Just a short little Tiva fluff (2 chapters) to get us through the winter (or summer depending on where you are right now)
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Chapter 1

Ziva was annoyed. Her date had been a disaster. It had started well. Jerry had been a gentleman when she'd had her arms full of the team's lunch and coffee orders. She'd nearly dropped Gibbs' coffee and Jerry had been there to help her. He'd even walked her to the entrance of the Navy base so she wouldn't have to juggle everything and risk any spillage. They'd talked and he'd seemed so genuine, so sweet, so when he asked her for a date on Tuesday night, the night that just happened to be Valentines Day, she had willingly accepted.

After several phone calls Ziva had agreed to a surprise date, he was going to pick her up and take her somewhere. This was not something she usually did. She was not interested in surprises but after Tony had told her how predictable she was that day, she was out to prove him wrong and so she had agreed to Jerry's terms.

The date had started well. He showed up at her apartment with a single white oriental lily, telling her that a red rose would be far too presumptuous, not to mention cliché. He'd walked her to his car and opened her door. She couldn't help but think how much Tony would enjoy sitting in this guys red Ferrari. Though she was grateful he wasn't there to make some movie/TV reference.

He'd taken her to a restaurant on the ground floor of a very expensive hotel. It was here that things had started to go wrong. Jerry was unnecessarily rude to the waitress, making a joke about why she would only ever be a waitress with a brain like that, after she'd finished taking their order. He's talked non-stop about his job and his car. He'd commented on several other diners attire, scoffing at the obvious lack of taste and money. He'd even had the nerve to critique several woman's bodies suggesting they should put the fork down and go throw up in the ladies room, he'd then continued on to talk about how hot Ziva was and why he wouldn't waste his time with anyone who wasn't as attractive as him, though apparently that was hard to find.

After eating Jerry had paid the bill, leaving no tip,he told her he'd already booked into the hotel and described in detail what measures he'd gone to ensure they would have what he referred to as a kick ass night, Ziva referred to it as a night of sleaze and selfish behaviour on his part. That was the final straw. She made a crude remark and started to walk down the sidewalk away from him as he hurled abuse at her.

As she walked down the street it started to rain, she tried to hail a taxi, but none would stop for her, all seeming to have happy couples cuddling on the back seat already. She was tired, she was humiliated, she was soaking wet and more the any she was pissed. Unable to get a cab she flipped open her phone to call someone to pick her up. Maybe a cab company would be able to send someone to her. She frowned at the lack of reception she was getting and the fact her battery was so low. She through it back into her clutch "useless thing," she muttered. As it fell into the bag it crashed against her keys, she pulled them out, looked at them and considered carefully. She held the key ring by one silver key, looking at it and wondered. Tony had exchanged keys with her after he'd locked himself out of his apartment and wanted someone to have a spare in case he did it again. He didn't want to have to shell out for the locksmith to pay him another visit. His apartment far from where she was. It would only take her a few minutes to walk there, and these heels were killing her. He was bound to be out. It was Valentines Day. So she wouldn't have to deal with his prying, or mocking.


She stood at his door, making her final decision as to whether or not she'd go in. She just wanted to ring for a lift home, and she'd be gone before he'd be home since she'd hurried dinner and skipped dessert. Tony loved to boast about how long and drawn out his dates were. She knocked on the door, just as a precaution. After there was no answer or any sign of life from within she slowly and hesitantly unlocked the door, she peered in, the last think she wanted to do was catch Tony with his date. The only light that was on was his lamp next to his couch, he often left it on when he went out at night for security reasons. She couldn't hear anything. "Tony?" she asked, hoping for no response. She breathed a sign of relief realising that there was no chance he was home. She was shivering, the cold water running down her body. Surely it wouldn't hurt if she put her dress in the dryer for a few minutes, just to dry it out. She slid of her dress and put it in the machine, then stepped out of her peep toe heals and placed them in front of Tony's gas fire. She rolled her eyes as she flicked a switch and the fire instantly started to roar. She tried to warm her body, but the water that escaped her long, now curly, locks made it impossible. She considered finding something of Tony's to put on while she waited, after all she was standing in his apartment naked and that just didn't feel right. She moved to the bathroom to find a towel to dry off and maybe wrap it around her. When she entered the room she couldn't help but noticed the shower behind her. The thought of soaking her cold body in a quick steamy shower seemed irresistible. She would be quick. Tony would never know. She debated whether or not she should for some time, then decided that she was too cold, and she'd already done several things she'd thought was questionable, one more questionable act surely wouldn't make much of a difference. She turned the taps and water started to flow down, the warmth caressed her body and helped her to feel her toes again. She rubbed the soapy sponge across her body. The warm steam surrounded her, already she could feel the ordeal from her date wash off her body, the bad memories circling the drain as a smile started to appear on her face. Reluctantly she turned the shower off and stepped out. She took a towel out of the cupboard under the sink and stood in front of the mirror. She dried her body then wrapped the towel around her it. She noticed the brush sitting on the bench, recognising it as the one that she'd thought she'd lost months ago, it was so like him to not understand boundaries and 'borrow' her stuff without asking then accidentally slip it in his bag at the end of the day, not meaning to steal it, just in his hurry to clear his desk so he could get out of there. It was like her sandalwood deodorant all over again. She picked it up, and started to run it through her long wet hair, her natural curls bouncing at the end of each stroke. She put the brush back and stepped out of the bathroom heading to the dryer. Opening the door she was disappointed her dress was still damp, but it wouldn't be too much longer so she put it back in and went and sat on the floor in front of the fire. She looked around at her all too familiar surrounding. There on the shelf under his coffee table was her copy of The Power of One. She'd agreed to watch Dirt Rotten Scoundrels but in return he had to read the book. This had not been read. There were things all over it, including dust and her bookmark she'd put in there to encourage him to read, was still where she'd left it. She picked it up and started to read.