed the counters with cleaner and started scrubbing of the grease from this morning's breakfast. "Is there anything you would like for me too do?" he asked. "Yes, would you mind cleaning the bathroom?" she tossed him bleach and rags. "the bathroom?" he asked. "Yeah is there anything wrong?" she stopped and stared at him. "No, not at all." he smiled and walked down the hallway.

Annabelle and Brian lived in a four bedroom 2 bath house. They used their bathroom in the master bedroom and it was always clean, as for the hallway bathroom……not so much. Ironhide opened the door oh so slowly and inhaled the aroma. The stench was enough to even kill flies. The sink was brown the toilet had what looked like mildew on it but he wasn't so sure about that.

Apparently the bathroom was like that when they moved in 2 weeks ago. It was disgusting. He closed the door behind him so the stench wouldn't fill the house. "Okay Hide let's do this." he spoke to himself. He stood there with his goggles around his head and yellow rubber gloves on his hands. He grabbed the bleach and began spraying down the counter.

He stopped after a couple of sprays. "This won't work." he murmured and began untwisting the nozzle. After it was off the bottle he poured it out all over the counter, sink toilet, and shower. He used every last drop after all he's going to need as much cleaner as possible. He grabbed the rag and began scrubbing.

Annabelle plopped down on the couch exhausted from cleaning. She had the windows propped open so it could air out the bleach and Mr. Clean. She was about to turn on the T.V when she remembered she had forgotten something. Ironhide.

She got up from the couch and walked down the hallway. She slowly opened the door and once it was fully opened it was like the gates of heaven. The sink was sparkling white as well as the porcelain tile.

The Toilet glowed from the bright sun rays peering through the window of the side door that leads out to the pool. She smiled once she saw Ironhide slumped on the toilet seat with his cocked back a his arms dangling down and his hands shaking as he stared up at the ceiling.

"No that wasn't so bad, was it?" she giggled as he turned to face her. "Yeah right. Bleach couldn't smell any better." he slowly got up from the toilet and followed her out of the now elegant bathroom. "Remind me to never to come in this house when you're cleaning." he said as the walked into the living room. "Okay." she smiled. "Oh, it's almost six, you better pick Brian up, or he'll throw a fit." she glanced at the clock then back Ironhide. "Okay." he sighed and disappeared back to his truck mode and drove down the street.


Brian stood there in the parking garage next to his office building where Ironhide agreed to pick him up. He glanced at his watch. Ironhide was running late.

He finally pulled up and Brian hoped into the passenger seat. "You're late." he said loosening up his tie. "Yeah, yeah, I know." Ironhide spoke through the radio. "Well how was your day, Brian?" he asked. "You know, same old lawyer business." he sighed.

"Oh I see, well Annabelle and I cleaned the house today." he implied. "Really?" Brian stretched. "Well she cleaned most of it, I just got stuck cleaning the hallway bathroom. And let me tell you that was the most hardest thing I've ever encountered, seriously fighting Decepticons is easier work." Ironhide stopped at a red light. "Well at least it's clean." Brian chuckled. "Yeah, thank Primus for that." Ironhide agreed.

By the time they got back it was 8:30, on the count of Brian stop by Olive Garden to pick up dinner for them. "Alright Hide I'll see you tomorrow morning." He waved. "Sure thing." Ironhide spoke.

"Hey baby." Brian walked through the door. "Hey sweetie." Annabelle smiled. And the two walked to the dining room and set up dinner.

While they were eating dinner Annabelle accidentally left one the windows open. Where a criminal could easily have access to their home, and sure enough the was one running through and just happen to jump through the window.

Ironhide scanned the unwanted guest when he hopped through the window. He quickly activated his holoform and barged through the door where he found the criminal with his hand grasping on to Annabelle's neck and a gun in the other.

He quickly grabbed a hold of the trespasser and through across the room…………………}

Ironhide snapped back into reality. Annabelle was in his arms, her eyes filled with tears as they sat on the driveway with her neighbors comforting her as much as they can. She took one final watery glance at the ambulance that took Brian's lifeless body away. "It's not fair, it's not fair." she continued to sob into Ironhide's chest.

Ironhide gently picked her up in his arms and carried her into the house. "It's not fair Hide, it's just not fair." she sniffled. "I know Belle, I know." he sat down on the couch with her still in his arm.

In the past two years Annabelle had her parents perished in a fire that started in their home. Her grandparents died of old age. And now her fiancé gets shot in the heart from a psychotic criminal that intruded their home. Ironhide was the one person/mech that she can call family and this tore her up inside.

"Ironhide?" she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Yes Belle." he whispered. "Promise you won't leave me." she looked up into his bright blue eyes. "Annabelle I don't think………"

"Please Hide, I don't want to be by myself. Promise me, please." her eyes started to tear up again.

He couldn't resist the tears that came from her eyes. "I promise Belle, I will never leave. I promise." he said. She laid her head back on his chest and cried into the night until she fell asleep.

'Why did this happen to her' Ironhide thought.


I promise to update soon. That is if you like it.